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Assorted Popular teachers influence in the world and the Church

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Richard Fosters celebration of Discipline

Overview of Fosters teaching on contemplative prayer

Fostering a new Spiritual Discipline p.1 - The background and teachings of Richard Foster

Fostering a new Spiritual Discpline pt.2- Inward and onward-  The promoters common origin

 The inner exploration, an imaginative journey to nowhere pt.2- Understanding the premise of contemplative

 Overview of Joseph Prince's teachings

p.1 Joseph Prince and his message of "radical grace"]

Pt.2 Grace, and the lack of personal accountability for sin

pt.3 A matter of Righteousness

p.4 Prince’s WORD FAITH TEACHING imbedded in grace

 Joseph Prince’s Conflicting Message of grace by his word faith teaching

John Avanzini- God's supernatural gift to John for miracle economics

When psychology meets psychic - what do you get? p.1 Doug Addison's non biblical gift of reading tattoo's and body piercing.

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer overview

Joyce Meyer- -Are you paying attention-

Joyce Meyer- Meyers ministry revenue and luxurious living

Creflo Dollar

Creflo Dollar - A Name that has a Ring to it!

Attracting Money by YOUR Words

Creflo Dollar Attracting Money by YOUR Words

The Good News is that YOU Too Can be Rich

Did Jesus go to HELL for your Salvation


John Hagee- Israel and the gospel -Two Opposites Cannot be the Same or True 

Pat Robertson's 700 Club or 7000 who have not bowed their knees to charismatic ecumenism

The Story and legacy of Oral Roberts- pt.1 The seed of Faith that made BIG MONEY

Series on John Lake and the Healing rooms

pt.1 Swimming in Lake Exaggeration-John Lake and the Healing Rooms

pt2. Reviving the Revival of John Lake?

p.3 The Healing Rooms today- Their origin and practices of today

pt.4.Faith Healing - Good intentions, false theology

 pt.5 Was Spokane ever the healthiest city in America or the World?


Oprah Winfrey pt.1The Universe According to Oprah- pt.1 The promotion of New Age spirituality on Prime Time TV.

pt.2 “The Secret”- Making the Universe Obey YOU- The power and ideas behind the Secret-Using Religious Science and metaphysical methods to to make the universe obey.

pt.3 The Real secret behind the Secret- Is there more that meets the eye in these mind science practices?

pt.4 the Secret God wants you to know


Rick Warren

Rick Warren's Panacea-A peace Plan for the WHOLE world that is waiting-

To be (a fundamentalist) or not to be?- Rick Warren's beliefs from Saddleback, are the essentials upheld or are they diminished? You decide.

One Man’s Opinion

Community Connections- on Rick Warrens associations

The Growth of a Purpose Driven Church

The Seeker Friendly church model



Ken Blanchard's Inclusivism- The merging of religious ideas in the marketplace.

Tony Campolo - The controversial man and his statements

From Heaven to Earth- Morris Cerullo's clash with earths government.

Let's All be Positive- Joel Osteen, positive confession with a smile. 

the Prayer center of the Pacific


William Branham

William Branham's beliefs - Condensed overview of his beliefs .

William Branham- A historical view of the modern prophet Elijah

William Branham's teachings- Who was he, what did he really teach and  where did he get his power from?

A Prophets Prophet- Branham's end times view of him being Elijah and opening up the 7 seals in the book of Revelation.


John Lake’s "Healing Rooms"

Swimming in Lake Exaggeration- John Lake and the Healing rooms

pt2. Reviving the Revival of John Lake?

p.3 The Healing Rooms today- Their origin and practices of today

 pt.4 Faith Healing - Good intentions, false theology

Pt. 5. Was Spokane ever the healthiest city in America or the World?


Benny Hinn- He has become the most influential Charismatic teacher of all time. Many articles to consider on this mans doctrine and practices.

The End -Time Handmaidens & Servants- Founder Gwen Shaw has been a guest on Hinn’s "This is Your Day" program, Suzanne Hinn is a member of the Handmaidens. See what they are teaching, learn their affiliations.

Is Kim Clement a New Age Prophet?

 The Price of Success- Robert Tilton's comeback to Christian TV.

Your Pulling my Leg- That's right W.V. Grant is back stretching legs.

Mike Murdock-His revelations include I broke the back of poverty with a $1,000 seed.

Creflo Dollar- Men being gods,  Prosperity by faith and the Gospel of mammon.

Joyce Meyer- A mixture of the practical and word/faith heresy.

 The Rich mans Prayer is Answered  - Was a dead man raised because he was near Bonnke's anointing?

Jesse Duplantis-A man with a small theology and tall tales.

T.B. Joshua- The miracle man from Nigeria who heals aids.

Tony Campolo Liberalism and mysticism and ecumenism

Tommy Tenney- Is he bringing the church to God or away from what God said?

Parsley, Purple Passion and Paisley- Rod Parsley is a leader in the new Pentecostal paradigm, where is his teaching going? 

The Price is right or wrong?- Fred Prices' faith teaching on prosperity and the promises of Scripture.

Christian Harfouche- Following in other men's footsteps another rising star in the charismatic camp.

Bishop Spong-Controversy and disputes, and confusion are what his new reformation is all about.

Robert Schuller- The gospel according to the worlds leading possibility thinker.

Norman Vincient Peale- The modern pro-claimer of the minds power by positive thinking.

Arnold Murray- The Shepherd Chapels pastor who will condemn you if you do not believe in the same falsehood he teaches.

Rodney Browne- Articles on the holy Ghost bartender that started the humiliation in the Churches in America.

Kenneth Copeland- His teaching on the anointing on Christ and you.

The Trinity refuse or confused- A look at the more popular teachers teaching on the nature of Christ and God. .

Paul Cain- A William Branham disciple has been called the greatest prophet of today by other prophets. His story and  his influence on the Vineyard movement.




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