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The Words you Speak by Faith are What you Get

When one hears a word faith teacher speak about faith it does not have the same meaning as what we learn from the Scripture. It is metaphysical; it’s focused on the power of oneself and for oneself. 

Occult science denies the symptoms of sickness because the physical is an illusion or is ruled by the spiritual. The founder of Christian Science Mary Baker Eddy’s viewpoint was that “Man is incapable of sin, sickness, and death” (Science and Health 475:28), what she said was the mind was in ignorance of its higher reality. The word faith teachers say some very similar statements by denying sickness and denying that we are sinners. Everything is blamed on the Devil attacking the Christian in various ways and we need to use the force of faith to combat him.

Religious Science teacher Charles Fillmore said “Faith in the reality, power, and willingness of the mental and spiritual forces is absolutely essential to success in demonstrating the higher law. Jesus was the herald of a set of laws that will revolutionize the civilization of this world and will produce a new and higher type of man” (p.94 Christian Healing, Charles Fillmore).

Also “We should have faith in our own power, capacity, and ability” Suggestions on how to use faith Fillmore writes—“2. Holding continuously to the reality of things spiritual establishes them in mind-they become mental substance. 5. My doubts and fears are dissolved and dissipated; in confidence and peace I rest in God's unchangeable law” (Christian Healing)

In metaphysics the higher rules the lower. What we control in the spiritual realm will manifest in the physical. This process is done by seeing or speaking, affirmations. In the word faith philosophy words have power, they contain the force when spoken in faith.

The power to see in Spirit is peculiar to faith. In its outer expression this power is sight; interiorly it is that which perceives the reality of the substance of Spirit. Mental seeing is knowing; when we perceive the truth of a proposition, we say, “I see, I see, “ meaning that we mentally discern” (Charles Fillmore Christian Healing).

The concept is to have it birthed in the spiritual realm first and then it will come about in the natural. As one takes the Scripture believing and confessing it the process of supernatural faith begins. One is to speak what they want into existence. This of course is not Christianity but metaphysics, it has both the elements of Christian Science and Religious Science teachings. These were part of the new thought spirituality of the early 1900's, we know them today as new age teaching.

Multitudes of Christians imagine that faith is believing that what they are saying, continue to repeat what they want to happen and that if they truly believe, they will have whatever they ask. If things happen because one believes it, then one does not need God. This is mind power, not “faith in God” that Christ taught (Mk 11:22). It is faith in faith that is a force. Kenneth Hagin and his followers call it "the law of faith," which even non-Christians can use to get alleged miracles. (Kenneth E. Hagin, Having Faith in Your Faith (Rhema, 1980), p.3-4.)

Hagin also said when you’re sick because “Often you create your own negative situations yourself with wrong thinking, wrong believing, and wrong speaking. So start believing according to God's Word. Then begin making positive confessions of faith and victory over your life” (The Word of Faith magazine, You Can Have What You Say).

Similarly Fillmore stated faith is “to carry out every desire into which we infuse it. “Nothing shall be impossible unto you,” if your faith is in Spirit, and if your work is in harmony with Divine Mind” (p.89 Christian Healing, Charles Fillmore).

The reason we are to have this ability is exactly what the word faith teachers hold to--God looks into the mirror of the universe and sees Himself as man; He gives Himself to man, and man in his highest is God manifest”(p.99 Christian Healing, Charles Fillmore).

Charles Fillmore stated, Today I lay claim to all the attributes of God . . . [and] as a Divine being . . . I rejoice in my Divine nature” (Science of Mind, December 1986).

The admission to one’s self that man is God’s own likeness sets man free to master the infinite idea” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health 90:24-25).

To have this power they call faith one must recognize his own godhood and power, which is what the majority of word faith teachers espouse. Like their new thought, Gnostic, metaphysical fathers they say the same things, only in slightly different terms.

Now after hearing from metaphysical teachers we can go to the faith that Creflo Dollar is teaching and see the metaphysical similarities.

Creflo Agrees with the Mind Science position by saying, Growing into sonship means that you grow in your ability to operate as a “little God” (a replica of the Father) in the earth” (World Changers magazine, p.6, Dec. 2002).

Creflo explains his revelation of how God creates: “he used faith substance when he made all the things that he made so that’s the material that’s behind all the of the creativity of God. So we understand God’s creative power is faith. He used faith to create everything that he created.”Faith is the stuff that we use to get the stuff that we need. That’s what faith is.” “Faith is the word of God, the same stuff that’s in God he put it in his word and the bible says in the beginning was the word the with God and the word was God. God and his word are the same.” (And according to Mr. Dollar its stuff!) “The substance of the house you want is faith substance. …before the wood, before the tree, before the seed, there was the substance. And when you get the substance, then you can get the seed, which will bring the tree, which will produce the wood, which will build your house.” “But without faith stuff, you have no stuff, because faith stuff is the stuff of all stuff. Take away the faith stuff, you ain't got no stuff. Get the faith stuff, and you can get some more stuff, because you got the main stuff. Now, did you get all that stuff? (Changing Your World, Sept. 20, 1998)

Creflo explains the nature of God in ways that even the Bible does not. “Now, God used faith substance to make everything that He made…in every one of those words they were filled with faith substance, because words are nothing but containers. every time God speaks, He can't help but to speak words that are filled with faith…God's guts are called faith stuff…. Everything in Him is faith.… What's in His heart is faith….if you were to cut God open, you'd see nothing but faith. Every time He opens His mouth now, He automatically fills those words with His faith material. (Changing Your World program, Sept. 20, 1998)

God’s guts his insides are composed of that material called faith that’s what’s in him so whatever he says is filled with that stuff.” I didn’t know God’s insides are made of faith, did you? I thought the Bible said He is Spirit? I guess one can always learn something new from Creflo’s ministry! Unfortunately what he is saying is not true. If faith is only a force then God is not a Eternal living Spirit that is personal.

Creflo explains “So faith is spiritual force, we know faith is God’s creative power, we know it’s the substance of all the things we hope for and desire.” He is able to say this because it is what you say that matters not just what is written. He is able to say this because he knows no one checks their bible thoroughly to see if this is what faith is. The word “faith” is not a substance as Creflo interprets (though its called a substance in the NKJ). Faith (Gr. Pistis) means persuasion, i.e. credence, moral conviction (of religious truth, or the truthfulness of God), a reliance upon. Substance (Gr. Hupostasis) is a compound of two Greek words hupo and histemi; which means what is placed under (as support), i.e. (figurative) concrete essence, or abstract assurance (object or subject) confidence, substance. “Faith is the substance,” means what is under you (Gr. hupo), what you “stand upon” (Gr. stasis). It is a foundation for something to stand on; our foundation of faith is God and His Word. When we learn and understand the Word of God a foundation is built under us. In salvation faith is trusting in the work Christ did on the cross. This happened nearly two thousand years ago, this is why salvation is by faith today; we cannot see it. Faith is something you are assured of by God’s Word but cannot see.

However, faith involves an assent to what is truth, not what is false. In other words if we believe the Word of God we must make sure we are interpreting it correctly. For example Jesus walked on water but this is not a promise given to all believers that when needed they can walk on water. Nor are we told to use faith to obtain things that are not yet seen or exist.

Here he explains the power of the tongue gives power to God’s word. “Declare what is written, that’s your faith…. You put your faith before your eyes, your faith in your ears, your faith in your mouth you get your faith in your heart, faith will bring the stuff that you’ve been believing for out of your heart and will break through the door of this physical natural world a manifestation of the glory of faith will be there because you acted and believed what was written and not some junk.…So it’s the word of God on the thing that your needing in your life, deposited in your heart by going through your eyes and your ears your mouth, its in your heart then it comes out. That is what faith is and that is what faith will do for you.”

So the word of God becomes like an incantation book that you speak to bring forth from the invisible.

Whatever God says will come to pass he can’t lie because if God said there’s enough faith to bring what he said to pass if Satan says it there is no faith at all, its a lie, lie, lie, that’s why he needs you to agree with his lie because you got the faith he needs to bring his lie to pass.” The system is set up where he says where God has faith Satan says I’ll create fear. There is of faith Satan says I’ll create the law of fear. He’ll operate by the same basic law, I’ll just invert it…I’ll get the reciprocal of it.” “Fear has become a law just as faith has become a law. You do faith, it will work for you because it is a law.”

If faith is a law and God is made of faith, what does this make God?

Here is the basic flaw and distortion of the faith movement-- not reading through a Scripture and seeking its correct context so they arrive with false meaning. It is in Romans 3:25-28 where this law of faith is mentioned: “whom God set forth as a propitiation by His blood, through faith, to demonstrate His righteousness, because in His forbearance God had passed over the sins that were previously committed, to demonstrate at the present time His righteousness, that He might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus. Where is boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? Of works? No, but by the law of faith. Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith apart from the deeds of the law.”

First we see Paul summarizing on his subject of the righteousness of the law seen in Christ. He then teaches how one is made right and cleared of guilt by God. This is the only place in the Scripture that law is used along with faith. Paul is making a point to the practitioners of the law, that it is not by law but by faith. The word “law” here is used in the sense of an arrangement, rule, or economy. It is by God’s arrangement, or by his operation that boasting is excluded just as Paul states in Eph.2:8-10 we are saved by his grace through faith,  that we have no merit; that we are lost sinners; and that we are to be justified only by faith in the gospel. God’s saving work by Christ at the cross eliminates all boasting. Yet Creflo changes the meaning and boasts about how one can receive whatever they want by this same the law, this is the very opposite God is saying. For Creflo makes the law of faith into a work we do.

To change things in your life Creflo teaches, “your tongue is the best tool to use. Make these confessions daily, and watch as your life begins to manifest the things you speak.”

Where does God say to speak to have something come to pass, where does the apostles teach this to the church? Where is this practiced in the New Testament? The primary problem with this is that one cannot find it being taught to the church by the apostles. What God said in the Old Testament was that what he spoke and the prophets or scribes of Israel wrote would come to pass. God does not need to have any faith for it to come to pass because he is in control of the whole universe not just certain parts.

 The Bible teaches to hear the word and obey it, live it out by the power and influence of the Holy Spirit and your life will change. Creflo’s solution is to say the word over and over and it will manifest. As other word faith teachers explain, it’s not what you do as much as what you speak in faith, the power is your mouth. They take Scriptures indiscriminately to provide what is needed as an absolute. So “if you need money use these, if you need health use these.

That's the key. You don't speak your words. You speak words already equipped. You speak God's word out of your mouth. … You take God's word that's filled with faith material, put it in your heart, because it ain't gonna do no good for you to speak God's word intellectually and it hasn't been deposited, you don't have no stuff in your heart. "Out of the abundance of the heart a man speaks." So it's got to be, there's got to be a deposit made before there can be a withdrawal. So the word meditated on squeezes the stuff out of, the faith stuff out of those words that came out of the mouth of God.”

Creflo goes far beyond Scriptures revelation to explain how this faith speaking works. He must, because one can’t find these explanations in the Bible.

Creflo not only can speak to things to create but he teaches that things like trees speak right back at you. “Your mouth is connected to your life. Death and life is in the power of the tongue. You're going to have to start speaking to the spirit of debt. … Jesus spoke to a thing. He spoke to a fig tree. The Bible says, “He answered it and said,” so obviously the fig tree must have been saying something to Him. It had leaves on it, but it didn't have no figs on it. And Jesus showed up hungry and the fig tree said, “I bet you think I've got some figs on me, but I ain't got no figs on me and I know you're hungry because I see you shaking, but I ain't got no figs on me. You still going to be hungry.” Jesus answered it and said, “Well then, no man will eat fruit of thee hereafter.” See, things will talk to you” (Creflo Dollar, Feb. 9, 1999)

My Bible says in response to the tree having no fruit He (Jesus) spoke to it. Because from afar it looked like it had fruit but when he near he found no fruit. He wasn’t carrying on a conversation with something that has no consciousness! This is beyond silly. In the word faith movement people speak to mountains literally, wallets and anything that gets in their way. Is our mouth connected to our abundance in life? What if you can’t speak? Hmm, then I guess you get nothing.

The success stories are numerous, “The shingles fell off my roof one time, I said that ain’t happening no more. Newsman talking about this storm getting ready to come and it was black and nasty outside, the wind was blowing and the tree, I had a tree that needed to be cut. That thing wasn’t going to fall. Not on my stuff. I went outside and said in the name of Jesus, I command this storm to turn and it will not hurt my property. My neighbors out saying “that fools standing on the porch again.” I’m going to tell you what, trees fell but they knew the boundary of my house. Today, you can go in the back and trees fell but they stopped at an inch of my fence. Wouldn’t come across my property” (Our Equality with God Through Righteousness 1/21/2001)

This frame of mind (which he thinks is the mind of Christ) also says “When you pray in tongues, don't only believe that you receive by faith, but go ahead and release your angels and have them to bring to pass what you prayed in the Holy Ghost that you don't even know what you said in your mind” (Sept.16, 1998 Every Word of God has Power pt. 4) So you can order angels around to do what you want without even knowing your saying. This is quite a spiritual fantasy Creflo has dreamed up.

In his ad at the end of one his programs people interviewed say “ The tongue gives me authority to command the forces of heaven” “It gives me the power to bind the forces of hell.

They learned this from Creflo who says, “Praying in the Holy Ghost until you tap the wisdom of God and spend time calling those things that are not as though they were.” In the name of Jesus, we’re going to have victories instead of deaths. Hallelujah. We’re going to have miracles instead of bad reports. Halleluyah. “I bind you, satan, I bind tragedy, I bind car wrecks. I bind cancer, sickness and disease. I release miracle healings. I release the angels to cause miracle result.” (First service Our Equality with God Through Righteousness 1/21/2001)

Notice the “I’s,” It becomes obvious that Creflo along with the other word faith practitioners think they are in control of this world. The implication is that man has rulership over the world by speaking and not God. Amazing that one can think that not only angels are at their beck and call but so are the elements, truly they think they are gods in their heart to be able to do these things. And in case you doubt this is what he means “...I have equality with God, that’s my way of thinking.  Now somebody says, “Well, it's hard to think that way.” Well, keep saying it, “I have equality with God” talk yourself into it!  You've talked yourself into other things!”(Audio clip played on The Bible answer-man, July 10, 2003).

So one has to convince themselves of this, I remember a similar story where a serpent had to convince Eve of the same thing.

The Word Faith Flaws

See this confess, it is a higher way but you just don’t understand. If you can see these words and where they are going and what they are doing, if you can actually see it then you’ll believe it. But you can’t see words because they are spiritual (ed. Note: no they are sound waves) but when God, when God released his words look what we got. An entire planet.

Creflo implies that we too can use God’s word to create just like he did, that is if we have enough faith.

Listen very carefully. God Almighty had faith substance in his heart. When he opened his mouth that faith substance filled the words that came out of his mouth. Genesis 1, "And God said, and God said, and God said, and God saw everything he made." How did he make it? First of all, his heart was filled with faith material. He opened his mouth, spoke words, and those words were filled with faith material. Then he saw what he said. Then he created a man, and he said to the man, "As children I want y'all to do as I do." So as God spoke words out of his mouth filled with faith and they brought things to pass, so now we speak God's words.”

But if one examines Genesis it does not say that everything created was spoken.

Creflo obviously is talking about the force of faith and not biblical faith, which is only directed toward God who will answer according to his own prerogative, in his time. For example if Moses went to the Red Sea before He was walking Israel through the desert would his faith have made it split open? Why not? Because there was a purpose to the miracle and it was God who did it in His timing and way. This is something the faith teachers seem to want to stay in the dark about.

This is clearly a methodology that figures God out. Even though God says in Isa.55:8-9: “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” says the LORD.” “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” In the word faith philosophy their thoughts and ways becomes the same as God’s.

Why would people call on the Lord for their deliverance in situation, and instead use their faith to be released. One only needs to read the book of Acts to see Peter did not release himself out of jail neither did Paul.

But according to Creflo it has to be spoken for it to work!

Creflo says “For out of the abundance of the mouth speaketh faith. For out of the abundance of the mouth speaketh fear, reciprocals.” Creflo goes as far as to connect fear in the same way as faith Fear like faith is a spiritual force. Fear is Satan’s destructive power like faith is Gods creative power. Fear is the substance of things not desired like faith is the substance of things hoped for or desired…. That means when you end up with something you didn’t want, it was fear that gave it to you.” In Creflo’s worldview it all revolves around you, what you think and say. Imagine going through life thinking you have this much control over reality? According to Creflo this works for everyone, saved and unsaved alike. “Faith is a law it will work for anybody that will produce it. Take a sinner… if he operates by the law of faith he’ll end not being a sinner. Take a sinner make him do the law of faith, the boy will be a totally new person if he does everything. For the law of faith says put it in your mouth, in your ears, put it before your eyes get it in your heart… its changing his heart… y’know that’s the key to getting people saved instead of preaching to him don’t, don’t, don’t, just tell them what to do. Preach the do’s and they won’t do the don’ts... if he operates that way eventually he’ll get the results of it.”

Creflo is actually changing the gospel saying that this is the way to be born again, learn to act in faith? But it’s not Biblical faith but a force. So convince a sinner to have this force and he gets the same results. What a message! Its being born again that changes ones heart. It is for this very reason one can have a statement of faith that is orthodox and then teach otherwise and contradict it.

And what are the do’s that Creflo says not to do? According to the Bible it is repent, believe in the gospel, in Christ. Change is NOT by the law of faith as he presents. Then it becomes our force of faith not Christ that is necessary for the new birth and living a spiritual life. Christ is the Beginning and end of OUR FAITH, not faith itself.

Little gods practicing their faith

Creflo states: “Were so scared of religion that we have allowed it to rob us of who we really are, once you begin to realize it your GOD’S children and your little gods in this planet, then your not going to put up with death your not going to put up with shortage, your not going to put up with being broke your not going to put up with this ___ mentality your not going to put up with demons and devils your not going to put up with nothing but the good life once you realize who you are as long as you walk around here thinkin’ that your just mere men mere powerless men that have no authority then you’ll be subject to whatever the devil puts in your life, but when you start acting like who you are and the devil shows up in the wilderness experiences of your life then you’ll do just like Jesus GET BEHIND ME SATAN FOR I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD. Halleluyah I have a authority over you glory to God.” (April 17, 2002 Changing your World LeSea Broadcasting)

Satan would be very happy if we repeated the same lie he fed to Eve. But Jesus did not say THIS, he said to worship and serve God only. Creflo seems to think He is God just like Jesus is God and teaches his audience that they too are gods. To say I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD to Satan is blasphemy.

God breathed life into this planet. How? When He said. See, God spoke words. Notice what happens when you speak, everytime you speak, every time you speak, ha hew, words, ha, pu, hee, your breathing. Let there be light, God breathed light into existence” (Our Equality with God Through Righteousness 1/21/2001)

We like him just a little lower see he was there for us first and he poured us out of himself so were a little lower, a little lower than who? Then el eloheem – the God and creator of all physical things now the implication here is that like the God and creator of all physical things you and I, we can be like el eloheem. What? Yea, create some physical things somebody says hush you mouth! Well come back to Genesis”, and he goes on to make a case by twisting the word beyond recognition (April 16, 2002 Changing your world LeSea Broadcasting).

Words are what God created with “You keep seeing and God said and God said and God said and God said and God saw everything that He said. Correct? So, what was God’s method of creation. He spoke words. He said it. And then it was and he saw it. He said it, it was, and he saw it. And that’s what you see here” (Our Equality with God Through Righteousness 1/21/2001)

Taffi Dollar also explains “ he is the source of all creation, say that with me elohe (they repeat it). Because he wants to reveal himself to you today. As the creator for whatever you need to have in your life, that you can create it that you have authority, you have the dominion , you have the power within your mouth to do like he did, being a little more than who he is, you are co- creator with God. You can take your destiny into your own hands today, by taking your authority and understanding your authority in the earth.”

Why do they ask people for money, why do they ask anything when they can do it all themselves by speaking whether people hear them or not. They do not even practice what they are telling everyone else, yet as sheep led to slaughter they believe them without question.

Creflo explains his godlike powers “I’m a little Jesus and I need to start carrying myself like the most high god, He is the most high God. I’ve been made a little lower than him, I’m a little God on this planet what do you thinks gonna happen when all this is over with, the Fathers gonna take ya and all of those unfinished planets out there hallelujah hallabasha hallabosha, hey since you learned how to operate on the earth, you learned how to talk to fig trees you learn how to mountains you learn how to cast out devils you learn how to heal the sick your learning how to raise the dead Halleluyah. The father is not finished with you yet hallelujah...” What do you thinks gonna happen when God almighty declares I want you to create a universe, I want you to speak to these worlds and like I said light be you say light be, like I say let there be a firmament in the midst of the firmament you do the same thing you are my sons and daughters bless god I share with you my authority I share with you my name, I share with you my spirit I share with you my power, start acting like my children (people cheer) (April 17, 2002 Changing your world LeSea Broadcasting)

“When you realize that you are made in the image of God and step out in your righteousness, you will see the miraculous take place. Because you are a son of God, the same anointing that rests on Jesus abides in you. If Jesus raised the dead, so can you. It's time to become skillful in the proper use of the Father's power and do the works that Jesus did! Raising the Dead…No Problem! (Creflo’sWebsite)

“Although Jesus is the Son of God, He came to earth as the Son of Man, born like any other human. His purpose was to show us how to live supernaturally-like superhuman beings in this natural world. Think about it. As a man, Jesus possessed the power to lay hands on lepers, correct blood disorders, open blind eyes and cast out demons. What do you think His attitude was toward sickness and disease? He didn't tolerate it-and you shouldn't either!”

“You got authority to speak to sickness and disease you got authority to create to call those things that be not as thought they were , I’m telling you like Jesus said come lets walk on the water together” (April 16, 2002 Changing your world LeSea Broadcasting)

This confession is a higher way. If you could see those words and where their going to and what they’re doing, if you could actually see it then you believe it but can’t see words because they are spiritual but when, when God released his words look what we got, an entire planet.”

Creflo says not only did God create a planet but “You can create with your words, create healing with your words, create circumstances and situations with your words” If one reads the Bible correctly they will find that it does not say God spoke the planet into being for it was there before the 6 days of creation. There are 10 statements God makes of “let there be” but He does many other things without speaking. He gave man life as He took Eve out of man and made a woman, he didn’t speak her into existence. So this idea that God has to speak everything into existence is just false. He can blink his eye and make something if he wanted to. Gen.1:19 tells us that all the creatures were made from the ground just as man was. There was no speaking for each one.

However Creflo has a different explanation. “God made the physical bodies of the animals out of the ground. But they didn’t live, until Adam called them…. “I’m training a god of the earth. I got to teach him how to do what I do. You going to have authority over these animals. There’s going to be a reason why you have authority over these animals. Because they won’t live until you call em.’ So like I formed a physical body out of the dust of the ground and called you into existence. Now, come on son, let Me show you how to do what I do. Call it. And Adam said Buffalo! A buffalo jumped up….he’s breathing life into that which he has authority over” (Creflo Dollar April 16, 2002 Changing your world LeSea Broadcasting also Our Equality with God Through Righteousness 1/21/2001)

My Bible says in Gen.2:19 God brought the animals to Adam for him to name them as they were alive “And whatever Adam called each living creature, that was its name.” Creflo is so far off the chart with being godlike that he Can’t seem to read the Scripture correctly. He is tainted with his word faith teaching. Of course one can see in the video he is under the influence of a spirit giving him new revelation. Adam did not give life to the creatures anymore than he did to Eve. Furthermore Gen.1:24-25 states God said: “Let the earth bring forth the living creatures according to its kind, cattle and creeping thing and the beast of the earth made the beast.” These creatures were alive before Adam was made. Creflo changes the Genesis record to fit into his word faith theology of mans authority over all things attributing life of creatures God himself gave life to. This concept intertwines with everything he does as he explains, “I know how to build buildings now. Because I understand God’s way of doing what he does I don’t need a miracle to build a building I don’t care how much it cost. I don’t care how much it cost. Since that building is up we purchased a mall getting to purchase another one and getting to purchase the whole street cause were gonna own the whole street so we can start telling them what we want to do instead of them telling us what they gonna do.” (‘97) (cheers) He boasts again “I know how God operates and how he does what he does.” Really! One can only wonder whom he referring to with such grandiose boasts such as these.

He explains it like this, “Everything that God has made. He has given man authority over His handiwork. even the moon….”God made another speaking spirit”. The actual meaning there “He made another speaking spirit”

You are an exact duplicate of the image of God and God is a speaking spirit. And He said let us make another speaking spirit. … God took a reflection of Himself and put it in a physical body formed out of the dust and gave him authority of all physical things on the planet.” (Our Equality with God Through Righteousness 1/21/2001)

If we are God or at least Adam and he sinned then God can sin as well.

Creflo’s concept of speaking words that he calls faith seem to make things happen “I know what I'm talking about, I'm qualified to preach what I'm preachin' tonight. I am qualified to say what I'm sayin' tonight. Somebody says how are you qualified? You are sitting in a building. That manifested because of so great faith.” (10/4 /99, Lesea broadcasting). In other words He spoke it. So Creflo got his building not because of God but attributes it to the power of his belief, his words. Mr. Dollar is enamored by his own powerful words of faith, he attributes everything he has by his own hands, or mouth to be more specific.

What does God have to on this? Jer. 9:23-24: “Thus says the LORD: “Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, let not the mighty man glory in his might, nor let the rich man glory in his riches; But let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am the LORD, exercising lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth. For in these I delight,” says the LORD.”

The lord cautioned me one time when I was talking to someone one time about aids and stuff like that. He said don’t you conceive. (Creflo) what are you talking about. (God) Don’t you ever go around and say your getting old because its not what you do all the time that causes conception its what you do one time that causes conception. It don’t take but one time to get pregnant.” That’s interesting because Creflo and all the rest of the faith teachers tell everyone to repeat it over and over again, keep on believing for it even if its years to get their promise. I guess with his faith speaking he can get things really quickly. Notice that God is telling him that he gets what he wants and he (God) has nothing to do with it.

Considering Creflo believes the Holy Spirit is another function of God how does this square “the Holy Spirit has been anointed to be a helper, helpers do not initiate the action helpers only aide and assist the action. But if you don’t do nothing he can’t do nothing, because there ain’t nothing to help.”

The Holy Spirit is anointed? This is not a slip up as he often says this. The Holy Spirit IS the anointing; He doesn’t need to be anointed. What he is teaching is the anointing on the anointing who is on us, the anointed! There is No such thing. It was Jesus who said he would send another like himself, what Creflo is saying is that he tells the Holy Spirit what to do with his words and he does it. So in essence he could tell Jesus what to do as well because the Holy Spirit was sent to lift up Jesus. To say the Holy Spirit can’t do anything without us is absurd and shows he has a major flaw on the Holy Spirit and his work.

Yet Creflo goes further and says “He is only obligated to do what you say with your mouth and if you don't say it, he's not obligated to do it, but if you say it then the apostle and the high priest of our profession is obligated to carry out what you said.” (Changing your world 10/5/99) (this is from Copeland’s theology-Jesus is the high priest over MY words.)

Then who is God? The Lord or are we the Lord? This is what happens when one preaches a different faith than the Scriptures. God is not obligated by our words, even if we recite His. You can repeat “let there be light” for your whole life and this will not make the sun come up in the middle of the night. This whole teaching is bankrupt is not spiritual and a big fat distortion using the Bible illegally.

Did Jesus go to Hell to Complete the Atonement? (pt3)


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