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Did Jesus go to HELL for your Salvation?

In the word faith movement the death of Jesus on the cross did not purchase ones salvation by itself, there needed to be more suffering. Like the other teachings of word faith by his mentor Kenneth Copeland, Creflo follows the pattern to a T. Jesus was tortured and born again in Hell. Here’s how Creflo explains his own story of what happened.

Somehow, Jesus has got to get to hell in order to get the keys that they stole from Adam in the garden of Eden. Now Lucifer was in that garden illegally. Now somehow, Jesus is going to have to end up in hell, illegally. But in order to get to hell. He’s got to look like a sinner. Or they’re not going to receive Him into hell, you’ve got to be a sinner. He’s got to somehow look like that serpent on that stick in Moses’ day. He’s got to look like a serpent in order to be taken in.”

And Jesus who had never sinned, made an exchange with His covenant partner. He says, “Let Me wear your coat of sin. It’ll make Me look like a sinner. I’ve never sinned, but if I can put your coat of sin on, when I get back I’m going to give you my coat of righteousness.” So the Bible says that He who had not sinned was made sin. And hell looked up there and they couldn’t figure out how but they snatched Him. Get Him! So now Jesus entered in legally into hell. But He was there illegally. Because once you get to hell there’s got to be some record of your sin.”

Now He had to stay there 3 days and 3 nights because that’s what His word said. Jesus said “tear this temple down and in 3 days I’ll raise it up again”. Some of you all said what? Jesus went to hell, that’s what the whole book of Acts chapter 2 says that He suffered the pains of hell. You better hope He went to hell because if He didn’t go you and I would have to. You better hope He became every sickness, disease and depression and every piece of mess in the world because whatever He didn’t become you and I would have to become. (Our equality with God through righteousness 1/21/2001)

Creflo explains “When I began to read how his blood has cleansed me I loved him more. When I began to read how he went to hell for I began to love him more.”

How can his blood cleanse if ones faith is also believing He went to hell to further suffer to complete the atonement? It is misplaced faith which nullifies the cross.

He describes the scene like this, “And there’s Jesus right in the pit of hell. Grabbin the devil by his collar, and say you remember when you came into My garden illegally? Well I’m in hell illegally and I come to take the keys of authority that I gave to Adam and I want every key but He said I not only want the key you took from Adam I want the key that you took for all of My children. That had to take on this sin, I’m here to set them all free. …Then on the 3rd day Jesus, oh lord, [tongues] listen to this, was the first born again man. He was born hallelujah, hallelujah, He was born from death to life. … He was born from life to death, then in hell was born from death to life and was raised up from the dead as the first fruit of many brethren” (Our Equality with God Through Righteousness 1/21/2001)

Jesus was born again in hell! How can any Christian accept this accursed gospel. The Bible never teaches He was born again ANYWHERE; He was resurrected. To be born again means one had a nature change. Jesus who is God did not have a nature change. Not from sinlessness to sin nor sin to sinlessness. He was the firstborn from the DEAD, not the firstborn again man (Col.1:18).

Creflo Dollar goes on to explain Jesus, “Suffered everything He suffered when He was here on this planet. Whipped with the cat of nine tails. Crucified on the cross at calvary. Somebody says 'Oh that's suffering' But He not only suffered when He was in a physical body, His spirit stepped off the cross, went to HELL. The Bible says in the book of acts the pains of hell. Suffered everything that a man could ever suffer. Somebody say 'What?' Yep. You better hope He went through everything that you could ever go through, because whatever Jesus did not take on, you and I would have to take on.” (Changing your World magazine, Creflo Dollar 1/17/2003)

Creflo cites these statements as if they were true when there is absolutely no Scriptural verification for them. Where did Jesus say in hell it is finished? He said it on the cross and it means exactly that. The sacrifice for sin is paid IN FULL, completed. Creflo and the other word faith teachers deny this with a vengeance, insisting on this lie that Christ went to hell to pay for our sins. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 1:17 that there is no salvation apart from the cross. It is at the cross where victory was won and our sin was forgiven. To place the atoning work anywhere before or after the cross is to annul Christ’s work as the Lamb of God.

In 2 Corinthians 5:21 the word “became”[sin] in the Greek is Metonym, means He became a sin offering, He did not become sin himself. He was made to be sin for us in a JUDICIAL sense. As a vicarious atonement; as a substitution He suffered in our place and took our penalty of judgment. In the Old Testament typology in the substitution motif, the priest would lay his hands on the offering to symbolize the transfer of his sin and guilt to the animal as a substitution (Leviticus 4:4, 24,33 also the scapegoat motif in chapter 16). The sacrificial animal did not become sin itself; sin was symbolically charged to it. If it became blemished, having sin, it was worthless. Jesus was the sin bearer; He carried it, He did not become it. To say such things goes against all the Bible teaches and distorts the act and the nature of the sinless Son of God.

Speaking of Jesus on this same subject another time he shows his consistency “I pray he went to the bottom of Hell, because if he didn't, you'd have to go. You better hope he took on every sickness and disease. You better hope he suffered every pain that could ever be felt because whatever he didn't take on you and I would have to take on. But I thank God that he took it all upon his self.” (Joyce Meyers also said Jesus went to hell showing her affiliation with this heresy).

Creflo shows his true colors and what he stands for by praying Jesus went to hell to suffer. One must question the facts Creflo continually presents as Bible teaching without Scripture. Faithful members and followers do not entertain another view, otherwise it would be interpreted as a lack of faith. He [Creflo] then becomes the sole interpreter of the Bible for his followers no matter how wrong this may be. Did Jesus take every sickness and disease and suffer every pain? Did he have HIV, did he suffer as a childmolester, a thief? How could He when the Bible says the lamb is a pure sacrifice having no sin. 1 John says and in Him, THERE IS NO SIN.” 1 Peter. 2:22: “Who committed no sin”… “offered himself without spot to God (Hebrews 9:14). This is not the gospel of Jesus Christ but another; that is accursed. Unless you see this for what it is you will not be appalled at this type of teaching. Deuteronomy 15:21 teaches that if a sacrifice had a fault or blemish it was not accepted. Becoming sin as the word faith teachers explain would make Jesus sinful, just like man and He could not redeem anyone with a sinful nature. It would have actually disqualified Himself as the sacrifice for our sins.

“The Rev. T.A. Body of One Accord Community Church also hosts a daily radio talk show on WGUN which addresses the issues of false doctrine. He says that people call in by the thousands who have left the teachings of World Changers. “I've asked him [Dollar] for a public debate but he won't give it to me,” says Body. “I've asked him to even call into my show and correct me if I'm wrong. He hasn't ever asked me to call him and correct him. Because I certainly would” (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution).

Well this is not surprising as most of those in the word faith prosperity movement just ignore there “detractors,” and go on with what they are doing because of the masses they attract with their positive prosperity message. Most do not notice that they are being brought into bondage with a completely different gospel. These men have no need to give an answer to the challengers-- in fact they would risk losing all they have gained if they did. They know that in front of true Bible students and scholars their answers would fall flat. I hope by writing this I have given some in the body of Christ another choice.


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