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  Benny Hinn Directory

Articles on one of the leaders of the Charismatic signs and wonders movement, his teachings and practices

 Spirit of Truth or Spirit of Error- A DVD on Benny Hinn - a must see for those who support his ministry or think he is teaching correctly

DVD on Benny Hinn- Statements like  "I am a little messiah.” “I am a little god.” “I Am.”   “Jesus Christ will appear bodily in upcoming crusades”  This video explores the world of Benny Hinn to a depth that few others have gone. Are his miracle and healing claims accurate? Is his teaching biblical? Is his transferable “anointing” from God? Do his teachings and prophesies prove that he is the type of teacher Christ told us to avoid? This video features an informal, impromptu discussion of the teachings and practices of Benny Hinn and others by three apologists who have been studying Hinn for years. Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries, Mike Oppenheimer of Let Us Reason Ministries and Sandy Simpson of Deception In The Church share their concerns about the current level of discernment among Christians with regard to teachers like Benny Hinn. The video takes an in depth look at Hinn's ministry for the last 20 years. an apologetic  that biblically refutes the doctrines and practices that have made Hinn's ministry famous.

 This production contains a wealth of old and new video quotes with biblically based commentary. The facts presented on this video are documented and undeniable. We believe you will find this to be a valuable resource in learning to discern whether these teachers are teaching in the SPIRIT OF TRUTH OR SPIRIT OF ERROR! 

This DVD is 140 minutes long!  The price each is $20 this includes shipping and handling

The End -Time Handmaidens & Servants- Founder Gwen Shaw has been a guest on Hinn’s "This is Your Day" program, Suzanne Hinn is a member of the Handmaidens. See what they are teaching, learn their affiliations.

Newest articles on top

What else has Hinn done

Benny Hinn repents of his prosperityOr does he repeat what he has done in the past

Prophetic Flirting with disaster

Hearing only what he says but ignoring what he does

That's Just the Way it is - for now

Lifestyles of the Wealthy and most famous evangelist

Benny Hinn -"Methinks thou protest too loudly"

Lifestyles of the Wealthy and most famous evangelist

Benny Hinn in Kampala, Uganda- Was the 'crippled' man really healed?

Benny Hinn-A Simple Over-Sight, Perhaps? by Bud Press-  Imagine Benny Hinn being  invited to participate in the peace talks? 

I was healed at a miracle crusade- What's it all about, are people really being healed?

Learning how to receive an offering-Learn from one of the best on how to get God's people to give extra money (Benny Hinn's  way).

The next level of Benny Hinn's anointing- Current developments  that are happening when Benny Hinn  is "under the anointing".

Romancing the Necromancer- Pt.1 Benny Hinn's Incredible teaching on contacting the dead and receiving instruction and teaching from beyond.

Benny Hinn's Romance with Necromancy pt 2.

A Healer of Nations

Hinns ministry seeking booster funds

25th Jan 2005

It Just Doesn't make sense

A Perspective on Benny Hinn's May 2006

Benny Hinn-A Simple Over-Sight, Perhaps?


When the Truth Becomes a Lie

Benny Hinn Out of control -Again- What's going on now?

Hinn endorses trips to heaven

Hinn's 1989 prophecy

p1 Heading Toward an Imaginary Middle East Peace Process

Part 2 Stories of Glory

The Most Popular Man in the World

Copeland's Latter Rain prophecy on Benny Hinn's program-Here we go again, fullness, healing, little Jesus', the works.

Gene Edwards mystical views- Gene Edwards recently was interviewed on Benny Hinn's program on his new book.

Building a Home for the Antichrist- Hinn's vision for the church to help in rebuilding the temple.

The End -Time Handmaidens & Servants- Founder Gwen Shaw has been a guest on Hinn’s "This is Your Day" program, Suzanne Hinn is a member. This is very important  to see what they are teaching learn their affiliations.

Part 1 Benny Hinn's 2002 crusade in Hawaii-Healing, harvest, glory, Jezebel,  Elijah and much much more.  

Part 2 of Hinn's crusade- Observations; are his teachings biblical? Are New age techniques employed for healing?

Hinn and HBO- Hinn's interview with the Crouch's and his rebuttal to HBO's program on his healings.- Hinn's interview with the Crouch's and his rebuttal to HBO's program on his healings.

 Hinn's newest faux pas- What is currently being said and practiced by Christianity's most popular miracle worker. 

Touch, Topple, Tilt-Looking at the enigmatic, fascinating and contradicting world of Benny Hinn.

 Under my thumb -Benny Hinn and money matters

 Hinn endorses trips to heaven- Hinn's recent guest left another clue to where his ministry is all heading

 A prophet has spoken-Benny Hinn predicts Jesus is going to appear physically in Nairobi and various other places. (What's next!)

 Under my spell- What it is like to visit his crusade from the eyes of the discerning.'

The healing Saga continues-More unbiblical and outrageous claims from the Charismatic miracle healer.

The Perfect healing crusade

Healing, Harvest, Glory, Jezebel, and Elijah

Under my anointing


For more information to consider

Book- The confusing world of Benny Hinn

Now 388 pages expanded and is continually updated, in its 10th edition. Which continues to grow as long as Benny Hinn continues to teach. This is a must read book for anyone who is interested in finding out if Hinn's claims and stories are accurate.

The Confusing world of Benny Hinn

Time and again preachers burst onto the scene, attracting attention and followers with what they claim are new insights into Scripture and new powers from God, only to be exposed as being not only unoriginal but false.

Benny Hinn, founder of Orlando Christian Center (now known as the World Outreach Center) in Florida, is the most prominent example of this phenomenon. Hinn, whose charismatic church at one time numbered weekly attendance at 10,000 and whose televised services and crusades reach a potential audience of nearly 100 million homes in the United States and Canada, epitomizes the kind of histrionics, emotionalism and hysteria that can bring reproach to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Even more damaging to his claim of "revelation" from God is the confusion which abounds in the statements and stories of preacher Benny Hinn. His propensity for exaggeration, embroidery and myth making is well documented within his many public statements and writing.

The Confusing World of Benny Hinn is a collection of several popular articles investigating the best-selling author and healing evangelist, first published by Personal Freedom Outreach in its newsletter publication. The reader is furnished with solid research and irrefutable documentation to unmask the bizarre teachings and contradictory spiritual experiences of the faith healer some have dubbed, "The Miracle Man." (on back cover)

Personal Freedom Outreach Publication

Cost is $19 in USA- includes shipping 

$24.00 outside US (includes shipping)



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