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In the Scripture Jesus is called “I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star” (Rev 22:16 also 2 pt 1:19) bright, pertaining to the morning, the dawn, even the sunrise.

Daystar network of Marcus and Joni Lamb (Dallas-based broadcaster) could be an example of starting off with good intent but caught up with the normal greed and power that comes with the spotlight focused on you.

Marcus Lamb President of Daystar Television Network and CEO, was named among the Top 50 most Influential Christian Leaders in America by The Church Report Magazine, Jan. 06.

While there is a small percentage of good teachers on their programming you can consider them the younger sister of TBN and yet this sibling to TBN has grown up. Most of the all star teachers on TBN are found on Daystar when they need to raise funds to continue their programming, and their tactics do not change.

Daystar operates 43 television stations broadcasted in 150 countries. TBN gets 300,000 commitments to donate in their telethon. Daystar has the same Christian/celebs come on and use the same tried and proven tactics that TBN has used to get their donations. Plant your SEED. FCC records also show that Daystar maintains an “airtime sales” office. Daystar charges independent program producers up to $3,696 per half-hour to reach viewers through its non-commercial and public-interest channels”

Dayastar has all the famous seed faith, word faith teachers as guests; from Avanzini, to Mike Murdock, to Jesse Duplantis. They have another platform to give their new revelation and solicit the monies needed for continuing to air the programming. They have guests like John Paul Jackson who was once part of the now defunct Kansas City Prophets movement that infiltrated the Vineyard (Mike Bickle, bob Jones, and Jackson were a trio connected to Paul Cain). He is on the Joni show and does christian dream interpretation (as if there is such a gift). Some of these men teach their “gift” was given to him before they were “saved.” Its all quite entertaining and very ear ticklish. We are told God speaks to us in dreams and visions while we sleep (Job 33:14-18). Unfortunately it is rare when He does, and it is often done when we are not receiving from his word that he would use other means. You find a lot of these “gifted men” on The Elijah List, which reads like whose who of the false prophets (Mt.24:11,24).

Don’t hear me wrong, there are still some good programs on daystar that uphold sound expository teaching FROM the Bible. Unfortunately whatever good this network could do they are being irresponsible on who they present to the public as representing Christ, it often becomes the worst of the worst.

Joni Lamb: "You know, Daystar is a network that believes in miracles and, uh, some time ago we had to remove a program because, um, we had a programmer who was teaching that miracles were not for today."
Darlene Bishop: "Oh, my Lord!"
Joni Lamb: "And that they..."
Marcus Lamb: "That they ceased with the days of the apostles."
Joni Lamb: "That they ceased with the days of the apostles.  And so, you know we contacted this ministry and said, 'That this doesn't line up with what Daystar believes."
Darlene Bishop: "Thank God!"

(Joni Lamb, Darlene Bishop, Marcus Lamb, "Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon" March, 2005).

This is interesting, someone that does not believe in miracles like they do they remove from their programming, but they allow the false teachers to run ram shod over their faithful audience. To not teach or allow spiritual gifts can diminish all that god can do but to accentuate the gifts that go beyond the Scripture or not discern counterfeits is far more serious, it is dangerous. What of not discerning false teaching or promoting it to influence millions, is this not a concern? They must agree with seed of faith connivers otherwise they would not allow their programming.  The Lamb's would  remove a program that did not teach miracles for today (which I disagree with) but would not only keep but promote a teacher like T.D. Jakes who denies the Trinity. Why?  is it about MONEY!  You be the judge; but I believe that they do not know what the difference is.

I have held off on writing this article but it needs to be said. You wait and hope they will change but instead they only get worse (this years telethon is proof of that 2006). They accept the faith prosperity message and convince others how true it is. How do they do it? By giving testimonies: Days Star (Spring 2006) says they sowed $10,000 to Jesse Duplantis for an upgrade on a plane. And lo and behold they got a plane from a Christian business man in Atlanta. That’s how it works behind the cameras.

Mike Murdock is a frequent guest (Marcus Lamb looks like Murdock) is allowed to give the same appeal he always has done a repeatedly- a $58 seed to $1,000. There is no shame in raising their funds this way after all it has worked on TBN. There’s no one better at spiritual manipulation than Mike Murdock who says on Daystar: “I, really sense the Lord saying to me that, 'There are churches, there are ministers and there are business people that this $8,500 seed is going to connect you to a million dollar plus decision.  A million dollar plus opportunity." ( Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon, February, 2005).

Marcus Lamb “I believe there are 300 people just like Gideon’s army of 300.” These people are those that will give $77. (Just like Mike Murdock or Steve Munsey).

Juanita Bynum speaking of herself “when God sends a prophet to speak a word its something he wants to change right now” (Mar. 1 Daystar 2005). The seed of $77 is a double perfection number “that one time will break the yoke of the enemy.” Bynum says everytime she is about to speak something that it will affect people eternally. But the enemy attacks and she has seen the lights go out, both the electricity and the microphone. Others may see the enemy working in a different way.

“When I got to the 77 seed offering the microphone went down. Bynum says “I will never say on national TV something God does not tell me to say.” REALLY, then God has told her to say a lot of nonsense, which is disappointing.

Marcus Lamb says “There's three people at $7,700 one time and three people at $77,000 one time.  You need to obey the Lord.  And it may be a business--I don't know.  But, you need to obey the Lord.  There's three of you each and it's very, very, special that the Lord out of all these thousands of people watching all over the world that He would stop me and He would say, 'Speak to those six people--Three at $7700 and three to give $77,000 one time.'  So He stopped me out of all that's going on and said, 'Speak to those people.”’ (Marcus Lamb, Daystar- Fall Share-A-Thon, Sept. 2005)

Lamb has copied the coercive tactics of the prosperity teachers, like Mike Murdock who says there are 1189 miracles $1189. Sow an extra seed of $1000, double your wisdom in the next 6 months. “delayed obedience becomes disobedience.” Obey who? The new revelation of Doc Mike Murdock (Mar.8, 2005)

Obviously being led by the Spirit does not mean being led into understanding the word but following these new prophets words. Which just happen to be telling you how much money you need to give to them for their TV shows.

Tune and you will hear such nonsense using fear to motivate the people by Larry Huch: “If you’re pregnant you need to call in and break every family curse off your baby before it’s ever born!”
Marcus Lamb: “Yes! That’s good!” (Larry Huch and Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon, March 9, 2005)

Maybe he should concentrate on love and truth as perfect love casts out fear.

Give that name of your need to your seed Marcus Lamb says, repeating the false teaching of soo many others. Can God use people that are using false doctrines like these? Luke 8:11 the seed is the word of God- NOT money according to Jesus. They are to be sowing the word into your life so you can grow spiritually. Instead they have twisted God’s word by their own desired interpretation and made you give to their ministry for support. And why do people give? Because they do not know the word of God, which is the SEED! Furthermore Jesus said The devil has comes to steal the word (seed) from you. When you do not have understanding of the word he can steal everything by ministers who come as angels of light *(read 2 Cor.11:14-215).

"And God is saying, 'Move today.'  It could be that you need a new house!  It could be that you need a better car!  It could be that you need a promotion on the job...It could be that you've been praying for that son to get saved...You've been praying that God would restore your marriage...I say to you today, 'Don't just throw your seed.  Sow your seed!'  There is a difference.  You can call up today and make a pledge and that's great!  And I say, 'God bless you.'  But if you don't have an intended purpose for that seed then all you did is throw that seed instead of sow that seed” (Marcus Lamb, "Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon, March, 2005).

So if we give money specifically to God’s TV network he will fix the things broken in our life, marriage, salvation etc. Isn’t that just like God to be in business of giving you high returns on your money. Well miracles are one thing- paying (not praying) for God to have his grace and power in your life is another.

Daystar had begun to sell beauty products- Daystar progesterone cream “the bible talks about us changing from glory to glory and this is going to do this,” Says Marcus Lamb (June 3, 05). No- I don’t think so. The glory God is speaking about is about our faith transforming us daily not the outward beauty, but there is no problem illegally interpreting the Bible to sell their products (2 Cor.2:18).

"There are three of you--Three special people that the Lord is speaking to about a $1,000,000 gift.  One of you is a professional athlete.  One of you is a successful businessman and one of you is a woman that God has greatly blessed and if you're one of those people that God is speaking to call and let us know.  When He speaks to you about a significant gift like a $1,000,000 He's got a significant miracle on His mind." (Marcus Lamb, "Daystar Fall Share-A-Thon," September,2005)

Isn’t it amazing how specific the lord is about the amount of money he wants from those who have it.

Let us not ignore the Scripture- Prov 22:16: “He that oppresseth the poor to increase his riches, and he that giveth to the rich, shall surely come to want. Paul said: Let Every man give according to as he purpose in his heart, let him give not grudgingly, or of necessity"

Recently Day Star hosted the Mormon Tabernacle which is used to evangelize for the church, they broadcasted from Temple Square. They told the history of the choir. They were united together to feed the children. Mormons believe in miracles so I figure there’s no problem having them on and working with them.

What we need to see are men with integrity to represent the Lord and the church to the public not money seekers of fame and fortune. This is shameful and certainly affirms the idea that it is about money - not the truth Jesus gave. So when you tune into Daystar you are getting a youthful TBN- as the saying goes 'see you next time on the same bat channel.'

“That’s what God brought alive in my spirit. He said, ‘Son, ask for 70 people, at least 70 people that in the next 30 minutes will pledge $1,000 towards the worldwide outreach of Daystar…I believe that God is saying that the same thing that He did with the 70 in Luke chapter 10 [Luke 10:17] that He’s going to do for you!” (Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon,” March 7, 2005)

“It’s a different level of faith. It may seem like something beyond what you are able to do. That’s when you know it’s God. Because, it’s not something that you can just do naturally. It’s not something that you would do in the flesh. It’s not something that you would do of your own accord. It’s a God thing. It’s bigger than you are. That’s why God tests you by going to a level like this. He’s wanting to see if He can trust you. Can He, He’s wanting to see if you can recognize His voice. Can you act uhh, on faith upon what He says? And when you do, God can see that He can trust you with a $1,000 gift then He can see that He’s going to be able to intrust you with so much more. But if He can’t trust you to give $1,000, how can He trust you to receive $100,000 or $250,000. It’s a trust thing. It’s a test.” (Marcus Lamb, “Daystar Fall Share-A-Thon,” September 14, 2004)

So according to Lamb God is going to trust us by our giving away money to Lamb. I think we should trust God. Before we step over the line and put money on our credit card for that thousand dollar seed blessing we should consult God and see if these are really His ways or mans. because this is a test.




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