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After learning about Clement’s doctrinal conflicts with Scripture we should now look at his prophecies, which become a product of wrong doctrine on core issues.                           My comments are in blue.

Clement’s teachings from Prophecy

Bill Hamon who is Clement's senior prophet prays “Now, Lord, I ask you right now to put that catalytic germinating activating bringing forth anointing in everyone here and let it start working that everyone here before the year is out will be flowing like a river in the prophetic.” (National School Of The Prophets, Mobilizing The Prophetic Office Bill Hamon, 5/12/00, Session 11) And flow it does, unceasingly. Scripture says 1-3 prophecies at the most but there seems to be no limit to prophesying by the new prophets.

On the TBN, Kim Clement repeats ideas like, “We are going to kick some b---- in the new millennium.” And at least once, he said, “We are going to stick spears up the b---- of the Philistines.” He is supposed to be prophesying when he said those words, which should make anyone question this because God does not speak in such vulgar terms in the vernacular of today. (Quotes taken from the video, “Trinity Broadcast Network, A Temple To The Gods and Goddesses.) In fact Clements prophesying ability is encapsulated by this type of style and delivery.

“there’s been a time for Democrats.. and there’s been now a time for Republicans.. actually I think it’s time for a THEOCRACY!.. I think it’s time for some divine intervention.. I think it’s time to forget about Democrat OR Republican.. or Bush or Gore.. or Bore or Gush!.. FORGET ABOUT THEM!.. God said.. I did this whole thing.. because I want people to know.. that there is NO President, BUT the PRESIDENT of heaven.. who’s GOING to rule this nation from the year 2001.. I’m going to be ruling.. for God says.. I have designated THIS time to be Mine.. says the Lord.. THIS.. IS.. YOUR.. TIME!.. says the Spirit of the Lord.. hallelujah…This was recorded a month or more before at TBN, Nashville, Tennessee, and Aired December 31, 2000.

The only nation that EVER had a theocracy with God being their ruler was Israel, nowhere in Scripture is there a hint of any other nation being ruled like this until Christ comes back to rule all the nations. It should be obvious to all that this prophecy didn’t happen. God does not call himself the president of heaven and this is doubtful He would use such terminology to express this, sorry this is way off.

TBN interview by Dean Brown: What is the prophetic word concerning the Middle East? I mean, is there a specific prophetic word that you are giving now? I mean, you gave a general word that the Islamic nations would come to Christ, but is there a specific time frame that God speaks to your spirit about?

Kim Clement: Yes, well some of it I can't share now, of course, but 2002 is when I saw this huge thing happening because of something that happened between America and China, funny enough, that would take place and then - I saw that eight years ago - and then as a result of that I saw the surrender of masses of wealth coming from the East to the United States of America and the West. (Praise the Lord, 9/3/2001)                                              from - http://www.geocities.com/bob_hunter/clement.html

Well has this happened? No. How obvious of a false prediction does one need to know that Clement is not a prophet like the Bibles prophets. Does it matter to those trapped by their words that it failed?

Jewel Grewe points out On the TBN program, this particular “prophet” Kim Clement, actually said that the Christians will be a superhuman powerful force that will grind Satan into the ground. The very topping on the cake was that the Word of God when used was twisted. For example, Matthew 16:16-18, “Peter ... said, Thou art Christ, the Son of the Living God. And Jesus ... said ... flesh and blood has not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven-and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it This scripture was interpreted on this program as meaning, “Christians must get into revelation from the Word.” Yes this sounds very good. However it is how “the Word” is defined that is so troubling. By the “Word,” this “prophet” means a fresh prophetic voice, or revelation experienced subjectively apart from the literal Bible revelation. He intimated that for Christians to survive they must build on new subjective revelations and experiences. This concept makes the written Word of God of no effect, especially if this new revelation is put on a par with scripture ... So the Prophet continues, “...and upon this rock of revelation, I will build my church. There has to be a fresh revelation for the church today to built on, and the Gates of Hell will not prevail against the rock of this fresh revelation!”...Matt Crouch's enthusiastic response was, “The Word that we heard as children is not fresh revelation and is not applicable for today. It isn't any good for the warfare today ... we are building on Christ and Fresh revelation.” (Discernment, March/April, 1993, “Prophets Etc.' by Jewel van Der Merwe).

Clement does not have an inclination to hold to the old so he promotes a fresh revelation that will keep the church from being taken over. The fact is, the fresh revelation will actually bring a takeover of the church from the enemy not withhold it.

Prophet Kim Clement December 19, 1997 Detroit Flame

And therefore, salvation is coming says the Lord in a swift manner. But before it does, before the year 2000, I will strike to the very core the defiant forces that have risen against My people. I will strike them down to nothing. They will be as nothing. And they will say, look one minute we were strong, one minute we were powerful, look we have been stricken down. Because Babylon the Great is great fallen, is fallen.

Babylon the Great is fallen! Did it happen? Before the year 2000.

Prophet Kim Clement Dec. 16, 1995 New Life Church

“I pray for Detroit city that, God, You would send forth Your flame to the four corners of the earth. I prophesy on behalf of the Lord God Jehovah. From this city I will prophesy to the nation. I will send forth my flame to the north, the south, to the mountains, to the west and a flame shall come from this City.”

Who prophecies on God’s behalf? In the new age they constantly refer to flames and fire for cleansing upon areas and cities. In Scripture God never says he will send flames to areas unless it is for judgment, something that seems to be missing in Clements prophecies. Remember when the sons of thunder wanted to call down fire upon the people. The only flames that appeared after Christ left was a one time occurrence at Pentecost.

Prophet Kim Clement February 3, 1996 New Life Church

“God says, there shall be a tremendous outpouring of My Spirit. People of God, listen to me for if you do not heed, you will not be a part of it. If you do not see it, you will not be a part of it. I have raised up in this end time even those who will declare His righteousness as the oracles of God as Hosea and a Haggai. I have raised up a Habbukuk. I raised up the ones who will rebuild the temple in its former glory and Nehemiah that will not be afraid of Sanballat. He will not be afraid of the ones who have stood before him and said, “You will not build this place.” For God says I will rebuild the temple, but not only that, it shall be rebuilt with those who will build with one hand and have a sword and shield in the other hand for they will not be afraid, says the Lord.”

Does God say he will raise up new prophets like those who wrote the Scriptures? Where? Certainly not in the Scripture. Does God ever compare one prophet to another like Clements prophecy? For those who follow the “new” prophets they don’t need the Scripture to justify this kind of talk. Who are these new prophets that are just like the Old Testament prophets? Other Christian Gnostics like Rick Joyner.

The next temple built is to be for the antichrist to make desolate, God does not build it and neither do we. God has and continues to build a spiritual temple; we are spiritually already a temple built by God and each person is another brick added as they repent and come to know Jesus through His gospel. Jesus said I will build my church,” we do not build it. What kind of prophesy is this that goes against Scriptures teachings?

July 25, 1996 Prophet Kim Clement

“I will even take the rabbi's, even take the people that are dressed in the cloaks and garments. They will come out and say there is only one Lord. His name is Jesus! It's Jesus! I will even allow my Spirit to baptize them in the very sanctuaries. I will even go into the temples, and I will fill them with my Spirit. And don't let anybody tell you that I cannot do it, says the Lord. I can go to the temple any time I like. I can go to the Jewish places anytime I like. I can go to Mount Zion any time I like. I will go wherever I want to.”

(I’m sorry but this does not sound like the God of Scripture, who boasts in this way about moving wherever he wants to, sounds like human nature to me)

“But that's not all! But that's not all! He says, I'm going to go way beyond and even go into the Christian Science church. I will go to the Scientologists. I will even go to the Jehovah Witnesses. And they will go from JW to JC in the house! For God says, I'll take the Jehovah Witnesses, the Christian Scientists, I will even take the psychics, and fill them with my Spirit. You know why? You know why, says the Lord? Because I'll go wherever I want. I'll go wherever I want. But listen - I'm about to take a trip to Israel.”

This is Biblically wrong. God will take repentant psychics, Jehovah Witnesses, and Christian Scientists not those who practice it. Again this is missing the element of repentance from sin and hearing the gospel as a means to be saved. Remember he believes there is this treasure inside everyone to be released.

“I'm about to take a trip to Israel,” God boasting he can do what he wants; speaking in our modern genre makes this suspect of being from the Lord.

Clement goes on, “And the Spirit of the Lord says, when that happens, there will be an invasion of my blood into the territories that would never be holy, but shall become holy. I will take the holy places which are actually unholy, and I will lift them up. I will declare, this is NOT holy. I will tear down the idols and their gods. I will tear down the spirits of Allah.”

Invasion of his blood? Nowhere does God speak in such a manner, but this is typical charismatic speech. Have the idols of Islam been removed? Not even close. Although many a false prophet has prophesied a great revival in Islam, it has not taken place. There are enough biblical reasons why this cannot happen. The bottom line is that Clement is way off in his prophesying and it has little substance and is irrelevant to the Bible.

Prophetic Word Kim Clement Detroit Regional Meeting Sunday, January 19, 1997

“You will not be terrorized by the enemy of plague that will try and come upon this nation. God says the kingdom of light will survive and the kingdom of darkness will be shaken and the people will be afraid and they will come to salvation as a result of a need, and that need will drive them to the cross. I'll even take the Buddhists, I'll even take the Muslims, I'll even take the Hare Krishnas, I'll even take the New Agers. I'll go into the houses, I'll go into the churches and I will raise them up and they will become people of God and they will be filled with my Spirit. Get ready, because the kingdom of darkness will be shaken, but the kingdom of light will survive,” says the Lord.

Over and over we hear God is going to do these incredible things with those in the cults and other religions but they never happen. We are the ones that are supposed to be witnessing for this to happen, when in history has God just flew over by his spirit and people like this are saved? If we want them to be saved we need to be equipped and witness to them.

… “The Jesus-type revival that took place in the 60s and the 70s - the Charismatic movement. The faith movement that took place in the 70s and the 80s. The governmental church that took over and decided that this was the way to do it, even those that were in discipleship. God says not one, not one are as significant in terms of what I'm going to be doing. Not one of them is as powerful as what I'm going to do. Not one of them is going to feel what I'm going to do. None of them did what this one is going to do. That was nothing compared to what I'm going to do now. In other words, if you can think of any revival, whether it be the Azusa Street revival or the 1948 restoration, or whether it was the healing revival, or whether it was the Charismatic movement, God says every one of them accumulated together will be nothing compared to the one that is about to take place at the turn of this century that will literally rock not one nation, not two nations, but every nation in the earth will be shaken by the spirit of conversion that is about to come upon the earth,” says the Lord.

The Charismatic movement, the faith and healing movement. The past movements are compared to what God is going to do. I can say this Clements prophecies are consistent. Does God does compare moves of His Spirit with each other, some of these movements are filled with false teachings! Clement prophesies about the largest revivals in history taking place all over the world and continues to do so. The turn of the century came and went and without this greater revival than all others. Now certainly there has been a steady increase in conversions to Christ in particular areas that have not heard the gospel before, and we praise God for this work, but nothing irregular has taken place on the scale that Clement has promised in the last five -six years since he said this, especially by the turn of the century. Certainly every believer in Christ hopes at the thought of something like Clements prophecy coming true, but we have to remember this, a person that prophecies something wonderful to happen, whether it is small or large; regardless of how much we want it to come true that person is still a false prophet if it doesn’t come to pass. There is no debate over this we have the biblical examples throughout history.

February 3, 1996 New Life Church

“I have made up my mind, says the Lord and I will not change it. I will take the soil and the territory of this city and this nation and I will sanctify it as holy ground. You will go right into the midst of a corrupt and a perverse generation - a perverse generation - and you will declare the righteousness that I died on the cross for. You will show them the blood that was stained upon the earth that was rebelling - rebelling against sin. The earth was rebelling, but yea, even as my blood came down from the cross that day and touched the earth - that very second the earth began to yield, began to cry out for the manifestation of the sons of God. Give us something, give us something!! The Spirit of God says this is the day that I have created where the earth will begin to yield its fruit. It will begin to prosper to a people unshaken, unshaken by an intimidation force, by a manipulating spirit of witchcraft.

… I have raised up in this end time an Elijah that will stand up before the people and even cry for the widows and resurrect the dead. I will bring resurrection power in. In this hour I have raised up an Elisha that will stand with a double portion. I have raised up the two together who shall be one voice and one hand and the voice shall cry out, “I hear a sound of an abundance of rain.”

… The end of time is coming, says the Lord but We planned this and We set this as a precedent that would take place for even in this end time the White House shall be sanctified with My Glory and I will fill it with prosperity and I will take those of white head, I will take those of gray head and I will raise them up and I will cause them to have an understanding of My Glory. I will shift the economy suddenly down and then suddenly up and God says when it raises up, it will be toward 1999 and the people will say, where do we go now? We have everything that it takes and then sudden calamity, but God says that's when I will rise and I will prove Myself stronger than before for as you go into the year 2000 there will be shouting and rejoicing for God says this nation shall be known as the nation under one God that is known as the Nation of Righteousness and you will reach every nation in the world because of this that I will do for you, America the Great!!!

Does God speak so wonderfully of any nation? Is our land holy Ground? America the Great

Who is this end time an Elijah?

He also said of the white house:

After the 20th, God says, look to the White House and see the events that are going to occur. … I'm about to go right to the top and when I get to the top I will literally change it… God says, there will be rivers coming down the steps and the people will say, what is happening in Washington, D.C.? What is happening in America? God says, watch with your eyes for I am going to change it because I promised you that I would do it. Is this not the hour for revival, is this not the hour for restoration? Is this not the hour for my rain, says the Lord? Is this not the hour for the floods to come, for the floods to come? This will be an unusual event to the latter part of this year. I have spoken, I will do it, and because of you, I will bring victory in this nation, says the Lord. (Prophet Kim Clement July 27, 1997 Detroit Regional Meetings)

Rivers never happened. America did change, but not for the better. It was around this time that the White house went into a scandal.

Here’s what Clement responded to about his former prophecies on a Born Again Christian President in The White House By 2000: “Somebody called the other day and said that I had prophesied that Bill Clinton would not be the president, that there'd be a new president. Well, I never said that, and I never prophesied that. I said the president of this, the final president of this century would be Spirit-filled, would be born-again and would be praying for this nation and lead them into the millennium with prayer. Well, you know, I got a letter from somebody saying, 'Well, we all know that Bill Clinton's not born again,' and I say that the audacity of this religious spirit that would dare to take that judgment upon him and saying that he's not born again. YOU KNOW, BY HIS FRUITS WE CAN SEE HE'S NOT, but we don't know what's going to happen to the man.”

This is the kind of discernment you get from the new prophets like Clement. Why do we intentionally blind ourselves? During the end of the millennium president Clinton admitted to having an adulterous affair with his intern Monica Lewinsky as he faced impeachment. Is this the prophecy that Clement predicted, Clinton would lead the nation into the millennium. We know the man brought shame to the ‘house of white’ and our nation, and we should recognize what kind of prophesy Clement has brought to the church as well.

In an interview Paul Crouch asked: “Also, let me ask you to repeat again: if I understood what you said, by the end of this century, the president, whoever he may be, is going to be born-again, Spirit-filled, and will be leading our nation in prayer. Now, did I understand that correctly?”

Kim Clement: “Absolutely, and I've said that all along, and I believe that with all my heart, and I've prophesied that and I'll re-prophesy that if I have to tonight.”

Well we can look back and see he missed it, getting close is not being correct, being accurate is being correct. Even we consider this to be Pres. Bush we still have to deal with the time element that is off. But Clements view of there not being any false prophecies is the clause in small print for anything of this magnitude.

Saturday, April 20, 1996 New Life Christian Church

A Prophet that is filled with the blood of Christ which speaks against you now as you have drunk the blood of little children, as you have consumed the blood of young people and you have taken those and made sacrifices. God says so the blood of those little ones cry out to me and today My blood speaks against the Satanic groups of this territory and this region. You will not have the territorial power to stop what I'm going to do in the schools because I'm going to go into the schools and I'm going to raise up a bunch of young people that are defiant and they will tear down the authorities of Satanic power, says the Lord!! We defy you and say, in your face! IN YOUR FACE, SATAN!!”

Where does the Bible ever say we are filled with the blood of Christ instead of the Spirit. This is a clear misunderstanding of what the blood of accomplished and was for. Once again Clement’s prophecies sound good at the time given; six years ago, but unfortunately reality has painted a very different picture.

“IN YOUR FACE, SATAN” is not something any prophet or apostle has ever said. Both Peter and Jude warn of those who would come along speaking “great swelling words, speaking against angelic authorities, having admiration and taking advantage” (Jude 16). But this is what Clements ministry is about, defying the Devil and castigating him. Interesting that Satan’s attack in the schools escalated in 1998-2001 with more violence than we had ever seen. Numerous incidents of students going on savage killing sprees murdering many of their fellow classmates and teachers.

Detroit Flame Prophet Kim Clement December 19, 1997

For God says, watch and see. Watch and see how I move in the schools this next year. Watch and see. The Lord says, did they think, did they think that their silly laws would stop Me, the Spirit of all spirits, from coming into their system?

Once again he repeated what he did previously and it did not happen as he saprincipalid. but because Clements believes in conditional prophecies this can be excused.

GATHERING OF THE DANGEROUS July 23, 1996 Prophet Kim Clement

This is the word of the Lord! “In 1998 and in 1999, I will breathe upon the church, I will breathe upon my people. And dead bones will come to life. From the north to the south, to the east to the west, dead bones shall come alive. And God says, I will say to those who are dead, live! I will say to those who are sick, be healed! I will say to those who are poor, be rich! I will say to those who are in captivity, be delivered! I will take them, I will break them, I will make them.”

The dead bones according to the Bible in Ezekiel 38 are Israel, if God is prophesying this then He doesn’t he know whom he is talking about? Again these words are filled with swelling promises, some of which are still being repeated today .

“A double portion of my Spirit shall be unveiled. You will be transformed and God says you will see the miracle that I will do. There is a president that I am raising up, that I am putting my Spirit into. Many of you are saying, but why would that make any difference. Because right from the very top I will invade and I will dispense my Spirit. And I said I would let it trickle down to the senate and House of Representatives, to the mayors of the cities. I will cause them to say there is righteousness and your children will be born with my Spirit in them, the very moment that they breathe, says the Lord.”

Clement seems to think we will have a saved sanctified government, that God will do something never before done in history. Something of such a magnitude would certainly be mentioned in Scripture, but it is not. Now we are supposed to have many like John the Baptist? There is not a single teaching of anyone being born (except the unique one time of John the baptizer) with God’s Spirit in them in the New Testament. This is complimentary of Clement’s teaching of one not needing to be born again. Neither is there such teaching of a double portion for the New Testament believer. Trickling down is not a New Testament concept either; Clements ministry is filled with extra biblical concepts and non-biblical teachings.

He goes on, “Let no one say this is impossible. How can a child be born with my Spirit? God says, I can baptize in the Spirit before it comes out of the womb; for God says, listen, what they did to the children of this generation and the blood that they shed long before they had the chance to breathe, I am about to repay. And you know how I'm going to do it says the Lord? I am going to baptize them in the Spirit before they even come out of the womb. And they're going to be filled with the voice of the Lord. They're going to be filled with the voice of the Lord. As they are born they're going to be lions of Judah, says the Lord.

This is his explanation for numerous John the Baptists. There is only one lion of Judah not many, and there was only one John the baptizer filled from his mothers womb. What Clement is prophesying is a unique event that was given to John the baptizer and applying it to a whole generation. The Scriptural basis is missing, but then when you’re a prophet that says things like this often you don’t need a scriptural basis for your audience just passion. Clement is consistently very loose in what he prophecies and he spiritualizes past events applying them to his prophecies.

“The Spirit of the Lord says, …Will not the soil of America be cleansed by the fire of the burning bush? For this hour, I am sanctifying the soil of America. In this hour, in this very building, I am bringing my word.”

“And your cries are coming to my ears, says the Lord. Hallelujah! America shall be saved!”

“The rulers, the rulers of the west. Principalities and powers that have held onto the treasures of God will suddenly be pierced and brought to nothing. For in 1998 and in 1999, I will breathe upon my church. I will breathe upon the kingdom of light.

God said, I'm about to take a trip to Israel.” For the Spirit of the Lord says, “You didn't think it was possible. And many of you said, Will Israel be saved through the blood of Christ? But I have prepared them for an end-time army. Do you think that we have warriors even now the Lord says? I will take the warriors that are potentially more dangerous that ever, that live right now in that land called the Holy Land” (GATHERING OF THE DANGEROUS July 22, 1996 Prophetic Word Prophet Kim Clement)

There burning bush is an event in the past not to be repeated. again Clement spiritualizes scripture applying it to current events. Is the soil of America cleansed by the burning bush, which we would assume is God’s glory? Is America sanctified? Does Jesus talk like this? It seems what Clement's prophesies should all be questioned.  Have Principalities and powers been brought to nothing? Has God prepared Israel for an end time army? Joel 2 tells us about this army, but they will be destroyed in the end… Yes there are many warriors in the land of Israel the ones who are dangerous are from the Palestinians, they are called suicidal terrorists.

Prophetic Word - Kim Clement Friday, February 28, 1997, Detroit Regional Meeting

You are going to become the greatest and most achieving generation. Your spiritual acts are going to be greater than the Book of Acts. Your spiritual acts are going to be greater than the Book of Acts! The miracles that God is going to perform for you are going to be greater than any generation's ever done.”

Let’s all sing together, “How great we are!” I don’t see God speaking like this and puffing people up with the great things they will do. There is no such promise in the Bible for the last generation like this, this is extra biblical as well as non biblical. The Bible actually teaches not to compare one each other to one another. He continually builds up people’s ego's as being more special than any others before. This is like the message of the other new prophets, (such as Joyner). Clement enjoys being a positive prophet that speaks smooth words to those who will accept them not knowing what the Bible actually states.

“Everybody's looking for the coming of Jesus, but let me tell you what we're looking for right now. I'm looking for the demonic powers that have come against us. God has kept the very best for last. Are you listening to me? God has kept the best for last. He has kept you and I to be the ones to take down the territorial spirits and the demonic powers and bring light into the kingdom of darkness. This is your day! Hallelujah!”

…but satan's trying to use the power that God is giving and pervert it and use it against themselves, Prophetic Message - Part II (Kim shared part of a vision he had in 1993 of coming events in 1997)

Where is this teaching in the Bible? Does the Bible ever teach us to look for demonic powers that come against us or to look for Jesus? Clement is looking for a good spiritual fight, he certainly presents his affiliation with the spiritual warfare movement, that is both unbiblical and driven by new revelation. We are going to take down the territorial spirits and the demonic powers! If it is a biblical prophecy of such a magnitude surely we can find God saying the church will triumph and rule the world, but He does not. Does Satan try to use God's power?

A mistaken Prophecy?

“everything that was stolen from the body of Christ in the last 20 years, is what I got, will be restored in the next 3 years in order to take the reigns for the year 2000....I'm talking about the year 2000, of course, and the new millennium being, going into this new era of peace.” Praise The Lord (TBN), February 4, 1997)

Well the first year in the Millennium has not brought peace but the exact opposite, a time of turmoil unlike any other in our recent history. Has everything been returned? Hardly. Some are still using this to manipulate people to send in their seed for their breakthrough, they are still looking for a return. Clement’s prophecies would be laughed at except for the amount of people that pay attention to them and believe it.

Among the many prophecies we have already looked at, this following prophecy given by Kim Clement on Saturday, April 20, 1996 at New Life Christian Church, Southgate, MI. this is claimed to accurately predict the NY Terrorist attack 5 years before

“New York City, consumed by a spirit that has even taken hold of the people and caused greed. Tonight the Spirit of the Lord says my Spirit is about to burn so strongly that it will cause a fire to take place and the fire will burn everything that has no been born of my Spirit. It will take everything that has not been born of my Spirit. It will take everything that has not been born of my Spirit and I will burn it down. And God says, righteousness will prevail. I will take every dividing racial spirit and I will destroy it. I will take the cultural demons that have caused people to separate themselves and I will do something that is so mighty that it will be spoken of by people on the West Coast, says the Spirit of the Lord!”

Did this happen?the fire will burn everything that has no been born of my Spirit . . . and I will burn it down.”…It will take everything that has not been born of my Spirit and I will burn it down.” Was “everything” of an evil spirit in NY city burned or just the twin towers? Did only unbelievers die in the fire or also those “born of my spirit”? Who burned down the towers? Was it God’s spirit that burned down the buildings or Militant Muslims terrorists who committed a heinous act?

Did this happen?
I will take every dividing racial spirit and I will destroy it.’
Were all those who hate other ethnic groups in NY destroyed when the Twin Towers collapse? Is there still a racial spirit in NY? People did come together under many god’s so this could not be the work of the one true God who leads people to unite to other god’s. Do we get it or are we so dense that we can’t see what spirit he is prophesying by. 1 Jn.4:1 tell us to test the spirits, we have looked at his accuracy and the contrary teachings from the Scripture, there is no other conclusion that a born again believer can come to, this is not the spirit of the Lord who speaks truth.

This is a portion of a prophecy given by Kim Clement on December 1, 2001:

"Thus saith the Lord... Don't you speak to Iraq or Lybia. Don't you speak to Bin Laden, they're not worth it. You gotta speak to the mountain, the mountain will be removed.

They say it's a holy war. What's a holy war? I am the only one who's holy. I decide the holy ground, I decide the holy mountain, I decide the holy thing. I am the holy one. I am holy one."

"What is it that I'm gonna do in the next 5 days. I'm gonna take him out of his cave and bring him to his knees. Before he dies he'll say my name, he's got no other choice. There's a sound that's coming from the mountain, there's a sound that's coming from the heavens. Every terrorist that's been possessed by the spirit of hatred and division and death, they have got to bow their knee this week. They've got to bow their knee this week." "I'm the one that decides the holy ground. I'm the one that decides the holy king. I decide who I will touch. I decide who I will heal. Cause I'm the holy one," says the Lord.

"Everybody lift my name up because this week is gonna be a week of victory. America! America!" "There's gonna be a breakthrough! Count it down, says the Lord. Just 5 days, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Just 5 days, says the Lord."

We do need to consider that  terrorism continues and nothing happened that week  Of Dec.6, 2001. but Kims followers overlook the lord Kim listens to as being wrong and continue to listen to despite all the wrong prophecies since then and there are many.



Kim Clement Prophesies Concerning Ben Laden, 'OUT within 35 days' Plus March appointed for USA Church”

“Osama Ben Laden said that in 35 days, America, he was prophesying, predicting, that this country would be abolished basically, wiped out, because he has a plan for 35 days. And the word of the Lord came to me... the spirit of the Lord said to me, “You prophesy that the very thing that he said and predicted for this nation, tell him, prophesy, that that is reversed, and I'm going to bring him out in 35 days!”

We don't have to wait long for this to occur, that's 35 days from January 12. Even if this does happen this does not make Clement a true prophet considering all the others prophecies that have failed.  

** *well its now way past the DATE, didn't happen, why? Because God didn't say this  to Kim. So what Spirit came to Clement  that told him a lie? It's the same spirit that has been saying all the false and wrong things for years. Does anyone notice, are you awake to what is being said contrary to the word of God. do you care for truth over mans word? what does Deut 18 tell us to do?

And then he said this - the Spirit of the Lord said, “There is a resurrection day coming over this Easter. This will be, the Easter that is coming now will be one of the greatest Easters this nation has ever celebrated. Why? Because there will be a resurrection of the dead, speaking spiritually of revelation that has died, of prophetic words that have died and been buried in the ground.” “This Easter,” says the Spirit of the Lord, “Not only will I bring your greatest enemy out, but I will also bring about a severe judgment against the powers and the principalities that have come against my servants, against my people. There shall be a judgment,” says the Lord.

Does the Spirit of God call the resurrection day Easter (a name of pagan origin), think about it. Who is the spirit speaking here? Lets wait and see if the enemy of the church our greatest enemy will be judged. By the way- Isn't that Satan?

“All over the world, God is sending his young people to invade the kingdoms of darkness and the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdom of our God and his Christ.”

 I thought this was said after the middle of the tribulation Rev.11:15

“On March the 11th and the month of March has been set aside by God for the Church in the United States of America for something unbelievably wonderful to happen - so powerful... God just said to me, there's going to be one unusual event .. almost like a renting of something, a curtain, a veil for the church. So pastors and leaders... watch the month of March. It's going to be one of the most fabulous anointings that's going to be released, and what you've struggled to get... whatever it is, it's going to be released like that just in one second. It's payback time.”

So we will get back all that's owed- what does payback time mean? Sounds like something scriptural??? What happened March 11th. Clement missed the more important event that took place 911 days after 911 tragedy, the suicide bomb in Madrid. Nothing in America happened that was so powerful to affect us. 

What is more tragic, is those who follow Clement's and other' prophetic utterers claim this was fulfilled.

As a the former Democratic congressional aide charged with spying for Iraq, was arrested by the FBI who posed as a Libyan intelligence agent looking to recruit support for Iraqi groups attacking U.S. forces in the aftermath of the war. but they don't use this prophecy that ahs the date to prove this (mainly because they can't) but instead use  "Planned assassins have been stopped because of you... I am revealing once again, that there is a terrible thing that the enemy has planned, with regard to woman..." (Kim Clement- Nov 23, 2003)

Think about it he could have said a man and they would have found some other justification that he's right. Because they can't deal with He or any other being wrong: it would shatter all that they hold to. And his prophecies go on and on and none notices they are wrong nor do they care.

“The enemy has planned in 2010 to bring shame to the first African President. So that they will say, 'Never again shall an African American be the President of the United States.' This will not happen says the Lord.  This will not happen.  This will not happen.” “God says, It has been my desire to raise up a man who would honor me. Yet the people say 'But the policies, what about the policies?' God says, I told you I will change everything in the mid term of this Presidency.”

this President sought the Lord, got onto his knees and prayed out for God's blessing upon the nation.

“For the one who prophesied this President into existence will not regret the words that God placed into his mouth." “God says, Your President shall have a great conversion in 2010 which will bring about changes to this nation and because I have spoken.” (October 25, 2009 - Memphis, TN.)

 It happened by the presidents own policy, no need for an enemy. This mans prophecy did not take place, to say this president is honoring him… he is past half his term and what has change? Yes things changed, not for the better. Are we being blessed? Remember this is God saying this. At least the God that Clement hears from.

“ The wind of the spirit shall blow on this nation and all over the world on Christmas day.”
“The Spirit of God says hear the prophet tonight. What is about to be revealed in the earth is so much greater than what your forefathers ever experienced.  There will be encounters; there will be experiences that have never been encountered before.” (Detroit, MI 11/27/2009)

This is the typical type of warmed over promises, it takes place every year. 2009 is filled with marshmallow words

‘The Spirit of God said what I’m putting on you is audacity.  You have the audacity and the capacity to do the impossible, to prove your enemies wrong.  Let the prophet speak.  For the Spirit of God says people are saying bad things about you, California.  The Lord says at the end of this year there will be a sound, a triumphant sound that shall come from the soil of California that will change everything overnight says the Lord.  Do not say it’s impossible.  The economy will recover quickly.”

The Spirit of God says I am building a stairway.  Jacob saw that stairway and called it a ladder.  There is a stairway that I am building and have almost completed, for they have said it is impossible to get to the one place that the Apostle Paul was taken to.  God said the scrolls are being opened up, the keys are being given to unlock, and those that have said Christ He comes soon, yes He does, but occupation, the occupation of one grand territory that has not yet been taken has been given to the hands of my people and in California I shall release this, says the Spirit of God. (Whittier, CA Nov.12, 2009)

What terrible plethora of nonsense. Did California recover? No.  Scrolls are being open?  another stairway built, He prophecies of travelling to heaven, really.  2009 is filled with inaccuracies just like his previous years. Only now he has a greater following who are more lenient toward what is wrong.

This is not even as accurate as guesswork

I could continue with many more examples of his prophecies but these should be more than sufficient for anyone familiar with the Word and the Spirit who wrote the word.

I would like anyone who is listening to these prophecies to go to the Bible and do some research on what is being said, don’t take my word for it, take God’s, not mans.




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