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PSI World is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1973 by Thomas Willhite. Willhite died in late 1983 in a plane crash on the High Valley Ranch headquarters of PSI.

Once called Mind Development Institute as one of their catch phrases were "to think is to create." “Psi” is a letter of the Greek alphabet, in the New Age movement it can mean the “unknown” but more often it refers to psychic phenomena. Willhite’s PSI stands for People Synergistically Involved. Though many may not have heard of PSI, his teaching continues to have popularity.

In his book he says, “I went to Bible college and was politely asked to leave after one year. My marriage fell apart. In the divorce, I lost custody of my three children.

Willhite eventually developed what he calls "a series of educational programs" seminars to teach that man's greatest resource is himself."

Willhite was a student of the founder of Mind Dynamics. Werner Erhard founded EST, (Erhard Seminars Training) which declares, "You're god in your universe." Willhite brought over this belief system into PSI. He believed that the human mind is in effect a "sleeping giant." So "courses are dedicated to awakening the individual to his own innate potential and developing his ability to make maximum use of it."

This concept can be found in other spiritual psychological systems.

“Nothing in this world is new . . . not this book . . . nor the paper on which it is written. The very atoms which comprise my body and yours are ancient. Though the atoms themselves are old, the arrangement, that is the way they are combined, is new. Similarly, there are no new truths. The Truth is, and always has been and always will be. I can neither add to nor take away from the truth. All I can do is to present it in a different way. Present it my way, as I understand it and as I see it applying to the NOW. All truths are universal. I cannot teach them; no one can. You already have access to them. Instead of teaching I “educate,” which means literally “to draw out.” I “draw out” what is already there. This is the function of PSI ⎯ to draw out truths. PSI is not a religion; therefore, it cannot be in conflict with any religious beliefs.” (underline mine)

In the preface of Willhite's popular booklet, Living Synergistically, he claims: PSI is not a religion, therefore it cannot be in conflict with any religious beliefs. PSI is a vehicle, which can be used by each individual to get from where he' is to where he wants to go... to create peace of mind, liberty" love, and wisdom in his life

I’m going to take issue with it not being religious, anything that involves God or a spiritual life is religious. One may call it spiritual or another term but it really qualifies for the category of religion.

Atoms are not communicating truth. His statement of presenting it his way brings one into the slippery slope of relativism. To say you have the truth and he will draw it out is liken to the gurus of India. He is presenting himself as a facilitator a conduit, and it is done by his methodology of PSI.

Willhite referred to truths" as "the concepts” and that "the concepts and the concepts ALONE will free you. The concepts and the CONCEPTS ALONE will give you power" (emphasis his).

 NOW is the key. This is what these manuscripts are about. By controlling the NOW, you control the future. By controlling the future, you control the past. Thus, each person has the ability to chart his life, to control his whole life⎯past, present and future⎯by simply controlling the NOW. Disraeli* said it simply: “Every man crucifies himself between two thieves: one the regret of yesterday and the other the fear of what tomorrow might bring.” In other words, most men are living in the past or the future rather than living in the NOW. When you find a person who controls the NOW, you have found a leader . . . a leader of self.

The only real requirement for understanding and achieving personal leadership is the ability to distinguish the NOW from the past and the future. College degrees, years of experience, even the ability to read and write are not necessary. These things are great, and you may have or desire them; but they are not essential. The Truth is simple, or it is not the Truth. Do you really think God (or that SUPREME POWER, whatever it is) would create a man so complex that only theologians or intellectuals could comprehend mankind? . . . or hide the Truth so deep that only a handful in the history of the world could ever understand? God is not a bigot. The Truth is simple . . . so simple that every living man, woman and child can understand . . . or it is not the Truth. The Truth is: you are your thoughts. You are as you know yourself to be in your heart . . . your soul . . . your being NOW. This is the basic concept⎯the secret of life and success. All I say or write is but an expounding on this one simple Truth. You are your thoughts.

No we are not out thoughts. If I think of a fruit to eat I’m not that fruit (we are not what we eat). If this idea were true half the men would be women because that is what they think of.

Willhite's You are your thoughts is no different than the term "to think is to create”. Its agreement is with ancient occult practices. The PSI disciple, learns to use PSI's psycho-spiritual technology in the attempt to create and master reality.

In this letter I have given you the sum total of the entire manuscripts. I did this purposely:

first, to illustrate the simplicity of the Truth and, secondly, to give you a tool to measure your own growth. After you have finished reading the manuscripts, and periodically thereafter, … Look within yourself now: you will see that I am with you though not present physically. I am individually with each of you as you read these manuscripts. Be with me . . . Thomas D. Willhite

God is in everyone? Or is Willhite within all that read his manuscript And he offers his manuscripts as connection much like Christians view the Bible. .


Willhite's belief system is called "monism" the belief that there is a single, fundamental principle or constituent that comprises all of reality: all is one. Willhite believed that this "one" is divine or God. Since man is part of this "one", he also is divine: that man is God. This is the Hinduistic concept where one needs an awakening to actually realize this in their consciousness. This often done by gurus laying hands on their disciples (called shakti pat).

Willhite's view of reality (monism) is the basis of his philosophy of living. A Self-realization is a primary goal of PSI. To realize "the universal source of all knowledge and power, and looking for it within."

HE teaches All things in reality are a part of the infinite. Each person exists in the infinite, within and without.

The Bible teaches God existed prior to creation, which is completely dependent on him (not us) and the universe is a product of God's supernatural power to create from nothing, ex nihilo. The universe is neither divine nor infinite. Man is part of creation, man cannot be construed as participating in the very nature of God.

Willhite believes that reality consists of a thought-energy structure. That all reality consists of energy. He states that matter is form of "condensed energy" and further "a thought is energy not yet condensed." Since Willhite maintains all is Divine, this energy must be Divine energy or what is called God. Since man is composed also of this energy, man and God are identical. Willhite states In reality, the whole of life on all planes is mental-this is the PRINCIPLE OF MENTALISM. Matter, emotions, thoughts, are just different forms of energy”

This what the occult, new age and mind sciences are about.

Remember everything is mental. The differences between negative and positive is mental. The way to transmit negative to positive is to think it so.

The superconscious mind, according to PSI is the channel for the power of the infinite. And that is what they offer their initiates into this program.

PSI claims to be a system of unchanging universal truths that one can discover and use in the process of accomplishing personal goals.

PSI also claims to be non-religious and thus non-conflicting with anyone's personal religious views. PSI is presented in very practical terms, promising to teach individuals "ways to solve their specific problems and concerns." Ways to replace old habits with new ones so that they can manage life more successfully. The way people view reality, and relate to reality is changed. Accepting the teachings can change the way one thinks, which can change the way one acts. This is done by decondition and recondition the personality, the persons attitudes, concepts, perceptions, awareness, which affects and their understanding and behavior. We know this as psychological reprogramming, with the intention of a complete overhaul of one personality, a transformation. Much like what LSD was used for.

PSI calls itself "a method of existence, a thought pattern or process. It is an attitude, a way by which man

can exist harmoniously and live in peace." PSI is a way to accomplish the goal of world peace "one mind at a time." A way by which man "can accomplish ALL THINGS. As a Christian one looks to accomplish things through Christ so this methodology is teaching human potential that is found in new age practices.

the concepts ( which he does not claim as his own unique ownership) will give you the power to free you. Willhite Manuscripts, p.9)

Willhite does maintain that "the concepts" he uses are revealed in other writings. However, in PSI they are fully and clearly revealed and practically applied. Willhite boldly states, "PSI is the best vehicle I know to make a more positive world."

Willhite states that he has found the key to all the enigmatic mysteries of life.

Using my levels and work- shop everything continues - conferences, meetings, rapping track and 'forth daily. THESE STILL TAKE PLACE ONLY NOT ON THE PHYSICAL PLANE. People ask, 'Is this imagination?.., or talking to spirits I don't know, does it really matter?" (S.C.P. JOURNAL, Winter 1981-82, Vol.. 5, No. 1 (emphasis mine)

Indeed it does.

Willhite had admitted his involvement in spiritism -the occult. Communicating' with the dead, is a practice of spiritualism. The Bible clearly forbids this practice (Deuteronomy 18:9-13). As he has incorporated this communication use in his "levels and workshop," of the PSI seminars. He mentions the contact with his dead tutor (pp.8-9).

In June of 1973 my tutor was killed in an accident. I mourned his loss, but I - did not and do not miss him. How could I?

Willhite describes elsewhere: “I have often felt the influence of a protective power-you might call it a guardian angel ... a spirit friend ... a kindly genius ... or patron saint.

Understanding this impersonal power through PSI gives you knowingness. Since your source of power is the only source of power and, in fact all that there is. You have discovered the absolute truth of your being. You are a manifestation of impersonal power. YOU ARE IMPERSONAL POWER.

If your being- "YOU" is a defined as "IMPERSONAL POWER," each person’s unique personality is negated. This power is then amoral which is the real you, that is what he claims as knowingness.

This power according to Willhite is absolutely, limitless. "THERE ARE NO LIMITS, except those you put on yourself. Willhite believed that "the only limits of power are the bonds of belief."

Well you can believe you can fly to the moon but that does not make it a possibility; you can believe you can breathe underwater like a fish but that does not make it so. Many people who believe these things are found in mental hospitals for treatment. The reason is that they are detached from reality.

The PSI participant is convinced that "man is God”, he can become master and creator of his own reality. Through his knowledge and utilization of spiritual laws, he becomes capable of creating and manipulating, the conditions of his own further development and that of others"'

They teach man is God however Jesus is recognized merely as a "great master." Jesus Christ is on the same plane as Buddha, Confucious, and the other "religions teachers." So you can be greater.

The demotion of Jesus Christ to a man as the rest of us is found in all the occult literature. He is the unique, only Son of-God," God in human flesh (John 1:1, 1:14) whose way is atoned for our sins and provided the way of redemption for us through his death on the cross (Col. 1:20-22) and resurrection (Romans 1:4).

PSI’s association with the occult is seen in some of the publications they recommend to read. The recommended reading books such as The Secret Doctrine, by Blavatsky; The Chakras, by C. W. Leadbeater; Esoteric Astrology, by Charles Reich; Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, by Spalding and others. These books are classic occultic texts.

Thus the PSI participant as "man-God, becomes master and creator of his own reality. Through his knowledge and utilization of spiritual laws, he becomes capable of creating and manipulating, the conditions of his own further development and that of others"'

Consider PSI Willhite's claim that Telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, clairaudience: these are the progresses of the superconscious.

If you are involved with PSI take a good hard look at the philosophy of Thomas Willhite and consider it carefully: "YOU ARE A CIRCLE WITHOUT CIRCUMFERENCE. YOU ARE INFINITE, YOU ARE ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE. YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE. YOU ARE INFINITE POWER, YOU ARE GOD. YOU ARE THE I AM, YOU ARE."

This is the basis for occultists through the centuries.

PSI is not something you can practice along with Christianity, it is not benign, but opposes the teachings of Christ found in Scripture. Before one adopts a spiritual addition practice, they should consider these oppositions in the various human potential courses offered by PSI and others like it.


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