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  Prayer Center of the Pacific

Wanting to see ones communities transformed is a good goal but it also depends on how one tries to get it accomplished. If it is not done the Lord's way then God is not involved in it.

Though their statement of faith is orthodox it is what they put in practice that needs to be discerned.

Virginia and David Domligan head up this prayer organization here in Hawaii. On her program Virginia can be heard speaking of  enticing people with a Double and triple portion tonight ( even though there is no such thing in the Bible to be passed on).

She calls out demons from Christians and teaches about fasting to break the power of the enemy in ones life as well as spiritual warfare teaching. Fasting has nothing to do with gaining power to cast out demons in the heavenlies. The Bible mentions that deliverance in a person could not be successful with certain demonic possessions unless the apostles fasted along with praying.

Statements like these are telltale signs of being entrenched in the extreme unbalanced Charismatic spiritual warfare movement 

We will stand on the frontlines of the battle, while war is made in the heavenlies” In this last hour, God is raising up a mighty army of prayer warriors, those with a heart to pray. God has called and anointed His warriors who are led by His Spirit to take their position of authority and confront the enemy.”

The only army the Bible speaks of for the last days is one that is mentioned in Joel chapter 2-3 which God destroys in the end, and those who fight against the Lord's second coming at Armageddon (Rev. 19:19). There is no warriors or army mentioned in the Scripture like these who fight the heavenlies.

When one listens to her speak it is often very intense and militant and very convincing but what is said must be checked with the CONTEXT of the Scripture. One can use the same words and apply a completely different meaning to it.

She refers to Daniel Kikawas book about how many Hawaiians were Christian in the mid 1800's, and this is true. However it was far from being a Christian state as many claim. On the hope for another revival? She explains "Over ten years ago, under the divine unction of the Holy Spirit, *Cindy Jacobs of Generals Int’l stood on a platform at Aloha Stadium and declared that the State of Hawaii would become the FIRST Christianized state in the U.S.! This is the will of God for Hawaii! The ‘Prayer Watch’ serves as an opportunity for the Body of Christ to gather by districts statewide for the sole purpose of praying out God’s will. ” (which is what United in Prayer the new apostolic program is about).

Cindy Jacobs is part of Peter Wagner’s false apostolic reformation and Jacobs is a prophetess who has a track record of NOT being right. All one has to do is watch her on videos to know how out of control this person is. A few years ago she along with other prophets and apologized for getting their wrong prophecies and their hurting people. But instead of repentance, she continues on the same vein today.

On the prayer watch website "Ask of me, and I will surely give the nations as Thine inheritance and to the very ends of the earth as thy possessions." Psalms 2:8

This is a Scripture that is often used by Dominionists- unfortunately if one reads it in context they find it is the Father speaking to the Son only, not to the church, and not to any individual in the church. Indelibly this is what she has interpreted it as a promise to her and those who join in.

She further explains  on their website under the title vision  "In 2000, the Lord spoke into my heart: "I have given you the nations." In the year 2001, the call came to take dominion. The Prayer Center of the Pacific was birthed.

In the year of 2002, I saw a vision of fire and wheat and an eagle on the right side above me. The Lord spoke, "Arise and take the land," He whispered. "It shall come to pass." My husband and I planted a large monetary seed in Israel for the vision."

I have to challenge this as an authentic leading from God when the Scripture is ripped out of context, the application is wrong. God knows what He said and what He means, He does not contradict Himself. HE gave the nations to His Son (Ps.2) God did not tell her personally I have given you the nations, so whom is she hearing from?

She then explains, "God gave a vision of rain drops filled with fire falling from heaven upon our islands. (A great harvest is coming to our island people.) To pursue the vision, I resigned from my secular job and went into full-time ministry. Later, I took a forty-days fast to honor and glorify our God. I desired to hear Him with clarity and to receive specific directions on how things should be accomplished.

A call was made to the intercessors of our islands. We are in pursuit of the harvest and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is not a call of man...This is a call of God to His body to unite in prayer. God is calling you, take heed and obey. Let's unite and bow our hearts together to pray in the harvest hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart before our Lord God Almighty."

I have to challenge this call and vision since the Scripture was taken out of context and so is the intent. They are very much involved in the extreme spiritual warfare praying practice. rain filled with fire? People follow what seems like a someone who is in touch with God  but unfortunately they do not question or test the supernatural leanings of people who claim God spoke to them in such an unusual way.

Last January they had 3,000 people of different religious affiliations gathered to pray. In the article on their website it states “Twelve pastors, symbolizing the Twelve apostles were assigned a specific focus.” She claims God’s glory moved among many leaders in politics as government officials came to seek God’s face including Mayor of Honolulu Mufi Hanneman-Who is a Mormon. Is this the unity she wants to have?

Some think that we can unite in prayer with any church and anyone who names the name of Christ, despite any false doctrines and practices they hold. This is not the kind of unity that is pleasing to our Lord. any biblical Christian should discern this.

She says, The strength and power of corporate prayer united all souls who came seeking God's face. "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." James 5:16 (KJV)

If a righteous mans prayer moves God to answer then where in the Bible does it teach to gather an army  or people (some certainly may not be righteous) to unite and pray for the same thing? We are to be careful who we fellowship with and enter into prayer with. We should not be ignoring false teaching to have unity in prayer.

On these points alone I have to question this ministries direction despite their goal to see God move because of prayer.


some things to be aware of: http://prayercenterofthepacific.org/newsletterspring2014.pdf


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