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The uniting of Christian denominations and world religions by dropping their differences for the sake of unity.

Will you be the Last Man Standing?- From good to bad, Chronicles of the last days apostasy

pt1 Don Richardsonís paradigm, God embedded in the worlds cultures.  Is the ancient world filled with worship of the true god?

pt2  The neglect of Israel in the new paradigm of evangelization

pt3  The Melchizedek priest King factor- Are there other Melchizedeks?

pt.4 A lost book?  All the tribes that once had a book of God

pt5  The Myth making of Don Richardson - transforming myths into history

p.6 The Santal - the Thakur Jui  myth

p.7 The Karen prophets and the god yuah (Y'wa)

p.8 The conclusion of Don Richardson's Inclusion: folk cultures gods as the true God

What's Wrong with YWAM? Evangelism or ecumenism, you decide - The current condition of this Organization

The Thoughts of Men and the Words of God - -Muslim's and Christians sign agreement: ďA Common Word Between Us and You," what does this mean?

RAVI ZACHARIAS AND THE NDP DEBACLE -A Pastors perspective on the National  Day of Prayer.

The Gospel of UNITY - Uniting in love with other religions for peace.

Can Two Walk Together Unless They Agree

 Seminary President Apologizes for Christians Evangelizing the Mormons

 Dialogue or a Widening of the Road -pt 2 on the friendships and common goals of unity

A Bridge Over Other Waters- Unity with a Purpose.  Templeton and Warren 

 Making Way for the New and Improved Church- The new methods for increasing our numbers

 Culturizing Christianity- The new Missiology of Radical Contextualization 

 Are There Messianic Muslims- Can Muslims believe in Jesus and  still be Muslim?

 The influence of Universalism on society and the church

 When Doctrinal Beliefs Become Irrelevant

The Issue of other Religious Practices as Worship in the Church

 Spiritual fusion

11 Reasons to reject the Indigenous Movement

Oneness and Trinitarians Unite

Ken Blanchard Endorses Book 'Inspired' by Hindu Guru- Lead like Jesus' co-founder Ken Blanchard's continued endorsement of other religions and the new age practices.

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