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 Directory on the Roman Catholic Church

This Directory lists articles on the Roman Catholic Religion - Catholicism.

Popery of shame- Adventures of Heresy in the last days Pope[s] -  In the Pope's words'

The mystery of God manifested as flesh

Our Communion is NOT a Eucharist

Adoring and worshipping Jesus AS

Adoring and worshipping Jesus AS the Eucharist

The Tradition of Traditions

Why should believe the Bible is Gods Word

The Roman Catholic Issue

Once there was a Pope named Peter

Who is the Vicar of Christ

Not all agree on the Pope and his position over the church

p.1Adoring and worshipping Jesus AS the Eucharist

p.2 Adoring and worshipping Jesus AS

p.3 Is Our Communion is NOT a Eucharist

The mystery of God manifested as

Once there was a Pope named Peter?

Salvation, A hidden teaching of the Roman Catholic church.

The Bibles Tradition of the Word ONLY - Does the Bible uphold Scripture as being our source of instruction? Catholics need to seriously  consider the teaching of the apostles and prophets.

Problems with the Mary of Roman Catholicism- Is what Roman Catholicism teaches about Mary the same as what the Bible teaches?

Purgatory the Spiritual Bermuda Triangle- Is it necessary to be purged of ones sins in Purgatory after one dies, to go to heaven ?

The Virgin Birth- Did Mary stay a virgin was there an immaculate conception?

Peter the Rock- Is Peter the Rock or does scripture point to another?

The Eucharist-What does the Roman Church teach and what is it really ?

Jn.6 eat my flesh- What did Jesus mean by this statement?

Is it a Mass ?- Does the bible teach such a concept for grace?

Idolatry-What is it according to Judaism and is it being practiced in the Catholic Church?

Who gave us the Scripture?- How did we get our bible and who is responsible for handing it down?

Traditions found in the bible- Are there traditions found or not found in Scripture, that should we be practicing today?

The Apocrypha- Is this a valid addition to learn about God?

Yesterdays are still with us- Can people make the same mistakes Israel did and not even know it?

It is Written- Does God have his instructions to be written down?

Unity sought with Islam-  Where is Rome leading its people in its ecumenism.

What is a Saint?-How does one become a saint?

Traditions,Traditions,Traditions - Can traditions help ones spiritual life?

Marriage and the Priesthood-Can priests marry, whose a priest today?


Purgatory a Spiritual Bermuda Triangle

Problems with Mary

Praying to Mary?- Can you pray to Mary or Saints in heaven?


Mary's Son or Gods only Son -Is Jesus the only son of Mary or of God, were there others in his family?

Is It a Mass or


Mary's sinlessness- Is Mary sinless, what does Scripture tell us?

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 various articles to consider dokimos

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