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Directory on Cults and aberrant groups  

 lists of the different Christian Cults and aberrational groups we cover on our website


While we speak the truth in love, the cults speak love in their lies.

History timeline of World Religions and its founders

1 When the WAY  is NOT the way -Victor P. Wierwille's influence on denying the Christ of Scripture continues

p.2 When the way is not the way -Interpretations of the Way

Christadelphianism- Denying the essentials yet calling themselves Christians.

International Churches of Christ -(Oahu church of Christ) Believe they are the only true church with only approx. 170,000 in attendance. They believe in baptismal salvation and intense shepherding.

Jehovah's Witnesses- Now nearly 7 million worldwide 11/2 million in the US deny almost everything in historic Christianity, they believe they are the only true church.

L.D.S- Mormonism-12 million plus members worldwide claim to have the restored gospel that the bible left out, teach that we too can become Gods.

Christian Science- The metaphysical teachings of  a woman who started a movement -Mary Baker Eddy. 

Oneness Pentecostals- Anywhere from 2-4 million members in America (reported as 17 million world wide) who believe in the deity of Christ but deny the Trinity and salvation by grace through faith.

Unification Church (Moonies)- Sun Myung Moon and his servants who will do anything for the new Christ.

Unity church - A blend of various religions, metaphysics, theosophy and Jesus too.

Iglesia ni Christo- They have anywhere from 4-6 million members world wide and  believe they are the only true church,  and their leader now deceased was the 5th angel in the book of Revelation. Their appeal is nationalistic, specifically to  Filipino's.

Universal World Church ( Hawaii fellowship) -Started by O.L. Jagger's their teachings are a  mixture of the bible with a  new age interpretation. Latter Rain manifest Sons of God doctrine, superior knowledge in basic truths and Idolatry.

True Jesus Church- They believe they have the restored gospel from China, believe that baptism saves and that Jesus is the Father Son and Holy Spirit.

Sacred Name Movement- A Hebrew roots movement that promotes restoring the divine name for salvation. What do they claim about themselves, their leaders and the Bible? What do they think of Christians?

Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research-Dr. Kinley and his new revelations of Gods name and the bible and Himself.

IDMR pt.2- More on this metaphysical cult that promotes the name of Yahweh.


Ogamisama- A modern day savior from Japan.

 Rastafarianism- Reggae music and the Rastafarian religion.

Rastafarianism- Is Rastafari the Messiah? Looking at the music and a religious  movement that continues to influence a generation.

Shepherd's Chapel- Arnold Murray's false teachings.

The Urantia book- Is it a book from God or channeled by spirit beings?

The Book of Urantia and its Hostile attack on the book of Truth

Another Jesus- The Jesus of the Cults and religions.

God's newest Son

Cult emerges from cave


The Oppression of Black Liberation Theology




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