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Doug Addison, Dream on

Doug Addison claims to be a “prophetic dream interpreter, speaker, writer, Life Coach, and stand-up comedian. His high energy prophetic messages have been shared on television, radio and the internet for over a decade.”

That is far too long for this to have gone on. Here’s why.

Doug Addison says that he has interpreted 25,000 dreams and now claims to interpret tattoos and piercings, and he trains others to do the same. He says “Quite often there are hidden prophetic messages behind tattoos and piercings!” He has become known as the tattoo prophet. He has been prophesying over tattoos since 2004.

 I give his web address to only confirm what I’m stating here hopefully no one is foolish enough to believe it (

What he is teaching is that our subconscious is being led of God to pick out tattoos and piercings that are significant for us but at the time we do not know this. He comes along to interpret these for the unbelievers that get them and gives them solace.

He also claims to use the Holy Spirit to guide people to understand the prophetic in a tattoo. By “explaining the prophetic symbolism and location of people’s tattoos and piercings. When someone tells you the story behind a tattoo they are opening up their life to you and it often reveals revelation about their destiny that they did not know was there.”

In one video Addison catches people on the street and interprets their tattoos. Instead of telling the truth to them, Addison flatters them, as if God has inspired their tattoos. (Union sq park NY )

Addison has adopted the world’s way and claims this is ministry, Christianizing the trends. The Devil is the god of this age, he influences the temperament of the culture which fosters friendship with the world.

This may be a new way of evangelization but it is not Biblical evangelism, it makes him and the hearer feel good.

Maybe Addison can later prophecy to individuals why they took the mark of the Beast, since that will be like a tattoo. I think the Bible already tells them what that tattoo means.

Jeremiah said “The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule by their own power; and My people love to have it so. But what will you do in the end? (Jer. 5:31)

Our choice for answers is to look to God’s word for what is true. And you will not find what Addison is teaching, only what he is distorting

Addison states “he is an expert in hearing God,” he hears an audible voice. Too bad he doesn’t hear he is wrong. If what one speaks does not coincide with the word written, than it cannot be God speaking. One thing you can be assured not to receive from Addison is sound expository teaching from the Bible.

Addison claims he is going to teach you how to interpret your dreams like an expert. His dream interpretation he claims to look to Joseph and Daniel (as so many others do).These are his experts. But neither Joseph nor Daniel went around interpreting everyone’s else’s dream, (or tattoos). This frivolous activity of dream interpretation comes from none other than John Paul Jackson, the originator and introducer of interpreting signs, like dreams. He was part of the Kansas City prophets along with the other prophets Mike Bickel, Bob Jones, Rick Joyner. That should be all one needs to know to stay away from this counterfeit gifting but unfortunately it is not enough for some who are attracted to the occult.

Appearing on the prophetic platform of The Elijah list the heading reads like something one would get out of astrology “Doug Addison: Sudden Changes Are About To Occur Without Warning In The Month Of May” May 16, 2014

May is the start of the Wind of Change. It would be more accurately called the wind of sudden change. Things are beginning to divinely realign.”

Do you know how many times this has been said over the years by others, it should be completely dismissed.

He goes on about a prophetic dream he had the fire of the Holy Spirit is coming to those in Chicago.”
Well, all one has do is look at Chicago with all its murders (Murder capitol of the US) but he’s not speaking about judgment but blessing. This is a false prophetic dream.

Let me give another example of his mysticism. On the Elijah list: Addison says, at 5:55 A.M. on August 1st an angel of grace woke me up by its very presence, standing in my room. The angel spoke these words: "It's time to cross over." I knew that this messenger from God was talking about crossing over to a new spiritual time where things that God has promised are going to begin to take place …

He goes on “The very things that God has promised are now starting to be revealed. I believe the angel's timing is instructive: 5:55 A.M., because the number five represents grace. Many have incorporated a mystical numerology associated to their spiritual experiences.

The stated purpose of these regional Elijah List conferences is to bring “some of the best prophetic voices out there to encourage you in what God is saying for this year for your region and for the Body of Christ.

The Elijah List promo, Doug Addison “brings laughter, fun, and a unique prophetic style while empowering people to transform their lives, discover their destiny and understand their dreams, tattoos and piercings.”

Addison is multifaceted, besides being a life coach, or dream interpreter he is a stand-up comedian. This would all be silly to laugh along with, except this is in the church, so it’s serious.

Endorsements of Doug Addison…come from false teachers like Patricia King, Bill Johnson, Jim Goll and Marc Chironna, Steve Shultz, TBN and the Wagner Institute in Hawaii. Addison often refers to and quotes other “Latter Rain” and “false prophets,” as well.

Addison states, “I went all around the world training people to use dream interpretation and prophecy as a means of sharing God’s love.” Addison claims what he is doing is not really new, it’s what Jesus did. He sends people out (sets up a booth) gives prophetic words to unbelievers, not the gospel which is God’s message of love that he told believers to give to those who are lost. But Addison does this to encourage unbelievers! Tells people to trust the still small voice (where is that stated in the New Testament), do unbelievers hear God within them. Can everyone hear from God without taking care of the sin factor through Jesus first? This flat out dangerous deception being spread. A man who I see as deceived and deceiving others.

What I hear over and over is from people, “I have heard good things from these teachers,” or “they speak words from the Bible.” What they need to do is pay attention to the wrong they introduce, because that is what is harmful. When you continue to take in the false in it will change you. The Corinthian’s were a gifted church but had some real internal problems, things got out of hand.

1 Cor.11:18 "For, in the first place, when you come together as a church, I hear that divisions (heresies) exist among you; and in part, I believe it. For there must also be heresies among you, in order that those who are approved may have become evident among you."

A.T. Robertson quotes Findlay who says, "These haireseis are a magnet attracting unsound and unsettled minds."

The God of the Bible is not saying anything through Doug Addison except leaving him as an example of how to NOT do ministry.

People will take sides. Those who know truth from error will make what is wrong known by the truth. God allows falsehood to spring up among believers to mature the Church, so they can be trained in discernment and to learn how to deal with wrong among brethren [?].

We cannot exhibit a high level of tolerance, Grace is not to be given to someone that is teaching error and does not receive correction. If they do not turn from it and continue to spread their error they are to be named and removed for the spiritual safety of the church. The reason for removal is to bring them back to restoration, not to condemn them. We are not to let personalities or friendship cloud our biblical judgment, but deal with what they are introducing that is not biblical.


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