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BOOK- The Gospel - What is the way of salvation?

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* On youtube for free Holy Ghost Movie Exposé - Tim Wirth & Sandy Simpson - a Simply Agape Project Production

Dreams and Visions or the eternal word of God? What does the Bible teach on dreams and visions compared to the Word given?

Lessons on Chanukah, the festival of lights and the Maccabees- The Jewish tradition and Biblical history of this festival and the lessons and implications we have from it for today.



The Gospel- what it is and is not

Fantasy Spiritual warfare -  2 DVD's nearly 3 hours -  This may be the mist important DVD we have produced, as it shows the paradigm shift of the church in spiritual warfare. We trace the history right up to the present day antics of binding and loosing.

Roman Catholicism today: Semper Idem Always the Same? - 2 DVD's What do they really teach and what of the new ecumenical revival  pursued by the Pope and the Vatican. A important video with many clips of the agenda and compromisers.

The gods of the nations - the God of Israel  2 DVD's A very important topic-  The inclusive universal god theory - Calling the ancient god[s] - the gods of the many cultures the same God of Scripture.

The Need of Discernment in the last days 2 DVD's

State of the world - State of the church

Collection  Audio library We are offering a large amount of audio clips on the word faith teachers, latter rain, new age on CD. Hear them explain and defend their beliefs. (cost is a mere $21 for collection that covers many years of numerous teachers)

with a order of 2 DVD's you can request (by a separate email at time of the order) 5 Let Us Reason MP3 programs on a CD from any topic like Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism. Latter Rain, etc. or one debate.

Or you can request with the "Emerging Church DVD" - with speakers Gary Gilley, Ray Yungen, Johanna Michaelsen, Sandy Simpson, Mike Oppenheimer.                                        


What's New Directory

Coming soon -

The Dangerous teachings of Kenneth Hagin live on through his disciples - Copeland, Osteen, Prince etc.

Who is the Devil - Even the Devil is smarter than atheists, he believes in God and fears.

Mike Bickle's Quixotic Spiritual Quest - Gears of the prophetic movement and  IHOP

The Restraining and Revealing of the Antichrist- Do we wait for the Tribulation to know who the antichrist is?

Resolving the 3 days and 3 nights of Jonah with the biblical record of rising on the 3rd day- When was Jesus crucified and when did He rise, the Feast days explain it all.

The Hawaiian myth of Io continues to intrude on the church- Standing for the true God in a sea of opinions.

When challenges come, w hat’s Your “Christianity” all about?

Are there two gospels? Did Paul and Peter preach the same gospel?

The Flawed understanding of Universalist's –Does God overlook repentance for His wider mercy?

Dake’s Dubious and Diabolical teachings - His bible commentary and other published works

The Lack of expository preaching and consequences of sin

What is heresy? And is it important to identify it?

Promises, promises, assuring no suffering, no persecution

The New revelation from New Prophets

Self esteem or Christ esteem?

The  Dropping of Eschatology

Does contending for the faith have to be divisive?


A time to Weep Eccl. 3:4- Does Israel have any significance any more?

Do you gather or scatter? -The church is to do ministry and the pastors are to fulfill their calling.

On the Last Trump- Is it found in the book of Revelation?

The Many Facets of the One Gospel- There is only one gospel and it is intended only to save, or it is not the good news.

 The Beckism of Mormonism- A rebuttal to Beck's claims of being a Mormon is a being a Christian

p.1What to do when Biblical counseling is not received?

p.2 Whose in charge of your church? Do you have a pastor or a politician?

Firstborn does not mean first created-The subtle differences in the Greek can make large differences in English meanings.

Pt.2 The Bethel version of “As above so below,” Drawing heaven to earth

Here's Lucy... No, Here's Lucifer- Fox brings to homes the new TV series Lucifer

p.1 Fostering a new Spiritual Discipline - The background and teachings of Richard Foster

pt.2 Fostering a new Spiritual Discpline - Inward and onward-  The promoters common origin

 pt.3-The inner exploration, an imaginative journey to nowhere  Understanding the premise of contemplative prayer

pt.4 Silence, Entering into the library of the soul

p.5 Foster's view and practice of of silence, meditation, and the imagination

Pt.6 Foster and friends -  Going back to the mystical monks; using Roman Catholic Monastic practices as if they are God ordained.

p.1 The new Toronto- Bill Johnson's Bethel church -Prevaricating leader of the youth 

pt.2 Bethel's wanderings to a dry Desert

Our common salvation -Genuine unity of the Spirit or ….

PSI- People synergistically Involved, a new age course of self awareness.

The False light of Inner Healing - The continuing Influence of Agnes Sanford - The inner healing of Agnes Sanford and the Sandford's.

Who died for YOU?

The Modern Judaizers and Pharisees- The legalistic focus on the Sabbath

Doug Addison, Dream on- The prowling interpreter of dreams tattoos, piercings etc.

Adam’s Sin made you a sinner- An explanation of why we need the Gospel

Are you glad or mad at the word?

Technological Advances Toward a Global Tracking System- The newest tech- biowearables

Does Acts 22 teach Paul was saved by his baptism?

Eagerly awaiting, anticipating His coming

The rapture and the resurrection-

What does it mean Cain is of the wicked one?

The Fatal flaw of Osteen’s words and Belief- The audacity of  Joel Osteen's new book the power of I Am.

Jehovah's Witnesses DO NOT have salvation- Can someone bring the gospel that saves without them being saved by it?

The Fall of Satan resulted in the fall of many - Strange religious views others have accepted on the Devil

Do you gather or scatter? - Decisions in the field and the church.

The Deadly do rights of Dominionism pt.4 - Wallnau's New age concepts and dominionism

pt.5 Wagner’s Institution of Pragmatic Methods to bring the kingdom on earth- Completing the error of the Latter Rain movement

pt6 7 mountains, a woman, a Beast, Daniel and John’s Revelation prophecy- Understanding what is really taking place in the 7 mountains teaching.

John is not writing to Gnostics in 1 Jn.1- Was John writing to the church warning about Gnostics or writing to the Gnostics?

Is Jesus the Abomination that makes desolate, the covenant breaker of Dan.9?

The Hebrew Prophets named in the Qu’ran - What does the Qu'ran say about prophet's that is different then the Bible?

The teaching of unclean spirits (demons) being the spirits of pre - adamic man

Will Satan and the demons be reconciled?

The Perpetual Everlasting Sabbath? Is it?

What did Jesus mean by Love your enemies?

The nature of the Antichrist p.6- Worship of self, the God of forces and no regard for women

The Blood Moons- Disappointed again?

The Reappearance of the Bethlehem star?  Signs in the sky?

Mk.16:17-18 these signs will follow

My people perish for a lack of knowledge

The Mystery of Iniquity (lawlessness)

The "I AM" Movement-p.1 The Occult ascended masters teaching to Guy Ballard.

The “I AM” Movement - p.2 history and teaching

Is God a duality or a Tri-unity?

The God of Scripture is Triune  - The Oneness Pentecostal flaw on the nature of God.

To Bind and loose; living by a wrong interpretation-  Is using this for spiritual warfare correct?

Can we do greater Miracles or “greater works”- What Did Jesus mean by saying this?

The make believe Gospel- Is the Gospel in the Stars?   Did God give the whole prophetic plan in the sky before Adam was created?

The Deadly do rights of Dominionism pt.2 - The 7 mountains

 Strategies of earthly war for God p.3

"I don't want to be born again"

God gave Man a Woman, or Women?- Answering current trends of culture

Who is the Devil? Is there only one?

God has no favorites- But He does give favor

Pt. 4 The Devil is in the details - The Money and his character

pt.5 What does it mean He will intend to change times and law?

Cain is of Adam- The lineage confusion because Cain is called the wicked one.

pt.1 John Bevere's - His basic teachings to be aware of.

pt.2 John Bevere- A Journey into the Unknown of the Holy Spirit

The Attraction of the Law and the Unattractive gospel- An appeal to those who insist on keeping Old Testament laws

The most dangerous of all False Teaching pt.1 - Fantasy Spirit warfare games are abundant.

pt2. Shout at the Devil

Pt.3 Are you part of the paradigm shift in spiritual warfare?

What is the difference between demons that believe and people; why are they not saved?

p.1 A Fortress of Solitude … Entering the SILENCE - Silence is not so golden- Interview of Ruth Haley Barton on "Home Word" program

p.2 Mans wisdom or God’s

Can a Christian be demon possessed?

The Father's Approval- Considering the fulfillment of Passover and first fruits.

Did Jesus have Mary's DNA? Was He human?

Noah’s story, will it become our story

The Hopelessness of being a Jehovah Witness p.1- The third point of the gospel is missing, then what?

The Hopelessness of being a Jehovah Witness p2. ; The soul and the body according to the Watchtower or Scripture. God copying of man to enter paradise

See, we told you he was a prophet….!  Really?  Branham's 1933 vision of a driverless car-  Is it taking place as he prophesied or not.

The Danger of "New Revelation"-Today's trend of introducing more than the word of God, Scripture.

Help Creflo fly the friendly skies - He wants a a new Gulfstream

They will reject truth and believe the lie!  The age we live in and the manifestation of 2 Thess.2

I can’t be deceived because I’m a Christian!- Some of the many ways deception can affect us.

What is the light in Genesis before the stars were made?

100 Year CELEBRATION: 1914-2014- the end of their prophecy!

Is there a rapture? Is there a resurrection?- Concerning the Transformation of Believers

Understanding The Cults - Evangelizing 'False Christ' Belief Systems MP3 Series.by Chris Lawson, Part 1 and Part 2. by Chris Lawson www.spiritual-research-network.com/home.html

The practical spiritual gifts p6-  The real need in the church

Pope Francis States That The Roman Catholic Church No Longer Teaches Creationism by Sandy Simpson

Give us Barabbas- The significance of the name

The necessary work of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life to serve God

What is our ministry all about?

Jesus Calling Inspired by a Channeled New

Age Book! http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?p=14400

BOOKLET TRACT: The New Age Implications of “Jesus Calling” http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?p=16568

”Another Jesus” Calling by Warren Smith– A Review http://midwestoutreach.org/2014/01/16/another-jesus-calling-by-warren-smith-a-review/

Heavenly Untruths- Boy recants of going to Heaven

International Church of Christ Dominionism- Kip McKean is teaching the kingdom is the church

Who is the King of glory?

Overview of Joseph Prince's teachings

Advancement of the Empire (TBN)

pt.4 Spiritual Gifts at work - The reason Spiritual gifts are still given

Thoughts on baptism versus salvation by the gospel

 The Art and influence of Deception

Was Jesus the first created being before the world was? The error Teaching of the Watchtower

Warm winds are blowing pt.3 What you unite with when you hold hands with Rome’s idolatry

The little gods are coming p.1

Are you being led away from the Bible? p.2

On the earth being over millions or billions of years old.

Name above all Names

“Wherever the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together."

Why the Father is not the Son, nor the Spirit

 pt.1Joseph Prince’s Conflicting Message of grace by his word faith teaching - The exaggerated gospel of grace.

Making a long conversation of witnessing short - How we make it easier to Witness to those in error?

Understanding Mk.16:15-16 in the light of the gospel

Howling at the MoonThe false teaching teaching of blood moons occurring today

Is the Devil (Satan) different from Lucifer?

Some Answers on HEBREWS.6 and 10

Oneness Adherents Arguments that can be answered- The issue of describing person's versus person.

Teachers that are promoting healing by taking communion.- The mystical powers of taking Communion?

Warm winds are Blowing pt1 -.Is the Catholic church changing or are you? The Pope's ecumenical agenda infiltrating  Protestant and Evangelical churches.

Warm winds are blowing pt.2 History repeats itself

Warm winds are blowing pt.3 What you unite with when you hold hands with Rome’s idolatry

The little gods are coming p.1

Are you being led away from the Bible? p.2

On the earth being over millions or billions of years old.

Name above all Names

“Wherever the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together."

Why the Father is not the Son, nor the Spirit

 pt.1Joseph Prince’s Conflicting Message of grace by his word faith teaching - The exaggerated gospel of grace.

Making a long conversation of witnessing short - How we make it easier to Witness to those in error?

Understanding Mk.16:15-16 in the light of the gospel

Howling at the Moon-  The false teaching teaching of blood moons occurring today

Is the Devil (Satan) different from Lucifer?

Some Answers on HEBREWS.6 and 10

Oneness Adherents Arguments that can be answered- The issue of describing person's versus person.

Teachers that are promoting healing by taking communion.- The mystical powers of taking Communion?

Warm winds are Blowing pt1 -.Is the Catholic church changing or are you? The Pope's ecumenical agenda infiltrating  Protestant and Evangelical churches.

Warm winds are blowing pt.2 History repeats itself

The End according to Hollywood

The NEW Mars Hill - The changing of foreign gods to be the true God for evangelism sake.

God does not change, therefore we should not eat unclean animals

pt.1 Is Your Best Life Now?  Joel Osteen's false Bible teaching of having it all now - total abundance, fully word faith mysticism

pt.2 The power of Imagination -  Joel Osteen's false Bible teaching of visualization by imagination

Books that should not be sold in any bookstore - http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?p=14374

pt.1. Our Communion is NOT a Eucharist? pt.1

pt.2. The mystery of God manifested as man, or God becoming bread p.2

Why be baptized?

What is the Oldest religion in the world?

Inclusivism; the Gospel at stake

 The Art and influence of Deception

Adoring and worshipping Jesus AS the Eucharist p.1- the Catholic way to evangelize

 Pt.2 Adoring and worshipping Jesus AS the Eucharist

He's no angel - Ernest Angley in the news

What of keeping the Old Testament commandments today?

What does it mean to be born of the water and spirit in Jn.3?

Are there such things as Ghosts?

Did Jesus perpetuate Moses law or fulfill it?

p.1 Welcome aliens - whoever you are- The new views that evolutionists propose and the changing cultures attitude toward extra-terrestrial life.

p.2 Welcome aliens - The UN and Vatican's position

 p.3 Are the Nephilim returning, or not! - Are we being revisited today by those mentioned in Gen.6?

p.1 Review of Don Richardson's new book "Heaven Wins" -The spirit of Inclusivism- a heaven that contains more than believers in Christ

p2 Don Richardson -Melchizedek- General revelation?

p.3 Are we Born with Salvation, is our sin dormant?  Don Richardson’s  Inclusivism, the gospel that automatically saves everyone born?

Music of Heaven, Music of hell pt1.

Do the Saints or the 144,000 fight the Battle of Armageddon?

Who are the saints during the Tribulation period?

Will you be the Last Man Standing?- From good to bad, to really bad. Chronicles of the last days apostasy

The 2 Witnesses of Revelation 11, 1260 days-three and a half years

Was Paul saved by baptism? What did he preach?

Is Tao The Way, or is the way Christ?- Can we integrate two different religious systems?

Can you know if you are one of the 144,000 now?

God changing our name

Why did God want to kill Moses? What of God's pursuit of Moses before he went to Pharaoh.

Enoch- taken by God

Is the Devil (Satan) different from Lucifer?

pt1 Don Richardson’s paradigm, God embedded in the worlds cultures.  Is the ancient world filled with worship of the true god?

pt2  The neglect of Israel in the new paradigm of evangelization

pt3  The Melchizedek priest King factor- Are there other Melchizedek's?

pt.4 A lost book?  All the tribes that once had a book of God

pt5  The Myth making of Don Richardson - transforming myths into history

p.6 The Santal - the Thakur Jui  myth

p.7 The Karen prophets and the god yuah (Y'wa)

p.8 The conclusion of Don Richardson's Inclusion: folk cultures gods as the true God

What of the keeping of the commandments in the book of Revelation.

 Apostles in Guatemala by David Choiniere

The last cry from the cross- How deep the nails - The 7 statements Jesus spoke while being crucified.

pt.1The Cleansing of Hawaii on March 14 1998, as told by Daniel Kikawa - The real teachings and spirituality promoted by Aloha Ke akua

pt2. Rebuttal on the The Cleansing of Hawaii on March 14 1998- Now what?

The movie Son of God pt.1- Is this the movie of Jesus you have been waiting for?

The movie Son of God pt.2 - Mark Burnett and Roma Downey's beliefs

What of the keeping of the commandments in the book of Revelation.

The Millennium and Satan

Should we call ourselves Christian? - Where did this name come from?

Who is the bride of Christ? The current trends vs. the Bible

Trends of our day- Body Piercing and Tattoos -

Kat Kerr's heavenly travels, believe it or not p.1

Kat Kerr’s heaven: believe it or not p.2

The Voluminous Revelations of Linda Newkirk pt1. - The prophecies from God

The Voluminous Revelations of Linda Newkirk p2. - Aliens among us

Terra forming - A new movement's new revelation

What does it mean Jesus was tempted at all points?

For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord

Founder of TBN is DEAD 

Four Blood moons are coming- Significant or not?

What will YOU give for your own soul?  A question of death or life

To die a death that livesDoes the Bible teach we exist after we die? The cults say no, the Bible says yes.

Can we pray to a saint?

What's Wrong with YWAM? Evangelism or ecumenism, you decide - The current condition of this Organization

Who is blamed for bringing sin into the world?

Who and what comes first? - 2 Thess.2 and the apostasy and rapture

The Devil is in the details pt.3 On the antichrist           

Why no New Covenant Believer is required to keep the Sabbath today

Was Genesis a world-wide Flood?

Did Jesus have a physical body when He resurrected and will He return in this body?

Trying very hard to find common Ground- Assembly of God Woods speaks to the Mormons at BYU

Christians You are not allowed to use Allah - Says the Muslims of Malaysia

Are they accepting Allah's name at Calvary Chapel?

Is baptism a work and what is a work according to the Bible?

What is the sin leading to death?

What is the baptism of Ephesians 4, water or spirit?

The religious history of mankind-  General revelation, the law and the revelation of Christ

The making of man by the creator

Why and when was Eve created?

What did Paul mean that he became all things to all men?

What does it mean: "Then men began to call on the name of the LORD?

Exodus 3:13-15 God reveals his name to Moses

p.1 A Jewish believers refute on Daniel Kikawa's New Mythology of calling Io God  

pt.2 Proof Io is not the God of the Hebrew's or the Bible

pt.3  The new myth: that ancient cultures were monotheistic and knew the God of Israel as their god (Aloha Ke Akua)

pt.4 A short look at the nations through Bible history

p.5 A Supreme Benevolent god or the true God of Israel?

p.6 Why none of this can this be true?

 p.7 Why this theory cannot be true Israel made for the Lord's glory

 pt.8 The universal god theory entering churches - The intentional unwatchfulness of Calvary Chapel

Did Jesus go to hell to suffer for your sins?

To the Sheep that follow bad shepherds, hirelings and Wolves?

More On the Signs and Wonders Crowd/They are coming out of the woodwork - Tim Wirth’s blogsite

Marriage in heaven? Answering the Mormons view of polygamy being allowed.

Unleashing Catholic ecumenism on the evangelical church - Rick Warrens Catholic conduit; a denial of the gospel.

Making a Fable into Jesus; A different way to present the Gospel, or a different gospel?

What happens to a believer when he dies?

 p.1 The Sabbatarian's Identity Crises- To whom was the Sabbath was given.

p.2 The Sabbatarians covenantal mistake

Risky Things to ask your Pastor

The Necessity of Believing the Son is God for faith in the Gospel 

The curse principle of Genesis

pt.2 The Devil is in the details - The character of the Antichrist

Does the Bible teach we can see and hear Angels or summon them to visit us?

Are people going to heaven today? How accurate are those who have continual visits of heaven.

pt.1 The Serpent Seed, teaching "from the Serpent" - How was Eve seduced?

Pt.2 Is Cain, the Devil's seed?

Pt.3 Some Serpent seed refutes

 pt.4 The Serpent in the garden- Conclusion of the Serpent seed teaching- Summarizing all the error

The Lying Spirit[s] of Urantia Book- A direct challenge to the gospel of God

p.1 The Healing Codes - The secret of health and prosperity revealed?

p.2 Healing codes and the Heart

pt.3 the Healing Codes - Explanations  of the Heart

p.4 Energy medicine - the Final frontier- Explanations of how the codes work and why Christian's should not get involved

Is Michael an arch angel or Jesus?

Unto them an Angel is Born- The angel who came to form an organization

The Rainbow cross Bible

The Real Spiritual Warfare taking place

When ALL RELIGIONS become one

Does Jesus wear his new name or have his name engraved (tattooed) on himself?

The body of Jesus’ resurrection

When psychology meets psychic - what do you get? p.1 Doug Addison's non biblical gift of reading tattoo's and body piercing.

God’s intention to save man from the beginning

Does the Bible allow lying, is it ever permissible?

What is Biblical binding and loosing

In Memory of Dave Hunt

Almost having Salvation

Is Jesus another king of kings like others before him?

To become as a Child

Revisiting the third day, the day of Jesus' resurrection

The Tradition that is the same WORD written

p.1 Hungering for truth or succumbing to the lies which only bring deception

 p.2 The Way things Were; the way they are now

What is the difference of the divine nature in man and the divine nature of Jesus?

The missing declaration of the gospel - The crucifixion for sin by the Son of God

The example of Elijah’s prayer in James 5:17-18

Does the Bible speak of knowing tradition, or just Scripture?

Are the 144,000 Jews selected evangelists in the tribulation?

Did Jesus rise on the Sabbath or the first day of the week?

Who is coming again? The closer

What gives us salvation? An issue of salvation

Mans dominion in Genesis

Grace and a Thorn- Paul's 2 Cor. 12:7 teaching

What is the difference of the divine nature in man and the divine nature of Jesus?

Dispensational distinctions The principle of rightly dividing the word

Was the flood in Genesis global? What the former judgment can teach us about the coming one

The gospel and the kingdom of God- The differences that show the distinctions

The War on Christ by the secular and religious - The War is on Christ, not Christmas

The Worthy example of a Tunic- The seamless garment of Jesus

Playing church when we were most needed-  The temperature of our spirituality

Why a New Covenant Believer is NOT required to keep the Sabbath today

Why can’t all believers do signs and wonders today just like the apostles did in the early church?

From the highest mountain to the lowest depths to... Emerson and Ana Mendez Ferrell revelation teachings

The recent re-election of Barak Hussein Obama has served to uncover the deep Spiritual crisis in America by Bill Randles

The Churches past and current history with the Jews

When does this Judgment of Mt.7 take place?

Balak’s ANGER- History lessons for us today

Did Jesus take the keys of death and hell from Satan?

When a church loses its way and turns into a cult pt.1

The sociological and theological perspective of a cults pt.2

Lessons from the Ancient Story of Cain and Abel - Its illustration's and application for us today.

Some questions being avoided about Islam- The shift taking place that may become our future

May you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ - A study on the grace of God, what it does.

Where is the Devil now; is He in Hell and how much control does he have?

Can a Christian drink wine?

 pt.1 Why should You believe the Bible is the source for all we need to live and grow for a spiritual life?

pt.2 The Tradition of Traditions- Does the Bible speak of knowing tradition, or just Scripture?

Did Jesus Christ have a wife?

When lies become more abundant than the truth

 pt.1- The Great Exaltation - Big “G”, little “g” - Man as equal with Jesus

pt.2 -The Great Denial -Jesus who is not God  - the word faith teachers denial on our Lord and savior

The spread of the night

The term’s Israel, Hebrew and Jew

Ellen White versus the Bible

What is the differences between the Hebrew roots Movement and Messianic Jews?

Sun Myung Moon, the leader of the Unification church meets Jesus - The eclipse of  Rev. Moon who has died at age 92

Tattooed man not allowed in England-  Todd Bentley is refused

Why should you believe the Bible is the source for all we need to live and grow for a spiritual life? pt.1

The Abomination of desolation in the Great Tribulation

Why is there no genealogy of Cain?

Prophetic Flirting with disaster- Benny Hinn's prophecy on Praise the Lord on TBN (Broadcasted July 19, 20, 21, 2012)

Does man have ALL authority in the same way it says about Jesus? p.2

The Sabbath work for Salvation - The 7th day doctrine of doing works for salvation.

He came as man to be a sacrifice for all

 No hope or change- The 7th day Adventist push of E G White's revelation

Did Moses write the Pentateuch

A short synopsis on the Harbinger

Controversy Surrounds Jonathan Cahn’s “The Harbinger”  by Lighthouse Trails

Happy Science-p.1 A 21st Century Religion or an ancient pagan religion?

Pt.2 The new Religion of Other worldly contact

Haters of grace- How the law keepers deny Christ by exalting the law

What is the relationship of law to grace? - This is a most important article on understanding the differences of law and grace and what our relationship and obligations are.

Rick Warren's Panacea-A peace Plan for the WHOLE world that is waiting-

Types and shadows of the Antichrist pt.1- Recognizing his spirit and characteristics.

Pt.2 The king of the world; Out of the Shadows comes the Antichrist- a overview of the continuing series of what and whom the man of sin is to be.

What did Jesus mean by “Today you will be with Me in Paradise”

What does it mean for the church to be lukewarm in Revelation 3

Born of Water and Spirit are two different things

Your works are unable to save you

How can our righteousness exceed the Scribes and the Pharisee’s?

Replacing what God has NOT! pt.1

Is the Kingdom the Church?

Entertaining angels unaware

If Sunday is the mark of the Beast - If Sunday is the Mark of the Beast? - The numerous problems with the accusatory view of 7th day Adventists and others like them.

Peter - The sword, the denial and the restoration

Planned NOT to parent, the new norm- Population control, Gendercide and the plague of abortion on the land.

Isaiah 1:18 speaks to us today - Come Let us Reason together

Were the 10 commandments given to Adam and Eve?

Commercialized Apologetics

Confess your trespasses to one another - on James 5:16

The word in John 1 is the eternal Son

Jesus IS the Almighty God in flesh-  From the book of Revelation Jesus is declared to be the Almighty.

The Old Testament covenant versus the New Testament covenant in Christ

What happened from the Temptation of the Serpent in Genesis 3

Getting back to the Garden- Eating a vegetable diet

Environmental “Green Christians” are being uprooted from the Bible

Who killed Jesus?

What did Jesus mean when he said to the thief “today you will be with Me in Paradise”

“For in whom do we live? (Acts 17:28)

Why all the Hatred for Jesus?- The atheists fight against religious expression

The Atheists Wishful thinking and Truculent Disrespect for freedom of Religion

Do we need to ask forgiveness of sin in the new covenant- If our sins are forgiven why do we need to confess sin?

Are we to keep the law under the new covenant of grace?

Mormonism, America, and the White Horse Prophecy p.1 - What is this prophecy in relation to LDS teachings and is it still viable for today?

Will the white horse ride?… pt.2 Mormonism, America, and the White Horse Prophecy and the presidential run for the White House

Is the star of Bethlehem a planetary alignment or something else?

What has become of apologetics and why do it?

The Abomination of desolation in the Great Tribulation

Why do we sin today?

What was wrong with Cain's sacrifice compared to Abel's -- a lesson for our day

The Branham Subterfuge Advanced n the “gifted church” - The Legacy of William Branham's confusion lives on

The prayer of unity

What is repentance?

What does it mean that the Word is God in Jn.1:1

Did Jesus or the apostles heal everyone because of their faith?

The Over reach of O. L. Jaggers

Are we in Acts 29?

p.1 The Law or Christ, who is our righteousness?

pt.2 The flawed arguments of law keepers

pt1.1 Joseph Prince and his message of radical grace - PLUS his word faith teachings.

pt.2 Grace, and the lack of personal accountability for sin

pt.3 A matter of Righteousness

p.4 Prince’s WORD FAITH TEACHING imbedded in grace- word faith teachings on healing, prosperity

When "He" who restrains is removed- Who is the restrainer in 2 Thess.2?

What is biblical binding and loosing?

A Case of Pinocchio’s Nose- A look at Peter Wagner's update that revisions his own history.

pt.1 The conventional and odd Latter Rain teachings of prophet and apostle Bill Hamon

pt.2 The new move of the Spirit to bring Kingdom now --and they do mean NOW!

pt.3 Prophets INC.- the prophetic movement of Elijah, Joel, Daniel etc.

pt.4 the Manifest sons of God of the Latter Rain movement - Bill Hamon's Latter Rain project in the prophetic movement

Churchianity, Christianity or Christ?-What has become of us today?

Does God care what He is called - Can a Christian to call God by an Islamic name?   The Worship of another god as God.

The Faith teaching Motto -”Death and life are in the power of the tongue.

Is love more important than the truth? What does the Bible speak of more?

In response to the Rumors of Christianity using the Myths of pagan gods for Jesus

The Spirit of Anti Christ “in the Church”- Getting an understanding of what is being taught today in the church

The prophets continue to prophesy falsely and the people continue to love it.

Gambling- Bondage or Freedom

When is the time of restoration?

The Shout and the Trumpet - The rapture doctrine- true or false?

Are we all worshipping the same God- Some are trying to converge Allah and YHWH to be the same God.

What was Paul’s thorn in the flesh?

Chrislam - the bottom of the slide- The converging of two diametrically opposed religions.

Matt 24:36 But of that day and hour no one knows

What was the church first called and why were believers called Christians?

Will there be a third temple?

The forgotten command of Discipleship for personal growth, multiplication and health of the church

The Book of Urantia and its Hostile attack on the book of Truth - What does the Urantia book claim of itself and the Bible?

The Deadly do - rights of Dominionism - How dominionism is affecting the Church

Living in an age of lies

Who is the Morning Star?

The Fall of Day Star

Choose whom you will follow; Making sense of the new spiritual openness

Did Paul see Jesus on the Damascus road when he was converted?

Was there a church in the Old Testament?

The arm and right hand of the Lord

Why was Jesus anointed if he was God?

Does God continue to give us new Revelation, new words to Scripture?

pt.1 Rob Bell needs to hear the Gong! The newest philosophy from Mars Hill.

pt2 The tragedy of not understanding the gospel

 pt3 Without Faith there is no salvation – the fatal flaw of universalism     

 Does the Bible teach Jesus was in the grave for three full days? (24 hour periods)

Was there a church in the Old Testament?

When was Saul actually saved? - When he was baptized or when he encountered the Lord on the Damascus road?

How are we to obey those who rule over us?

What does it mean when God said man has become like one of us?

A study in the second chapter of James- Without works your faith is dead! or Without faith you have no works!

Will all be saved in the end?

Are we saved with works by our faith or by faith to do good works?

What is the difference of being baptized with the Spirit and filled with the Spirit

The Use of Numbers in the Bible- Do all the numbers in the Bible have meaning?

How can we know what is the real second coming?

What the Gospel is and is not - A simple explanation of why the gospel is not by works, law or baptism

What makes faith in the gospel the way of salvation? How does the gospel work and is it being presented correctly?

Are we Gods?

The World Mission Society Church of God

pt.1 Ana Mendez battles the ‘Queen of heaven’ on the World’s Tallest Mountain - Their climb on Mt. Everest  to defeat the Queen of Heaven, what really happened? 

 pt.2 The Climb to Base camp and beyond - Their trek to base camp and through the Khumbu Ice Falls

pt.3  the result- the judgment - Babylon is fallen - Satan's defeat is accomplished

Spirit warfare- real or imagined? pt.1-  the roots and concepts of the new spirit warfare movement.

Spirit warfare- real or imagined? pt.2 The Peter Principle of Spiritual Warfare

The art of war pt.3- False spirit war compared to the true spiritual warfare of the believer

Transcript from the Let Us Reason program on spiritual warfare -With Mike Oppenheimer and Guest pastor Steve Mitchell discuss the unbiblical spiritual warfare ideas inside the church.

Who was the Father of Cain, Adam, or the Devil?

How inspired is the Bible, and how accurate is the Old Testament?

Bill Johnson’s ‘Born Again’ Jesus, Part I and 2 by Craig@CrossWise

pt. 3 Sinister Ministers - Our reaping

Transformations or re-transformation? A Paradigm shift for evangelism  pt.1 Introduction - We are republishing this expose on the the Transformation video of George Otis Jr. and Peter Wagner because of its important background.

Transformations or re-transformation?   pt.2 The Transformation of Cali, Columbia

Transformation or re-transformation  pt.3 The Transformation of Almolonga, Guatamala

Transformation or re-transformation pt.4 The Transformation of Kiambu, Kenya

Transformation or re-transformation pt.5 The Transformation of Hemet, California

Transformation or re-transformation  pt.6 summary

pt.1 The Prophetic Art and spiritistic claims of Ana Mendez Ferrell- The teaching of one of God's generals in Peter Wagner's NAR apostolic army.

pt.2  Strange Spiritistic experiences and teachings - Ana Mendez Ferrell's Testimony

pt.3 Her Spiritistic Teachings -Blood Revelations

pt.4  Further strange spiritistic teachings

pt.5 Declaring Spiritual warfare new apostle style

 Jesus is called the firstborn does it mean he was the first created?

Can we achieve a state of sinlessness today?

Did God force Pharaoh to do evil by hardening his heart?

Sinister Ministers pt.2- Refuting the false prosperity doctrine and making sense to those harmed by it.

Head-LONG into HERESY- Eddie Long and his heresy copied teaching

Haters of the truth- The truth entered a world of darkness.

What are the tongues of fire over the head of those in the upper room in Acts 2?

What was the mark of Cain? Was it something put on Cain?

How old was Adam and Eve when they conceived?

Why did God block the entrance back into the garden after Adam and Eve sinned?

Is this Americas flashpoint? The mosque at Ground Zero, the burning of the koran.

Is casting Lots to be used today? What of a Fleece and the Urim and Thumim?

pt.3 Did Jesus come in 70 AD? Did Jesus return as Preterists claim- Are we in the Millennium now?

pt.4 Did Jesus return in 70 AD as Preterists claim - The literal interpretation of prophetic Scripture for accurate fulfillment.

Early church quotes of the coming tribulation and antichrist

All along the Watchtower - the story of a joker and a thief

Spiritual gifts Pt.3- the Biblical use of Tongues

Hearing only what he says but ignoring what he does -A closer look at Benny Hinn’s cacophony of dubious clarifications on his trip to Rome

Are we to only pronounce God’s name in the original language of Hebrew?

 pt.4 POPULATION CONTROL an Eco – Apocalypse - Population growth and the new order for the people of earth.

After the Tribulation period who will be in the Millennium?

Jerusalem – city of God - What the Bible says about Zion the city of God.

Why the tribulation did not happen in 70 AD! Pt.1- Answering the the claims of Preterists.

The Tribulation according to the Book of Revelation Pt.2 - A look at the prophetic events during this short time period.

How To  Study the Bible

Who wrote the Bible?

Satan's Junkyard- The schemes of the Devil and his intention to destroy a Christians testimony.

Why will there be animal sacrifices and Feast days and the Sabbath reinstituted in the Millennium period?

Does the Bible speak of knowing tradition, or just Scripture?

What is the meaning when God said man has become like one of us?

What does it mean by Jesus became flesh?

The choice of Christ in you, the hope of Gory or the absent of hope from the Watchtower organization- The Watchtower teaching on the Holy Spirit being a force.

pt.1 Social justice- coming to a church near you!- The new push for social justice in politics and religion.

pt.2 Social Justice and the Bible- What does the Bible and the Constitution of America actually say about social justice.

Does Scripture or God allow polygamy?

Where does the Scripture say that it was necessary for Jesus to die?

How did we get our New Testament?

What does leaven represent in the Scripture?

Was John the Baptizer Elijah? -Has Elijah come or is he coming?

Slavery in the Old and New Testament




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