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Links to Hebrew-Christian websites

These Ministries focus on understanding the Scriptures from a Jewish perspective, and are active in Jewish evangelism and discipleship.


Ariel ministries

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum


Chosen people ministries


Jews For Jesus


 To learn about Israel's history and debunking myths




the Berean Call

Begun by Dave Hunt and Tom McMahon

 apologetic answers


Lighthouse Trails Research

majoring on the new Spirituality invading the church


Understand the Times  Roger Oakland



 Deception in the church    - sandy simpson

DITC  exposing the deception from false teachers and new movements


Berit Kos ministries

 On the new age movement and issues the church faces


Spiritual Research network Chris Lawson

    Church Watch - Monitoring what is not Biblical that is infiltrating the church

Islam  Walid Showbat


On Witnessing

Why Outreach

 answers from the bible on questions you may have






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