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Is the flag of Israel and the Star of David Occultic in origin?

There are some are making the outrageous claim the Star of David mentioned in the Bible is an evil occult image (pointing to the Book of Amos 5:26, and the Book of Acts 7:43)

Acts 7:43 ("you lifted up the star of your god Rephan")        

Acts 7:43 “You also took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, images which you made to worship; and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.”

That the star mentioned is supposedly the Star of David that is used today.

On the net certain groups attack the Star of David as an occult symbol. Those who claim this appear to be Bible purists. Their validation to make accusations on this symbol are flawed.

Some point to the Star of David being used in occult and Satanic rituals.

They assume that the same symbol found in the occult is the Star of David, making the star of David’s origin occultic. Making the star of David equal to the five-pointed star upside down - the pentagram, used by various occultists.

We find the cross and the rainbow and other symbols are used by others. The 5 pointed star is used on our own US flag, is our flag now occultic?

First: There is no Scripture referring to the six-pointed Star of David. We are not told what this star looked like. It was probably an idol (image). They assume what they want and fill in the silence of Scripture by being overzealous and even prejudice, connecting the Star of David to these two Biblical passages. Whatever book or teacher they are listening to, they are wrong.

Bible History

Numbers 16:23-24 mentions the Tabernacle of Korah, Dathan and Abiram (Korah who led a rebellion against Moses.

Apparently Israel’s rebellious apostates carried on idolatry in the wilderness, with a shrine that escaped Moses' observation (Ezekiel 20:7-8; Ezekiel 20:39; Ezekiel 23:3; Joshua 24:14).

Of this false tabernacle God says, "Have ye offered unto me sacrifices and offerings in the wilderness forty years, O house of Israel? But ye have borne the TABERNACLE OF YOUR MOLOCH AND CHIUN your images, the STAR OF YOUR GOD, which you made for yourselves." (Amos 5:25-26)

The word for star in Hebrew is kowkab. Strong’s concordance says “probably from the same as 3522 (in the sense of rolling) or 3554 (in the sense of blazing); a star (as round or as shining); figuratively, a prince”

So the star shape has no points! Browns driver Briggs says of kowkab - a star; used of Messiah, brothers, youth, numerous progeny, personification, God's omniscience (figurative). So there is no way one can make a case that this is now the Star of David with 6 points, or a star with 5 points. Even in Greek STAR (Heb. kokab, "round" or "shining"; Gk. aster). (from New Unger's Bible Dictionary)

Stars can refer to glory (1 Cor.15:40-44). Amos was telling Israel that they had exchanged the true glory of the Lord for the false glory of an idol (Paul says the same Rom.1:22).

Even Stephen (Acts 7:42-43) says figures which ye made to worship them..."

The key word is worship. They are not worshiping the flag or the symbol, which would make it idolatry. If this symbol stumbles someone then they should not use it.

These passages of Amos 5:26 and Acts 7:43 are no more describing a 6 pointed star (or a 5 pointed star) than is Numbers 24:17 - A Star will come out of Jacob; a scepter will rise out of Israel” or Rev.22:16 - I am the Root and Offspring of David, the bright, Morning Star.”

Star in Hebrew does not mean a certain shape. Some people find “occult” representations that are not attached to the bible or its history. There is nothing in these biblical texts that suggest any connection.

So now that their main argument from the bible is moot lets address their attitude in this theory.

I’d like to make some sense out of this that seems to have escaped those who have lost all sensibility on this matter.

Our examples come from everyday life - the days of the week. We use pagan derived names. The days of the week were named by the Romans with the Latin words for the Sun, the Moon, and the five known planets. Saturday (the 7th day), the planet Saturn, in honor of the Roman god Saturn. Sunday, The sun, in honor of the sun god. Monday, the moon, in honor of the moon god. Tuesday, honors the god Mars. The Saxons named this day after their god Tiw and called it Tiw's day. "Tuesday" comes from the name of this Saxon god.

Even the months -January - Januarius, honors of the Roman god Janus.

So if these people are so upset then they should not use these symbols connected to the Occult or other religions they should not use these words if they are going to be consistent. They can’t use a Calendar because of the months and days they are named after.

Let’s look at some further examples for my illustration. If you drive an Aires car, does this mean you are into astrology? So you can’t Drive a Taurus either? What about a Mazda, does this mean you honor this god? You cannot drive in cars named in the horoscope? They should make a list of cars that Christians are allowed to drive.

Speaking of inconsistencies, what about the pyramid you carry in your wallet and use everyday? We use money nearly everyday, a dollar bill having the pyramid and the eye, does this mean we are part of an illuminati? That is far worse than pointing out an insignia on someone else’s flag. The point is that there are many insignia’s, icons used that cannot be avoided. These symbols are used by others.

I can certainly side with avoidance since we are to avoid the appearance of evil, but we live in the real world, not a bubble. Colors were used by pagan cultures, does that mean we cannot use the same colors? Then we cannot have a wedding ring because of its origin of the circle.

There are practical uses we participate in and there are spiritual uses of these pictures and elements.

Number 7 is one of the most used magical numbers, yet the bible uses 7 often. Israel was given 7 feasts for a prophetic pattern. So are we not to use the number 7 because of occultists do? Are we so legalistic …This is like saying the bible should not be in one book because they were originally in separate scrolls! Or you should not baptize because there are other religions that immersed in water also.

And what are we to make of Matt 2:2 "Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him." How many points did this star have, or was it just a radiance in the sky these astrologers noticed? (defined by the word itself)

If you are that strict or myopic on these matters, don't use the letter T because that's the cross symbol that was used by pagans, (which Jesus hung by).

Stars can certainly be occultic (as other symbols) if it is being used in occult worship and ceremony as are other symbols. In context, only if it is being appropriated by the occult use (I’m not saying this applies to all images, some clearly have their origin in the occult and have no similarities outside).

But one can find numerous numbers, shapes and colors used in the Occult, are we to avoid all of these?

The explanations

Consider that some point out the Star of David has 12 quadrants for the 12 tribes of the nation of Israel (some say for the 12 zodiac signs, Christianizing them for each tribe). Some say it is two triangles so that one points down the other up. And what about the other points going outward, what do they symbolize? (each triangle has all equal sides.)

Some claim The Star of David contains a total of twenty-four points or sides if the sides or points of all six triangles, plus the six sides or points of the center hexagon are counted (6 X 3) + 6 = 24. Revelation’s has a vision of God’s throne in Heaven surrounded by twenty-four elders (Rev. 4:4-8).

The Hexagram shape of the Star of David can be viewed as two overlapping triangles, or six triangles and one hexagon, which would equal seven shapes, not six! This then could apply to the menorah, 7 lights burning, which is probably considered the oldest symbol in Israel.

Some have even taught the star of David is a symbol of the antichrist, the Beast. Six points, six triangles, and the six sides of the hexagram = 666. To say the flag of Israel is going to be the symbol used to identify the antichrist is so completely ludicrous that words escape me. If you think that people are going to take a mark that represents the false Christ, his name and this is going to be the star of David that represents Israel, the same people he is going to try and destroy, well, you have lost all sensibility.

The explanations, both pro and con are numerous. But what does history the bible say?

Saturn became associated with the seventh day of the week, which was called Saturn’s Day, or Saturday by the Romans. Jews, kept the real meaning related to the creation week, not to the false god Saturn. There is no documented evidence that the Star of David (6 or 5 pointed stars) was ever ascribed to the worship of Saturn by Israel.

Stars are often used as symbols, the Messiah is called the Morning Star (2 Peter 1:19; Rev. 2:26-28, Rev. 22:16). This proves nothing about stars being occultic shapes.

Another point, it is not called the Star of David but the Shield of David, magen David (some see it as a reference to Psalm 144, “A psalm of David: blessed be the Lord. . . my shield, and He in whom I trust.”

The "Magen David", meaning "Shield of David, was used by the Nazis to identify the Hebrews they were to exterminate. The Third Reich made Jews wear the yellow star to be identified wherever they went (Yes, the Nazis were into the occult but this is not why they did this). Certainly the nation Israel knew this symbol to be a reminder of the Holocaust when adopting it for their national flag. There is no official symbol for Israel the nation in the bible or history, not even the Menorah was used (By the way the Menorah is not the everlasting Covenant.)

They chose this for their flag apart from any occult connection. The Magen David (Shield of David) is said to be two intertwined Paleo-Hebrew letters, “dalets”, which looked like a triangle before they developed into modern Hebrew (the first and last letters of King David's name.) According to the Encyclopedia Judaica, these are associated with the initials in King David’s name, it is also associated with the Messiah being seen as coming from King David’s lineage.

Some last points

Some claim before the Great Flood, Saturn was regarded by all mankind as the supreme god and ruler of the kings. There’s nothing that survived the flood to base this on? This is speculation, which often leads to assumptions and misleads people into thinking things that are untrue. History tells us Saturn, the sixth planet from the sun, and was named after the Roman god for agriculture. In Greek mythology, the equivalent god was named Cronus, and he was the father of Zeus and Jupiter. This is what we know of this subject.

The symbol for Saturn is often referred to as an ancient scythe or sickle. Saturn, a scythe; the Sun, a circlet with rays radiating from it; and the Moon” en.wikipedia.org

Despite all the claims and accusations I have not found the Scripture call it the star of Solomon or David.

Certain websites merge basic facts on the Star of David with fringe concepts. Anyone can impose their own interpretation on the symbol and make a whole theory out of it. Unfortunately people that are not grounded or have a propensity to these theories are led by feelings and hype more than common sense, logic and Bible doctrine.

Ungers Bible Encyclopedia “
the name of Saturn, and was understood to be the

god Kiyyun (Amos 5:26). The KJV renders “Remphan,” and the NIV, “Rephan.

The only false gods mentioned as worshipped by them in the desert should be probably Moloch and Chiun and Remphan, of which the latter two Were foreign divinities worshipped in Egypt. (McClintock and Strong Biblical Cyclopedia)

Ken and Rempu were foreign gods worshipped jointly in Egypt; they became seemingly interchangeable names, so that Chiun in Amos answers to Remphan in Acts; and this god in turn is but another phase of Moloch or Saturn, the "star god". A star was put on the head of the images of the idol representing Saturn; Ken was represented naked, holding grain in both hands, and standing on a lion; answering to the Syrian goddess or Venus, called also Ketesh (Hebrew qideeshaah "consecrated".) Ken is related to Khem, the Egyptian god of productiveness, Remphan and Chiun answer to the Phoenician Baal and Astarte or Ashtoreth (Mylitta of Babylon).

THE INTERNATIONAL STANDARD BIBLE ENCYCLOPEDIA: Renpu, pronounced Rempu (?), is represented as an Asiatic, with the full beard and apparently the general type of face given on the monuments to most nations east of Egypt, and to the Rebu or Libyans. This type is evidently that of the Shemites. His hair is bound with a fillet, which is ornamented in front with the head of an antelope.

While there is no biblical tradition for this symbol (or others we use) neither is there a biblical tradition for the words we use, like the Bible.

When one buys into this demonizing of symbols (usually all) they should look at what these people believe on other matters.

There is nothing in Scripture or any acceptable Biblical commentary that leads one to suggest these verses refer to a six pint star nor a five-point star.

Again, a Bible expert who has taught about for many years had this to say:

It is very popular today among many Christian groups to want to identify the star of David with the "star of Rephan/Rompha" mentioned by Stephen at Acts 7:43 in his quotation of Amos 5:26. What is very important to note here, however, is that while a "star" is mentioned in that passage, no description of that star is given – and it most certainly not called a "star of David"...There is no guarantee that this "star" mentioned in Amos (and referred to by way of quotation in Acts) was even a two-dimensional drawing (as the star of David is). More likely, it was some sort of idol (i.e., a three-dimensional statue of the god or gods in question of the type with which all pagan religion is replete).

The Star of David is today found in nearly all synagogues and is on the flag of Israel, it is a symbol of the restored national homeland of the Jewish people.

Let’s bring some sanity to these flawed accusations. Does Israel use it or recognize it as being occultic? No. Neither is it taken from, or considered by Jews to be the star of Rephem; or they wouldn’t use it.

I believe that the opposition to the Star of David is an unwarranted attack. I see this as being a divisive issue introduced, carrying an anti-Semitic attitude toward Israel and the Jewish people (knowingly by some, unknowingly by others).

The occultists use a circle which they sit inside of, so we must dispense with using circles. Than is the symbol of a ring that is put on each other's fingers at marriage is from the occult (some say symbolizing the ring of Saturn). No one knew that Saturn had rings until the 1600's; Galileo discovered them with his telescope in 1610.

If the star is of early pagan design and that significant than surely it would have been mentioned in the history found in the Bible, but it is not. The star is called David’s star because he was the great king of Israel.

Agreeably, there are those in the occult that use this symbol, and many others, including colors and words. Many of these same people who protest have nothing to say on these.

The Pentagram is clearly occultic/ satanic, the star of David does not carry the same connotation.

Seems some people have this all figured out. Let’s not get superstitious, or use symbolic gymnastics to arrive at conclusions. Let us search out a matter first by Scripture before we jump onto a religious and conspiratorial view that has no proof. The claims that the Star of David is mentioned in these scriptures Amos 5:26; Acts 7:43, or that it came from the occult is just not there.

I know that this will not settle certain people’s apprehensions on this topic, but this is my conclusion after looking into it fairly and squarely.

Maybe they should ask the person who made the flag?


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