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Additional FACTS That Affect the Integrity of This Story

Recently there have been new articles posted that add much to this already embellished story. Another article posted by David Kirkwood who went to Nigeria September 2002 to teach at pastors conference. Knowing about this story he intended to meet pastor Ekechukwu. Learning Ekechukwu was staying at a hotel in Lagos, he was able to meet with him twice. What Kirkwood tells in his interview needs to be looked carefully in light of what is already the official report[s] circulating. This is not written to impugn Kirkwood, since he is only the interviewer; although he seems to have sided with this story as true and accurate.

these are excerpt of his article. He begins by telling us The following report has been compiled from several sources: (1) from pastor Daniel Ekechukwu himself be means of personal discussions... (2) from his personal written testimony contained in his own self-published booklet which he gave me,... (3) from listening to his public testimony on September 13th at The Chapel of Glory, Lagos, Nigeria, (4) from the documentary video produced and sold by the ministry of Christ for all Nations,.. and (5)Ede Samuel, a long-time friend and now personal assistant to pastor Daniel, who also was an eye-witness of many of the events surrounding Daniel’s death and resurrection. The events described in the following report are factual to the best of my knowledge and memory.

He reports Daniel was raised from the dead between 3:50 P.M. and 5:15 P.M. on Sunday, December 2nd, 2001 in the basement of the Grace of God Mission, located in Onitsha, Nigeria.

As he was driving home that evening, the brakes on his 20-year old Mercedes 230E failed.

However in the official report it says “On the morning of November 30th 2001” http://www.impact.surfcity.org.au/key_speaker.html

“In the morning of November 30th 2001, Daniel Ekechukwu” http://www.cfan.org/offices/usa/testimonies/resurrection/page1.htm

“In the morning of November 30th 2001 Report by George Canty http://www.worldchristians.org/main/nigeriareport.htm

The story has only the basics framed together, and some unique details -- a few big details: Daniel was not able to remove himself from his car, but frantic on-lookers pulled him out. One bystander volunteered her car while another bystander offered to drive him to St. Charles Borromeo Hospital, not far away on the outskirts of Onitsha.

Within minutes of their arrival at the hospital, a doctor began administering emergency treatment, but Daniel knew his body was not responding to it. This makes his condition much more serious than what is stated in any of the other articles.

Daniel’s friend, Ede Samuel (whom I interviewed at length) was with her and essentially witnessed everything that transpired over the next three days.

We now have some very different details in the story; Ede Samuel (unless he has an alias) is not mentioned in any other account, yet he is a witness to everything for three days. I have only heard of Kingsley Ikuru his friend who traveled with him not Samuel Ide, whose he? We also find a bystander offered to drive him to St. Charles Borromeo Hospital near Onitsha. The other stories tell us it was an ambulance.

When his wife comes to the hospital Upon seeing Daniel in critical condition when she arrived at St. Charles Borromeo hospital, Daniel’s wife burst into tears, begging her husband not to die and leave her. The doctor admitted that there was nothing he could do to save Daniel’s life (keep in mind this was a Third World hospital), and so Daniel requested that he be transferred by ambulance to Umezuruike Hospital at Owerri, where his family doctor practiced.

When the ambulance arrived at Umezurike Hospital with Daniel’s body, it was now late at night (Friday, November 30th), and Daniel’s family doctor was not there. A member of the medical staff, however, examined his body and sadly told Nneka that her husband was dead and there was nothing that could be done.

If this was one and a half hours away the time element is certainly confusing. All the official stories say it was in the morning of the accident except for this interview.

So they drove to the Federal Medical Center in Owerri, but found no doctor there either. “Finally they drove to the Eunice Clinic, and there Daniel was confirmed to be dead by Doctor Josse Annebunwa. There was no breathing, no heartbeat or pulse, and Daniel’s pupils were fixed. The doctor said that there was nothing he could do. A death certificate was issued at 11:30 P.M., November 30, 2001.”

The other accounts says Owerri Regional Hospital this says Umezurike Hospital also, they may be the same; the other names are the same in the other articles. We haven't heard of Umezuruike Hospital. The other accounts say that the doctor was not there.

Daniel’s father instructed them to take his body to Ikeduru General Hospital Mortuary, not far away. They arrived there around 1:00 A.M. on Saturday morning...The primitive Nigerian mortuary where Daniel’s body was taken had no cold storage facilities, and so the mortician injected embalming chemicals between Daniel ’s fingers and into his feet. The full embalming would be administered in the morning. With the help of a staff member he laid Daniel’s body on a mortuary slab between two other corpses.”

 The other stories agree at some points and disagree on others such as when he came to the mortuary at a little after 12:00 and when he was done with his examination it was 1:00 am.

Here is where the details of the story are unique.
“The next morning, when the mortician attempted to cut Daniel’s inner thigh in order to insert a tube by which he could inject more embalming fluid, he experienced a strange shock that pushed him away from the corpse. This did not surprise him, as he had experienced similar forces before and attributed them to occult powers ... After a second attempt and a second shock, he concluded that Daniel must have been a member of a powerful secret society. He assumed, however, that after some occult sacrifices and incantations the powers in the corpse would subside, and he could then complete his work. (This mortician, of course, was not a Christian, but converted after Daniel’s resurrection.) Incidentally, Daniel said that people could smell the embalming chemicals coming out of his body for two weeks after his resurrection. They would hug him and hold their noses!”

“Around 2:00 A.M. Saturday morning, the mortician, who lived next to the mortuary, was disturbed by songs of worship coming from inside his mortuary, which stopped as soon as approached the mortuary doorway. Upon searching for the music’s source in his mortuary, he noticed light emanating from the face of Daniel’s corpse. This completely unnerved him.”

“Later on Saturday, he again attempted to cut Daniel’s inner thigh in order to insert an injection tube, and met with the same resistance as before. That night the sounds of worship again emanated from the mortuary.”

“All of this so disturbed the mortician that he located Daniel’s father to inform him of what had been happening and to request that he remove Daniel’s corpse from his mortuary. Just before the mortician’s arrival, Daniel’s wife experienced a dream in which she saw the face of her husband, and he was asking her why they had left him in the mortuary. He stated that he was not dead and that she should take him to Onitsha where German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was preaching. She determined to do so, even though her family thought she was out of her mind. It was now Saturday evening, and Daniel had been dead for 24 hours.”

What becomes questionable is his wife's story of bringing him to the anointing where Bonnke is. This was not done by faith but by instruction through a dream in which she saw the face of her husband. He asks her why they had left him in the mortuary. He stated that he was not dead and that she should take him to Onitsha where German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was preaching.” What are we to make of this. The whole point of this story is that he would be brought to where Bonnke was and resurrected by the anointing. The stories says this, the angel says this, but now we have Daniel who says otherwise to his wife. Kingsley the passenger of the car was interviewed by Igwe ( excerpts are below) who states he said “Nneka, had a dream and was instructed to take Daniel’s body to the Rev. Bonnke, who was then visiting Onitsha for prayers. Kingsley said that he had had a similar dream.” So here we have a clear case of the dead contacting the living and instructing them. I don't know what story is worse, this, or the rich mans prayer being answered. Either way they are both unbiblical. Whether this was a dream or vision it does not matter she is being contacted by someone who is dead. And He is saying hes not dead. So who is right? After all she did bring him to Bonnke, so she must have believed this dream or vision to be accurate.

What makes this more perplexing is that CfAN mentions no dream or vision which is a crucial part of the story if it took place. Just another small detail we can put on the shelf.

This all seems to coincide with Bonnke's statement on on Kenneth Copeland's program Aug.19,2002 on LeSea broadcasting. Bonkke was a guest talking about this video and said as his wife dozed off she saw a vision of some type and her husband spoke except this dream he says “don't allow me to be buried, I will rise.” Again another confusing detail with the forbidden practice of necromancy operating. (Deut 18:10-12) forbids this practice).

Federal agents were at the church Bonnnke was preaching at because of threats. “...The security guards would not allow the casket to be brought onto church grounds, thinking it might actually contain explosives. Daniel’s wife loudly pleaded with them, and opened the casket to show them her dead husband, which resulted in their mocking and even flogging her because of her persistence. She caused such a disturbance that the senior pastor was notified, and his son instructed that Daniel’s wife be permitted to bring his body to the church without the casket, and that it be placed in the basement.”

No other article has mocking and flogging mentioned. We also see another crucial contradiction, they brought his body to the church without the casket, the other stories say it was brought in the casket and taken out downstairs.

For example “the State security officer and the ushers saw them entering with a coffin and ordered them to turn round and leave immediately. Nneka however was determined, she pleaded and persisted not only for the coffin to be allowed in the church compound but brought into the church itself...Finding only a pallid corpse he allowed them to proceed.” (Impact also Reported by George Canty http://www.worldchristians.org/main/nigeriareport.htm).

“There pastors lifted Ekechukwu from the coffin in which he had been laid, and were amazed when the man started to breathe again.” (http://www.pechurchnet.co.za/news/news/n220318.htm)

“The body was taken out of its coffin and put on a table in the church's conference center, where several pastors began to pray.” http://www.charismanews.com/online/articledisplay.pl?ArticleID=5466

Implication is that the coffin is in the church and he was in it.

In Kirkwoods interview it states this of Daniels trip to hell “The escorting angel told pastor Daniel, “If your record is to be called here, you will in no doubt be thrown into hell.” Pastor Daniel immediately defended himself saying, “I am a man of God! I serve Him with all my heart!” But a Bible immediately appeared in the angel’s hand, and it was opened to Matthew 5 where Jesus warned that if one calls his brother a fool he is guilty enough to go into the hell of fire (see Matt. 5:21-22). Pastor Daniel knew he was guilty for the angry words spoken to his wife. The angel also reminded him that Jesus promised that God will not forgive our sins if we do not forgive others (see Matt. 6:14-15) because we will reap what we have sown. Only those who are merciful will obtain mercy (Matt 5:7). The angel told Daniel that the prayers he prayed as he was dying in the hospital were of no effect, because he refused to forgive his wife even when she attempted to reconcile on the morning of his fatal accident.”

Is saying you’re a man of God a correct Christian response? Would you not be saying, “I believe in the gospel and Christ died for my sins therefore I’m promised not to go to hell” be a more accurate Christian response. Maybe I’m being a bit to dogmatic on this, maybe I’m not. ask yourself, since when do people in hell get a second chance for forgiveness? That is what the angel is saying, he is guilty and his prayers before he died were of no effect because of unforgiveness. This is another gospel. We can by all merits say one can have another chance after death according to this angel that gave Daniel his revelation of both heaven and hell.

Pastor Daniel began to weep “but the angel told him not to cry, because God was going to send him back to the earth to grant the rich man’s request (see Luke 16:27-30). A man would come back from the dead and warn people of hell. The angel said that Daniel’s resurrection would serve as a sign and be the last warning for this generation.” This sounds quite strange to first say he is unforgiven and then he is appointed to be one of the greatest messengers of our time, a man who cam back from the dead to tell people a revelation. The Bible has Jesus say no sign will be given to them except the sign of Jonah; HIS own resurrection. The Bible does not speak of other resurrections being a sign to the a last days generation.

We are told “ pastor Ekechukwu did not stand condemned just because of his one sin of unforgiveness. There were other sins he was confessing in the hospital as he was dying, but his unforgiveness annulled his prayers in which he was asking for forgiveness.”

Does this mean we must confess all our sins to enter heaven? Can anyone realistically do this? Why is Daniel told he will be resurrected when he told his wife by a dream he was not dead. Does he not know he is no longer in his body? He said he knew he was dead.

In the CBN interview with Bonnke we are told basically the same thing

BONNKE: He had another fearful experience. I didn't know this Pastor Daniel at all. He said that the angel said to him, 'If God had not decided to send you back to earth, you would join the people in hell.' He was shaking.

ROBERTSON: But this guy is a pastor. What was it?

BONNKE: He was a man who didn't live right.

ROBERTSON: So he was a fraud.

BONNKE: He was not living right. He now lives right.

ROBERTSON: But if he hadn't had that experience, he would have joined those in hell?

BONNKE: That is what he was told.

If this was true then he should not have went to heaven at all. How did God decide where he would go? Wouldn't this have been settled before he goes to hell not during his death?  Why would God commission someone who is not living right and on his way to hell to bring back a message “as a sign and be the last warning for this generation?” Again I ask: in Christian doctrine when do people in hell get a second chance? Daniel did, so what does this mean in light of Scripture?

Was the mortician converted?

Leo Igwe is the director of the Center for Inquiry-Nigeria, and the secretary of the Nigerian Humanist Movement. He is a strong skeptic and has been a long-time critic of German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. Nonetheless his story needs to be heard. If true there is more to this story than meets the print on the page. Since we have already found so many disagreements and contradictions it should not be surprising to hear what Igwe says. For the whole article go to: http://www.secularhumanism.org/library/aah/igwe_11_3.htm

He states “on March 6th I was in the southern Nigeria City of Onitsha to investigate this resurrection. He waited for hours until he could speak to a pastor at the church. Pastor Barth met him and refused to discuss the resurrection with him. He was asked to wait until the pastor in charge arrived.

He later met with Pastor Paul, and said he wanted to meet him Daniel Ekechukwu. The pastor gave him direction to Daniel Ekechukwu house.

Daniel was not home but he met with the family. When he arrived he was shown by the family several photos of Daniel when he was in the mortuary he asked for the photo of Daniel when he was in the mortuary and was refused at first and then they later gave him one.

We find that “Mr. Kingsley Ekechukwu, younger brother of Daniel, whom was reportedly involved in the auto crash that had injured Daniel.”

He is known in the story as Kingsley Iruka Daniel's friend who was in the crashed car. If what Igwe is saying is true then we have a a huge piece of misinformation. This needs to be looked into further. Since it is Nigeria it is next to impossible without a good investigative reporter uncovering the facts that are supposed to coincide.

He then told Igwe “Daniel had been taken to Charles Borromeo Hospital-a popular clinic in Onitsha. While there, Daniel had complained of “spiritual attacks,” and requested that he be transferred to a private clinic in Owerri.”

“Kingsley informed me that on Saturday night, Daniel’s wife, Nneka, had a dream and was instructed to take Daniel’s body to the Rev. Bonnke that he had a similar dream too.”

“At the mortuary, Kingsley said the mortician was complaining that Daniel had been disturbing him and had not allowed him to sleep for two days. The mortician had related that on the night that Daniel’s body had been deposited in the morgue, he heard people singing. When he went to investigate, however, the singing stopped.”

Kingsley further stated “that on Saturday night something pushed him and caused him to hit his head on the wall as he attempted to embalm Daniel’s body. For this reason, he did not embalm Daniel’s corpse.”

“To confirm what he had said earlier, I asked Kingsley if Daniel’s body had been injected with embalming fluid. He answered, “no!”

[how could it be reported that people were able to smell the embalming chemicals coming out of his body for two weeks after his resurrection, if he did not get embalmed?] Incidentally if they did smell them we need to ask why, since this is a poison. Why were these not also removed when he was healed of all injuries when he was resurrected.

“According to medical experts I interviewed, however, a corpse should have a strong odor and the abdomen should be swollen after three days if it is not embalmed. Judging from the photo of Daniel when he was said to have been at the mortuary, and according to the testimony of his brother, this was not the case.”

“Second, it is unlikely that any doctor certified Daniel’s death at Owerri. Third, it is hard to believe the actions that supposedly transpired after Daniel’s request to be transferred. It all sounds like a mishmash of lies and fantasies.”

Igwe seems to have arrived at the same conclusions that anyone who thinks would .

To the secular world this story looks foolish, to those who follow these men's stories they believe every word; the details do not matter. As Christians we believe God can heal and even raise the dead. Yet we have to look at what is being presented in this story. This man may be going in this to prove it wrong but what he has to say needs to be listened to if he is honestly reporting the facts from his interview. Because they contradict others interviews.

I don't know that if the facts were straight Igwe would believe, but I do know that this man shares a story that if half true seems to contradict immensely what has been promoted by friends and family. There are enough holes in this story; it has more holes than swiss cheese.

Igwe asks,  “Why would Bonnke, who calls himself a man of God, go so far as to lie to the world by claiming that Daniel Ekechukwu was injected with embalming fluid? Moreover, if the Rev. Bonnke thinks he has the power to resurrect people from the dead, why did he not revive the hundreds of Christians that were massacred in Kano in 1991 following his visit to that city? Why did he not bring back to life several Nigerians who were trampled to death while he was there during his crusades in Benin and Abeokuta?”

These are good rational questions which may or may not have answers. If this story is going to be told as an accurate event to bring people to believe in God our savior those who are telling it need to get their facts right. In this I'm very dissapointed.

*for the whole article of Igwe's go to: http://www.secularhumanism.org/library/aah/igwe_11_3.htm



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