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Clueless in Nigeria? 

Christian America has been saturated with miracles, by the TV, books and crusades. But it has have not changed our country. We have been the center of miracle men for a decade but now there are miracle men arising on other continents. There is someone new ARISING on the continent of Africa that is similar to the likes of William Branham in America over 50 years ago. From what I have heard some of those from Toronto have already paid him a visit to see the miracle man from Nigeria. Lee Grady in charisma writes “several prominent charismatic leaders have visited Joshua's compound and returned with favorable impressions. These include Canadian renewal leader John Arnott, Pittsburgh pastor Joseph Garlington, Louisiana evangelist Marvin Gorman and New Zealand minister Bill Subritzky.”( Charisma news article “Famed Nigerian Faith Healer 'Dangerous to the Body of Christ” by J. Lee Grady)

The Synagogue Church Of All Nations has About 100,000 members. T.B. Joshua (TB stands for Tenitope Bolegun) the founder is called a prophet and a healer. He is 38 years old, married and has children. He began his synagogue 10 years ago with only a handful of people and he now has the attention of many people because of the powers he exhibits. Q: Why members of The Synagogue greet one another: “Emmanuel”? A: “My God is a universal God, so He knew the mission He has entrusted me with. The members of the synagogue greet one another by saying Immanuel. This saying means that God was with Israel present in the person of Christ in his incarnation, not just some general God who is here today. While this greeting may not have much significance to us for those involved in his ministry it certainly raises some concerns.

The early Church said Maranatha (meaning Lord come quickly) they say God with us. He justifies this by saying “they will be able to know that they are members of The Synagogue Church of All Nations.” But what if one is not part of his group? Are they greeted the same way? First we need to know that the Bible does not speak of synagogue but a Church who are his people. “Church of All Nations” does imply universal leanings. This term All Nations is used once for the temple in Mark 11:17 “Is it not written, 'My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations'? But you have made it a 'den of thieves.'“ (It has a good interpretation as in Rev.15:4 and a bad one Rev.13:12,16, 14:8, 18:3)

Synagogue is strictly a Jewish term meaning the sacred assembly of the Israelites, after the book of Acts it is used of those who are into legalism and against God who say they are Jews but are not (Rev.2:9,3:9). I don’t see how these two terms can be combined as the church is the body of believers throughout the world and a synagogue is something for Judaism that is in unbelief.

A phrase that keeps coming out from the information written is “The Man In The Synagogue” which ominously reminds me of Jesus’ warning of the one who will stand in the temple in Mt.24:15, needless to say I will not make an absolute association from this term being used.

There are three entrances to the synagogue when one enters “through the first gate, there are sets of tap nozzles fixed to the walls. These taps are connected from the public water distribution networks. The Man In The Synagogue sanctifies the water and it becomes “Blood of Jesus Christ.”

This so called transubstantiation miracle is strange in that it verifies Roman Catholicism without him being a priest.

On a videotape distributed by the Synagogue of all Nations--Prophet Joshua blessed a huge tank of water, “touching each of twelve running spigots, proclaiming them to now be “the blood of Jesus.” The congregation was then shown rushing forward, pushing and pulling among themselves seeking to get to those spigots first, that they might drink, splash, and in some cases even shower in “the blood of Jesus”. This is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of it all, as it turns the Biblical doctrine of the blood of Jesus (His vicarious death) into a sensuous, superstitious experience. No Priest or Prophet can turn any substance into the blood of Jesus. That is more akin to paganism and magic than Christianity. The blood of Jesus was shed as a sacrifice to God the Father, not as a potion to be slashed and bathed in!”( Bill Randles excerpts from a letter to a South African newspaper on 02.05.01)

After seeing this video it became a great concern to see this deception at work. Joshua says “I'm going to touch it”, He says “Whatever the man of God touches will be blessed”, he also stated, “it is the blood of Jesus.”

After the people run and push each other to drink and touch the water they begin to writhe on the floor as in pain, they vomit and pee (mostly women). Both men and women seem to have pain in a certain area as they grab their genitals. This blood that was once water is said to perform signs and wonders, but the people are tortured. Afterward we see them crawling on the floor scraping their buttocks as they leave. This is no miracle, it is not setting people free, but bringing them into spiritual bondage.

We are told the church’s vision is based on the threefold ministry of Jesus Christ: “Preaching the good news to all; Healing the people of all manner of sickness; and Delivering those who are demon-possessed.”

The “man of God” will stretch his hand to heal but He seldom touches the people during ministry.“ God's miracles through Prophet T.B. Joshua are called unlimited.” HIV/AIDS, cancer, deliverance from demonic spirits, the blind seeing, limbs of the crippled made whole. The Church of All Nations, now presents their Negative medical reports certifying people are completely healed of HIV/AIDS (2002).

Early in the morning people gathers to enter the church. There are two services during the week: Sunday and Wednesday starting at 9 am, but. people rush in from 6 am as the gates are opened. The man of God (TB Joshua) will only arrive as directed by the Holy Spirit. This can be anything between 10 am to 6 pm - and then the service can last until 1 am the next morning. Special services for the new believers are held on Mondays. So he makes the people wait. During the long hours before the man of God arrives, testimonies, healings and deliverances are played to the congregation on dozens of TV sets.

The video ministry at the Synagogue plays an important role. Everything is recorded, edited and archived for future reference. The cameramen run after the man of God as he ministers to provide coverage for the whole church. Whenever something happens. you will hear: “Look at the screen of your television set...” He must have learned well from the American TV shows. “The man of God” refers to pasts prophecies - and then the video crew needs to show it on the television sets. Television sets are placed strategically in order for all the people to know what is happening during the service.

There are several pictures presented that are painted on the church area. One of the pictures in the church is Jesus tied to a pole with what looks like children whipping him and the quote is Isa.53:5 by his wounds we are healed. This is not biblical as it was on the cross this is applied to not his whipping by the Romans.

In Africa there is a large presence of Islam. In T.B. Joshua’s church there is a picture with the inscription there is no God but Allah(which is also written in Arabic with the quotes from the Quaran). Anyone who is familiar with Islam knows exactly what this means. They deny God has a Son and God as Father. If Joshua has this in his church it certainly implies he agrees with them. This becomes a denial of the Christian message and the gospel as God sent His son to die for sins. Is Joshua trying to make peace between these two religions? I think it would be best in the interest of the one he claims to represent to take this sign down. But furthermore we need to question why he would use this, for the Bible is clear “He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son. Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father either; he who acknowledges the Son has the Father also” (I John 2:22-23). This Quaranic statement certainly fits the warning in Scripture and so does anyone who employs it. 2 John 10, 11 warns “If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed. For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.”

He says “The power of God is used to glorify God and the power of satan to glorify satan. This is not necessarily so as we find in Acts 8 Simon the sorcerer was claimed great by the people of Samaria all saying “This man is the great power of God” The very thing Joshua claims! Things are not always what they appear to be. Although TB does not covet for money as Simon, he certainly covets attention as he becomes the focus of everything done and controls the people movements as he waves his hand.

People with cancer Aids and various organic diseases are claimed to be healed. The man of God only prays for people who has a valid medical certificate (unless the disease is obvious). This is also the same for HIV+ and AIDS cases. The workers of the church ensure that the correct procedures are followed. Here they write down their names and sicknesses to be prayed for, they hold them up so TB can see what to pray for. People are also filmed with certificates of proof that they were healed, but they really can't bee seen to distinguish what is said.

But not everyone has the blessing as rugby player Wium Basson came to Joshua with advanced liver cancer. He waited in hope for the prophet to pray for him but it never occurred, Joshua passed him by. Joshua also trains others to heal and had junior prophets also prayed laying hands on him (the mom later commented no Bibles were seen). Later on in the video Joshua says he phoned the mom who bought her son Wium to be healed and says he prayed on the mountain for 10 hours and Wium sends his regards and says he's very happy, God is happy his son has come home. Now we have TB involved in necromancy, contacting the dead for a message to his mom. Be assured there is nothing Christian about this.

One woman with advance cancer came to Joshua and describes him as one who “stretched out his anointed right hand towards her in accordance with Acts 4:30.” She Immediately felt a cool and soothing sensation flow through her body, and was a completely relieved from it.

The Synagogue states, “By the effective application of the Power in the Name of Jesus Christ, Peter healed the crippled man at the Beautiful Gate. Christianity was born and propagated from there. Men who knew that they could not make disciples of a dead Christ; that if people were to believe in Jesus Christ, they must be convinced that He is risen and alive heralded the message of the healing at the Beautiful Gate. The only way to convince them was for Jesus Christ to do the same works through the disciples as He did before He was crucified. And the early church was born on this standard. If millions of people are to believe in Jesus Christ, they must be witness to the proof that He is the same yesterday, today and forever."

The Bible says otherwise, there are many who have never seen a miracle that have believed in Jesus, even Thomas who asked to see the proof of the resurrection was commended; Jesus added blessed are they that believe that have not seen

Despite all this talk about healings the video production presents none. If one looks closely there are some noticeable inconsistencies. As one watches how his healings are done, evidence of a stark contrast from the Bible becomes apparent to those who know their Scripture. For those who do not they will not be able to tell the true from the false.

He wiggles his hands toward the people and people react. Nothing I write about can really convey what one sees on the video. In one healing for a mouth severely damaged, he pounds and rubs over and over his own mouth pointing the other hand toward the afflicted woman’s mouth. Ectoplasm with blood comes from her mouth as she is supposedly healed. This is not Bible healing but sorcery. This healing they show pictures of before and after for proof, but the mouth appears to be of another woman, as the real one had many teeth missing this one has a perfect set of teeth.I guess this would be areal miracle to get a whole new set of teeth bu this is not what is being presented. Another man who said he was 42 years old and was healed is one of the most obvious set ups. You can see a completely different person giving a testimony. Unless they want us to accept that not only was he healed, but was given a whole new body. Another who has HIV John Rindel and was supposed to be healed and still was HIV positive after one month.

The video that is shown as an advertisement for this healer can only be described as gross. It shows both men and women’s genitals being severely diseased and afflicted before and during the healing, but no filming of it disappearing. Afterwards to prove they are healed to an audience the people pull down their pants or dress and show themselves publicly to others. Let me remind you this is going on inside a Church. Did the apostles do such undignified humiliating proofs? This is outrageous that people will come to view such things.

Actually almost all the supposed miracles are about people being afflicted in the private parts. One can only wonder why this shown. I’m sorry if this sounds lewd but it cannot be described in any delicate manner to convey what is actually taken place.After seeing the video I was visibly disturbed, thinking i could vomit.I had watched something that I would not recommend for anyone to watch, even if they have a strong stomach. 

TB has people shake wildly as he throws and slashes his hands (sometimes using his feet). He is shown healing someone’s behind by grabbing his own. He shakes and wobbles his hand toward the recipient. He will squat and the person uncontrollably squats, he stands and they stand. All this is going on while the announcer says Mal.3:6 in the background and telling the people this is surely the power of God. No, this is the closest thing I have seen to voodoo. I have studied the occult and healing methods of different religious persuasions enough to recognize this is not what is claimed. He calls this remote control.

We see people vomiting worms rocks, shells etc.(vomiting is a native custom to be cleansed) What is stated is that they are vomiting their problems away (some are peeing). Women squat as blood is mixed with urine all this is happening inside the Church with people watching.

He like others in America have learned the power of images. He gives out imprints of his hand on paper for a point of contact for the sick to be healed. He says “my hand” “I do this”, certainly the message that comes through is that it his power, although he attributes it to God. He may not charge for this as of yet, but he certainly seems to enjoy the attention of the people flocking to him as the prophet healer.

TB’s healings can also bring salvation without any Gospel message. He states, “You are receiving this healing for the salvation of your soul” “A miracle today is salvation of your soul” Is this how to be saved? Jesus never taught miracles bring salvation to a soul. Does this imply TB is more powerful?

Some news from those who have been there:

On a trip to Nigeria Becky Kiser was invited to stay at the Synagogue of All Nations church. Kiser spent a week there, after handing over her passport and plane ticket for volunteers to confirm her departure, but was then unable to get
them back later when she wanted to leave. And was afraid for her life.

She stated “I will not wish anyone to go through the same experience, and worse I will
not wish to see anyone deceived.”

Although there was a “sense of power” at the church, Kiser said that from her
experience ministering to people from occult backgrounds, she did not believe
it was the work of the Holy Spirit. “I saw more powerful miracles than I have
ever seen, but they were not of God.” (American 'Held Prisoner' at Controversial African 'Miracle' Church, by Andy Butcher-- Charisma News Service, May 17, 2002)

In a recent Charisma news article Sept. 2002, It says, “He converses with angels during sermons, speaks of traveling to other places in the spirit realm and has been known to ask people to walk through the audience naked to prove their healings.”

 “Without exception the Nigerian leaders said they believe [T.B. Joshua] is not a legitimate minister of the gospel.

A summit was held at the world's largest church building, Winner's Chapel in Ota, pastored by Bishop David Oyedepo. “Some Nigerian leaders claim animal sacrifices have been performed in Joshua's church to generate a source for occult power.”

Arnott said that although Joshua is “secretive and mystical,” and his Nigerian followers seem “zombielike,” he is not ready to denounce him as a false prophet. “Lots of desperately ill people have been healed there,” Arnott said, noting that he met a woman during his visit to Lagos in 2000 who was healed of three types of cancer in Joshua's meetings. “There seemed to be definite miracles going on, and they were done in the name of Jesus.” (Charisma news article “Famed Nigerian Faith Healer 'Dangerous to the Body of Christ” by J. Lee Grady)

Some people can be fooled quite easily when they look to the miracles and not  the doctrine or the way his healings and  miracles are practiced. His teaching may be peppered with Bible quotes, but his practice is seasoned with sorceries.

What are His teachings?

TB Joshua has something very interesting things to say. He believes the carnally-minded account for about 80% of the human population, how he arrives at this figure is not said. In an interview with a French reporter he is asked when did you know that you have this certain gift of healing? He claims he was born with it. The Bible does not teach the gifts of the Spirit are given at birth. One does not have to wonder what is operating here, as he touches the area on his body that needs to be healed on sick persons body. This is called transference in energy in psychic circles, this is not how the apostles nor Jesus healed. This is pure sorcery.

Q: Why he is a vegetarian? He answers “I was not born a vegetarian. In fact, when God sent me on this mission, I realized that my work is tedious. I will refer to John 5:37: “And the Father who sent me hath borne witness to me, His Voice you have never heard, His form you have never seen.”

In a week I deliver contrary spirit carriers (Ogbanjes), witches and wizards (about 1000 of them). They are not ordinary human beings. Some are half human and half fish. So if you eat fish you can not deliver them.”

Vegetarianism is not wrong in itself. To be a vegetarian the Bible says one is weak in the faith as we are able to eat all animals now if we give thanks. This kind of comment shows he weak in a number of things, his powers. To answer in the manner “I was not born a vegetarian” he is insinuating that he arrived at this to work better miracles.

Vegetarianism can often be associated with the occult. As one is not to eat meat to be a cleaner vessel for the energy to work through them. To use a African superstition as a fact of reality makes me wonder if he has any real grasp on Scripture. This is superstition and sounds more like shamanism than Christianity. In fact it is. Jesus ate fish and he certainly had no problem of delivering people.

Bill Randles comments on this--Joshua has strange beliefs, for example he is a vegetarian because he told an interviewer that many of the people he ministers to in the area of deliverance are “Half fish and half man”. In another interviewer he said that “the divine person” within him can appear to thousands simultaneously, even coming to them in their dreams! This is not Christianity! (Bill Randles excerpts from a letter to a South African newspaper on 02.05.01 ) http://www.Bibleguide.com/articles/english/tbjoshua.htm 

Now that we have established the claims of great miracles one needs to consider what is the man’s doctrine. For he does claim to be a Christian. If so his doctrine will line up with the word and we can be assured the miracles are from God. Furthermore what he says of his power will reveal if it is of the God from the Bible or another source.

There is a book: Pastor W.F. Kumuyi and Prophet T.B. Joshua: Are both messengers of God? By Isaac B.Agbaje and Abieye Kalu <http://bennier.tripod.com/nigeria/some_thoughts_of_prophet_t.htm>

 This book seems to put Kumuyi and Joshua in the same category. Kumuyi is called a holiness preacher who spoke at Lausanne II along with John Wimber, Peter Wagner, Jack Hayford, Vinson Synan, Paul Yonggi Cho. (He spoke about evangelists drawing crowds of 50,000 to 500,000 through prophetic gifts and miracles). However Kumuyi seems to have good doctrine in spite of his associations. According to Isaacson, as a dedicated Christian and deserves the title ‘the man of God,' which his followers have given him (Kumuyi). This may be a tradition in Africa but is not one from the Bible. Yet from what I read he seems to have a grasp on the Scripture and its doctrines and is not like T. B. Joshua.

T. B. Joshua --Why he doesn’t criticize other men of God? A:”Despite the fact that many fellow ministers of God daily blaspheme against me, I refrain from retaliating, because I know the grave consequences of criticizing an anointed man of God.

For instance, if you are a minister of God, but deliberately go out of your way to blaspheme against another man of God, whom you knew is a true man of God, you have lost on or two of your spiritual powers to the colleague you blasphemed against unjustifiably.”

“Those ministers of God who go about condemning me rather than preaching the Gospel they are sent to preach, are doing themselves a great harm. The more they condemn me, the lesser their anointing become. Go round the country today and see what is happening. Those men of God who used to perform great signs and wonder have lost their anointing because of their blasphemies.”

The Bible says nothing about blaspheming a man, only God. He tells us the consequences are losing some of our spiritual powers. We have no spiritual powers. This is term in other religions and the occult. From what he is saying one would eventually have no abilities after a certain amount of time if they were to continue to do this. If anyone comes against him it is blasphemy. Is he God?

Can ones anointing subside on the condition of pointing out false doctrine! Who is T.B. Joshua think he is that he can judge like this and say something the Bible does not. The Bible tells us we are to judge (Rom.16:17 Jude, Mt.7).This is something we see all to often in cults where someone pulls a superiority trip and manipulates people to not questioning or saying anything against them.

Those who claimed they gave him power “One thing that I know for sure about human beings is that if they gave you power or used their position to promote you to an exalted position and you start behaving arrogantly, they will immediately take back the power(s) they gave you or demote you before you know it. I hereby challenge those who claimed they gave me powers to heal and deliver people to withdraw their powers henceforth and render me powerless. Let them nullify my powers if they are the true source.”

Some thing is going on behind the scene for him to say this. No man can give someone supernatural power. However I notice an arrogant tone in his boasting of what he can do and what others cannot.

“How my detractors should come to think and believe that a man of 36 years can be doing what God has been using me to do with evil powers among millions of Nigerians without another person being able to do the same things beats my imagination.”

Considering his previous statement of acting arrogantly, it seems to fit him as well as his detractors. It somehow reminds me of Rev. Moon and others boasting in himself.

He even challenged the government to bring the other pastors evangelists out “ to the Tafawa Balewa Square and give each man of God just ten minutes to minister to and pray for the people. Then with the miracles, signs and wonders that confirm the ministration of each man of God, the government will know who are the genuine men of God, and those who are serving mammon.”

Does Joshua think that whoever shows the most power is authenticated by God, especially in competition? When Elijah challenged the priests of Baal it was not validate HIS ministry but to show whether the Lord is God? We are not to lead people to God or truth based on signs and wonders but by preaching the gospel message the content of the Bible.

Q: To those critics who say he is using evil powers A: “It is not possible for a single person to be working outstanding miracles, signs and wonders which millions of other Nigerians cannot do and for such a person to be an agent of Satan. They - the God’s generals - should combine forces and deliver such a satanic person or get rid of him.”

Is his statement mean that a person who is an agent of Satan cannot work miracles? The Bible says the False Prophet will be able to great miracles, Jesus said so. Mt. 24:24-26: “For false Christ’s and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. “See, I have told you beforehand. “Therefore if they say to you, 'Look, He is in the desert!' do not go out; or 'Look, He is in the inner rooms!' do not believe it.” Isn’t where TB lives considered the desert?

Maybe he forgot 2 Thess. 2:9-10 “The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.”

Bill Randles comments--Joshua has the power to call fire from heaven upon the body parts of sinning members of his congregation! A woman in the video is seen clutching her private parts in agony, (it seems to the mild amusement of others) as Joshua’s fire cleanses her of the sin. (excerpts from a letter to a South African newspaper on 02.05.01 ) http://www.Bibleguide.com/articles/english/tbjoshua.htm

Rev. 13:11-14 When the second beast comes up out of the earth V.12 “And he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence, and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. He performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. And he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast, telling those who dwell.” People are deceived by those signs, quite the opposite of what TB Joshua is claiming.

Do gurus witch doctors and shamans and those in the occult not do any miracles? If not then what would be the attraction to them? Certainly not God! To claim that because he can do greater miracles than “millions of other Nigerians” means he is of God is complete nonsense. He has one big fat ego and if one looks carefully at his statements they are motivated by pride. The fruit of the Spirit is humility, no apostle spoke on how they can do greater or more miracles than others. Love does not boast or puff itself up. Something is going on that we are not privy to by his defensiveness. There is more than what is said or meets the eye.

TB makes an unqualified statement from what I can gather is to get rid of those who oppose his miracles as that one is from Satan and not the one who works the miracles. This is flat out dangerous to say and is making a judgment. Something he has already said not to do.

On false prophets and ministers he says “The Bible says that Satan will come as an angel of light and his agents as ministers of righteousness. (11 Cor.I1:14)Be careful you are not deceived by the eloquent preachers and evangelists who can quote every verse of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. They may be agents of Satan in disguise (11 Cor. II:14).” He tells us we can know who is of God by miracles and then belittles the word by saying if one is preaching the word the may be of Satan. This is exactly what The Devil said to Eve “has God said?” This man is quite dangerous and the people of Nigeria need to take notice and think through what he is saying and get there eyes off of the miracles.

Q: Judging Others? “If you judge your fellow being now who will judge them on the day of judgment? Always remember that we see things not as they are but as we are.” 

 This means one can never ascertain truth!

Q: Identifying False Miracle Workers and Genuine Ministers of God. A: “I think we should leave that one to God who will separate the sheep from the goats at the appointed time. Though before God does the separation, there will be a lot of confusion but, He will do it at His own good time.” He states to let God separate the sheep from the goats at the appointed time. Though he admits that before God does the separation, “there will be a lot of confusion.” While this verse is true we are to discern in the meantime what is true or false, and this he is discouraging. No one is judging ones eternal destiny. We are to separate ourselves from those who speak contrary to the doctrine of Christ (Rom. 16:17; Titus 3:10) we are to make judgments based on Scripture. T.B. Joshua is causing division Because he seems to judge what will happen to people especially if they speak against him. But he doesn’t do this by the Bible but from his own peculiar ideas such as they will lose their powers or anointing.

Q: Whose interest does he serve? A: “The fact that I don’t collect money from the people God uses me to set free proves that I am working for the kingdom of God. If I am working for satan and don’t collect money from the people he enables me to heal, what then is my gain?” It is interesting to see this slant as an approval of ones ministry. Neither does powers nor non abuse of people prove one is authenticate (it is doctrine). Since he has said for anyone to come against him is blasphemy, he on the other hand has come against TBN by taking the position that to take money detracts from someone’s ministry. I don’t think we will see him as a guest on “This is your day” or “PTL” anytime soon. Maybe he will change his position, (they all do). There are other things besides money as many religions do not go after the dollar but like the fame and the control they have over people. I can’t judge his motive in this so time will tell.

Q: Men of God who are money conscious. A: “A man of God who places emphasis on money or collects money from the people he heals or delivers will soon fall from grace to grass.” … when a prophet of God forms the habit of extorting money from those whom God healed through him or her, he or she becomes a partaker of their sicknesses, problems and tribulations.”

I guess you can call this is the transferable anti anointing, as one inherits the persons ills they supposedly healed. Again he has spoken against TBN which is in America God’s anointed club which has more of them then he, Methinks he’d better watch it. Or maybe all the TV evangelists will have severe problems in the future. Either way he has made definitive statement that will have to be proven.

He does say “Many have lost their anointing while some have been demoted spiritually, because of their lust for money and other worldly things of life.” If there was any place we could see this happen it would be in America, yet it has not happened so I wonder who he is speaking about?

Q: Why his power couldn’t have come from satan. 

A: “If my power is from satan, it will be impossible for me to be continually and consistently working against satan, because satan is the source of AIDS, cancer and other deadly diseases which God has been using me to deliver people from. If satan is the source of my power, I cannot be working against him, because that will contradict what Jesus Christ said in the Bible that you cannot drive out demons by evil spirit.”This is half true as Jesus said one can be cleansed of a demon and unless they are filled with the Holy Spirit the demon can come back with 7 more. The fact that ones disease is removed does not mean it is of God. Otherwise we would have to say all the gurus and shamans and cults have the same power, a position that I doubt anyone would take. Is Satan the source of all diseases or is the fall of Adam the open door for sicknesses and death? The Bible says it is. Yes it is true Satan can use disease but lets not give him more credit for all the ills of mankind than he deserves

“Faith means the Word of God mixed with God's Spirit. When you speak the Word of God and it is mixed with the Spirit of God, whatever you decrees comes to pass.” Now we find what he is into Word faith teaching, surprised? I’m not since it is tied into the occult and metaphysics. What you say will come to pass! I have to wonder if he attended Rhema college or read some word faith books from what he is saying. These words and concepts are not something you just arrive at.

Q: Living a fulfilled life? 

A: “Spiritually speaking, every lack is hunger. Sickness, poverty and even death is hunger. And the permanent fulfillment of this hunger is an unconditional acceptance of Jesus Christ into your life. When Jesus lives in you, hunger, poverty and sickness will become thing of the past.”The Word-Faith doctrine of everything to be all good is nonsense. We are not promised “hunger, poverty and sickness” would be removed in this life. Those in Africa should know that hunger, poverty and sickness are not taken away as a general promise to all who are Christian. Maybe this is the attraction, to give them hope but it is something that he nor God promised to deliver.

“I never claimed to be Jesus Christ. I can never claim to be Jesus. There is no amount of power I will have that I will claim to be Jesus Christ. I am an ordinary servant. Even if I have power to create human beings, I can never claim to be Jesus Christ.” Power would not make one Christ even if the ability to create life was there. What I’m wondering is why he is so defensive about his miracles?

His quote “I was not born a vegetarian. In fact, when God sent me on this mission, I realized that my work is tedious. I will refer to John 5:37: “And the Father who sent me hath borne witness to me, His Voice you have never heard, His form you have never seen.” This is something Jesus said of himself so those who are discerning are questioning what exactly he may be saying. Though he does claim Jesus is his support and source of his strength and power, he on the other hand seems to imply something else.

The secret of his success he claims are his enemies who makes him stronger as he seeks God. “I always strive to do the will of God, obey Him and follow His directions to the letter. This is why my divine power increases daily.” Do divine powers increase daily? MY divine power! Is there any such teaching like this in the Scripture. Is TB Joshua Scripturally based when he says such things?

Matt 7:22-23: “Many will say to Me in that day, 'Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name? “And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!” This fits Joshua to a T, or should it be TB.

“I have never traveled outside Nigeria before I was called to God’s work. By the grace of God, I’m doing what I’m doing because I’m a promised child. Anybody called a promised child will do what people in his time cannot do.”What does he think of himself; he is a promised child, where is that in the Bible? We find promises given through prophecy about Jesus and others, but does this mean he is promised in the same way? Who is the one who made the promise? What was it? To this extent we have no information. We have this idea of gifted ones before and they all seem to have a healing ministry. But as we have seen how he heals the promise cannot be from the God of Scripture.

In Bill Randles excerpts from a letter to a South African newspaper on 02.05.01 he states this-- Born with the gift of healing- On a French television interview, Prophet Joshua said that he had received this ‘gift’ at birth. The true Gifts of the Spirit of God (see I Cor. 12-14) are not bestowed at birth to anyone, one must be converted to Christ, and even then the gifts are distributed “As the Spirit wills”. For the full story-- http://www.Bibleguide.com/articles/english/tbjoshua.htm

There are more questions than there are answers on this and much more of who this person is. I would suggest from what little we know that one would keep there distance from this “healer” before they can learn more about what is REALLY going on. Lets think before we accept what someone is saying, it just may prevent you from being hurt instead of thinking you're being helped. It may keep you from being deceived instead of  thinking you're enlightened.

* Notes on shamans

Shamans are recruited from among young persons who are seen exhibiting an openness to the world of sacred meanings than is available to those in the society. Once they are chosen, they undergo a special shamanistic initiation taught by elder shamans. Forms of healing that were passed down and behavior that identify their sacred work. They undergo long periods of training before they are capable practitioners of the sacred and healing arts. It is the same for medicine men and diviners although some inherit their status.

Disease in traditional Africa is usually thought of as caused by some personal agent, such as a dissatisfied ancestor, an evil spirit, or a witch, the last being an "upside-down person" working against communal harmony rather than for it. A distinction is sometimes made between a witch (usually female), who acts in hidden ways, sometimes unconsciously, and a sorcerer (usually male) who is aware of what he is doing. Witchcraft as a source of personal and communal disharmony may be a manifestation of "sin" (disobedience to ancestral norms).

To discover the cause of disease people turn to divination, which is a search for the hidden causes of events. Divination may be used to identify the ancestor who has been reborn in a child, to find the destiny of a person, or choose between candidates for chief, but its most frequent use is to find the cause of disease or communal disharmony. Divination takes various forms in Africa, some involving observation of the relationship between objects, some based on the presence of a divining spirit that takes possession of the person of the diviner and speaks through him or her. The diviner in this case may be understood be understood as a kind of prophet. “It is the shaman's function to regulate relations between the spirits and the community in order to ensure the community's well-being. Shamans concern themselves with such matters as locating and attracting game or fish, controlling the weather, detecting broken taboos that bring misfortune, expelling harmful spirits, and especially with curing the sick and guiding the souls of the dead to the spirit world. Because of their special powers, shamans may gain considerable political influence in their communities, as, for example, among the Colorado people of Ecuador. A shaman is said to be chosen by the spirits, selected from among persons of an excitable temperament who are given to daydreaming and visionary experience. Sometimes a shaman is marked for the vocation by repeated illnesses or mental disturbance. The person believed chosen for this calling must undergo an initiatory ordeal, which includes an ecstatic temporary loss of consciousness that symbolizes death and resurrection. Among the most common characteristics of the initiatory ordeal are the supposed dismemberment of the subject's body, the removal of his or her flesh, and the substitution of new flesh. In many cultures the candidate is believed to receive during this ordeal a mystical light that enables him or her to discover the secret places to which lost souls have been taken. The recovery of souls whose loss or theft has caused misfortune is a major method of shamanic curing.”

  [Charles H. LongBibliography: Achterberg, J., Imagery in Healing (1985); Dow, J., Shamanism (1990); Eliade, Mircea, Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy, trans. by Willard Trask, rev. ed. (1964; repr. 1989); Taussig, M., Shamanism, Colonialism, and the Wild Man (1987); Walsh, R. N., Spirit of Shamanism (1990).]

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