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Special DVD

 Audio library collection

A package of several hundred audio clips,  on the word faith teachers, Latter Rain, and New Age.  Hear them explain and defend their beliefs. (cost is $21 for collection that covers many years and numerous teachers) A wealth of information for those who discern.

 - Hundreds of quotes of word faith teachers Copeland, Hinn, Price, Dollar, Duplantis, Murdock, Meyer, Huch, Hickey, Avanzini, White, Crouch, and many others.   Latter Rain- Rodney Browne, Vineyard revival- John Arnott, The New Apostolic prophets.  New age - channelers. Cults, Iglesia ni christo, International church of Christ, Arnold Murray.

 Proofs of their consistent false teaching. Get their statements on audio to prove to their followers what they actually teach- a must for those who are evangelizing and into apologetics.

Faith teachers documentation mp3  (hours of audio)

$21 includes shipping in US

$22.50 overseas

Audio from the Let Us Reason Broadcast


Discernment Conference 2001

 Excellent conference with a variety of speakers that addressed the issues the Church faces in the world and inside the Church.






  MP3 -Let Us Reason Radio Broadcast

all programs for $25.00

  • Dr. Wayne House- on M. Scott Peck's book The Road Less Traveled
  • Interview with Ron Rhodes interview - The cults in America 1hr.
  • Interview with Mark Eastman on origins and pt.2 last day deceptions 1hr.
  • Interview with Larry Thomas on the laughter movement
  • Larry Thomas on the spiritual warfare movement
  • Interview with Jewel van Der Mewre on the Latter Rain movement 2 hours long
  • Interview with Larry Murphy missionary to Islam- informative on what they really believe and practice and what are their goals.
  • Richard Albanes- on near death experiences
  • Interview with a former Jehovah's Witness
  • A collection of Interviews with Former members of the Oahu Church of Christ (ICC) 2 tapes 2 hrs.
  • Interview with a former member of the Children of God (Marlene Skurtu) (2 parts). 1 hr.15 min.
  • Interview with Dr. John Boyd on Mormonism- 2hrs.excellent on learning the basics of Mormonism and their differences with Christianity
  • Interview with author  Perucci Ferraiuolo of the book "Disney and the Bible"
  • Discussion with Rich Varlinsky of Witness inc. on Jehovah Witnesses teachings and practices 1hr.
  • Rich Varlinsky teaching on the 1914 date change
  • Interview with Dwayne Magnani director of Witness inc. Witnessing to the J.W.s
  • Interview with Eric Greishaber on the Jehovah's Witnesses 1 1/2 hrs.

         Interview's with Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum

  • Interview with Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum on the law and old covenant 1/2 hr.
  • Interview with Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum on the tribulation, rapture question 1 hr.
  • Interview with Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum on  the Millennium 
  •  Interview with Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum answering questions on the Bible code and various subjects.

    The Word /Faith Movement

  • The Jubilee scam1hr.
  • The death of Jesus and the word faith view of his becoming sin
  • The Word faith connection with the occult.
  • The connection between the new age occult and the word/faith teachings.
  • Teachers on TBN
  • The Jubilee teaching 2 parts
  • Death by faith 2 parts- On faith teachers who have died
  • Kenneth Copeland 'the Anointing' 4 parts 2 hrs.
  • Benny Hinn and his theology 2 parts 1hr.
  • On Benny Hinn visiting Hawaii
  • Overview Benny Hinn
  • Benny Hinn and Jesus' 2nd coming physically to his crusades
  • Gnosticism - various audio clips of current word faith teachers

    Latter Rain

  • Discussion on the latter rain- revealing, current with clips from teachers
  • Gnosticism - 4 parts
  • Miracles of deception
  • Spiritual warfare 2 parts Discussion with Mike Oppenheimer

    The International Church of Christ- Baptism and discipleship.   complete teaching set for 11.00

    • Numerous programs on this controversial church
    • The One true church, Baptism, Grace, Activities, salvation- with audio clips from leaders
On Cults
  • Who joins the cults?
  • the Cults in Hawaii
  • Rev. Moon
  • Bahai -2 parts
  • Seventh Day Adventism  
  • 4 part series 1. and the Sabbath 2.The mark of the beast 3. The Prophetess Ellen G. White  4.soul sleep --Refuting Adventist interpretations of Scripture


  • Contradictions in the Book of Mormon
  • Polygamy
  • How to witness to Mormons
  • Can we become gods? Also Mormon theology
  • Rebuttal on Farms
  • Blacks and the priesthood
  • The issue of baptism for the dead
  • Lecture on the basic overview of their teachings
  • Witnessing to Mormons & Salvation in Mormonism
  • guest Dr. John Boyd on Mormonism- 2 hrs. excellent information on learning the basics of Mormonism.
  • Interview with Mormon Representative   (from the Institute of Religion- part of the transcript is posted in the Mormonism section) 1 hour long-A  perfect example of being painted in a corner, great info.

Jehovah's  Witnesses

  • How they receive salvation
  • The faithful and discreet slave of the Jehovah's Witnesses- on Charles Russell
  • the 144,000 mediators of Jehovah's Witnesses
  •  How to witness to Jehovah's Witnesses
  • Is Jesus Michael- proving he is not
  • Changing the date of the last generation
  • Jn.1.1 and the Greber connection
  • The name Jehovah-showing the manipulation
  • Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses with the 144,000
  • The Nicene church and the Trinity.

Teaching on Doctrines

  • The Gospel
  • What is the gospel
  • Mystery of the gospel
  • Atheism
  • Calvinism- 2 parts
  • Adam and Eve in the Garden
  • Satan's fall
  • Replacement theology and Israel
  • The paradigm shift in America
  • The challenge before us as Christians
  • Explaining the Trinity and the Son of God
  • The Person of the Holy Spirit
  • Unity of religion
  • The Resurrection, fact or fantasy?
  • Is there a Hell?
  • We are under construction
  • The gospel- a discussion on what is and what it is not
  • What is the law for?
  • Using the law to witness to unbelievers 1 hr.


  • Basics of the religion 2 parts
  • Interview with Mark Lundeen on Islam   

  • The Real Islam

  • Ecumenism with Islam 

  •  Is Islam a religion of peace?                                                  

The New age

  • new age medicine overview
  • Alternative medicine - holistic health
  • Nature religions
  • Pantheism
  • Reincarnation or Resurrection
  • occultic deception of the new age
  • Oprah -the secret
  • Modern day prophets
  • Unity and the UN perspective
  • Paradigm in Education (outcome based education)
  • Maitreya and Benjamen Creme
  • UFO's messengers of deception

     Oneness Pentecostalism

  • Oneness influence in the church
  • Explaining the personhood of God to Oneness
  • TBN promoting unity with Oneness Pentecostals (About Oneness )

Pentecostal Issues

  • Mike Oppenheimer is interviewed on the new revival 2 tapes
  • Origins and intents of the Toronto blessing
  • the new wave "anointed ones"
  • Today's prophets
  • Suffering
  • on healing
  • The issue of tongues
  • Teachers on TBN
  • The Latter Rain-discussion and interview of current revivalism
  • Assorted topics
  • Poke'mon  
  • The book Harry Potter
  • What’s wrong with Harry Potter
  •  looking at the claims of  the Transformation video


Debates on CD audio

Roman Catholicism- Catholics Jerry Matatics  and Mike Stafford debate Chris Roth and Mike Oppenheimer. Four parts (topics are: Scripture and Tradition, Mary, Purgatory, Salvation), over 5 hours with Questions and answers. This was lively and hot, as well as embarrassing. They video taped this, but refused to send us a copy after it was done. Very informative on what they really believe and what they think of Protestants.

Oneness Pentecostalism Debate on the Trinity and salvation 1 hr. (debate on the radio)

Part 1.Oneness debate on Salvation 2 1/2 hrs. This is part one of a  two part debate (5 hours total) (Tinitarians) Mike Oppenheimer and Manasseh Tiutuku vs. (Oneness)Scott Williams and Elishua Reed                                                                                                           

    Part 2.Oneness debate on Trinity 2 1/2 hrs (also in Video)

Moonie representatives (Unification church)-1 1/2 hrs- A revealing discussion of their zeal for serving a false messiah. Table discussion with representatives from the Mormons, Bahai and Eastern Catholic 2hrs.(also in video). One of a kind discussion. This shows the beliefs of the Mormons, the Bahai's, and the liberalism of an Eastern Catholic bishop and how they are unable to defend their beliefs when challenged.