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                 What is Going On in Bookstores???

Books are a $3 billion Christian retailing industry.  Storeowners and retailers say they’re in business to encourage and help believers and reach non-believers for Christ, But one wonders how they justify “selling books that propagate blatant error,” and even teachings that are antichrist.

Some would respond that no one would intentionally carry a book that is contrary to Scripture. But we can only wonder that when they do if they know the scripture well enough when they cannot recognize error.

We need to sound off on this and if necessary put pressure on the distributors on what they are carrying.

  According to Bud Press a wide variety of non-Christian materials are being sold through online bookstores and main distributors. "This is one of the most incredible situations I have ever encountered," said Bud Press. "

  What is going on? Christians are suppose to be promoting Jesus and his Gospel and the Bible as truth and we see Christian bookstores promoting cult books and antichrist material.  This is no different than what is taking place in the pulpits at some churches. The door is open to just about anything said, because few want to examine the content of the books. After all so many have been taught not to judge.


We are talking about bookstores that we are to trust, family bookstore.  This is not an easy subject to discuss or report on. And it is not my intent to humiliate anyone in particular. But I have been discouraged on hearing how some of the bookstores are dragging their feet doing anything about this.  


Press writes, "AFA is on the frontline in the battle against the gay agenda, but their online bookstores offer for sale books written by cultic, New Age and pro-gay authors." 

Press, a Christian Investigative Researcher who has worked hand-in-hand with AFA on numerous projects, said his research into non-Christian books within online Christian bookstores began last year. Since then, he has contacted and furnished information to numerous online bookstores, including AFA and the American Family Radio Bookstore. 
But since December of last year, Press says it has been an uphill battle to get AFA to remove the books....

When asked to name some of the cultic, New Age and pro-gay authors whose books have infiltrated AFA's bookstores, Press immediately cited Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science), Stephen R. Covey (Mormon), Matthew Fox and Jon Mundy (New Age), and Peter Gomes, Jon L. Berquist and Chris Glaser (pro-gay). 
"But these are only the tip of the iceberg," said Press. "Altogether, there are hundreds authors and an untold number of books lurking deep within many online Christian bookstores."....

"While a small handfull of pro-gay books were recently removed from one of the AFA bookstores," said Press, "there are many more that remain. And until all of the non-Christian books are removed from both AFA bookstores, AFA should refrain from issuing 'Action Alerts' and requesting its membership to contact anyone to remove anything." 
G. Richard Fisher, co-author of The Confusing World of Benny Hinn advises Christians to be alert and on guard, especially during visits to Christian bookstores: 
"Tread with extreme caution and discernment in your local Christian bookstore. It is really hard to believe but universalism, gnosticism, relationalism, pantheism, self-atonement, defective Christology and skewed bibliology are all available at your Christian bookstore." 
"The enemy has been allowed to pass through the gates of the Christian city, virtually undetected," Press said. "They no longer sit silent awaiting the right moment to strike, but have seductively slithered from deep within the belly of their Trojan Horse, and have crept throughout the city under the cover of spiritual darkness into our homes, businesses, culture and Christian bookstores."

What is being carried by AFA is not unusual, they are not alone, many if not the majority of bookstores will carry these books and order just about anything.

Error and false doctrine can be in various vehicles. Many of the popular songs contain incorrect and even false teaching as they are made to rhyme; we receive them because of their beautiful melody ignoring the content.  Many bookstores do not look at the content of the books and music they sell and some do not care; they run it as a business not a ministry, never considering that they will answer to God for selling misleading teachings that influenced people’s lives. It’s unfortunate that most people do not see false teachers as a serious problem. If they did they would probably want to do something about it. And that is what this is all about. To have them do something about this. Not just  fossilize over this issue. I hope that the many bookstores that Bud Press has contacted will begin their search of their stock and take advantage of Press' painstaking research and documentation and remove the new age, occult, homosexual promoting authors they are selling.

What can you do? If you find this to be so with a book distributor or your local bookstore, tell them. Have the proof of why this book should not be carried in a Christian bookstore. And above all pray for their willingness to promote Christ Jesus alone.


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