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Latter Rain Directory

The modern day prophet and apostle movement in the Church

What is the Latter Rain teaching? Today a revival of the Latter Rain heresy that was rejected in 1950 by the Assembly of God denomination has resurfaced and invaded the Church incorporating a paradigm shift in Christian ministries. What is it and who is involved? This section is to guide those who are not familiar (or are) with the terms and meanings of this new revivalism occurring inside the Church, and what it means to embrace these teachings.


p.1 The conventional and odd Latter Rain teachings of prophet and apostle Bill Hamon

p.2 The new move of the Spirit to bring Kingdom now --and they do mean NOW!

p.3 Prophets INC.- the prophetic movement of Elijah, Joel, Daniel etc.

p.4 the Manifest sons of God of the Latter Rain movement

The Deadly do - rights of Dominionism - How dominionism is affecting the Church

Todd Bentley “Meet the new thing- same as the old thing” “Will We get fooled again?”pt.1- Todd Bentley's pursuit of the supernatural

pt.2 To be Forewarned is to be Forearmed- How important is it to know the word to test supernatural experiences?

pt.3 Stories of heaven- Examining one of Bentley's frequent trips to heaven and His experience of a pillar of light.

pt.4 When the Angel came- The Branham connection- Bentley's claim of the visiting angels revelation and power.

pt.5 The fire- Fresh Fire-

pt.6 The Fire as an ANOINTING- Experiences of  a baptism of fire, the pillar of fire and what the bible has to say on this.

 pt.7 Angels we have heard and seen- Are we to be visited by angels to have heavenly experiences?

 pt.8 An Open Heaven- Bentley's Highway to Heaven- A closer look at his many visitations and trips to heaven, are they biblical?

Todd Bentley Kicks 'Older Lady' with his 'Biker-Boot'- The many physical assaults of Bentley to bring healing.

The ElijahList: The biggest distributor of false prophecies in hyperspace.

To Dream a Dream- What part does dreams and visions play today.

Prophets Promoting a Prophetic movement - Paul Cain's prophetic blunder

When a Prophet Speaks and His Words do not Come to Pass

What is the true Latter Rain What does Scripture mean when it states the Latter Rain?

The "new order" of the Latter Rain- Roots of  today's Revivalism traced back to 1948 and the 1800's.

Manifest Sons of God doctrineThe extreme teaching from the Latter Rain of believers becoming immortal on earth without Christ's coming.

Joel's Army- What is marching today is a new Christianity. And will soon affect everyone it comes in contact with it.

The new thing-Triumphalism, ruling over nations, the miracle army of eternal beings.

pt.1 Kingdom Dominionism  Is the Church going to have glory, be immortal and rule over the earth. Reconstructionism in a Charismatic package.

pt.2Who has all authority?- How does the Church takes its dominion over the earth.

pt.3 The Cleansing for the Kingdom-Who will go and who will stay in this Dominion now Kingdom.

pt.4 Spiritual war  - Is Joel's Army marching today?

pt.5 Do we have all Authority?

William Branham's beliefs - Condensed overview of his beliefs .

William Branham- A historical view of the modern prophet Elijah

William Branham's teachings- Who was he, what did he really teach and  where did he get his power from?

A Prophets Prophet- Branham's end times view of him being Elijah and opening up the 7 seals in the book of Revelation.

Paul Cain- A William Branham disciple has been called the greatest prophet of today by other prophets. His story and  his influence on the Vineyard movement.

To Dream a Dream

Today's Dream Weavers

Before Hawaii can be transformed you must be


Peter Wagner-lets take dominion  The Church in the Workplace, by C. Peter Wagner

part 2 lets take dominion

Part 3 lets take dominion

Where Were You?

The Last Hurrah- Peter Wagner

pt.1The Gnostic Jesus

pt.2The Gnostic Jesus

Do you want to be an apostle

The New Apostolic church movement

Welcome the NEW PROPHETS to the head of the church

Glancing at the G12 Movement

links to further articles on these subjects 

Discernment ministries   www.discernment-ministries.com

Christian Witness Ministries- www.voyager.co.nz/~philipl/

Deception in the church- www.deceptioninthechurch.com/

www.conqueringlove.com John and Debbie talk about their experience with a false apostle.



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