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7th Day Adventism and Law Keepers Directory


Ellen White versus the Bible

What is the relationship of law to grace? - This is a most important article on understanding the differences of law and grace and what our relationship and obligations are.

p.1 The Law or Christ, who is our righteousness?

pt.2 The flawed arguments of law keepers

What Day are we allowed to Worship on? - Which day are we to worship and gather together  in the scriptures?

Is the Law a creation Ordinance?- When did mankind receive the law? In Genesis with Adam or Moses?

How to Keep the Sabbath- What Sabbatarian's are not telling their own people and new converts about the law.

Is the Church Spiritual Israel?- Are the blessings of Israel now for the Church, do we become the Israel?

Law and grace-Describing the differences between Law and Grace and how each functions today for the believer.

Which Law to keep?- Is there a difference between the law of Moses and the Tablets and  the law of Christ.

Remember the Sabbath- Is the Sabbath the only command to remember, or are there others?

The Eternal Sabbath- Is the law or the Sabbath eternal, existing before man and given to him in the garden?

Sabbath keeping in the New Testament- What day did the apostles and the church keep during the book of Acts and after?

The Ark and the 10 commandments-How do the commandments relate to our living today.

The Issue of the Sabbath -Who is is the Sabbath for, when did it actually begin ?

The Old or the New covenant- Which covenant are we to live by today and does some of the law continue?

What is the greatest Commandment?- Is the Sabbath the crown of the commandments? Is it God's greatest commandment? What does the bible say?

Leo Schreven Offers $1,000- What did he offer to pay (and didn't) if found in scripture?

They changed the Sabbath- Refuting the accusations of the Church going into apostasy and following the Pope.

What is Sin?- Definitions in light of the bible and law keepers.

The Law for the Righteous?- Who is the law for today, Christians or the unbelievers?

The Purpose of the Law- The internal requirements for the law.

Can the Law help us overcome Sin- Should we keep the Law today and what benefit do we derive from it, does it give us power or holiness.

What is the holiest of All ?- Is the Sabbath the Most holy or the Law?

Who is Michael in 7th day AdventismIs Michael just another name for Jesus?

Soul Sleep -(spiritual snoozing)- What really happens when we die?

Col.2 Sabbaths or Sabbath- Which Sabbath is no longer to be observed in Col.2 .

Is there a prophet among you?- E. G. Whites  prophecies- What did she really teach and believe.

E.G.White on the Sabbath Revelation-The great controversy solved, but not by her.

Entering our True Sabbath Rest- Heb.4 Where do we find our Sabbath today?

Do not think that I came to destroy the Law- Mt.5:17-19 does not mean the law continues.

Foods unclean or clean- Are there prohibitions on what we are to eat?

The fallacy of the Mark of the Beast- Do you have it and not know it? According to Adventists it is Sunday worship in place of Saturday worship.

"Seventh Day Adventism Renounced" by D. M. Canright shows the errors of Adventism and explains why the Sabbath was abolished. An important chapter is "Did the Pope Change the Sabbath?" This book may also be read online at:  http://web2.airmail.net/billtod/renounce.htm

For Spanish speaking here is a good site to go to>http://geocities.com/Heartland/Lake/3962/index.html



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