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Directory on the emergent church movement  and its other religious philosophies and practices

Is Tao The Way, or is the way Christ?- Can we integrate two different religious systems?

Choose whom you will follow; Making sense of the new spiritual openness

Manchester Cathedral Transforms into a Serpent's Casino - A study in the paradigm shift of the Emergent church

p.1 Rob Bell needs to hear the Gong! The newest philosophy from the view on Mars Hill.

p.2 The tragedy of not understanding the gospel

 p3 Without Faith there is no salvation the fatal flaw of universalism     

pt.1 A time to come together waiting to be one

 pt.2The Jump from Ecumenism to Interfaith

pt.3 The Goal of the Journey-  we are one

The Mindset of mockers in the last days

 One step forward and three steps back- Willow Creeks affiliation with the emergent church movement.

Going Downhill Always Goes Faster Than Going Uphill-The emergence of a new world religion through Christianity and the churches timidity.

The gospel of man or the gospel of God?- Changing the Bibles name of God to foreign gods names.

Enter the labyrinth

Now Ready for Prime Time Players

The Emergence of a "Mystical Church" -The Emergent church and the new age movement

The Emergent Church- A new wave of evangelical identity

Spiritual fusion




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