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Benny Hinn, the Saga Continues

Healing in the name of God or Deceived in the name of God?

You Decide

  Benny Hinn has become synonymous with healing in the Christian arena, but not with sound doctrine which the bible tells us would be the approval of Gods minister’s. Hinn’s influence came from another healer whom he was enamored with, Kathryn Kuhlman. When he first encountered Kathryn Kuhlman, he said, “I’ve got to have this... I want what Kathryn Kuhlman’s got. I wanted it with every atom and fiber within me.” (Benny Hinn, Good Morning, Holy Spirit, pp.9,11-12) In some ways his dream has come true.

It has been said Divine healing is by God, while faith healing can be done by just about anyone, Christian or not.

Hinn has said his motivation is to give people hope, which is good. But hope must be based on something that is true or it is false hope. If a doctor knew that someone was deathly ill and realized that it was only a matter of time. He then told the person that help is on the way when he knew there was nothing they could do, he would be giving a false hope. While we know all things are possible with God, we need to be honest in what we say, less someone’s fears turn to hope and later become dashed against the shoals of reality.

Hinns theology of healing is clarified in various books. In his book ‘Lord I need a miracle’ p.63 he says, “I believe that its not only God's will for you to be healed, it is his will that you live in health until he calls you home. I’m not one that prays if it be your will lord grant healing to this person. It is his will you will never hear me pray such faith destroying words as if it be you will Lord heal them.”

Hinn is saying that the words that Jesus and the Apostles spoke are faith destroying, which means that they were in sin. Because they all prayed for God's will in matters. So he is saying that all should be healed by either his speaking it in faith or their’s. Paul was rejected his request for healing from ther Lord not once but three times. It was to keep him humble for the revelations he recieved. But it seems Hinn does not bneed to be kept humble though his revelations exceed even the Apostle Pauls.

Hinn does not have the reputation of teaching the word among those who do so? Without the promised exhibition of miracles would the people come? Of course not, that’s why it is advertised as a healing miracle service. They come because they either want to see a miracle, which many have not. Or many being in desperate situations need a miracle and want to experience one for themselves. And they flock to his crusades as Benny Hinn is synonymous with miracles, they are supposed to happen in an unprecedented manner.

Hinn's ministry is built on promises, non- biblical ones. He has been saying this for years “The day is coming, I tell you this, I know it like I know my name, the day is coming there will not be one sick saint in the body of Christ. Nobody will be, nobody’s gonna be, no one will be raptured out of a hospital bed. You’re all gonna be healed before the rapture.” (Benny Hinn, “Praise the Lord,” 7/8/96) Bible verse- NONE.

Benny Hinn “After He, by one sweep of His power, things will begin happening...folks on wheelchairs will start jumping out of their wheelchairs The blind will begin to see, and the deaf will begin to hear, and the plague will begin to unhold on the church. That will be a day that we’ll never forget as long as we live...It’s going to hit every church in the world…. “ (Benny Hinn Honolulu Blaisedale 1/21/99)

He goes on to say what everyone wants to hear “That same day, that same glorious day, every lost loved one will be born again. (Ibid) The fact is that Benny Hinn has been promising universal healing since 1979 and it still has not been seen.

Hinn also through visions tells people to have hope for their future as he has said “There will be no sickness for the saint of God” (Rise and Be Healed! 1991, p.14) “He promises to heal all- every one, any, any whatsoever, everything- all our diseases! That means not even a headache, sinus problem, not even a toothache- nothing! No sickness should come your way” (ibid. p32); “God’s greatest desire for the church of Jesus Christ...is that we be in total and perfect health” (ibid. p.65); “If your body belongs to God, it does not and cannot belong to sickness” (ibid. p.62); He assures the audience with such statements as, “If God will heal one he’ll heal two, if he will heal two he’ll heal three.” “Its not his will that we live a life of sickness…it is his will to heal…. You must believe that God almighty wants you well… it is God’s will to heal.” Has them repeat “tonight I’ve been healed. It is God’s will to heal.” (Jan.11, 2002 Blaisedale crusade Honolulu HI) 

Its apparent Benny Hinn claims to have a prophetic anointing, an apostolic one, and some that may not even be mentioned. However his track record proves he has none of these. His teaching is a mixture of truth and error and his prophetic record is no better.

Recently Hinn out did himself by saying on TBN “I see, I see quite something amazing. I see rows of umm, of caskets lining up in front of this TV set. And I see them bringing them closer to the TV set. And as people are coming closer, I see ahh, a, actually loved ones picking up the hands of the dead and letting them touch the screen, and people are, are getting raised as their hands are touching that screen. … the glory of God will be so on TBN that there’s gonna be divine resurrection happening as people bring their loved ones to the TV set.” (TBN, Oct.23, 99)  

I would like to know if anyone (just one) has actually brought a dead person in front of the TV, let alone seen them raised back to life from touching it.

Healing is big in Christianity because people want to see the power of God. Healing is also big for banking. The more the people see, the more they contribute to what they seem to think is a worthy cause.

On the Larry King show he asked Hinn “Some people on the tape we saw earlier say they’re healed when they walk into the arena. Many of them get healed driving into the parking lot! Do you think honestly that a lot of them are phycho-somaticaly ill? Hinn's reply, “But even if it’s phycho-somatic, it’s still a miracle.”

Well if that’s true, than hospitals are seeing miracles all the time without faith, and so are other religions of different faiths as well.

In an Australian interview Hinn stated “Now when I lay hands on people they do fall. Why they do fall I don’t know. Interviewer “but if you laid your hands on me here with the cameras on, you couldn’t make me fall down. BH “No, because there’s no anointing right now…” What Hinn is admitting is completely non biblical as the Bible in 1 Jn.2 says the anointing resides in us always. This is an admittance that he needs the atmosphere to accomplish his power presentations. Otherwise as many have pointed out, he would visit the sick in the hospitals and raise them up. and they would become believers. But instead this is pawned off to the naïve and biblically illiterate Christian church.

With all the grandiose claims many have said show me the beef. Why not calm the critics and do that. Yet Hinn can claim in writing, “Hundreds of verified healings and thousands of conversions have occurred including people rising from wheelchairs and leaving crutches. Several blind eyes and deaf ears have been opened and verified” (The Anointing, 1992, pp. 94-95).

Why not calm the critics and win them over to your side by providing the proofs? Because it’s psychosomatic not organic healings. Even if there have been people healed in the audience its not from Hinn’s hands. Whose to say it wouldn’t have occurred if they stayed home, if all one needs is faith. But many still wait for the proof.

Because of the absence of pain many they believe they are healed. Mirages look real but given enough time the picture fades and so does ones hope with it. The very hope Hinn states he is instilling.

He went on to say on the Larry King show “When I go to somewhere like Ghana I could have half the audience would be probably Muslims. And you wouldn’t believe how many get healed. Because God loves them!” Yes he does, but he is concerned with them coming into a relationship with him by faith, by believing in the gospel not a miracle. Would God heal someone and leave them without this? What kind of Gospel is this that does not save ones soul?

Hinn states “the presence of the Holy Spirit is a healing presence.” (Honolulu Blaisedale 98) The implication is if the Spirit is there, he will heal.  

“I don’t say to the individual you are healed."

In an interview Hinn was asked “and you never say to anyone this person is healed. He stated in response “No, no.

In another interviewed again he was asked “you never say someone was healed, Hinn says “no, no, no.”

So they must be healed asks the interviewer. Hinn responds “Exactly.” Reporter” So if she is not healed, ...so if she is not healed we have a problem. Hinn”, do you know something about it that I don’t know?” Actually they often do.

When another interviewer asks about those who counsel the people from the crusades to abandon their medicine. Hinn responds” It bothers me if a staff of mine told her to quit medication or chemo- therapy, I have never said that to anyone.” Well judge for yourself if he has or has not.

Hinn said on the Larry king show...I don’t really pray for the sick. I pray for them, you know, after they are healed.”

“I’m stretching my hands towards you for a miracle. You may want to come and put your hand on the screen. A heart … has just been healed. Diabetes has been healed.(Impact news)

Hinn shouts, Eileen Furgueson you are healed by the power of God.” “The disease dear lady has just died and you will live.”

“I can tell you here under the anointing it’ll never come back you will never ever ever…”

“Lift your hands receive your healing”.. people of God be healed people of the lord be delivered rise up out of your sickness and jump into the river of healing and be healed.”

“The devil has been broken receive your healing.” “In the name of Jesus I see someone with a horrible thing on your right hand, I don’t know what it is like some kind of a growth.” “All I know is God is healing this thing.”

“There is a man here tonight in his 20’s God has just delivered you from aids completely.”

He calls out healings all the time. Whta does he mean he never says they are healed! A heart condition has just been healed, diabetes has been healed etc. you can watch this every night even on his TV program. He pronounces that they will never be sick again or commands the sickness to go. Other faith healers call that “healing,” we would call that healing, so should Mr. Hinn.

So how can he say in good conscience and being honest “I don’t say they are healed, they tell me they are? In a roundabout way Hinn is correct.From what I have gathered no one goes up to be healed, the only people allowed on stage are those who claim to already be healed. And this usually means those who are his partners.

Hinn said on Larry King Live “We will not say they’re healed or something like this, because how do we know they are healed. They’re telling us they’re healed, so we can’t speak for the people” (TBN, March 4,1994). But they believe they are healed in the first place because he states so. They go to the HEALING crusade to be healed so this is circular reasoning.

Benny said, “I have doctors. I have people that are trained who make sure that the person is healed...I don’t really pray for the sick. I pray for them, you know, after they are healed. On the program I pray for the sick when I say now stretch your hands…But in the crusade itself, they are healed just sitting there, see? And so they’re checked. They’re questioned. ‘Do you know what’s wrong with you?’ And then the doctor, or whoever, will check as much as possible, of course. And, ah, you know the pain is gone and now of course when someone is healed of cancer or leukemia, or something, we will always say, ‘Go back to your doctor and make sure you really are healed because you really can’t tell by just asking some questions.’” Hinn is contradicting himself. Why have doctors in the screening process to make sure someone is healed if no one really knows? Why doesn’t he say this to the people on stage for the people to hear? Because if he did it would bring doubt to the audience. It would not appear like it really is happening. If one takes the atmosphere away and the soft beautiful music and the manipulation of a rock concert, the over expectations of the people (expect your miracle). The prefab orchestration of positive testimonies and the conductor, what’s left except the message. Which isn’t much in substance for people to hang onto, So what are they really coming for? For healing.

In truth, Hinn does pray for people to be healed during crusades, and on his programs. He does give testimonies of many that cannot be verified at all. On TBN, BH: “People were getting healed outside, falling outside. The cars began to stop out there, wondering what’s going on.” PC: “they brought healings in from the outside.”

BH: “They began bringing the people inside who were healed. And they were healed. We had several on outside.” (TBN, Oct.23, 99 )

Hinn claims that the healing’s that appear on his TV program from the crusades are fully documented. Its what he means by the documentation that is in question. Everyone who comes to the crusade is into it, because they have seen the TV show. The illusion is created to make the audience present and those especially watching by TV think that hundreds are healed in front of witnesses. But Hinns ministry has no real authentic way of knowing when someone is healed.

He says “I do not know the individual if they are healed, they tell me they are healed.” Unfortunately God does not speak to him on this or on the fakes either.

This “healing” was presented over national TV without verification. In fact it was fraudulent Inside Edition confronted Mr. Hinn because the woman and children were not really healed. In addition, one of the children did not belong to the lady.   One of the news reporters had the lady tested of aids to see if she was healed, after he pronounced her healed. She was not.  Hinn’s response all I know is what she said “I was praying she and I put it on showing me praying for someone with aids to give someone hope.” For those who claim to be healed of aids, the only way to know is by a blood test.

But he never calls their doctor. What kind of hope is this. Much like a mirage on the horizon one continues toward the image never arriving at what they think they see. Was “the word of knowledge” was turned off at the time.

Several years ago a girl came on stage (a plant from Inside Edition) she claimed to have cancer.  Hinn pronounced her healed.  Later Hinn was confronted by Inside Edition about her and him being a fraud. God did not tell Hinn she was not being truthful. nor did he correct Hinn when he pronounced as he always does, that she was healed (when in fact she was not even sick). Yet Hinn claims he sees the Lord in his crusades, and he is in constant communication with him.

The fact is that Hinn never checks out anyone who claims to be healed, he trusts their feelings to give them the stage for a testimony. The staff screen the people before they come up on the stage to give a testimony and get the touch from the man with the anointing. This is why he can’t produce the data for those who question him. They are not examined and he will not hear from them afterwards. Remember he said on Larry King who inquired about the screening process. Benny said, “I have doctors. I have people that are trained who make sure that the person is healed.”

Hinn writes of a woman who claimed to be deaf is healed in his book in the last chpt. Saying Candice was born profoundly deaf in both ears. But again an investigation revealed “ But Candice Russo was not born deaf as her doctor attests. As reported on TV)

Hinn’s words of knowledge seem to fail often. His closest aide and catcher was on Heroin and then died of a heroine overdose in ‘99. God did not tell him this, but he seems to tell him all kinds of other things not relevant to those who surround him.

Hinn has stated “I’m not proud of it but I’m open enough to admit I am wrong.” This is hardly the case. For him to do so takes the undercover news to dig it out and find what is not the obvious to the onlooker and his followers.

Boys who he declared healed were not, they were still deaf when tested. Hinn said he broke the spirit of deafness over the brother who was deaf and not there. But nothing was broken except his own word, as the children all remained deaf.

I had spoken to one woman in Hawaii who brought her child on stage and Hinn declared the child healed, but was not. There seems to be a consistency in this, but one could never tell from the programming.

Do you ever see anyone leave the stage at the crusades not being healed? Is everyone getting healed? Because that is the impression he gives. If miracles actually convinced people to believe, Jesus’ own family would have been convinced, but they were not.

Ch 2 new Paul Zekman asked Hinn for verification of 6 cases in Chicago, he could prove nothing.

As one exerciser says, “Lets stop the madness.” People are dying from listening to this so called hope of Mr. Hinn and others like him.

Joyce Braun was healed of cancer, she then stopped taking her medicine and subsequently died 2 months later. In fact there are many like this we will never hear about.

Hinn told Ole Anthony of the Trinity Foundation in ‘93 that he would not air anymore healings unless they met Kathryn Kuhlman’s criteria. This meant to verify healing’s with doctors and wait 6 months before bringing them public. When asked by Ole through his brother about not keeping his word. Hinn’s response, if I did what Ole wanted I wouldn’t have any healings to air. Ole says, that’s the point Benny! He now believes Hinn is deceiving the public. (video the many faces of B. Hinn)

Hinn has also said, When someone gets healed you really need to give it a good year before you, you, you should do anything with it. If I should do that I would have no program.”... “I chose to do this, feeling and believing that showing people getting healed. Even if 50% of them really are healed gives hope to individuals that are sick. Look even if one was real on one program if only one healing was really a healing its still a plus.”  Hinn doesn’t sound too confident on his results. While hope is good hope does not heal, God does.

A few years ago I went to his crusade at the Blaisedale. My friend and I walked around the back to a special entrance a few hours before. I noticed there were a couple of ambulance trucks parked there so I went over to the driver asking what they are doing there? He said he was not able to say. I got a strong suspicion he was unloading wheelchairs because the ambulance was empty. We were then asked by the woman at a door what I was doing there and were asked to leave. That night numerous wheel chairs (which all looked the same except in color) were put on the stage. My friend a parapalegic went there to be healed and was at the bottom level near the stage convinced and expecting. He left the same way he came, no difference. Theres ther extent of Hinn healing real organic diseases.

Consider the famed healing of Evander Holyfield. This “miracle” has often been paraded around on Mr. Hinn’s program and on TBN as a genuine healing. He announced, “The Lord is telling me right now He is repairing Holyfield’s heart completely.” (TBN, Dec.6 1994: Impact.) The medical specialists found that Holyfield’s internist really gave an inaccurate diagnosis from the tests. (Atlanta Journal Constitution. Dec. 3, p.c2, Dec.28, 1994, p.G1)

We ask, who was “telling” Hinn that Holyfield was healed? Holyfield clarified the confusion with sports writer,Terence Moore. “He felt the faith healer had no affect upon his heart.” Holyfield said, “There really was not anything to heal. That is because I do not believe that I had a problem with my heart to begin with.” (Atlanta Journal Constitution, Jan. 8 1995, p. F 3.) While it appears that Hinn is pointing to the Lord, how can this be if God is telling him to pronounce the healing and any of it is inaccurate?  Holyfield’s healing has been disputed, however he donated a good sum 250,000 to be exact to the ministry. This event is still clouded with controversy. Holyfield from what I gather attends Creflo Dollar’s Church.

Why are their testimonies?

I’m not going to make the assumption that absolutely no one gets healed, because all things are possible with God, but not all is probable. What I can firmly say, it’s much less than the impression is given, much less.

Lets look at some personal stories to put real people inside the world of show time. Laura Twilly was saturated by cancer and sought Hinn out in desperation as she only had a few weeks to live. She felt she had a miracle as she experienced what everyone else does at the crusade, but it was a deception. She thought because she could stand and walk she was cured. Hinn says they have workers in the audience that will find people healed and bring them up. They then go through another process before they are put on TV. 4 weeks after the crusade Laura Twilly died. Leaving, her 3 small girls with her husband. These are real people who had the hope of Benny Hinn but it was not enough. She DIED. So where is the universal promise Hinn dishes out for healing?

Linda Tyson and her 17 year old son Shandez was injure in a football accident and was paralyzed. Unable to get into the crusade (did Jesus turn anyone away?) They traveled 6 hours from their home with hope. The prognosis from the doctor “it would be very unusual for someone with this severe an injury to have a miraculous recovery. I wish I could say it happened but I think you know it did not. Hinn laid hands on Shandez and prayed for him, but his statement “everyone in this place can be healed tonight did not happen.” They found the same cure as Twilly (none). What people don’t see is the mass number of people leaving the crusade in the same sickness and wheelchair they arrived in.

Carol McGraw, of the Orange County (California) Register, did a   report on Jordan Sheehan. Jordan, at the time was a 2-year-old who suffered severe brain damage as a result of a fire. He was in a coma for two months. He could not swallow, talk or move. Jordan’s parents and grandparents thought that if they could get the child to Hinn’s healing crusade and have him prayed over, the miraculous would surely come upon the child. According to McGraw’s report, Jordan never experienced the miraculous touch from Hinn, and he and his family were guardedly kept from the stage. ( “Faith in His Hands,” Orange County Register, Dec. 5, 1995, Accent, pp. 1,6.)

Hinn has said “ if God healed all under the Law, how much more will he do it under grace. He’s about to do it again. Are you ready. But this time it should happen, miracles all over the world…. I command the spirit of infirmity to go now, in the name of Jesus...I rebuke...tumor in Jesus’ name. I rebuke that blindness, in Jesus’ name. I command that leukemia to go now, in Jesus name...And I rebuke that heart condition, in Jesus’ name. And that lung disease goes now, in Jesus’ name. And that back injury...And the crippled babies made whole now...And the blind white eye is healed now, in Jesus’ name. The cancer is gone now, in Jesus’ name...And the tumor is gone off that left arm now, in Jesus’ name...He’s reaching his hand to you. Reach yours to him. And come out of that wheelchair, in Jesus’ name. All you, his people, come out of your sickness into his health. He’s calling you into his health, in Jesus’ name. (Honolulu Blaisdale Center ‘99) We should consider ourselves blessed that we don’t have to monitor our salvation in the same way he expresses we should for healing.

Outrageous claims are what His ministry is all about “You know We had a lady in service that came with a pacemaker and God burnt that thing out of her body they could not even, they could not find the pacemaker they opened her up and the thing was gone out of her body.” (7/15/98) The proof is still in the oven.

Hinn has been endorsed by almost every other faith healer alive, and some dead. Oral Roberts claims Hinn is God's man for this generation. Which really doesn’t hold much weight when Oral Roberts seemed to believe it was Branham for another generation. Kathryn Kuhlman has spoken to Hinn directly from the other side telling him to pursue the healing ministry. That alone should alarm people, but they are indifferent to these experiences.

Hinn said he is going to have the Salem’s on the program that had a tragic loss of their 6 year old child. Yet right after he stated this he said No matter what you need our God wants to heal you and bless your life. (Dec.28,99) Why did they not seek Hinn out to heal their child if this is true? Did their faith fail?

Physician Heal thyself

Position: He was asked if the power was in the TV, he said there is no power in that tape.

LIE- Consider this statement in light of this. On the Larry King show, Benny shared a story about being sick with a head cold. He claimed that he turned on the TV and saw his own program. He explained, “I had a terrible cold one day. Oh, it was terrible! I couldn’t breathe, it was terrible. I turned on my program (Larry: “No. You cured yourself!” ) Hinn on the taped show he was watching said, ‘Stretch your hands!’ and I thought, Oh I thought to myself…so stupid you know for me to go and actually put my hands…and suddenly the Lord really spoke to my heart and said, ‘The man on television is my anointed servant.’…I went over and put my hands on the screen and yes; I got healed.”

Benny claims he was healed by his own video! It is this one “the Lord said” who is anointed, not the one who is alive! There is so much wrong with this statement I could spend a whole article on this alone. Is it real or is it memorex? This is fast becoming like the icons in the Catholic Church. The point is that he previously said his tapes are not anointed and God said to him they are.

Hinn consistently says “Just stretched your hands toward me in your rooms and come put your hands across that screen, all it is an act of faith. Touch every person watching.”

Hinn has become an influence to many others in this false concept of the anointing. Rodney Howard-Browne speaking to Benny on his show “I sat down in your chair (when he visited Hinn’s set) and I was pretending to be you. I looked at the camera and picked up one of the video tapes and held it in my hand and I said, ‘People, I tell you there’s a wonderful anointing!’“ (Sept. 99 “This is Your Day” telecast)

Hinns influence certainly has a Catholic flavor. On the Larry King show Hinn endorsed the Catholic healing power of the Marian shrines at Lourdes and Fatima. He told King and the viewing audience: “Look, God has given us, Larry, many sources of healing. Look at Lourdes. People have been healed going to Lourdes and Fatima. There was a pool, even in the Bible, the pool of Bethesda, where the angels stirred the water -- people were also healed. So God has given us many avenues of healing. He wants us to be healed.” Now he endorses Catholic shrines from apparitions, is there no end to his nonsense.

It doesn’t seem to matter what is used only if people claim to be healed. Hinn actually believes the power comes through the TV set, as a conduit. He often asks for people to stretch their hands or place them on the TV.…speaking of dead people to be raised he said “Placing them before a television set, waiting for God’s power to come through and touch them.”..” I see ahh, a, actually loved ones picking up the hands of the dead and letting them touch the screen, and people are, are getting raised as their hands are touching that screen.” (TBN 10/19/99) Recently on TBNs fundrasing program Hinn was in classic form with more outrageous claims. Hinn recently on TBN stated “The same anointing is coming right through that screen. And touching you.” (TBN Mar.29,2000) “When the power flows, just don’t walk in front of the cameras.” (3/23/99).

Because of this mindset he wants to build a place for people to be healed, so he doesn’t have to be present. So how will they be healed? The atmosphere of the place will be conducive to miracles, anf he refers to Moses building a tabernacle for my dwelling. (Jan. 7,2000 TBN)  

Introducing the World Healing Center

“ I will present to Dallas this vision, this unbelievable, incredible awesome vision where we can, as the church, keep the healing ministry alive. Where my grandchildren if Jesus tarries, and yours, can visit Oral Roberts, after he’s gone. Be a part of this ministry. Kathryn Kuhlman, Amy Semple McPherson, the greats. But also, where the sick can come and be healed without a person like Benny Hinn having to be there, because atmospheres are important. God said to Moses, Prepare me inhabitation where in I may dwell. In that atmosphere, miracles happen. “(TBN oct.23 99 )

Hinn actually is able, without winking, to relate his healing plaza to what God had Moses build. The Tabernacle that lasted for 1500 years, eventually built into a temple by Solomon as a promise to David. In Hinn’s commission the Sick must travel to his healing center where he stays, while in the bible they mostly traveled to the sick. Did Jesus or the apostles build a healing center? Did people travel to certain cities to be healed in the NT? This is a new age slant that has disturbing consequences for the participants. The reason being that Hinn openly promotes necromancy and if this center involves healers of the past what would be the next natural step in all this?

Here is how he describes it “Jan 3rd of the year 2000 we break ground for that healing center in Dallas Texas. Its going to have healing gardens, with healing statues of biblical healing saints from the Old Testament. Its going to have a healing fountain an eternal healing fire, its going to have places where people can come to and be prayed for in a healing cathedral and chapels in it.”… Its going to be built with Jerusalem rock, its going to look like Jerusalem.( Aug. 24, 1999 This is your day, TBN)

Recently a letter went out to elicit funds from his followers for his newest project. This “special brochure detailing the preliminary plans for the Center. It will be a place of prayer and a place of power!

First, the World Healing Center will be a statement to the world that God’s miracle-working power is for today! God has given this ministry a mandate to take the message of His saving and healing power to every nation we can - and that is what I live for every day.

The World Healing Center with the People’s Cathedral of Healing, the Healing Gardens, the fountains, the Eternal Healing Flame, and much more, have all been designed for one reason - to glorify the name of our wonderful Lord Jesus.

…As you review the enclosed plans, you will read about the beauty of the Healing Gardens and the statues depicting the miracles of our Lord. You will also find a description of the Healing Stream and the fountains. I want you to be able to picture the People’s Healing Cathedral and the special services that will be conducted. There will be the Healing Chapels within the Cathedral where people can come and be ministered to 24 hours a day - every day of the week. And also, the Prayer Tower, open 24 hours a day, with prayer being offered up to God continually for your needs.

I am also thrilled to announce plans for the Healing Hall of Faith where great men and women of God and their ministries - past and present - will be honored. (This will be a mausoleum)

…Gifts to help establish the World Healing Center will be memorialized in many different ways throughout the property. From the Cornerstone Founder gifts of £60,000 or more, to those who give £50, all will be commemorated throughout the Healing Center…”


Names will be recognized by a plaque in this hall which will preserve the history of past and present healing ministries for generations to come.


Your name, or that of a loved one, will be inscribed on the privacy walls surrounding healing scenes in the Healing Gardens.

3. FOUNTAIN OF HEALING: £1,500 - 3,000

Names will be inscribed on the beautiful fountain from which the waters will flow into the Healing Stream.


The banks of the Healing Stream, which runs through the Healing Gardens will be lined with stones bearing the names of those who give this special gift.


Your donation will be remembered at this special memorial to commemorate a loved one who has gone on before you, or to memorialize the name of family and friends

6. PRAYER TOWER: All gifts of £50 or more

Your name will be a permanent part of the Prayer Tower reaching out to millions with the message of healing to the ends of the earth.

What a deal! Hinn has found that the old way of putting a plaque on a pugh can work for what he is building too. This was fairly successful when Steve Munson offered names written on the floor and walls of the new LeSea prayer room for a $1,000 gift. The year before he sent a pebble from the floor to those who contributed generously. But Hinn tops this.  

All this has been scrapped for a new revelation to move to another place instead. Never mind that Parsley prophesied it would be the easiest thing done and wasn't, never mind what God said, just never mind. Gorget it all being wrong what matter is loyalty to man who cannot speak straight onwhat he says.j

A prophecy?

Benny Hinn speaking to his good friend Paul Crouch: You’re going to have people raised from the dead watching TBN… People around the world who will lose loved ones, will say to undertakers, ahh, not yet. I want to take my dead loved one and place him in front of that TV set for 24 hours… Placing them before a television set, waiting for God’s power to come through and touch them. It’s gonna happen time and time, so much it’s gonna spread. You’re gonna hear it from Kenya to Mexico to Europe to South America, where people will be raised, from the, so much so, that the word will spread that if some dead person be put in front of this TV screen, they will be raised from the dead. And they will be by the thousands. You wait Now, the Lord just told me, and I don’t know whether this is true or not. As I’m saying this, The Lord said, He gave you that word many, many years ago.”

Hinn is actually questioning whether this is true about what the Lord is telling him what he said to Crouch years before. This is the extent of his discerning, there can be no further indictment of this mans silliness.

He goes on “People are going to be canceling funeral services and bringing their dead in their caskets, “…. I see, I see quite something amazing …I see rows of umm, of caskets lining up in front of this TV set. And I see them bringing them closer to the TV set. And as people are coming closer, I see ahh, a, actually loved ones picking up the hands of the dead and letting them touch the screen, and people are, are getting raised as their hands are touching that screen…

With just programs. I’m not talking about my program. I’m talking about programs, plain programs airing. The, the glory of God will be so on TBN that there’s gonna be divine resurrection happening as people bring their loved ones to the TV set.

Hinn seems to think that the anointing (which he describes as electricity must actually be static electricity) can be transferred through the TV via God's network TBN. For his followers they may just line up their dead however the results will be the same as they always were. Zip!

“TBN will no longer be just a Christian network. It will be an extension of heaven to earth….. An extension. It’ll be like a, like a tube from heaven that the earth can look and say, I’m looking at heaven. I’m partaking of, of heaven. I’m, I’m, I’m getting connected to heaven through this TV tube. If I can say it, it will be heaven’s signal to the earth. It will be as though heaven is transmitting and earth is receiving through that set. So if you want to go to heaven, you want to see heaven, you want taste heaven, turn on that channel. Because you will.” (TBN 10/19/99)

Well there you have it! Heaven will be on earth headquartered through TBN. So now the Jehovah’s Witnesses Watchtower headquarters in NY has some real competition. One can only wonder what was the outlet for God's power before TV came along. I guess it could not do what it can do today. This sounds more like the scene from the book of Revelation where people are worshipping the image of the beast. If I heard such careless things from people years ago it would make me wonder what they might be smokin’.

Hinn goes on,” I’m telling you. People will be, people, I’m telling you. I feel the anointing talking here. People are going to be canceling funeral services and bringing their dead in their caskets, placing them, my God, I feel the anointing here. (ibid.)

As far as the dead, Hinn has dodged this issue before, since no one has ever been raised from the dead in his ministry. But he has said of one case “But suddenly the guy got up and the place went wild and they all knew he was dead because of what he wore.” In another crusade “I was in Ghana just recently and we had half a million people show up and a man was raised from the dead on the platform. That’s a FACT people! We have it on video (10/23/92)

“later in an interview he was asked, “Do you literally believe that someone has been resurrected on the program?” guardedly Hinn responded, “Oh, John, I would not limit God. Ah, God can raise the dead, absolutely. I have not seen it. In that one case we did hear about it.” (Impact News). He admitted that he had not seen it yet it happened on the platform during the crusade, but they heard of it. So where is the Video?

Paul used James and Jambres as an example of miracles in the last days from those who do miracles but resist the truth. In my opinion Hinn has had too much controversy surrounding his claims to be ignored. Everything he teaches has a shred of truth baked with a whole lot of leaven.

We are to have a hand’s on ministry to those we minister AMONG. This does not mean just laying hands on them and leaving, but laboring with them to bring maturity as Paul and the other apostles did. They taught the whole counsel of God so that people would be immune to being decived .

When it comes down to it, Hinn does not have facts of any healings by his repeated admissions. If one stands outside the circle of influence for a short time, the spell wears off and they can see clearly that this is more hype than hope, more showmanship than reality. Only then will the real healing begin from being led astray. But his followers are loyal and do not care for the facts they seem to love him more than the truth presented to them.


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