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Pt.2 Strange Spiritistic experiences, teachings and testimony of Ana Mendez Ferrell

Speaking to a church with her artwork under the pulpit (to change the atmosphere) she states: “Afterwards We have to go into the spirit.” Afterwards we have to acknowledge Jesus with all his glory within us. “Take a moment and close your eyes, this is so important. that you understand that Jesus with all his glory is not seated in a throne up there in the heights, God in all his glory is inside of you. We want you to see it, because you are going to be living with that truth. The religion thinks Jesus is up there and your down ... that Jesus in all his glory is up there and you are down here in all your misery. That’s religion, that’s Babylon, that’s a thought from the devil, Jesus came in all his glory to live inside of you, Jesus did not separate from his glory to come inside of you, we will only be able to rule when this becomes a reality”

We will stop that form of acting, poor little sister please pray for me… and you ask of this and you will come near the man, because you have never made the greatness of God a reality that one that is inside of you. When you begin to exercise yourself and see him in his greatness inside of you.”

She then belittles praying for each other by stating ,“approaching a human being to pray for you will seem like such a small thing. When you are used to going inside that depthness. When you enjoy him everyday to see him in his greatness inside of you.”

“The world may see that you believe that Christ IN ALL HIS GLORY has become one in you….” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpDQrHM6wfY this video needs to be fully watched as she continues teaching on angels).

This is what she is taking to 50 nations as an apostle/ General under Peter Wagner.

Lets look to see if what she said was correct from the Bible.

 In Jn.17 Jesus prayed for the glory he had before with the Father,  and in 1 Tim. 3:16 He, Jesus was “received up in glory.” The Bible says Jesus is indeed in heaven in glory, she is saying God’s word is untrue by stating He is not in heaven in glory. The Bible teaches that Jesus“ sat down at the right hand of God” (Heb.1:3;10:12;12:2). This is not religion, or the Devil-- that is THE WORD OF GOD.

 Our mediator is glorified and in heaven at the right hand of God. But, she instead is pointing people to look within, that we are so united with God that we have what He has. This is Exactly what the new age movement teaches.

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit as a down payment until we are glorified together with Him in heaven (see Rom. 8:17; 2 Thess. 1:9-10.) What she is teaching is called the “manifest sons of God teaching,” a teaching found in the Latter Rain that is with Peter Wagner’s apostles and prophets movement. In fact, she writes on her website “The Lord told me VOTLM was in the “birth” canal between chapters 7 and 8… Our ministry is being birthed into a new level of “Sonship.” We feel it in every fiber of our being.”

Unfortunately her new age type message and unbiblical teaching's are going out to the church worldwide. As we go through the teachings  we will see how deceptive and  dangerous they really are.

We see that she minimizes praying for each other because of this glory being present. Why then did Paul say in 1Thess. 5:25: “Brethren, pray for us.” Or in II Thess. 1:11: “Therefore we also pray always for you (Heb.13:18; 1 Jn.5:16) Paul the apostle said to pray for him and we see he prayed for others, it is scripture. Are we to believe Paul or Ana?

The Bible teaches: “Christ in you the HOPE of GLORY,” our glory is future, not now. Mendez is teaching it is NOW.  But in Rom. 8:24-25: Paul writes, “For we were saved in this hope, but hope that is seen is not hope; for why does one still hope for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with perseverance. (Christ in you the HOPE of Glory- which is future). And when does this happen? When He returns. 2 Thess. 1:9-10: “These shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of His power, when He comes, in that Day, to be glorified in His saints and to be admired among all those who believe, because our testimony among you was believed.”

Bringing this back to the subject of being not seated in heaven “Sit at My right hand, till I make Your enemies Your footstool." Heb. 10:13: “from that time waiting till His enemies are made His footstool.”

1 Cor. 15:25-28: “For He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet. The last enemy that will be destroyed is death.” (we find that it is the Father who puts all things under his feet). We, the church do not put the enemy under his feet, He does. We are still being sanctified, we have not yet been glorified. It is our HOPE of glory- future, not NOW.

Her testimony

On her website Mendez says, “She was saved in 1985 while she was confined in a mental hospital, after having been involved in voodoo. The miraculous power of God completely delivered her and transformed her into one of His generals to lead His army to destroy the works of evil.”

Wow; imagine that, Ana Mendez Ferrell has been given a plan to assault and remove evil in the world. Get in line as we the church are to march over the land behind a General taking back the devils territory and make it all good. Of course we recognize this as part of the type of spiritual warfare misconception that is taught and organized under people like George Otis Jr. (Transformations) who is under the leadership of Peter Wagner.

Her conversion supposedly took place in her bedroom at the age of eighteen, Jesus gave her a vision. In her book "Warfare at the highest level" she describes this encounter as follows: "Suddenly I could not see my surroundings any longer and found myself in terrific ecstasy. I did not understand what happened, but my eyes could see the Lord Jesus in all His majesty! I was baptised in Gods wisdom and love. During this experience I was able to see how all knowledge exists and is related to another and was revealed. Nothing was hidden for me."

“While the Lord spoke to me I wrote in a clumsy way on a piece of paper. I do not know how many hours passed, before the vision gradually faded away. I found myself on the floor soaked with tears. In my hand there was the piece of paper written with the following words: "I am Jesus Christ, your Lord and I have come to say to you that at a certain moment I shall reveal myself unto you. You will be my servant and I shall come to you by means of a man with blue eyes" (p. 20 underline mine).

I don’t believe this to be the Jesus of the Bible. As a person formally delivered from the occult many years ago, I recognize this as an occult experience with another Jesus. A vision that lasted for many hours along with the concept of ALL REVEALED is a pantheistic experience of enlightenment. It may seem to be more spiritual to have this long a vision but it is also un- biblical when you do not know you are writing.

We are baptized not in wisdom, love, or characteristics ...but rather the Holy Spirit,  a person. Admittedly she was not given the Holy Spirit because she says went to search for this Jesus in Catholic churches and elsewhere for two years (where's the wisdom in that?). This is not wisdom from God which led her into deception, and have her to become psychiatrically ill, to be put in a clinic in Mexico.

Are we to believe Jesus came from heaven and revealed himself to her only to tell her he will reveal himself to her later by another man, this makes no sense.

But in another story…

At the age of 18 … she had a supernatural revelation of His presence: "I was in a classroom at my school. It was late in the afternoon, when I looked out of the window and saw something very unusual. I saw bright stars shining in midst of dark clouds. I approached the window to get a better look.”

"Suddenly, from a star came a brilliant beam of light. In the middle of this beam, Jesus was standing in amazing glory. His grace and love were so powerful that the impact threw me to the floor. I was overwhelmed by the experience of His love. Then I heard Jesus say to me,  "You will be my servant. I will be your Lord, and you will know me in its due time."  I wrote these things down immediately before I could forget them or become confused about what had happened. From that time on I was absolutely in love with Christ." (Posted on Sid Roth's website: (Ana Mendez Ferrell Part One By Linda Josef)

Sounds like she did get confused because the stories details do not match. One story says she awoke with it written down, here she wrote it afterwards so she would not forget. Also where did this happen, in her bedroom or in her classroom, these are two different places?

All this shows is that we have to test our experiences but she did not. Elizabeth Kubler Ross said she had an experience with a light that was all love and healed her, she later wrote her books on death and dying as a Non –Christian. The Bible warns that  Satan comes as an angel of light with an accompanying false conversions (2 Cor. 11:13-14).

In her interview with Sid Roth on his program “Its supernatural” (Roth seems to chase down every supernatural experience he can find and finds them all acceptable).

Mendez claims at age 18 claims “I was in my room when suddenly yeshua the messiah appeared before my eyes and I saw his love and I was impacted, the glory of the lord was all over my room, I fell on my face weeping and crying. Jesus appeared in her room (appearing is not the same as a vision) and said to me you are going to be my servant and you will know me in due time. And then he disappeared. Afterwards she says I started to pursue to find this experience again. She went to catholic churches each day “I couldn’t find it inside of the Catholic church at least he was not there for me. So, I started to seek in other places, I became a, a new age follower, I became a yogi, I was doing meditation, seeking a Christ…. no one ever spoke to me about Jesus except for what I heard in the Catholic church when I was a kid. And uh, so I knew there was a reality, there was a Jesus, a Yeshua which is a real name, that was real that was there for me, that was not just a religion, there was a reality that I needed to pursue. So I was everywhere looking for this reality, in the eastern religions…

Roth interjects: “but you knew better, you knew the real thing, so when you were looking at the counterfeits you knew they were counterfeits.”

Mendez: “Yea, it was void, they had tiny bit and pieces of the truth but they do not have all the truth, and that makes the whole difference.”

Ana says she was searching for the same Jesus for 2 years, after her experience of a Jesus appearing. In this testimony we do not hear anything about her being a voodoo priest. Yet this is what she is supposedly known for, “Ana Mendez was a witch in Haiti's Voodoo cult. (FGBMFI Networking Newsletter – September/3 October 2005).

 How does she go from new age into Voodoo which has nothing to do with Jesus at all? Voodoo is not new age. That’s a lot of different things to be into deeply (as she describes it) in just a two year span. It takes years to become any one of these. Looking all over for Jesus in churches in Mexico and ends up as a Hatian voodoo priest? This makes no sense?

 The Jesus who appeared to her did not lead her to someone who knew the truth. I have to ask, why would Jesus make a personal visit and allow her to become further lost in deception?

This does not make any sense.  Jesus comes to save those who are lost, to deliver us out from deception, not  into greater deception. 

“When I totally lost hope to find him again someone came to me and said do you need an enlighten one...and I said where do I find an enlightened one. And This person said, I happen to know one and she took me to this man which was a warlock, a major guide in the occult, …very seductive in the way he talked, I mean he was very intellectual, very, he kind of knew all the mysteries of the universe so his conversation was very attractive. So I felt it was the real thing and so he said to me that I, in order to know Jesus ,I, I needed to enter the kingdom of God, I needed to die in order to be born again. And I said what is that… and he opened the bible and read John chapter 3” [about Nicodemus].

Ana says because he read from the Bible she saw it as the truth, even though she did not read it or was drawn to it. So with the bible open I knew it was the truth, even though I did not know how to read it or drawn to it. “Theres something about the bible that tells you it is a sacred book, something is real there even if you don’t understand it. So she agreed to be born again and asked what do we need to do. He said “We need to give you into the hands of the spirit of death.”

Mendez says, “and This is the tricky thing of the enemy that he will use part of the truth and then he will twist that truth in order to hook your soul” this is why being in all this ways of the occult, new age seems so attractive, it seems so, so seductive because it is the wisdom that you or I do not have. Behind it there's a hook, to grab your soul and take you to the pits of hell.”

From doing this ceremony Ana ended up going into a mental institution, demon possessed, unable to speak one sentence properly. Then a man (a minister) came (with Jesus) and visits her in the institution and tells her about Jesus and then her mind became clear but she says I have been wanting this for so long... but she is unable to come to the Messiah. He says, “you are wrong, the blood of Jesus breaks ever yoke …breaks every covenant with the devil and when he said that, I said “what do I need to come to the messiah,” he said only one word, he said-repent, and this word repent created an earthquake in my life, it was like, this was a real moment. This was not a philosophy, this was not someone teaching me an opinion he had, I was in front of something that was so powerful and when I repented and started to see my life,… literally I saw the condition of my soul… I saw the filthiness of my soul, saw the importance of sin.” Sin brought Jesus to the cross.

Sid Roth: “When you repented what happened?

Ana Mendez: “When I repented I saw Jesus on the cross - his eyes were almost closed so much – he was beaten up and smitten and blood all over him he was looking at me with so much mercy and I feel his love just penetrating my heart and forgiving me…

And when I said lord please forgive me for my sins…come and save me, I felt his light, his glory just touching my heart and I literally felt their reality of Yeshua entering my life, entering my spirit, because this is the true gospel, …. Jesus literally comes and joins your spirit and you become truly a new person”

[In her book Power in Communion she adds, “I saw Jesus as He was on the cross. His wounds were talking to me, and said 'Because of you, I have paid this price'. The forgiveness came out of Him and hit me with power. The glory of God washed over me and I was instantly healed." (Power in Communion: Ana Mendez Ferrell Part One By Linda Josef, Ph.D.)]

Sid Roth: “What happened to your mind?

Ana Mendez: I was instantly healed from my mental condition from my physical condition… It was so much power that it stayed for like 12 hours, and that power hit the entire hospital and in the next 15 days, I mean the glory was coming out of my life just hitting every single patient and they were being healed delivered, a person was in a wheelchair and just stood up and she had a stroke, she couldn’t talk, she was in that wheelchair and the power of the lord just hit her, I mean I was delivered for one day when that miracle happened, sometimes we think we need to go to a bible institute or get a lot of training, no but when the life of messiah enters your spirit and it’s a real seed of life that life manifests through you.”

(Sid Roth interview http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1622914658496833606# )

Whatever light and glory this was, for Ana to say she can feel it entering her body is no different than her prior baptism in God's wisdom and love which led her into deception.

For Ana saying some right things about sin does not right all the wrong things she states, they far outnumbers them in her ministry.

Again a vision with supernatural power is involved. Since her testimony is subjective I cannot challenge the experience actually taking place, but I certainly can challenge the content of it. So a minister brings her Jesus but Jesus himself who visited her prior did not?

Roth said, she knew better, she knew the real thing, knew they were counterfeits, yet she went for another counterfeit before she went into the hospital, so how could she have known the real thing from this vision of Jesus?

If the power was for 12 hours why did this go on for two weeks? Even if one were to accept her story, we would be negligent if we did not ask: does God give people power like this as soon as they are converted? What apostle had immediate power like this exhibited from his conversion? When Paul was confronted on the road to Damascus by the real Jesus (Jesus appeared to him last of all to be appointed an apostle 1 Cor.15:8), Paul did not do a single miracle, he first preached the gospel to others. So she has a testimony different than any other in the Bible.  No apostle or prophet speaks of this power exuding from them immediately and people getting healed/delivered all around them. This did not occur for the apostles, but it happens for those so called new apostles of our day... so they claim.

As usual there is another story with different details. In one of her video’s she says she could smell the smell of sin, that she couldn’t move for 12 hours because of God’s presence. After 12 hours she was healed. The next day the pastor visited and she asked him how to deliver everyone else in the hospital, (Voice of Light Ana Mendez Ferrell Her Testimony)
in the Sid Roth interview “I was instantly healed from my mental condition from my physical condition.”

Ana in one testimony says she was instantly healed, in another she says after 12 hours she is healed, which is it? Testimonies that have these kind of supernatural occurrences with blatant inconsistencies of important details make it all the more questionable.

While she is very convincing and emotional in telling her story, the real test is whether it adheres to the Bible. Unfortunately I have not found her to be in agreement with the Bible, nor with her own story at crucial points.

Another story “Ana wanted the other patients to have this peace, and the Pastor said, "They can have it. If you believe the signs will follow!" Ana and the Pastor went through the mental hospital and prayed for all the patients. Miracles hit most of the people and cast their demons out. Ana was eventually released from the hospital. After she left, the chief psychiatrist called her, asking to know more about what had happened, and asking her to pray for to get some seriously disturbed patients to be healed.” (Power in Communion: Ana Mendez Ferrell Part One By Linda Josef, Ph.D.)

Now we have insight on what the pastor believed. So she got peace by repenting, the other patients got it by the demons being cast out!

Ana states she was eventually released? You would think the glory was coming out of my life just hitting every single patient and healing and delivering them (Sid Roth interview). You would think this would make her a candidate for an immediate release and the Newspapers would have gotten a hold of such a fantastic, wonderful story. If the patients were healed the clinic would certainly announce this to the papers, is there any record of this miracle in Mexico? I would love to read about this in a newspaper to know the details.

Then there are other conflicts, why does her story in Power in Communion say Miracles hit most of the people and cast their demons out.” Another reports “Almost 80% of the patients were healed by God's hand (Networking Newsletter – September/3 October 2005).

In the 14 days following my salvation, almost 80% of the patients were healed by God's hand (The Ana Mendez' story From FRIDAYF@X: Issue 27, July 5, 2002)

hitting every single patient (Sid Roth interview) Which is it? Hit every single patient, most of them, 80%.

So we have a just healed mental patient converted going around the hospital praying for others, signs follow and they are healed. One can believe what they want, they can stay naïve and be gullible to stupendous supernatural stories, but how does God really work. He trains people in faith by life’s trials step by step to bring them into ministry. One would first learn the basic teachings of their faith, being built up before God would launch them into a miracle ministry, especially one that is more powerful than the apostles.

On a website that seems to uphold her view, we also read “God's spirit went from the pastor to her.”  (http://www.schizophrenia-info) Really - transferable? Unbiblical.

What further complicates the claims as believable are the details.  R. Holvast in his book Spiritual Mapping: mentions Mendez and her affiliation with Peter Wagner, and says Ana Mendez-Ferrell Was Born in Mexico 1954.  she says she had a visitation from the Lord at age 18, and 2 years after she was converted to Christianity in a mental hospital in 1985. Then these dates do not make sense. If she was born in 1954 and was converted at 20 years old then the date would be 1974 not 1985, otherwise it make her 31 years old not 20.

Sid Roth says in the beginning of his interview -- Ana Mendez is normal; but her Christian beliefs are anything but normal, certainly not mainstream Pentecostal. From her testimony she has continual visions and new revelations that completely change the meanings in the Scripture. Either she has a vivid imagination, she has more deep experiences than all the apostles, or something else is at work.

Pt.3 Her Spiritistic Teachings -Blood Revelations


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