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Directory list on Current Trends- About influences in the secular world and in the Church. TV reviews and movies, addressing fads and things that affect our culture and church

Did Jesus Christ have a wife?

A short synopsis on the Harbinger

pt.1 Social justice- coming to a church near you!- The new push for social justice in politics and religion.

pt.2 Social Justice and the Bible- What does the Bible and the Constitution of America actually say about social justice.

The Coalescing Of The Christian Right With Apostolic Dominionism- The NAR's infiltration into culture.

A Mediocre Merry Christmas Message- Rick Warren's Christmas gospel.

Commercialized Apologetics

Tattoos- What to be aware of in this trend.

 Mock of Ages- The pardoning of Judas

The Diminishing Message of the Cross

The Nations of the Earth- A history of Idolatry

pt.3 Io- A synthesis of beliefs

 pt .2The Hawaiian Supreme God

pt. 1Daniel Kikawa - Perpetuated in Righteousness or Perpetuating a Modern Myth

The Da Vinci Code and other Deceptions

 Da Vinci's masterpiece ruined

  Why the Heavens Hold Back the Rain- Why revival tarries

 A New Way of Thinking


Hegel's dialectic

 Seminary President Apologizes for Evangelizing Mormon- Fuller president apologizes for former evangelistic efforts to Mormons.

  Paul's Mars Hill Approach- What did Paul actually do to proclaim the gospel on Mars Hill?

  Dialogue or a Widening of the Road -pt 2 on the friendships and common goals of unity

   A Bridge Over Other Waters- Unity with a Purpose.  Templeton and Warren 

  The Power of Personality- Enneagram, testing you personality by the philosophies of man.

  Are there Messianic Muslims? Taking a look at a new Christian article on the new ways for evangelization.

 A Bridge Over Other Waters- Unity with a Purpose.  Templeton and Warren 

  Internet Christian Bookstores: Haven for Non-Christian Materials


Carlton Pearson and Universalism

   A NEW Anointing

  Lava Pits to Avoid in Hawaii- The ministries and churches in Hawaii that one should be aware of  

  Gospel in the Stars- Did the Hawaiians know God before the missionaries came through the  stars?

  Why not Christmas- What's so offensive in the name of Christmas? 

  The Da Vinci code- The newest theory to discredit Jesus and the Bible

  Letís Be Sensitive to the Real Seeker!- Do you consider yourself seeker sensitive?

  A New Evangelism for the 21st century- A look at a new missionary work with Muslims by YWAM and other mission organizations.

 Scams from Nigeria- E-mails claiming to have millions for you.  

  TBN in the Hot seat

  Jesus coming soon- The second comings project intention to clone Jesus.

 Dialogue or a Widening of the Road -pt 2 on the friendships and common goals of unity

YWAM and Benny Hinn agree to work together- New developments in evangelism and discipleship

The Church losing her salt- Looking at the newest report of the church and what is happening to Christianity.

What is Gnosticsim? The current trend of mysticism

What's wrong with Harry Potter?- The book series on Harry the Wizard becomes a movie star .

Harry Potter- The book that is about witchcraft that has stolen our children's hearts.

 Which God will Bless America?- The new ecumenism

 America where are thou?- Reaction to the terrorist attack on America

 Suicide- Is there a biblical answer to to this dilemma?

Cleansing Stream-a new deliverance ministry coming to your Church.

The Bible Code- Is the future secretly encoded in the OT discovered by computers?

The Gospel in the Stars - Do the stars reveal the gospel or the Bibles story? Reviewing the book Perpetuated in Righteousness and the Hawaiians gospel.

Religions Started by Angels-What modern day and ancient religions began from angelic visitations?

Day or Age CREATION- Is Genesis communicating a 7 day creation or long periods of time? Addressing the progressive creation view of Hugh Ross and others.

Touched by an angel- Reviewing the TV program in light of the scriptures view

The Prince of Egypt?- Movie review.

NBC's Noah's Ark-  Another video fiction that mocks the Bibles record.

Amway- Is it God's way? What about this multi-level marketing company that many claim is Christian based.

Traditional Marriage-The homosexual issue addressed.

The Truth about Abortion-Why abortion is legalized murder.

Abortion facts- The facts about who and why's.

Parables for the covetous- The Bibles view of true riches and success.

The Sermon on the Mount- Is it today's golden rule of conduct? Are we to keep the law.

Drugs -Pharmakia in the last days.

The Omega Code- TBN's fantasy movie about the antichrist and the end of time.

Poke'mon- the game that opens children to a supernatural pagan world view

Cloning- Science is taking us where no man has gone before.

  pt. 2 of Cloning The Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly

 The Bible Code- Is the future secretly encoded in the OT?


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