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John Lake’s "Healing Rooms" Today

The Transferable anointing[s]

“After fasting for 40 days, God directed Cal Pierce to re-dig this healing well that John G. Lake had dug. On May 29, 1999 he gathered over 100 intercessors from all parts of Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Utah to re-dig this healing well.”

”Once the healing well had been dug, it was time to fill it with "fresh pure water so that all could come and drink from it". They began to train a ministry team to pray for the sick and re-opened the healing rooms at the same location, under John G. Lake's ministry, more than 70 years ago” (Singapore website)

Cal Pierce, and his wife Michelle, moved to Spokane in 1997 from California. We are told Cal was led by the Lord to bring to the world the teachings of John G. Lake. According to the Healing Rooms Ministries' website: “Cal visited Lake's grave site once each month for over one year to pray … On July 22, 1999 the Spokane Healing Rooms of John G. Lake were re-opened in the same location they were 80 years ago.”

On another of their websites “Having studied the revivals, Cal had read about John G. Lake's ministry in Spokane. He visited Lake's grave site once each month for over one year to pray.” (

Shades of Benny Hinn visiting Kathryn Kuhlmanns’ gravesite. One would think this is a strange thing for Cal to make public except for the fact of Lakes own openness to having the dead contact him (found in pt.1).

“Dr. Tessler and other founders of the Healing Rooms of Raleigh traveled to Spokane to meet Healing Rooms Ministry founder Cal Pierce.

‘“Dr Tessler says Pierce ended up going to Spokane, Washington, where Evangelist John G. Lake had healing rooms four decades earlier. “He looked for a church where he could fast and pray all night and apparently couldn’t find one, so he went to the actual grave site of John Lake and prayed there. He said, ‘Lord, if a dead man can be thrown on the bones of Elisha and be healed, then I’m asking for the anointing that is on these bones of John G. Lake’(Healing Rooms Raleigh Doctor Incorporates Prayer and Science To Bring Healing By: Steve Eastman (underline mine)

Here we have Pierce doing the very same forbidden practice that Benny Hinn has done - visiting the grave of the dead and seeking an anointing from their grave. His response of citing Elisha’s bones is ridiculous. Since this was a onetime miracle with a meaning for the nation of Israel, it was never repeated. The person who was resurrected was not anointed by the bones of Elisha. There is no lingering anointing in gravesites and it is hardly reasonable to think God would direct someone to visit Lake's grave when we are told to seek the Lord and that He gives his holy Spirit to those who obey. If we use their own interpretation, one might ask “What person did Lake visit for his anointing?”

“According to Dr. Tessler, Cal Pierce established his healing rooms in the same Rookery building Lake had used. “They went in and said the anointing was so powerful in those rooms. One room, they said they could not even go into without falling down. In that room, which they called the silver room because of the silver carpet, one of the intercessors saw an angel standing in the corner. Cal asked the Lord, ‘What does this angel mean?’ and the Lord said, ‘This angel has been waiting 80 years for someone to come and raise up the healing rooms again.’” (ibid.)

An angel is waiting in the room? Not only is there a lingering anointing at his gravesite but it is also in this building Lake left over 70 years ago! That is some story.

We are told on several of their websites that this is the same Rookery building and room.

This building is the same Building Lake used from 1914 to 1919 for the healing rooms. (Hawaii website)

On their main site (Cal Pierce, Healing Rooms) Under “Frequently asked questions about HEALING ROOMS MINISTRIES ” 4.   When you were in the Rookery Building, was that the same building John G. Lake had healing rooms in?

“No.  When we first moved into the building in 1999 we believed it was the same building.  We indicated that on our web site.  We weren’t there but a number of months when I sent one of our team members to the Spokane Library to research some things about Lake’s ministry.  When the team member returned, she said that she discovered that the building Lake was in had a fire in it in 1933 and was replaced in 1934 with the building we were in.” 

 If it is not the same building or room then how is there an anointing in the building that affected them to fall? This brings into question numerous experiences that are used as valid stories.

They also need to change their web sites to indicate that it is not the same building as Lake’s healing rooms.

Todd Bentley has numerous angelic appearances, he states:

I first saw the angel called Healing Revival on December 5 of 2000 in Grant’s Pass. The angel came to me again in Albany the next February. He stood in the church service with his body going through the ceiling of the church. Then the Lord told me the angel’s name and that he was the same angel I saw in Grant’s Pass earlier. God also revealed to me that this angel was involved in the ministry of John Lake, William Branham, and John Knox in Scotland. This angel, the Lord said, is from the North West Healing Revival and is manifesting again as a sign that God is restoring the Voice of Healing revival and opening up the ancient wells” ANGELIC HOSTS Revivalist Todd Bentley

Both Lake and Branham had unusual experiences that included angels and many are experiencing the same things today. Bentley has an angel endorsing the Healing rooms.

Cal pierce says, “The church has been crying out for this healing anointing to return. After fasting for 40days, God directed me to re-dig this healing well that John G. Lake had dug. On May 29, 1999 we gathered over 100 intercessors from all parts of Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Utah to re-dig this healing well.”

I don’t understand…we don’t have enough healers? Nearly every TV evangelist is a healer- one would think everyone would be well twice by now with all the healings taking place on TBN, Daystar and the travelling crusades.

IAHR Leadership Cal Pierce “Healing is the undergarment that God’s army will wear to support the armor for battle.” “All of the provision of the cross must impact the body of Christ.  God is raising up an end-time army that must get out of the tent if it is going to march to the battle and take the harvest.  This army will not march to the battle on crutches.  It will have signs and wonders following it.”

This sounds identical to Joel’s Army that we have heard so much about from the Vineyard churches that were under John Wimber and the Kansas prophets under Paul Cain.

Jill Austin runs the "Passion and Fire" conferences spreading Toronto manifestations. She is also part of the prophetic team at Mike Bickle’s International House of Prayer (formerly of the Kansas city Prophet group)

She has prophesied “HEALING ROOMS; These will explode all over the world.  Also healing teams will go to hospitals and to places in the world where epidemics are breaking out." (October 2000)

"The Lord is about to release His faithful hidden ones in these last days as the rage of Satan increases.  He is bringing this new realm of glory to earth to bring in a great harvest of souls through signs, wonders and miracles, using broken and weak vessels like us." (On the healing Rooms website- Prophetic Word
- Jill Austin  - 'Master Potter Ministries')

Jill Austin (at the Toronto Airport Church January 1996) also gave a "prophecy" about a new Government being brought forth to rule the world. She likens it to the new Round Table of Knights: “And I feel like ...what the Lord is doing on government is He's taking His apostolic thumb, and He's placing it down as a governmental movement. He's crying out for you to be willing to be Knights of the Round Table. ... He says, 'I'm going to take different men and women of different denominations and tribes and put them together like in Knights of the Round Table, internationally.' He says, 'One reason I'm doing that is there's going to be a worldwide God internet ...I'm giving you fresh strategy.' He says, 'Just like the world, moving underground like with the Mafia or like Hitler.' What He's going to do is give you a Holy Spirit espionage. He's going to start just showing you the purposes of the living God for different nations and for different cities…. These boards will be international and interdenominational by nature, but the thumbprint of God will awaken the apostolic power within the church”

Shades of Knights Templar! As if she doesn’t know the plans on the table by John Wimber or Peter Wagner and his apostolic government. It does not take a prophet to see where a part of the church is headed or led.

It is not surprising to see other Vineyard pastors involved in the Healing Rooms. One is Randy Clark who was responsible for launching the “Toronto Blessing,” in 1994.

Then there is this prophetic word from Barbara Wentroble at the Northwest Intercessors conference, (March 10, 2001 Portland, Oregon):

“And I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, This is an hour that I am going to release an anointing upon My spiritual explorers in this area. They are going to discover rivers of water, and they are going to discover healing streams.

This is an hour I am going to cause the streams to begin to come together in this area. And even as the streams and the tributaries begin to join together, I am going to release a power in this area, and it shall be a power that shall cause healings and miracles to be released. I purpose this area to be an area of healing.

Healing centers from city to city and region to region. There will be healing cities. And many will come into those healing waters and they shall find healing, and they shall find restoration. Know that as I release My healing anointing, not just the church is going to come, but know that I shall bring the desperate.

I shall bring those that do not know Me, but they are desperate for a miracle. And they shall come into those healing centers, and I shall release my healing, restoring power. It will cause a mighty harvest to break open in this area.

For even as it was in the past when I sent explorers into this territory to find, and they found sources of water, I say My spiritual explorers in this area are going to find healing waters and healing streams. Im going to loose the waters of revival in this area. Im going to change the statistics of this area.” (sic)

Where have we heard of “healing waters and healing streams. From Benny Hinn who was going to build a healing center in Texas in 2000. Rod Parsley prophesied it would be the easiest thing he would ever do…. we are still waiting. This prophecy by Wentroble who is associated with the Elijah list and with Peter Wagner's false new apostolic group is of the same genre. Wentroble is part of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders which includes others like Dutch Sheets, Mike Bickel, Mike and Cindy Jacobs, Tommy Tenney, Bart Pierce- who all under the Apostolic leadership of C Peter Wagner. She spoke at Wagner’s Apostolic Prophetic Alignment: on the topic of "Taking Dominion Now: Unlocking Strategy for Kingdom Advancement." As far as the prophecy goes - it is typical Latter Rain speech” releasing his anointing, power in a certain area, all focused on the healing movement through these centres. And the origin of healing waters and such things like this –is from American Indian religion.

Under “SIGNS & WONDERS MOVEMENT” on the Elijah list (website) they cite Cindy Jacobs (also associated with Peter Wagner’s new apostolic network) "A new signs and wonders movement is coming which is significantly greater than what was seen in the days of the post-World War II healing evangelists. Part of the fruit of this movement will be healing centers which will be built around the world, devoted to praying for the sick and casting out demons

"One of the distinctive of this movement will be raising the dead.  This will break barrenness off the church and such great fruitfulness will result that whole cities will turn to Christ and be transformed.  This move of God will be so powerful that the church will gather in stadiums to worship…. This will grow out of what some call the 'Saints Movement', in which large numbers of ordinary believers will be mobilized to win the lost, to cast out demons, and to heal the sick."(Cindy Jacobs - 'Generals of Intercession')

We can see where this is all headed and who is behind its momentum. This is the same vision of Paul Cain who preached the Latter Rain to the Vineyard movement. Healing Rooms are in nearly every State of the USA - there are now Rooms in numerous countries. For example Canada, Australia, France, Germany, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Korea, Malaysia, Norway, Holland, Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa and even Israel.

This why people need to hear another side before they jump in the healing river of these rooms.

We read- A.C.T.S. Ministries stands for Apostolic Center for Training and Service

They have ministries and organizations throughout the city that are working towards city transformation. In fact, they sound like a Latter Rain restoration ministry that has all the elements that should be avoided by the church today. It seems to be the same concept that Ed Silvoso is pushing.

Apostolic Government (Cd) by Cal Pierce “teaching on what the Apostolic is and what God meant for it to do. Why we need it to be restored to our Church body before we see God's power here on earth.”  Or Divine Health/Healing (CD): “A new birthing is taking place in the body of Christ. Apostolic government is birthing forth into it's fullness and the stone face of religion and witchcraft is in opposition to it's establishment. God is changing that stone face from a monument into a movement that will demonstrate His Supernatural Power!

These practices are connected to the transformations video produced through George Otis Jr. who is under Wagner’s apostolic network.-

On the Healing Rooms' website they offer Prophetic Artwork like a “Stairway to Heaven” (There is no such thing as prophetic artwork. Prophecy is spoken; it is God’s word, not images drawn).

Along with some decent books on their website, they offer “Other Books,” such as 10 Curses That Block the Blessing, books by Larry Huch who teaches how to remove curses on Christians. A Divine Revelation of Hell Booklet: Apostolic Government; books by Cindy Jacobs, Peter Wagner, Barbara Yoder, Mike Bickle by charismatic extremists like the Hunters, Paula Sandford, Norvelle Hayes; John Paul Jackson; John Bevere; E. W. Kenyon and His Message of Faith: The True Story; Booklet: Healing the Land; Experiencing The Depths of Jesus Christ by the mystic Jeanne Marie Bouvier De LA Motte Guyon. This should give an indication as to where they are coming from – what they are into; its not good or healthy doctrine that is being promoted by this ministry.

Books about healing diabetes through prayer, pamphlets describing divine cures for cancer and works by faith-healing televangelist Benny Hinn are sold in an adjacent room. They offer the Mantle Pack which are “12 of the most popular and anointed books/training materials we sell at Healing Rooms Ministries.”

Prayer cloths are also used which is only found once with one apostle in the Bible, it was not a passed down Christian practice. The prayer cloths are cut from blue flannel, anointed with oil and prayed over by their intercessors.

Healing Room website ACTS 19:11-12 "God gave Paul the power to do unusual miracles, so that even when handkerchiefs or cloths that had touched his skin were placed on sick people, they were healed of their diseases, and any evil spirits within them came out." (The New Living Translation)

”When we re-opened the Healing Rooms in Spokane, one of the things offered was to do hospital and shut-in visitation on call and have prayer cloths prayed over and sent out as requested. One of the most often requested things of the Healing Rooms is prayer cloths. Our prayer clothes are cut from a bolt of blue flannel. The cloths are anointed with oil and prayed over by our intercessors before we mail them out to you”
(Healing Rooms website “Prayer Cloths”)

This might be a Pentecostal tradition like slain in the Spirit but it is not a biblical one. Only one apostle had people healed by his cloths and the Bible does not ever call them “prayer cloths.” The Bible actually calls what Paul did an unusual miracle, not an everyday occurrence, and these were Paul’s personal cloths not a merchandise production by his ministry.

The Healing Rooms train their technicians with an 8 week course to become a certified healer. They call them DHT (Divine Healing Technicians), which frankly sounds scientology like.

They have a list for activating the healing, it is methodical and certainly sounds like a healing formula.  Here are some excerpts that I find wrong:

Things to do when you minister to the sick:”

14) Place you hands as close to where the problem is as possible. The power of the Holy Ghost comes out of you and you want that power as close as possible to the infirmity to destroy it. If someone needs healing in a private part of their body, have them put their hand over or near the area, then place your hand on top of theirs. Be discreet in all you do, for you represent Jesus.

19) Don't forget, there are two things necessary for the manifestation of healing to be accomplished:

      a) The name of Jesus (You can't say it too much)

        b) The power of God's Holy Spirit.

20) Make sure they say, "Thank you Jesus!" Thanksgiving to God can complete an incomplete healing.

23) Tell them their confession should be that by His stripes 1 am healed. Let their faith begin to speak those things that are not as though they are. (Romans 4:17) Continue to give Glory to God.

28) Don't let them lose their healing through doubt and disbelief. Stay with them until they actually know that they are healed. The devil comes to steal their healing after they leave you, so don't let him. Our best shield against this attack is our confession and our praise” (How To Keep Your Healing -

Charisma magazine reported on the Healing Rooms “Cal Pierce, director of the Healing Rooms, believes that Christ's atonement provides both redemption and physical healing. He cannot understand how Christians can so readily believe God for their salvation but not for their healing.

When we lay hands on people, we pray, 'You are healed'--not--'You are going to be healed,'" Pierce says. (Reopening the Healing Room, Mar.2002 By Don Otis)

If one uses this kind of logic it would be the same as saying to someone “you are saved” before they are. How can one honestly say you are healed, when prayer is asking God to intervene only God can definitively pronounce this. God has no formula for healing, our having faith includes His will and timing in it. Saying 'you are healed' when even the Healing Rooms tell people to continue to come back, means they are not actually healed.

Everyone wants power to help people that are hurting. Christians are no different. However, telling people they are healed when you can’t definitively say they are, is not helping anyone. What if they are not? Do you still say they are? Jesus healed and they did not have to keep coming back. While Jesus is our ultimate example, it is the apostles' teaching we follow because they are the ones that taught the church. They did not see everyone healed, Paul needed healing and asked the Lord 3 times of which his answer back to his three request were “My grace is sufficient.” God still heals and it is good for people to pray for healing, but not to presume automatic healing.


 pt.4 Faith Healing - Good intentions, false theology


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