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Is it Godís will to Heal EVERYONE?

Stop the insanity

 So many that believe it is Godís will to heal all and are not healed. 

Jesus healed people without them exercising faith and at other times he refused to do a miracle because of their intentional lack of faith, called unbelief (Mty.13:58). What did they not believe in? Him.

Christ did not require faith for everyone to be healed. Faith was not always demanded as a precondition for one to receive a miracle. When faith was required, it was not just believing that one could be healed. Their faith was in the person of Christ.  Healings were done in numerous ways: by the personís faith, by intercessory prayer of another or initiated by God Himself with no faith exercised by the person present. Jesus demonstrated his grace and mercy by healing.

The Bible records Jesus actually doing more miracles in the absence of anyone exercising faith than with faith present. This is very significant considering the current teaching of faith being necessary for healing.

 Nowhere does the Scripture promise all are healed in this life.

Many claim they are healed by standing on a verse of Scripture. No one ever repeated the Scripture ďby his stripes Iím healedĒ to be healed.

Many also quote Exodus 15:26: ďFor I am the LORD who heals you.Ē This is a perfect example of pulling a Scripture out of its context that changes its meaning. We need to read the whole Scripture, ďIf you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in his sight, give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I am the LORD who heals you

Clearly this is not promoting supernatural healing; rather, God told Israel to be obedient because it was He who afflicted the Egyptians with their sicknesses. The Lord is our healer as he said to Israel but the condition was obedience otherwise he will no longer protect them.

Those who promote the guarantee that exercising faith will bring healing do not bring healing but harm. Thereís no promise for healing all. Every apostle, except John, died a death from their enemies hand. That is why the sub heading is stop the insanity, because these men are giving out a false promise as if God said it.

Jesus did not teach divine health, that you are never to have any sickness or disease. Paul never taught divine health, but divine healing, that it was in Godís hand when and how one would be healed. Paul had a thorn in the flesh in 2 Corinthians 12:9-10. After requesting three times for the Lord to remove his physical weakness Paul was not healed.  Instead, Godís will had determined Paulís afflictions. God appointed it and Godís grace was there for his malady. Paul surrendered to the will of God in his situation. God said NO to Paulís request for healing because He had a greater purpose.

In John 5:1-15: (v.3) multitudes were gathered at the pool of Bethsaida to be healed, Jesus picked only one to be healed, a blind and lame man. Jesus asked the man at the pool of Bethsaida if he wanted to be made well. His answer was that there was no one to carry him to the pool, believing that if he entered the water he would be healed. The man with the infirmity acted on Christís invitation, He was healed by Godís grace. He had no faith in Jesus; he didnít even know it was Jesus who healed him until later (v.12-13).

Divine healing is Biblical but divine healing for all is not. Jesus did not always heal everyone present.

 As far as the word saved (Gr. Sozo) meaning wholeness. If this were accurate than everyone who is saved would be healed physically at the same time, it would be automatic with salvation.

There are numerous applications for this word NASB translation- to bring...safely (1), cured (1), ensure salvation (1), get (1), get well (2), made...well (6), made well (5), preserved (1), recover (1), restore (1), save (36), saved (50), saves (1), saving (1).

 Essentially in general it means rescued from destruction and brought into divine safety.

Godís will to heal will be fully demonstrated at the resurrection when all our bodies are made whole, changed to immortality. That is the day of healing the bible has appointed to believers


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