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BOOK- The Gospel - What is the way of salvation?


 Audio library collection- a must for today's apologetics, a package of several hundred audio clips,  on the word faith teachers, latter rain, new age on CD.  Hear them explain and defend their beliefs. (cost is $21 for collection that covers many years of numerous teachers)

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Witnessing tips

 Ecumenism and interfaith- the Church at the crossroads

Tracing the false revival origins to today

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Kingdom now, Gods plan or Man's?

Bethel or Ichabod? What is really going on at Bethel church?

Our foundation- when the gospel is not Gods doctrine

4 supernatural tales from William Branham

 The New Age movement today

The resurrection / rapture

The Inclusive universal counterfeit god[s]

The Gospel- what it is and is not

Fantasy Spiritual warfare -  2 DVD's nearly 3 hoursThis may be the mist important DVD we have produced, as it shows the paradigm shift of the church in spiritual warfare. We trace the history right up to the present day antics of binding and loosing.

 you can request with  your order for free The  "Emerging Church DVD" - with speakers Gary Gilley, Ray Yungen, Johanna Michaelsen, Sandy Simpson, Mike Oppenheimer.  


What's New Directory

Coming soon:

The Dangerous teachings of Kenneth Hagin live on through his disciples - Copeland, Osteen, Prince etc.

Who is the Devil - Even the Devil is smarter than atheists, he believes in God and fears him.

The state of the church today- We have a doctrinal emergency

Like it or not, A great Tribulation is coming

State of the church today- being a Survivor of the apostasy

Benny Hinn repents of his prosperity teaching - again!  p.1

P.2What else has Hinn done?

“This Generation” How does Jesus explain Mt.24:34?

Fire on you - Your fired  p.1

The fire falls again p.2

The new revivalism

Coveting Blasphemers- Copeland and Hinn's prosperity teaching and prophecies

What is Christianity all about?

Iglesia Ni christo - Is it, or is it not Christ's church?

Was Agabus wrong as a prophet?

Is Copeland afraid of demons on planes? You decide

Your Personal spiritual warfare

The Blind leading the blind

Resurrection questions that Jehovah Witnesses cannot, or refuse to answer

When men become God's  - The many gods of the Mormon religion

Bill Johnson’s confusion on Jesus- The Bible teaches Jesus is the Son of man and the Son of God

An Open heaven - Opening up oneself  to a strong delusion

The Spirit Bill Johnson wants you to follow  -  Is it the word or the Spirit we follow?

The electronic God-The anointing of the new revivalism 

Jesus teach me Yoga - Bethel’s holy yoga

Signs and wonders by a different Jesus- Bethel's Bill Johnson's teaching on Jesus

Was Jesus was a socialist? p1 Trying to force Christianity into a Godless ideology

Was Jesus a socialist p2

The Doctors of Deception

Who is the Word, and did the Word became the Son?- Refuting those who claim there is no eternal Son and that he is the word.

The foundation we build on - Not a what but a who

How well will the church survive this end-time turmoil?

What was Paul's thorn in the flesh?

What does the fake news media and false prophets have in common?

 Occult concepts and practices in the church- The New Age Movement is stronger than ever, and its in the church.

Who is the God that made all things?

Christianity - entering the danger zone- Who is Jesus...?

A Little step toward truth is still is too far away- Joyce Meyer's new balance

 Beware of men who see angels all the time

After thoughts on William Branham

When will the church become united?

Remembering when the grace of God came-  A reminder of the savior's birth  for all

Is Francis Chan Right That God Will Destroy Those Who Challenge Christian Leaders? 

Was Caesar or Titus the Antichrist? Did Revelation already happen?

An abandoning of religion,  faith, for a new way of Spirituality?

God Remembers

Does America want a spiritual woman as president?

An overview of how some manuscripts were discovered.

The Authority of the believer is the way of a servant

What is God, how is he described in Scripture?

Noah and Ham’s sin -

How to witness to the knock on your door

The Abandoning of true Bible Eschatology

Genesis 1 and 2 

Using unique events to promote spiritual experiences

A synopsis of why we no longer keep the Old Testament law

About the Occult concepts and practices in the church

Beware of- What both Jesus, Paul and Peter warned of.

One of the main signs of the end of the age

Are we gods as Jesus spoke in Jn.10 - The new age lie inside the church

His stripes healed who when?

The origin of the word faith movement -New thought Metaphysicians

Do we establish the kingdom by power or force?

How to witness to the Mormon at your door

The pantheistic revelation of the new age movement

Does God only heal or does he afflict and take life?

Some Important points on the gospel- Does God want faith or prayer in salvation

What does Gen. 6:4 mean “and also afterward?

The current Occult revival- The I AM movement is becoming pervasive in and outside the church, are you involved?

The current occult Revival p.2

The Deteriorating Effect of an Apostasy- Billy Graham's death, Have you noticed what has happened?

Who is this born among men?

An Overview of The 7th Seals and the Trumpets of the Tribulation

What was the pillar of fire and the cloud in the old Testament?

 p.6 The Spiritual gifts- The list of practical gifts

Is salvation a name or is it focused on God and what He did?

 Shocked by "shocked by the Bible" p.1 - Joe Kovacs errors of Interpretation

Shocked by the bible p.2 -  Mankind being made gods

Shocked by the Bible p.3 Becoming Children, becoming gods

Shocked by the Bible p.4 Works for salvation?

Unlawful law keeping, it’s a matter of where to get our righteousness

Jesus said ye are gods

The Bibles view of Jesus and the apostles healing

What dies the Spirit or the body?

Why did Jesus speak to Paul in the Hebrew Language?

The rider on the white horse and the Seals

Every picture tells a story- The photo evidence of the pillar of fire over Branham

Gospel message that saves through the book of Acts

Presenting the gospel today- How to simply and accurately present the gospel

At the Conclusion of Jesus’ mission: There were two thieves, two choices, two destinations

Did Enoch die?- What does the Bible actually say

Answering No man has ascended to heaven In John 3

Adams many children

Who are the people living in the Millennial kingdom?

The end is never ending… And there will be false prophets among you

They wanted him dead- From the beginning  they wanted to rid themselves of Jesus

Stampede of  the Herd - The Pursuit of Signs and Wonders

Our Pilgrim's Journey- As we travel on earth to a promised land

An Apostles empire - the fight for dominion  pt.1 On Christian Harfouche's ministry

An Apostles empire - the Latter Rain  pt.2

An Apostles Empire - winds that change Pt.3

Technological Advances Toward a Global Tracking System- updated.

Understanding the nature of God by Faith and Study

Adam's many children

Witnessing to someone in a cult- The difference of God's grace and their works.

Keeping the law for salvation

Are you a Prepper?  Some things to think on as the days get darker

What Language was the New Testament Written in?

How to Spiritually grow in the times we live in?

William Branham's skewered view of the beginning of the universe and man-

Did the Roman Catholic Church give us the Bible?

A venture into word faith teaching?  Is Kay Arthur accepting word faith teaching?

Who do you say Jesus is? Will the real Jesus, the only Begotten Son of God be made known to you?

Who is the greatest, then and now?

Effective Communication in Evangelism- The basics in ECE's

How to Witness to the Visitor at your door

When was the law given? When was the law taken away?”

Did Jesus have his body come from Mary

pt.1 Mike Bickle's Quixotic Spiritual Quest - The Latter Rain  basis of the prophetic movement and Bickle's IHOP

Pt.2 Mike Bickle's Quixotic Spiritual Quest

What is the gospel message and the advantages of not changing it? - Explaining the simplicity of the  Gospel

The eternal son and the eternal father

The goal of man, Lessons in basic Christianity

The condition the church is in – Is it The Bible  you learn from?

Why can’t all believers do signs and wonders today just like the apostles did in the early church?

What prophecy? We can ignore it or make it up.

Is it God’s will to Heal EVERYONE? Stop the insanity, tell the truth

Don't be sacked by the Shack - The Movie on the Shack book now coming to churches

On the Present sufferings of God’s servants

pt2. A short history of Today's Music influence

Music of Heaven, Music of Hell pt1.

The abandoning of Bible Eschatology

Branhamism and the Latter Rain of today

 The Tola Worm -Jesus' statement on the cross

Does the world have a problem with Islam  Or, does Islam have a problem with the world?

The goal of man, Lessons in Basic Christianity

1 John 1:1-5 "That which was from the beginning" (A portion of a bible study from 1 John that we are now making available)

Head coverings for women in the New Testament

He is Wonderful-  One of the names found in Isa. 9:6

What of those who claim they died (NDE- near death experience) and returned?

Is the church's complacency caused by a certain doctrine?

What happened to you after YOU received the gospel?- What every believer is asked to do

Does contending for the faith and bringing correction have to be divisive?

What happens to the believer when he dies? The state of a believer in heaven before the resurrection

Can you know if you are one of the 144,000 now? If not now then when?

On Those who claim to have trips to Heaven today- Does the Bible say this can take place?

A Celebration of a Servant's Promotion

We all face an Eternity

Noah After the flood

Peter Wagner the High Apostle of  NAR has died

An Analysis of Peter Wagner's ministry by Jackie Alnor

Resolving the 3 days and 3 nights of Jonah with the biblical record of rising on the 3rd day- When was Jesus crucified and when did He rise, the Feast days explain it all.

Can water wash away sins; forgive our sins? Does the bible teach faith or baptism saves?

The Sabbath is not in the New Covenant - Why the Sabbath is no mandatory

The Spirit of Antichrist in the church- The non biblical basis of word faith teachings

Being the Righteousness God of Christ

Are we in Acts 29?

What is meant by repentance?

Who is the Lord of the Dance?  Is the God of the Bible the Lord of the dance?

 pt.1 A Kingdom now militancy vs. the Biblical model -A typical kingdom now sermon- Many influenced by Bethel church are now bringing the new paradigm to other churches.

pt.2  A Kingdom now militancy vs. the Biblical model

pt.3  A Kingdom now militancy vs. the Biblical model\

Take Dominion or cease Dominion -The Genesis command to Adam and Eve

What is Dominionism and Kingdom now

Is there one God or many? Mormonism's claims never change on god's.

Jesus’ prayer in Gethsemane

pt1.Todd Whites enthusiasm - a little truth and a lot of error

pt.2 A little Latter Rain or a lot?- Todd Whites antics

Is there really a catching away of the church (called the rapture)?

What does it mean the gates of Hades will not prevail?

Can Prophecy be wrong?

Is the flag of Israel and the Star of David Occultic in origin? A wrong premise will lead to a wrong conclusion.

Rapture or second coming? Does Mt.24:29-32 describe the rapture/ resurrection?

Did Mary have other children? Is Jesus an only child.

Jesus and the gospel - A Bible exposition in what the gospel is and how to use it effectively

What is the restraining and When is the revealing of the Antichrist?- Do we have to wait for the Tribulation to begin to know who the antichrist is?

How do I know I’m a sinner? Then what!

Is there such a thing as a spiritual Father?

Do Gentiles become Jews when they believe?

Eusebius, the author of traditions and legends of Christianity

Pulse, pushing the reset button together 2016

Is the Father or the Son the Holy Spirit (the comforter)?

Faith is the ONLY way into the New covenant

The state of Christianity- Are you dumber than a TV evangelists (the false ones)

The Hawaiian myth of Io continues to intrude on the church- Standing for the true God in a sea of  myths and opinions.

When challenges come, what’s Your “Christianity” all about?

Are there two gospels? Did Paul and Peter preach the same gospel? Is there a gospel that does not save?

The Flawed understanding of Universalist's –Does God overlook repentance for His wider mercy?

Dake’s Dubious and Diabolical teachings - His bible commentary and other published works

The Lack of expository preaching and consequences of sin

What is heresy? And is it important to identify it?

Promises, promises, assuring no suffering, no persecution

The New revelation from New Prophets

Self esteem or Christ esteem?

The  Dropping of Eschatology

Does contending for the faith have to be divisive?

A time to Weep Eccl. 3:4- Does Israel have any significance any more?

Do you gather or scatter? -The church is to do ministry and the pastors are to fulfill their calling.

On the Last Trump- Is it found in the book of Revelation?

The Many Facets of the One Gospel- There is only one gospel and it is intended only to save, or it is not the good news.

 The Beckism of Mormonism- A rebuttal to Beck's claims of being a Mormon is a being a Christian

p.1What to do when Biblical counseling is not received?

p.2 Whose in charge of your church? Do you have a pastor or a politician?

Firstborn does not mean first created-The subtle differences in the Greek can make large differences in English meanings.

Pt.2 The Bethel version of “As above so below,” Drawing heaven to earth

Here's Lucy... No, Here's Lucifer- Fox brings to homes the new TV series Lucifer

p.1 Fostering a new Spiritual Discipline - The background and teachings of Richard Foster

pt.2 Fostering a new Spiritual Discpline - Inward and onward-  The promoters common origin

 pt.3-The inner exploration, an imaginative journey to nowhere  Understanding the premise of contemplative prayer

pt.4 Silence, Entering into the library of the soul

p.5 Foster's view and practice of of silence, meditation, and the imagination

Pt.6 Foster and friends -  Going back to the mystical monks; using Roman Catholic Monastic practices as if they are God ordained.

p.1 The new Toronto- Bill Johnson's Bethel church -Prevaricating leader of the youth 

Pt.2 The Bethel version of “As above so below,” Drawing heaven to earth- Bethel's wanderings to a dry Desert

Our common salvation -Genuine unity of the Spirit or ….

PSI- People synergistically Involved, a new age course of self awareness.

The False light of Inner Healing - The continuing Influence of Agnes Sanford - The inner healing of Agnes Sanford and the Sandford's.

Who died for YOU?

The Modern Judaizers and Pharisees- The legalistic focus on the Sabbath

Doug Addison, Dream on- The prowling interpreter of dreams tattoos, piercings etc.

Adam’s Sin made you a sinner- An explanation of why we need the Gospel

Are you glad or mad at the word?

Technological Advances Toward a Global Tracking System- The newest tech- biowearables

Does Acts 22 teach Paul was saved by his baptism?

Eagerly awaiting, anticipating His coming

The rapture and the resurrection-

What does it mean Cain is of the wicked one?



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