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The Prophetic Art and spiritistic claims of Ana Mendez Ferrell

Ana Mendez Ferrell claims to be a pioneer in many areas: In Prophetic Worship, joining heaven and earth together bringing people to hear what heaven is signing.” And Her Prophetic Art, painting the visions of the Kingdom of God that the Lord gives her. Her Prophetic Ministry, helps “the saints of God understand the realm of the prophetic, by clearly hearing the voice of God and seeing into the Spirit Realm.”

Seeing into the Spirit realm seems to be the theme of her ministry but it is not taught in the Bible, this is founded on the concept of new revelation, but it is the Scripture that we to live by. Paul says, “that you may learn in us not to think beyond what is written (1 Cor. 4:6) for it breeds pride. But many today do not think Scripture contains all we need (2 Tim.3:16-17.) Most people who are involved in the “new moves of the spirit” do not hold themselves to the parameters of Scripture, they think that God is continually giving new revelation today.

Mendez says art was created as a form of worship and we are to take back art for the kingdom; and that she was appointed to restore it (underlines are for emphasis).

Mendez in her video says of Art:

“it was created to glorify God, when man fell into sin the devil took back art from him, why? Because the devil wanted to be worshipped ,.. in a form of a IDOL a form of a PAINTING, in a form of a sculpture. For millennia the only form of art we had on the earth were idols, idols made by painting, Idols made by sculpture and that is why the Lord rises up and says do not make any kind of image, not of is what is in the heavens not of what is in the earth, not of what is below the earth, do not bow to this and worship them.”

“God is against the form of art that is concentrated in the worship of idols. He is not expression of art,... God wants us to take back the kingdom of God in every possible form, and art is one of its forms.

Art is very important because determines the spiritual atmosphere in a place. Art joins together heaven and earth or hell and earth. …

Every person that is an artist knows that we need a source of; rather its God, rather its our own feeling, rather it’s the devil. But most likely it is someone not in God, its feelings going to be defiled, corrupted, twisted.

She says she, “used to be an artist before coming to Christ. In every painting all the artists know that a part of us, a part of our spirit is imprinted in this painting and whenever we hang something on our walls this that we hang is going to influence our spiritual, the spiritual atmosphere of our home, of our businesses of the place that we work.

God wants all the glory, when God called me to restore the arts… She says the Lord told her “as you worship me I’m going to give you visions and you're going to paint these visions and when you paint them I’m going to manifest this that I’m giving you into the homes of those that hang them in the walls.

She points to a painting she is painting with an angel in it, “painting this painting now, I mean the place is so packed with angels and when people take this painting to their homes… angels will visit their homes. And whatever vision the lord is giving us, he is going to manifest in that house.”

“We have had testimonies of households entirely being changed by changing normal art by prophetic painting. Art has a place of worship in the house, for example the living room is normally where you have the most important painting in your house, and that painting is a ruler painting of your house. If that painting has something that do not glorify the Lord, that is what is going to manifest in your house…. If that painting is about the kingdom of God, the kingdom of God is going to manifest in Peace, harmony and love and all the atmosphere of heaven to be in your house. The time has come to take back what the devil has taken…

Ask the lord for the gift, give me the arts so I can worship you with art.

...We can change every atmosphere by changing what we have in our walls.”

(voice of the light video on website )

There is no Biblical record that Man did not have any art before he fell into sin, so there is no art that the devil could take from man; therefore there is no art we need to take back from the Devil. Mendez often distorts the Scripture by an interpretation to justify her own view in spiritual warfare, and her dominionism message clearly comes through.

Were people all worshipping the paintings and sculptures in the past? Of course not! Obviously this is a distortion of history. Yes, some did. So is Ana Mendez saying that if the art is not about Jesus, it is of the devil? Not absolutely, but she is certainly insinuating this when she says its either "God, … our own feeling, or… the devil.”

Do we need a painting for the kingdom to manifest? Of course not! We have the Holy Spirit within us, this is where love, joy and peace are to come from. Yes, we can enjoy art but we are not to use art to worship God, we worship him in the Spirit.

She refers to Exodus 20:4-5: "You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. (Repeated in Deut.5:9)

God instructed Moses to have images of heavenly angels made inside the tabernacle, to build the Ark of the Covenant with two angels facing the mercy seat (Ex.40:34-38;Exodus 26:1; In Ex.25:19-20; Ex.37:7) these were a reflection of what the scene was in heaven that Moses was given when he was on the mountain. (Exod.25:9; Heb. 9:24)

God’s commandments told Israel not to make an image and bow down to it nor worship him by what they built. This is in the context of and the difference between worship of the true God and worshipping the objects of men’s hands. Deut.12:3-5: “You shall not worship the LORD your God with such things.The objects in the Tabernacle that God had instructed to be built were not used to worship him. The point is not to use things made of our hands to worship God, we worship from our heart.

Mendez says, Art has a place of worship in the house, We “can worship you (God) with art.” We worship God in His spirit, we are not to worship by objects we make.

She makes the grandiose claim “God called me to restore the arts.” Does she think she is the first one to paint pictures of spiritual content found in the Bible? It obvious that she is using this as a sales pitch for you to buy her art as if it is special above other art, and has a power other paintings do not. This is like trinkets, objects used in the occult that are supposed to contain power.

Maybe it is her lack of language skills in communication (but this is not possible since she says God instantly gave her the ability to translate languages). It is really her self made theology that uses the scripture to enforce the distortion.

She says, God wants us to take back the kingdom of God in every possible form, And art is one of its forms.”

Did the kingdom of God get kidnapped? When did the Devil take the kingdom. She has a incorrect view of the kingdom of God. The devil did not take God’s kingdom but offers his own in its place.

Adam lost his place of authority, position and relationship with God in the fall, NOT the kingdom, which is God owned and controlled. Neither Man nor the Devil have control of the kingdom of God.

We are told the “kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Rom. 14:17). Which every Christian is supposed to have dwelling in them. It is not art that will change your atmosphere, it is Jesus Christ ruling your heart as you surrender to Him that brings the fruit of the Spirit where ever you are.

Acts 14:22: “strengthening the souls of the disciples, exhorting them to continue in the faith, and saying, "We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God." It is something we inherit (1 Cor.6:9; 15:50; Gal.5:21). But Mendez does not believe this.

She is not saying that this art is just pleasant and enjoyable to look at, her paintings are being exalted; she is attributing supernatural power to her painting, which is a form of idolatry, even though she says it's of God.

Mendez says that God told her,: “as you worship me I’m going to give you visions and your going to paint these visions … she then says, “whatever vision the lord is giving us he is going to manifest in that house….I mean the place is so packed with angels and when people take this painting to their homes… angels will visit their homes. whatever vision the lord is giving us, he is going to manifest in that house.”

Besides this being bizarre and un-biblical, attributing this to God's instruction, to manifest the same vision painted is a dangerous thing, what exactly is being passed on by her painting? Her view of art is superstitious at best and a form of spiritism at worst.

What kind of angels would be visiting that are connected to images painted. This sounds similar to the promises of the word faith prosperity teachers saying the blessing from their anointing will be passed on to those who contribute to them. You cannot reconcile this with the Bible, (I certainly hope no one makes the mistake of bringing Paul's Handkerchief into this, as this was a unique and unusual miracle that no other apostle or Christian did).

She says its not just the motive in the painting and cites Van Gogh, “who painted that painting…  what is the spirit behind it.”

This is only true in the sense that one can paint something that either glorifies God or something that brings glory to the Devil or even our own flesh. And shows where we are in our relationship with God. Certainly one can find bad examples of lives from talented artists but not everyone that paints people or nature or other scenes makes the painting in the Devils kingdom, this kind of superstitious view is unnecessary.

Just because a painting does not have a religious theme does not mean it is not of God! In the same manner just because her painting  has a religious topic does not mean her art is sanctified, instructed by the Holy Spirit… She says art has a spiritual implication, that a part of our spirit is imprinted in this painting. Certainly we express ourselves by painting or music but she believes the painting has transferable supernatural powers if it is a Christian subject or a vision that she claims God gave her.

Being an artist who went to art school when young, and a son of a talented oil artist I think I can speak candidly on what she is determining from her religious view. The fact is, God gives people natural talents, an artist decides how they will use their talent. She is making her talent supernatural by claiming God is in her pictures. To think that ones spirit or God is transferred into the picture is denying the sovereign God. This is a pantheistic view that has nothing to do with a Christian world view. The Holy Spirit is not transferred through or to inanimate objects such as pictures. There is no power of God manifested because a picture is hung in ones room. This is like the teaching of icons in the Roman Catholic or Greek Orthodox church (statues that cry tears or paintings that drip oil and blood), there is no difference.

How can she say that what is painted will happen in the home the painting is hung in? What biblical justification can be used for this?  Since this is not God, the Holy Spirit is not in the painting, then what would be manifesting in the home?

When God instructed the tabernacle to be built with images of angels woven in the fabric or on the ark of the covenant it did not communicate anything supernatural or have spiritual power but she claims her paintings do. We are told in I Jn 5:21: “Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.

She is promoting a false view of how God works. God freely gives the Holy Spirit to those who ask (Luke 11:13; Acts 2:39), to those who want to do His will and to serve Him. You cannot reconcile her prophetic artwork with the Bible.

An Apostolic General

Claiming to be an apostolic Ministry, she is sent “to establish the designs of God, to reform and open the eyes of man to see the revelation of the Kingdom of God.”

If one were following the Bible this would be done by the gospel, which is the glory of God, but her way it is done is by new revelation.

On her Testimony page she writes of herself “Ana Mendez Ferrell is one of the most well known generals of God's Army. Her experience in this field has helped transform many nations, freeing them from the oppression of the enemy. In this extraordinary message she explains how she overcame the darkness and how she became a general of God's Army.”

What she is referring to is being is being under C. Peter Wagner (in the United States and Europe) as an ordained prophet and apostle – a GENERAL. God DOES NOT have generals, he has servants. Claiming to be a general shows no humility it exalts oneself, and it is not walking in the spirit, it is carnal, prideful and goes against everything Jesus taught. Generals are found in the worlds armies; Luke 22:25-26: "The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them, and those who exercise authority over them are called 'benefactors.' Yet et it not be so among you” (Mark 10:42 ) Jesus spoke of rulers over the gentiles, exercising authority over them. Jesus is against making classes like this in the church;  These two classes make those who are not leaders inferior and those who are apostles superior.

 Paul not only said he was the least of all the apostles but least of all the saints (Eph.3:8). Because he was a servant God used him mightily, he never called himself nor any other a general. But this is what is found in Peter Wagner's NEW Apostle/prophet movement. A two class system; general and privates is what the Bible describes as Nicolaitens. It is forming a two-class system inside the church (like in communism) where one group is given prominence over the other. This was first seen by a distinction between clergy who extended their ruling over the laity. Those in New apostolic movement are the dominionists; todays Nicolaitans who persuade the common people in the church that they possess special spiritual power (new anointings) and the people need to come to them for it.

True leadership in the church is demonstrated by being a servant – and a servant does not mislead people, because they are faithful, diligent workers for the Lord and students of the word (Acts 6:3-5; 1 Thessalonians 5:12; 1 Timothy 3, 5:17). They do not speak contrary to sound doctrine nor distribute new revelation todraw disciples after themselves.”


Pt.2 Strange spiritistic experiences and teachings- Her Testimony

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