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The Unbiblical Openness of YWAM p.1

 The last number of years YWAM have given us further insight into their actual beliefs and philosophy of ministry. And it has further deteriorated. What we will discuss only illustrates how far and fast they are going away from the Bible into new interpretations led by false prophets and apostles of the NAR.

If most pastors and missionaries knew what was really going on in YWAM today they would not be sending their youth to this be part of this organization.

To understand the foundation we need to go back to 1975. This One example from the founder  Loren Cunningham should have anyone pause. Cunningham says God gave him a revelation (along with Bill Bright) on the plan to Christianize the world; through what is now dubbed the 7 Mountain Mandate. By this teaching we can classify YWAM as Kingdom now, a dominionist view for the church to reign before Christ returns. This is the reason why Peter Wagner who began the NAR (New apostolic reformation, a government for the church) adopted it.

The 7 mountain has been going on from 1975, but YWAM did not make it known, it was hush hush until the last several years.

What does Cunningham say in a video testimony of the 7 mountains?

In August 1975 “and the Lord had given me that day a list of things that I had never thought about before. He said, “This is the way to reach America and nations for God”

 … people as they’re transformed, who will transform all the spheres of society”

 “The moderator then says at the end “it’s time to reclaim the 7 mountains and bring the life of God back into our culture” (Reclaim7Mountains.com)

In another 7 Mountain video with Cunningham, it says “When we lose our influence we lose the culture and when we lose our culture we fail to advance the Kingdom of God.”

“Reclaim the 7 mountains and bring the life of God back into our culture.’

We can’t reclaim what we never had. We did not ever have the 7 mountains and the culture never had God.

Peter Wagner who headed the NAR was in sync with this method, he said “for the “7 spheres” or “7 mountains” or "7 gates" of society that must be transformed. “These segments of society should be seen as apostolic spheres.” (They have the strategy and goals all laid out) http://www.wagnerleadership.org/docs/PY817_Syllabus.pdf)

Cunningham says the Lord directly gave him this list, yet the Bible has nothing to say on these 7 areas (called spheres and mountains). He says, This is the way? Is it?

 In fact we are told directly through the Word of God to give people the gospel as the way, so as they walk with God they become godly, their life is transformed by the Holy Spirit and they influence people by Christ’s life in them, not take over mountains. (The 7 mountains are Religion, Family, Education, Media, Arts and Entertainment, Business, and Government.)  This is his God strategy for transforming the world, by using the world. Re-culturizing society to be subject to the kingdom of God, we create the kingdom on earth achieving dominion over the world’s system. This is theoretic not revelation.

How do you reclaim something you never had in the first place?  The only 7 mountain’s mentioned in the Bible is not of God, but of the world system under a false Christ. Rev. 17:9 “The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits.” V.8 And the woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth.” (if we go back to v.4 we see whom this woman is, who carries the Beast.)

How is it that for this many years no one heard of the 7 mountains plan that came from God to Cunningham? Was this taught within, is this subterfuge?

The plan of men

 How does Cunningham plan to implement his goal? By worldwide unity.

we’re challenging the body of Christ to come together and having a global pastor’s network, a global media network, a global educators network,  using all of these spheres. And now the church is adopting these spheres worldwide, and they’re at the same time adopting what we call a map that is 4,379 locations, we call that/these are “zones”, “omega zones”, the name of Jesus is “Omega”, {he’s the alpha, the omega}, and it also means “to complete.” So to complete the great commission, we want to go where we’re not. Where the church isn’t...And we want to plant all the seven spheres in all 4000 of those “Omega Zones.” And in doing so, we believe that we will forward the purpose of discipling all nations. And so this is what we’re involved in right nowas we meet with thousands upon thousands of people around the world, and explain to them what these seven spheres are all about, and how every, literally every culture has elements of all seven spheres. So we want to be sure that Jesus, the Omega, is in every one of the spheres of the world.” (7CulturalMountains.Org Interview with Loren Cunningham Founder, Youth With a Mission (YWAM) “7 Spheres” with Os Hillman and Kelle Hughes in Atlanta, November 19, 2007)

 By the spheres being under the churches control they are then under Jesus’ control, this is his method of discipling of the nations. What does this has to do with the message of the gospel?  It is apparent that this disassociation with what Jesus gave as His way to disciple the nations is because of a different view of  "last days", eschatology.

Transforming Spheres of Society

On many YWAM bases NAR type teachings are distributed. One can learn to prophesy (or be taught how to develop and use miraculous gifts). They offer special training at workshop’s and classes on this. Just like at Bethel church. (see YWAM Chico and YWAM Finland as examples)

Prophetic declarations are declared that God will do such and such a thing. By saying the words in faith it is believed to release God’s power just as it is taught by word of Faith teachers. That our spoken words contain power to change reality.

At the Call Asuza 2016, YWAM founder Loren Cunningham was there with the prophet of prayer Mr. Lou Engle (formerly of TheCall, now theSend).

Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle, Loren Cunningham with Lou Engle

 Three of the more influential NAR leaders today are Bill Johnson (Bethel Church in Redding, California), NAR prophet/teacher Mike Bickle (International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri) has been involved with apostolic movement since its inception. And Lou Engle who is affiliated with NAR prophet Mike Bickle (International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri)..

It should be no surprise to hear Cunningham state “The great harvest needs to be supplied by continual prayer and fasting. Intercessory ministries like Mike Bickle’s in Kansas City are vital for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.” (Loren Cunningham, Founder, Youth With A Mission)

John Dawson, at the time President of YWAM said of Bickle “Mike, you are helping fulfill a desire of God’s heart for His presence to be enthroned night and day upon a people that love Him. What you are pioneering at the International House of Prayer has huge significance for all who labor to reach the nations. May your lamp of worship and prayer continue to shine!” (John Dawson, President, Youth With A Mission https://www.ihopkc.org/about/endorsements/

Prophet Mike Bickle has an integral part in influencing YWAM. Bickle was part of the Kansas City Prophets that introduced the extreme Latter Rain teachings to the Vineyard along with their head prophet Paul Cain, a William Branham disciple. Prophets who were united by Mike Bickle such as Paul Cain, Bob Jones, Rick Joyner, and others took a leading role in the formation of the New Apostolic movement of Peter Wagner.

Previously as its International Executive Director. Peter Wagner at his school of prophets explains ‘God called Mike Bickle to turn over his church in Kansas City to Floyd McClung, who you might know from YWAM, because he felt God calling him to start a prayer unit, a prayer house for the whole city of Kansas City, not just for one church.” (Mike Bickle #000512011A may 12, 2000) 

Floyd McClung became Senior Pastor of Metro Christian Fellowship (formerly Grace Fellowship originally founded by Bickle in 1982) 1989 Kansas City Fellowship became a Vineyard church. Bickle stepped away to concentrate on his vision for IHOP

Promoting 24/7 prayer with end-time teachings from Mike Bickle. Many 24/7 prayer rooms at YWAM bases are directly related to NAR . They have modeled themselves after the 24/7 prayer room run by the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri (IHOPKC).

Wording on the YWAM Kona Prayer Room website mirrors Bickle's distinctive teachings about 24/7 prayer and the role it will play in the end time.

Mike Bickle who claims he received revelation from his "prophet" friend Bob Jones that he was to start a 24/7 prayer room. And Bickle's teachings indicate that the establishment of other 24/7 prayer rooms throughout the world is an essential for the church. Claiming that they'll play a crucial role in the unfolding of God's end-time plans for the earth.

 He teaches that through this practice of 24/7 prayer, the last generation of Christians will actually cause the Tribulation, described in the book of Revelation. This last of the last generation of Christians (called the new breed) will "release," the judgments of God. These prayer rooms throughout the world will "release," in unison, judgments of God that will kill millions of people and wipe out entire cities.  (Youtube IHOP TV podcast 3, THE BOOK OF REVELATION and THE FORERUNNER SCHOOL OF MINISTRY.  You can read of his distorted end times views.

Youtube video where Mike Bickle explains his disturbing teachings about how the end-time church will release God's judgments on earth through their "prayers of faith." Bickle's teachings have impacted 24/7 prayer rooms at YWAM bases around the world.

Bickle says falling and laughing are nothing... 'Listen guys, laughing and falling - that's not a big deal. Fire, blood, and smoke are coming to the meetings. Don’t worry about the falling and laughing thing, blood fire and smoke are coming to the meetings ...We're not ready for an invasive Bridegroom that's going to jealously bring forth the fullness of all we are even in this age to Him in total obedience .(Mike Bickle #000512011A Friday may 12, 2000 National School Of The Prophets Mobilizing The Prophetic Office)

Bring forth the fullness of who we are? This is the manifest Sons of God teaching of the Latter Rain. YWAM’s leadership has united with a number of influential NAR leaders and their organizations who are Latter Rain and have very different end times view. The only way we become totally obedient is to be made sinless, which is what the manifest Sons of God teaching is about, Jesus returns in you.

Consider what Bickle said with Cindy Jacobs of about the stream of fire from God’s throne at Peter Wagner’s National School of the Prophets.  (Mobilizing the Prophetic Office Thursday, May 11th, 2000) shows just a portion of what this man believes. Latter Rain speakers and prophets are invited to teach at the YWAM bases.

Cindy Jacob’s book "Possessing the Gates of the Enemy" was published in Norwegian by their YWAM publishing house (the forward is by Peter Wagner). The students learn ''spiritual mapping.” going up to high places to bind the powers over a city. In fact they learn a lot on spiritual warfare that has no Biblical basis. Loren Cunningham apparently quoted her ''Y2K prophecy'' in the YWAM magazine in 1999, (this just one of her 1999 prophecies) http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=534 

Her books are used here as "intercession manuals" as well the spiritual warfare of George Otis jr. (NAR) who taught at DTS’s. Discipleship training, ''spiritual mapping'' such as going to high places to bind the powers over a city. The students are required to learn about this practicing it in their discipleship school).  

Video: School of Intercession, Worship & Warfare by YWAM Publishing 
Category: Video Teaching Retail Price: $99.00
Eight hour’s (six videos). Joy Dawson, Cindy Jacobs, John Dawson, Dean Sherman, Denny Gunderson, Tom Marshall, George Otis Jr., Dick Eastman

Notice Jacobs and Otis Jr. of the NAR are on this video and it is published by YWAM!  Can anything more be said?  These people are all together in this. Jacobs is among all the false prophets and apostles in Peter Wagner’s new apostolic government. So by proxy YWAM is introducing the New Apostolic teachings to the youth.

Fusion ministries seems to have it all the portions of revivalism offered on their plate, including everything the church is to do and have through their pastor and leadership in their local congregation. Their mission is restoring our true spiritual identity to righteousness for the church to re-gain her spiritual authority. This can be read under ministry objectives. https://fusionministry.com/about-us/

What they are about is to serve as a catalyst to ignite fire for revival and hope for supernatural, presence-based transformation.

Rhonda Hughey of Fusion ministries gives strategic consultation to leaders who are seeking the Lord together for revival and transformation of their community. Rhonda partners with George Otis Jr., President of the Sentinel Group and John Dawson, President of YWAM for transformation activities in cities and nations. She also serves as a Senior Leader at the Int'l House of Prayer in Kansas City, directed by Mike Bickle. (see Transformations or re-transformation? A Paradigm shift for evangelism)

2 Chron. 7:14 is used out of context for the church (it is not repeated in the New Testament) when it was a covenantal promise to Israel, his people.

Ed Silvoso, Mike Bickle and George Otis, Jr. have written endorsements for her book “Revival” and John Dawson has said it is a prophetic message for the body of Christs today. She says “God bring redemptive transformation even to land and the natural order before Christ returns.” This  quixotic pursuit is further explained, “Transforming revival is therefore not a passing trend and is not something we can ignore. It is an eschatological sign that must not be ignored because it signals that the full manifestation of God’s glory and the fullness of redemption is at hand.

All of this sounds like a regurgitating of the transformation video of George Otis Jr. community transformation and the Quickening video certainly makes this clear. Again we have millennial promises to be realized before the Millennium.

Unfortunately the reality is that Bible says the opposite. That a tribulation is coming. Again this is the missing piece in all the new ministries affiliated with the apostle prophet movement.

 These are just some of the people involved in YWAM’s NAR transformation.

pt2. My personal experience, YWAM's ecumenism and its founders view of Eschatology



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