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pt.1 The Universe According to Oprah

Many consider Oprah as the quintessential woman spokesman (guru) for nearly everything. So when she tells her public that this is something she has used for years to become successful, it is accepted as gospel truth because of her success. Her philosophy- your experiences validate your beliefs.

Her mission statement for the show:

“I am guided by the vision of what I believe this show can be. Originally our goal was to uplift, enlighten, encourage and entertain through the medium of television. Now, our mission statement for “The Oprah Winfrey Show” is to use television to transform people’s lives, to make viewers see themselves differently and to bring happiness and a sense of fulfillment into every home” (“The Oprah Winfrey Show Fact Sheet”).

The Oprah Winfrey Show was launched in the fall of 1985. Oprah Winfrey has proven herself to be a spiritual transformer on the TV, a change agent for women’s lives. She has a mission to make women inspired and improve them-self. Twenty million viewers tune into her television show each day in the U.S. and it is seen in 205 television markets, and in 160 foreign countries (introduction page on the world-wide-web.) Winfrey’s response is large, she receives 10,000 letters and 4,000 e-mails each week. Her Web site receives 1.3 million visits per day. The net worth of Winfrey’s business empire is now worth $1 billion. She is the first black woman to become a billionaire. She bought her dream home for 50 million dollars. She owns the Harpo Entertainment Group, which consists of Harpo Productions, Harpo Films, Oprah Winfrey Presents, Harpo Studios, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah’s Book Club, and Oprah’s Angel Network. Her “O” Magazine has a readership of 13 million. She recently started the Oxygen network and she also signed a 55 million dollar deal with XM radio (in 2006). Because of her continued success, Oprah is willing to give away expensive gifts, ones that she herself uses and can recommend to her audience every year.

Her message connects to her audience, it is a powerful positive message. She is able to relate to just about anyone who comes on the show. Besides the Hollywood interest spots with Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Barbra Streisand, John Travolta, Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Tom Cruise, Barack Obama, George Clooney, and so many others. Her interviews range from being about how people have triumphed through their sufferings to the subject of the supernatural; like near death experiences or visiting heaven. The show is able to hold anyone’s interest as the subjects range from being about entertainment and clothes to abuse. What makes the Oprah Winfrey Show the highest-rated talk show in television history is her connecting with the people on their very basic level of their dreams and aspirations, it is a formula for success. This is why it’s been the number one talk show for 12 consecutive seasons. Since it' beginning it has received 32 Emmy awards. It has set a precedent for all talk shows.

Her success has given her the opportunity to appear on the cover of Time, Vogue, and TV Guide. In 1997, Oprah was named Newsweek's “Most Important Person” in books and media, TV Guide's “Television Performer of the Year,” the People's Choice Award for “Favorite Television Performer,” and in 1996, Time Magazine recognized Oprah as one of America's “25 Most Influential People.”

And she is not bashful in taking credit for what she does. She has risen to the top by her own effort (power), by putting into practice her spiritual beliefs. The media presents her as a force for good, and she certainly has been a humanitarian. “My intention is to empower people,” she is the queen of self-improvement and has developed into a motivator, par excellent- for the human potential movement of the New Age. Oprah does have practical information to share that can be helpful but it comes mixed with New Age thought that muddies the waters. Any wisdom given is often tainted with some very unconventional spiritual beliefs.

But you cannot find someone that comes across less judgmental and accepting of others beliefs than Oprah (though she has her limits (i.e. such as child abuse). She presents to her audience a non-sectarian spirituality where there exists a loving god who is not a lawgiver or judge,  but a god who will accept everyone into heaven (except for the real evil people). What is obvious is what is missing in her presentation of spiritual beliefs- the cross of Christ for our sin is rarely recognized as THE way, but just another way among the many she accepts (though she claims to be a Christian at times). In its place is the Universal Spirit, energy-the universe and that is God to her and her spiritual guests.

She is hosting programs with those who believe in psychic powers, metaphysics, karma, astral life and anything else non biblical; yes anything. On her programs she has promoted a false hope of reincarnation with enthusiasm, trying to soothe the hurt of those who are dying or those whose loved ones have died. Karma has its focus on self, how do I make my own life better- by doing good to others- it will bring good in return. But karma does not distinguish good or bad, it is an amoral energy that reacts to our actions in another life (cause and effect). I noticed after a certain program is over she advertised about Children being abused. And put in cages. She asks what are we going to do about it? What’s there to do about it- you have taught that its karma, remember! If you change that, something else will change. Oh well, so much for consistency.

Oprah Winfrey has been a unofficial spokesman for New Age Movement’s alternative spirituality since she began. Many of her favorite guests are major New Age proponents and authors, her endorsements contribute to their popularity. Some of the New Age guests are: Marianne Williamson, psychic John Edwards, Marilyn Ferguson (A New Age leader, and author of The Aquarian Conspiracy.), Barbara DeAngelis, LaVar Burton, Richard Carlson, Betty Eadie, Dannion Brinkley, M. Scott Peck, Sophy Burnham, Deepak Chopra, Tom Cruise (Scientologist) James Hillman, and psychic medium and best-selling author, James Van Praagh, Shirley MacLain, channeler Kevin Reyerson (Shirley MacLaine's channeler), Wayne Dyer; Shakti Gawain, Gary Zukav… and the list goes on and on.

Her mission is focused on; “I want people to see things on our show that makes them think differently about their lives...To be a light for people. To make a difference...to open their minds and see things differently…how to get in touch with the spiritual part of their life.” Oprah is on a mission to present a paradigm shift in our thinking. Oprah and favorite guests communicate the NEW AGE message of self-empowerment to millions of people who are searching for meaning and purpose in life. Her Spirituality plays an all encompassing part of her message and method. Her audience is predominantly women who desire to live better lives, it is for this reason they are attracted to watching Oprah and her many guests discuss different beliefs.

Her “O” magazine contains inspiring stories of people overcoming hardships, beating incredible odds all from discovering the power they have within, their spirit. In 1996, Oprah began Oprah's Book Club designed to get America reading again. The books she selects often become instant bestsellers and can average sales of over 1 million copies each. So it is not unusual to see an increase in sales overnight in anything Oprah endorses. She has made many an overnight success simply by approving of what they are saying or writing in a book. Marriane Williamson in her book “A Return to Love” became one of those successes: A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles, were featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah told her viewers that she had already purchased a thousand copies of Williamson’s book. Williamson’s response: “For that, my deepest thanks to Oprah Winfrey. Her enthusiasm and generosity have given the book, and me, an audience we would never otherwise have had. (p. ix)

A Course in Miracles is said to be “channeled” (spirit guides) by a psychology professor named Helen Schucman (now deceased) who had it dictated by a spirit entity named Jesus (not the real Jesus of course). It intentionally denies nearly everything Jesus said in the Bible about man and God.

Psychologist Phil McGraw who gives some practical advice along with regular psychotherapy became an example of an overnight success by appearing on the Oprah show.

Another of her guests was Deepak Chopra who  was formerly taught under guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and a promoter of TM. Chopra published his breakthrough work, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old. After his appearance on Oprah, Chopra sold 130,000 copies of the book in one day (Newsweek, Oct. 20, 1997, p. 54).

What does Chopra believe and write? Its basic Hinduism, karma and”. . . we will remain unfulfilled unless we nurture the seeds of divinity inside us. In reality, we are divinity in disguise, and the gods and goddesses in embryo that are contained within us seek to be fully materialized. True success is therefore . . . the unfolding of the divinity within us” (Deepak Chopra, The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success, p.3 1994).

So people are listening intently to what Oprah says and recommends. People’s ears cannot be scratched enough when it comes to other spiritual beliefs and Oprah’s show is a modern day Mars Hill  for women (Acts 17). Metaphysics are spread to her worldwide audience as the answer to lifes hardships. Is it a coincidence that she has so many people on her program that promote the same spiritual worldview of man and god?

Medical doctor Raymond Moody, whose 1976 book, Life After Life, sold millions of copies and began the NDE craze, was a guest on Oprah teaching communication with the dead may be possible. While he opened deaths door to millions, a door for psychics and out of body experiences became a hot topic of discussion. Dannion Brinkley was also a guest (new age author of near death experience books Saved By The Light, and At Peace With in the Light)

One of the most revealing examples was a show with guest Betty Eadie, (who holds to New Age  and is a Mormon- she is author of Embraced By The Light and The Awakening Heart), who told everyone what heaven is REALLY like from her experience. Oprah interviewed her, avoiding any conflict with questions that took place with others that told their metaphysical experiential stories. Eadie tells us how she had a tremendous fear of death from her Catholic upbringing. Until she died at age 31 and three spiritual beings that appeared in my room and they explained to me that they were my guardian angels, and told her she died, she went through the tunnel and saw the light, a golden light around a being of light. The light of this being of light is love and knowledge. She realized heaven was here home. From her experience being told and endorsed by Oprah, she convinced millions of people that death is nothing to be concerned about and that we all make it to heaven, we are all accepted.

Further in the interview Oprah states- I believe that there are many paths to God, or many paths to the light I certainly don’t believe there is only one way, so did Jesus, you said the figure was Jesus. Did Jesus indicate that to you?”

Betty Eadie responds- Absolutely. “... now I was experiencing something absolutely different than I had been taught in any of the churches.

Oprah- “well I’m glad to hear that because if Jesus is as cool as I think he is he would (BE- he was) he would have had to say that (Betty Eadie – yeayea, he had a sense of humor)"

Here are two women who have abandoned what Jesus actually said and are intent in making Jesus into the image they want him to be. If what they say is true, and the truth is drawn from Eadie's experience (who supposedly died and her experience cannot be proven), then Jesus and his apostles all lied to us. Jesus does not have a sense of humor when it comes to contradicting what he has written in the Bible,  he is the Only Son of God and the only way to God. Someone is wrong and I'll bet my life,  it isn't Jesus.

Oprah next asks- “So what did he say to you?

Betty Eadie-“... But he said about the other faiths that it didn’t really matter, that love was, was, what is uh, was the ultimate. That if we love one another that everything else would be okay?

The Jesus that scolded the religious leaders for teaching falsely doesn't really care what we believe about him! This proves this is a counterfeit Jesus- who cares not about the truth. For Jesus tells us there is one faith -Eph.4:5, and  this faith which was once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3).

And loving one another has a qualification- Jesus said- as I have loved you, (John 13:34; 15:12). This love is not separate from the love found only in Jesus Christ. no one was ever saved by love itself but by the love of God sending his only begotten Son to be the sacrifice for our sins. Jesus said that it was his mission. So anything said contrary to this is pitting oneself  against Jesus.

1 John 3:23:  “And this is His commandment: that we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ and love one another

And many of the passages that mention about loving one another need to be read fully in context because they carry the points that Both Oprah, Betty Eadie and so many other guests adamantly deny-- 1 John 4:10-11:  “In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins. ” V.14 “And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent the Son as Savior of the world.

2 John 7: “For many deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh” That is- he is not the only Son of God and the only way to God.

Psychiatrist M. Scott Peck was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show. His book The Road Less Traveled has remained on the New York Times best seller list for over 10 years. In it he wrote God wants us to become Himself (or Herself or Itself). We are growing toward God. God is the goal of evolution” (The Road Less Traveled, 1978. p. 270). In 1993, when Peck wrote his first book, The Road Less Traveled, He told Oprah that he had been “divinely led” to write it. Yet he had earlier admitted that he was not a Christian at that time (he taught the collective unconscious is God.)

There are a number of people that are Oprah’s favorites, one of them is Gary Zukav. Gary Zukav wrote a book, that mixed Hinduism with ever day values, called The Seat of the Soul. Winfrey found it a few years later, read it, and since then, Gary Zukav has become Senior Spiritual Advisor to Winfrey’s audience in the Change Your Life phenomenon. Kate Maver, Book Review, “The Story of Soul Stories,” Christian Research Journal 23, no. 3 (2001): 56–58.

Gary Zukav has become Senior Spiritual Advisor to Winfrey’s audience in the Change Your Life phenomenon. Kate Maver, Book Review, “The Story of Soul Stories,” Christian Research Journal 23, no. 3 (2001): 56–58.

Gary Zukav's book, The Seat of the Soul, he talks about non-physical guides and Teachers. Zukav's book, “The Seat of the Soul” (1989),  was a major influence on Oprah.  Winfrey states: Gary Zukav is author of “The Seat of the Soul,” one of my favorite books.

Zukav believes we are evolving from a species that pursues power based upon the perceptions of the five senses into a species that whose power that is based upon the perceptions and values of the spirit. Zukav calls Jesus the most evolved of our species” (The Seat of the Soul p.21). In his book he speaks of karma: “The karma of the soul determines the characteristics of the personality.” “The incarnation of a soul is a massive reduction of the power of the soul to a scale that is appropriate to a physical form. “All of the energy of the soul does not incarnate, the soul creates a personality from those parts of itself that it wants to heal in the physical environment, and from those parts of itself that it lends to the process of healing in that lifetime. So powerful is the energy of the soul that it could not advance into a physical form without, literally, exploding that form” That “Each human soul has both guides and Teachers.”

Since Oprah began her show on TV she has offered to the public an alternate spirituality. She has promoted psychics, channeling, ghosts and haunted houses, reincarnation, witchcraft and false concepts about God and man. She is also one of the most vocal and influential persons against Biblical Christianity, except she does it subtly, indirectly, tactfully. Nearly every authors book on spirituality that she promotes- when they mention Jesus, he is not the Jesus the Bible but the one of metaphysics and mystics (2 Cor. 11:3, 14) an enlightened man an advanced soul. The men and women she is promoting are what we called progressive futurists of spirituality. It is Metaphysics meets science to form a paradigm shift for a new spiritual lifestyle. There may be many who have been convinced of this broad path for their enlightenment but for those who adhere to the Bible as accurately recording the words and meaning of Jesus, God made it simple for all. In Jn.14:6 Jesus eliminated all other teachers and way. If we take Jesus’ own words than Oprah and her guests view cannot be accepted as the truth and should be categorized as more than unsafe, but spiritually dangerous.  This becomes especially perilous when one is contacting spirits and the dead.

On her program, guest Wayne Dyer says - “there are no accidents in a perfect universe

Oprah: “You all talk about energy in the universe and how it flows and we flow with it what do you mean by that?

Wayne: “the whole thing is perfect (we need to be unattached) “Everything is thought and thought is energy-everything is from thought.”

Oprah (teaching her audience- “Everything starts with thought, got that…”“The base upon what you think that is how things manifest because this is how you act because what you think.”

Oprah then tells a story about her losing her luggage and normally she would blame it on the airlines but she now thinks it is her fault. “I thought the universe was trying to tell me if that’s what you want this is what you are going to get ….The porter shortly afterwards told her they found her luggage.

(Oprah show, 1987 with guests Wayne Dyer, Shakti Gawain and Arnold Patent).

Shakti Gawain in her book Creative Visualization whom Oprah highly recommends, We should be open to accept the goodness of the universe. to receiving the blessings of this abundant universe”( Creative Visualization pp.51-52).

The monistic concept of the universe is that all is one- this one spiritual substance manifests itself throughout the material universe and the spiritual substance is what we can tap into to change, we just need to learn how. One way it can harnessed is through the use of thought or visualization - attuning our-self to the universal mind. Since the universe is all connected you can create anything you want in the world for your use, call it the law of attraction. Metaphysics teach that we can create our own reality.

On one program Oprah states she doesn't think God is hung up on what you believe about God-whatever that “force” is, it doesn't care what you call it. He doesn't have an ego problem. She states, “I believe in the FORCE-I call it God.” A god of forces is not a good thing according to the Bible. God has power but he is personal and we are to know him the way He has given to all mankind. In other words there are not many ways.

In helping her panel define the spiritual movement called the New Age Oprah states –”isn’t essentially the new age movement in all that I’ve read in the Aquarian conspiracy isn’t it just spiritual evolvement isn’t it coming closer to the force that is God whether you call it God or not, isn’t that what it is?” (Oprah show, 1987 with guests Wayne Dyer, Shakti Gawain and Arnold Patent).

This is proposing god is a force, an energy, a universal force that has left laws, spiritual laws for man to manipulate. Then there is no personal God in charge but man is in charge. But the universe is not God- it is a created thing that has no intelligence to think –It stretches all logic to think each of us can control the universe and draw from its abundant resources anytime we wish. It is God who controls the universe, not man.

 We can trace these ideas back to the early 1900. New Thought originated with an unschooled inventor in Maine named Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, who believed that he had rediscovered the lost healing methods of Jesus. He popularized the idea that sickness and suffering had their origin in incorrect thinking. Quimby studied mesmerism [early hypnotism], spiritism and spiritual phenomena. Quimby's followers held that man could create his own reality through the power of positive affirmation (confession). Metaphysical practitioners have long taught adherents to visualize health and wealth, and then to affirm or confess them with their mouths so that the intangible images may be transformed into tangible realities (not unlike their word of Faith practitioners of today).

Quimby was “considered by many to be the Founder of what is now known as “the New Thought Movement.” In the Handbook of Today’s Religions Josh McDowell and Don Stewart write that Quimby: was a self-professed healer who applied hypnosis and the power of suggestion in affecting his cures…[the] early 19th century mesmerist and psychic healer [was also the person] from whom Mary Baker Eddy learned the principles she later claimed were revealed from God as Christian Science” (pp.126,130).

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882); Mary Baker Eddy- Christian Science; Charles Fillmore- Unity; Ernest Holmes the Church of Religious Science and many others began this metaphysical revolution. The movement became known as New Thought, and a number of independent branches grew from its trunk: Unity, Religious Science, and Divine Science. Charles Fillmore who formed The Church of Religious Science. Fillmore spoke of “ unity with the parent Mind. This intercommunion of the man consciousness with the omnipresent spiritual force of the universe was beautifully exemplified by Jesus.”(Christian Healing, Charles Fillmore, Unity school of Christianity)

Fillmore taught “Holding continuously to the reality of things spiritual establishes them in mind -- they become mental substance” (Christian Healing Charles Fillmore Unity School of Christianity p. 84);

Like Unity founders Myrtle and Charles Fillmore, The Church of Religious Science, Ernest Holmes based his Science of Mind on the same concepts: “Man, by thinking, can bring into his experience whatsoever he desires ....” In a proud prophecy that has come to pass, Holmes declared, “We have launched a Movement which, in the next 100 years, will be the great new religious impulsion of modern times . . . [destined] to envelope the world . . . .”

We can thank Oprah for doing just that.

The Christ of New Thought was from Quimby's and his predecessors metaphysics. His Christ was not a person but an impersonal Divine force or Principle. Jesus fully realized his Christ-nature, embodying the Christ principle as no other has. This is the essence of the New Age Christ.

New Thought recognized an open creative energy in the universe. They referred to God as the Universal Intelligence and emphasized positive thinking, our influence through mental processes could change our circumstances. The Mind Sciences reduced God to a Universal Principle that can be utilized according to spiritual scientific laws; the creature then became the Creator.

These same ideas can be found in various religions and philosophies. Hindu philosopher, Sri Aurobindo (I872-1950), taught that divine energy was to be found everywhere.

Charles Fillmore wrote: “Thought clothes itself in a life form according to the character given it by the thinker. Every thought produces a living organism” (p.70 Dynamics for Living).

Every thought that goes forth from the brain sends vibrations into the surrounding atmosphere and moves the realm of things to action” (p.75 Dynamics for Living Charles Fillmore 1967 Unity book).

Wayne Dyer states- “You are what you think about, that’s all you are, you’re purely your thoughts.” (Oprah show, 1987, with guests Wayne Dyer, Shakti Gawain and Arnold Patent).

This is a silly thing to say to the secular world. If this were true many men would be women.

Later on, Norman Peale took these same concepts and spoke of the universe as “mental,” God as “energy,” Peale's teaching was Science of Mind teaching:

“The world you live in is mental and not physical. Change your thought and you change everything.”

“All the resources you need are in your mind” ( You Can If You Think You Can by Norman Vincent Peale p.224) The spiritual power is demonstrated by the principle, “you can if you think you can” in other words your willpower along with your mind becomes God.

Norman Vincent Peale: “Your unconscious mind . . . [has a] power that turns wishes into realities when the wishes are strong enough.

Who is God? Some theological being... ? God is energy. As you breathe God in, as you visualize His energy, you will be reenergized.”

God has a different perspective- “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:6-9).

Oprah has become a spokesman for the mind sciences that are a vehicle for opening one up to spirit guides and various other occult ideas that are used for human achievement.

We find these same concepts practiced in the occult: for example, the “law of manifestation,” which declares that thoughts held firmly in the mind, spoken aloud, or visualized will “manifest' in the physical world. This law was taught to Napoleon Hill by demons who posed as Ascended Masters from a School of Wisdom on the astral plane. Taught to Napoleon Hill by the spirits that began to guide him.

Hill claimed that an emissary came across the astral plane. In a voice that “sounded like chimes of great music,” this visitor from another dimension declared: “I come from the Great School of Masters. I am one of the Council of Thirty-Three who serve the Great School and its initiates on the physical plane”

“Hill was informed that he had been “under the guidance of the Great School” for years and had been chosen by them to give the formula of success, the “Supreme Secret,” to the world: that “anything the human mind can believe, the human mind can achieve.”“ Here again is the same lie that turns one from God to the alleged power of the human mind. Peale and Schuller try to link this occult power with prayer and faith” (p.185 Occult Invasion, Dave Hunt, Harvest House Publishers, 1996)

We are told God's kingdom runs on metaphysical principles that Napoleon Hill and others use and it will work for anyone. Ernest Holmes founded the Church of Religious Science upon the same “Supreme Se­cret” revealed to Napoleon Hill and many others- Through the “Masters of Wisdom.”

The Secret to Her Success (According to Oprah)

Oprah- “and so what you can create for that day you can also create for your life. I realized this and say this often in speeches too I am where I am because for as long as I was cognizant I believed in my possibilities …, I allowed myself to move with the flow of the universe even before I read any of these books I understood that is what I was doing it.. Once you get this and you understand what God is then you never have to be unhappy ever- ever” (Oprah 1987, with guests Wayne Dyer; Shakti Gawain and Arnold Patent).

The focus on “ME” is certainly the message people hear loud and consistently from her and her guests.

To believe in one-self - to love themselves first and the universe will respond is not spirituality but Spiritual narcissism.

On the program with Sister Breige McKenna (the healing nun) Oprah, speaking of unworthiness Oprah says “God wants you to love yourself… it starts with you.”

How does she know this? Who told her- it’s certainly not what Jesus would say. The first command is to Love God; the second is like the first, love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 23:27-29). Jesus never told us to love ourself or learn to improve on self love. He said, “No one has ever hated his own flesh.” We don’t need to learn to love ourselves when we already do. What we need is to learn to love God- then we can love others correctly. And the best way to do this is to give them God’s love- His gospel. Unfortunately this is missing from Oprah- on purpose. It doesn’t fit in with the lifestyle she has created for herself and promoting to others.

Self achievement is good and necessary in its place, but to claim the universe obeys your thought seems to stretch ones credulity. It is one thing to take credit for hard work, it is a whole other matter to say your thoughts created your success because the universe is obedient to the laws you discovered.

One of Oprah’s spiritual mentors is Iyanla Vanzant, an ordained Yoruba High Priestess and founder of “Inner Visions Worldwide.” Winfrey endorses Vanzant as “one of the world’s most admirable spiritual leaders.”

Iyanla Vanzant’s book: One Day My Soul Just Opened Up. Vanzant claims Goldsmith as her spiritual mentor. She stated when she was reading Practicing the Presence, I really do believe that Goldsmith’s spirit spoke to me…” (Phenome NEWS Exclusive interview With Iyanla Vanzant -www.phenoimenews.com). Goldsmith was practitioner of Christian Science who developed his own branch of mind-over-matter spirituality, called The Infinite Way.

Yoruba is an ancient Nigerian religion that practices nature worship and ancestor reverence. The religion has a supreme God (Olodumare), and they worship dozens of deities known as “Orishas” who are personified aspects of nature and spirit. Other historical figures, such as kings, culture heroes, founders of cities, etc. were deified, these are invoked along with personifications of natural forces such as earth, wind, trees, sea, and mountains. Yoruba also believe in the active existence of the deceased ancestors. This is significant as we find Oprah mention that she hears the voice of spirit slaves- they even have names.

In her film Beloved which is based on a novel by Toni Morrison about a former African-American slave visited by the ghost of her dead daughter.

Oprah’s private struggles are displayed in an entry of her diary as she takes on the task in her Movie “Beloved” Winfrey has said:”I ask God for grace, and the power of the spirits....Calling on you. Calling on you...I really believe I can call her up. Her and so many others. I'm counting on them

If there is some question what she means by this, it is further explained in Time magazine, that wrote of these spirit guides:

Oprah Winfrey calls these her 'go there' moments, spiritual episodes of divine guidance that far transcend the chatty exchanges with her studio audiences- Sometimes the epiphanies carry the voices of Negro slaves-Joe and Emily and Dara; Sue and Bess and Sara. Winfrey says that she has come to know each of them personally and calls them in at will to guide her in her work. The spirits began visiting her a few years ago...”

And she said: I tried to empty myself and let the spirit of Seth inhabit me...Every morning, before my scenes, I lit candles and said the names of these slaves. I prayed every day to the ancestors. (sources: Oprah Winfrey By Jason Kovar- http://www.goodfight.org/hwowinfrey.html - Daring to go there By Ron Stodghill Chicago Oct.5, 1998 http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,989225-1,00.html)

According to movie critics the movie was not a success by any means and made back half of what it cost. One must ask the question- what was “the universe” doing when her movie was made. It is one of the few things she has done that was not successful.

The God (he- her- it) within

Oprah’s view of God has elements of pantheism and panentheism and all the dressings of the New age movements concepts they call God. She is convinced and promotes the idea that God is a universal force- that we are all one in this force. This same idea is found in the new thought religions - religious science and Unity. But she also believes we are divine- gods.

In NEWSWEEK she stated: Oprah said that gurus are here ‘not to teach us about their divinity but to teach us about our own.’ (Wendy Kaminer, Why We Love Gurus, Newsweek, 10/20/1997, p.60)

Oprah as far back as 1987 she has made her view known - “One of the most important things I think that I have learned if I may share this with you and that is from reading collectively all your books and other peoples books and the bible which I also read everyday.

Is that most people go through life and they wait for God to speak to them as he did, Y’know called Moses from the burning bush and so they expect God to be in a thunderous voice coming in lightning and thunder and so forth. But what God really is, is god manifests himself - herself – itself through your breathe through your conscience and through your intuition. And as long as you have that, you have the presence of God and you also have power and it acknowledging and realizing that that’s what it is instead of looking all out here to find it, you already have it”(Oprah 1987 program with Guests Wayne Dyer, Shakti Gawain and Arnold Patent- video on file).

In a discussion on the new age movement on her show, Oprah mentions the USA poll about people being spiritually fulfilled – that a spiritual movement is afoot and wonders if it is because I, since my own spiritual evolvement or is this something that is really happening?

Trans-channeler Don Curtis responds- “Well I’m sure its happening because as you said in the introduction that the new age, new thought religions are very much in line with traditional religion. I think it’s a dimension that comes when we are aware of the awakening in consciousness the shift- the new paradigms of thought and all of the awakening of that divine self within individuals that of course where is one to go to find security or to find a sense of their own reality except within” (show from 1987 with Marilyn Furguson, Glen Leher mineralogist, Marcello Truzzi – sociologist, Kevin Ryerson- Transchanneler, Don Curtis- Transchanneler – video on file).

During a break in the program Oprah comes from the control room telling the panel of new agers that people are calling and they don’t know what you all are talking about-(laughter ) “… so I think what we have to make clear here is what we are talking about. We are talking about the new age movement, which in essence a lot of people are now believing. but you have to take, you are responsible for your life is one of the philosophies , the power of God lives in you as well as above and around and through you and with that power you control your life” (1987: guests- Marilyn Furguson, Glen Leher mineralogist, Marcello Truzzi – sociologist, Kevin Ryerson- Trans-channeler, Don Curtis- Trans-channeler- video on file).

Oprah on her show with the various representatives of the new age movement has promoted the new age concept of godhood. To sum this all up she referred to a book by Butterworth…

Oprah Winfrey states “One of the most important books I have read in my live is a book by Butterworth…”  “Discover the power within you” and what Eric Butterworth says in that book is that Jesus did not come to teach how divine he was but came to teach us there is divinity within us, so that is essentially what we are offering”

Curtis responds – A summary statement of exactly where we are and what we call a new age, new thought” 1987 (ibid.)

Oprah further comments – “…but isn’t essentially the new age movement in all that I’ve read in the Aquarian conspiracy isn’t it just spiritual evolvement isn’t it coming closer to the force that is God whether you call it God or not, isn’t that what it is?”

Curtis – “Well its dealing with ultimate reality, the force the infinite intelligence, endeavoring to find out what we really are (ibid.)

To understand what they mean by the pursuit of “what we really are,” we need to look at Eric Butterworth and his teachings?

Butterworth was a Unity teacher, he was Senior Minister of The Unity Center of New York City from 1961 to 2003 when he died. He was the author of 16 best-selling books on metaphysical spirituality, and a respected New Age pioneer and innovator of New Thought.

The book “Discover the Power Within You,” expounded on the Divinity of Man as perceived through mystical practice: Oprah Winfrey says of this book “Discover the Power Within You,” “This book changed my perspective on life and religion.” Eric Butterworth teaches that God isn't “up there.” He exists inside each one of us, and it’s up to us to seek the divine within” (Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine).

Oprah lives by these metaphysical views and is the greatest advocate for them on TV.

Butterworth thought of himself as “dealing with a technique for the application of fundamental Spiritual Laws, discovered and demonstrated by Jesus and many other great mystic teachers”

Butterworth’s Jesus is the way-shower, who first made the discovery of his divinity and then offers it to each of us. “We must begin to see Jesus as the great discoverer of the innate Divinity of Man, the supreme revealer of the truth about man, the pioneer and way-shower . . .” (Eric Butterworth, Discover the Power Within You, Harper and Row Publishing, 1968, pp.23, 137.)

Butterworth on “The Divinity of Man” – Quite often, I am criticized for saying that Jesus is not Divine. Actually, I am not saying that Jesus is not Divine, but I insist that all persons are Divine. Jesus made the discovery of the Divinity of man. He proved and demonstrated it in his own fulfillment. But the discovery was of the potential of all human beings…. So you see, when we talk about this idea that we have a Divine Potential within us, this does not give less reverence to Jesus, it gives more. Jesus is the “way shower,” the savior, in that he has revealed the Divine Potential of humankind.” (website)

On Jesus he had this to say “Fundamentalists believe Jesus was God becoming man. I believe that Jesus was man becoming God.”

This is a standard belief held by those into occult spirituality. The Scripture is twisted by Butterworth using a metaphysical interpretation that leads the reader to his own beliefs that are not in the Scripture. “The message of the Gospels has been misunderstood. They have been made to appear to say that Jesus was really God taking the form of man . . . It fails to catch the real theme of His teaching: the Truth of the Divinity of Man.” (Eric Butterworth, Discover the Power Within You, Harper & Row, Pub, 1968, p.8, 137.)

On the back cover of his book “Discover the Power Within You,” Butterworth says-”to achieve the realization and unfoldment of his own divinity” In chapter 2 of the book we find The great discovery is Jesus’ awakening and conjectures he made contact through the masters of India and Tibet or even the Druids. This is the typical Occult view of Jesus only because they refuse to believe the Bibles eyewitness accounts of WHO he is and where he came FROM.

“Jesus taught the true nature of man. In other words, man is not a worm of the dust, born in sin and condemned by a shocked and horrified God. He is not doomed to a life of misery in a world that is hostile to him, only to be relieved when death frees him from his slavery and ushers him into some eternal bliss in some “happy hunting grounds,” “beyond the blue.” Jesus taught that man is a Child of God, a channel for the expression of Infinite Life, Substance and Intelligence. He taught that every person can be the master of his circumstances, and that he has been simply hypnotized into believing that he is a slave. He taught that the world is not a hostile place, but that it is man’s servant, and that sin and sickness have no right to dominion over man—that health is the natural condition. He taught that as long as man believes he is limited, he will suffer the chains of his own making. But it is man’s privilege to stand up, throw off the shackles, and sweep into a glorious liberty as a Child of God. As Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” [John 8:32] http://ericbutterworth.com/ -transcripts

He called “SIN: Self-Inflicted Nonsense

“The greatest thought that man can hold is that of Oneness with God. The great Unity Principle: Oneness with God. The most destructive thought is a thought of separation. Belief in, fear of, weakness and limitation is the beginning of deterioration and sickness and death. (website).

Evil, and evil spirits, devils and devil possession, are the outgrowth of man's inadequate consciousness of God. We must avoid thinking of evil as a thing in itself-a force that works against man or, against God, if you will.”

His message was “You can change your life by altering your thoughts.” Where you are in consciousness has everything to do with what you see in experience.”

“I am not what I think. I am thinking what I think.” (whatever that is supposed to mean.)

Three aspects of what I call, “The Truth in a Nutshell”: The Omnipresence of God,” “The Divinity of Man,” and “The Creative Power of Thought.”

This is what is called the Human Potential Movement of the New Age. It is elevating self to god. Oprah’s enthusiasm for this book and others like it certainly needs to be called into questioned.

It was not surprising to find that Butterworth’s book is dedicated to Charles and Myrtle Fillmore of religious science who influenced him greatly.

They all agree on mans divinity and evolvement to be God, and what is disturbing is that Satanist, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino who was guest on Oprah also stated “We are not servants of some God; we are ` our own gods?” (Oprah Winfrey Show, Feb.17, 1988).

Man being his own god is a truthful statement, leave it to a Satanist to tell us this. It came from the first creature to rebel against God. The being is now called Satan because he is against God and wants to be in control of God's creation.  Oprah, with other New Age company are elevating man to take the place of the true God, the creator of the Universe. They may not see it this way but this is the reality of it.

pt.2  the Secret -Using Religious Science and metaphysical methods to to make the universe obey.


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