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This Directory lists articles are on the extremes of the Modern Pentecostal and Charismatic Movement.

They were not drunk as you suppose!

Daystar's light- Is this network different or the same?

The two churches in the end times- Which side have you taken in the last days?

  Paul Crouches trip to China- News reports of what was said by Crouch on a  cult and the Chinese government.

  The ApostasyWhat is it, why must it come and who will be in it?

The New Anointing- How is this anointing described and practiced by its leading proponents?

What is Heresy-How does the Bible define heresy/ What are heresy hunters? Is it really necessary to identify heresy and how does the Bible say we are we to do that?

TBN- A Christian broadcasting  network promoting love and unity-- but not for everybody! A look at when love turn bitter and sour.

Another Gospel- Are signs and wonders part of the Gospel package?

Apostles and prophets -Are there modern day apostles or prophets, what does the bible say?

Romancing the Necromancer-pt.1of Benny Hinn's Incredible teaching on contacting the dead and receiving instruction and teaching from the beyond.

Slain in the Spirit- Addressing the phenomenon of falling under the influence of the Power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The Coming Revival-Review of Rodney H. Browne's book.

Discerning the Vineyard- What is going on spiritually behind the scene in this movement of signs and wonders.

Guidelines for Testing- What you should know  to test the Spirits. The dumbing down of Christianity.

The Anointing-Is the anointing passed around today the same as the time of the apostles? What exactly is the anointing?

Last days Fictitious Revival-What if things are not what they first appear to be?

What is Real Revival?-Are today's gatherings of Toronto or Pensacola really a revival taking place?  A look at the biblical model of a true revival and those in the past who participated in them.

Rodney recommends not to Pray- Rodney H. Browne conducts his meetings by directing people away from prayer. Why?

Rodney Browne coming to NY-The crusade that took place at Madison Square Garden .

Purpose of signs and wonders- Who performed them and what exactly did they do ?

The Former and Latter Rain-Are we experiencing the Latter rain of the Spirit today?  What does the term "latter rain" this actually mean. 

The Gift of Tongues-What is this supernatural gift and how is it to operate?.

The Mind or the Spirit -Does being spiritual mean we only use our Spirit and bypass our mind?

The New Wine- A look at the new teaching of the use of "Holy Ghost laughter" to bust up your "old wineskins".

Tongues as the evidence- Does one need to speak in another language to be filled with the Spirit or saved?

Whooping it up under the new anointing -What is really happening to the church? Is it a blessing or a blight?

Yo Toronto'- Refuting what is practiced  in the new neo- Pentecostal movement.

Parables for the Covetous- Scripture in light of the success-oriented Gospel of today.

The little God/Men- What are the teachings of the new Pentecostal leaders? What are Copeland , Hinn, Price, and  Hagin are actually saying.

Spiritual warfare - The true facts or fantasy?  A look at the new warfare techniques being taught by today’s 3rd Wave Charismatic's.

Demon Possession in the Christian- A look at the recurring trends of " the Devil made me do it." From the inside!

What is really happening in the Church ? -Some descriptions and thought on the current revivalism fad.

I was healed at a miracle crusade -What's it all about? Are people really being healed?

Learning how to receive an offering-Learn from one of the best on how to get Gods people to give extra money (Benny Hinn's way).

Love with or without Truth- Is love alone the answer?

Oneness Pentecostals and Trinitarians Unite- TBN promotes a new openness.

Unity at the end of the age - The uniting of the Church by the new prophets, apostles and movements of the Spirit.

Benny Hinn's Romance with Necromancy pt 2.

The next level of Benny Hinn's anointing- Current developments  that are happening with Benny Hinn "under the anointing".

The New Violence of the holy Spirit -What has the new move of the spirit actually come to?

How do you move an elephant in a house?- A parable for the Church.

Revered Among the Prophets- William Branham's continuing influence in the neo- Pentecostal movement.

Gold teeth- The newest manifestations in the false revival.

Tracing the trail of the new Revivalism- The roots of the revival can be surprising. Jesus said we could know a tree by its fruit. What is the source of the seed that has sprung up the last eight years? Following the yellow brick road back to the Wizard of Oz.

Benny Hinn articles

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Sites we recommend  for further research on these subjects

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Christian Witness ministries- www.voyager.co.nz/~philipl/

Sandy Simpson- http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com

Moriel-  www.moriel.org/



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