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Heading towards an Imaginary Middle East Peace (Part1) 

Benny Hinn’s This Is Your Day telecast is aired worldwide. While it has had many people in the past who have told some outrageous stories, the April 26, 2004 telecast had none more significant and questionable than his interview with Canon Andrew White, Special Envoy to the Middle East for the Archbishop of Canterbury, located in Iraq.

After viewing the telecast, numerous questions arise, such as: what is Hinn's involvement? How credible are the guests on Hinn's program? Do they tell the truth or simply embellish the facts?

  Hinn introduces Andrew White as a very wonderful person, “who's serving Jesus and loves the Lord with all his heart. He's the Special Envoy to the Archbishop of Canterbury working today in Iraq. And what God is doing through him, in the Middle East, is remarkable.” He is my dear friend and I am so glad you are here with me today, Andrew.”

Hinn later stated Mr. White is a “charismatic; full of the Holy Spirit.”

Before we go into the discussion on Hinn's program there are a number of people,  places and events mentioned throughout this telecast that Christians need to be aware of.  Canon Andrew White, is a Special Middle East Envoy for the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. What exactly does he represent in his reconciliation? What does the Archbishop of Canterbury believe? Does he want to open the church doors for gays worldwide, without repentance or a salvation experience.

Consider the following:

Archbishop of Canterbury twice agreed to appoint gay Bishop http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/content/news_syndication/article_040618rw.shtml
Ekklesia, UK - Jun 18, 2004

Leading evangelicals support Dr. Williams appointment  …other leading evangelicals supported Dr Rowan Williams in a letter to the Guardian, Church Times and Church of England Newspaper. Signatories to the letter included Dr Francis Bridger, the Principal of Trinity College, Bristol; the Rt Rev David Atkinson, the Bishop of Thetford; and the Rev Canon Andrew White, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s special envoy to the Middle East, the Ven Nick Baines, Archdeacon of Lambeth, the Rev Canon Tim Dakin, General Secretary of the Church Mission Society, and Professor Anthony Thiselton, who was involved in choosing the Archbishop. http://www.changingattitude.org/news_u_c_evangelical_opposition.html

New Testament scholar defends radical translation of Bible http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/content/news_syndication/article_040623cmmts.shtml
Ekklesia, UK 23/6/04
The radical translation of the New Testament released with the personal backing of the Archbishop of Canterbury, The translation by John Henson from the organisation “One” aims at a “new, fresh and adventurous” translation of the early Christian scriptures. It is designed both for mature Christians and for those who have limited experience of traditional Christianity or “may have found it a barrier to an appreciation of Jesus”.

New Bible translation promotes fornication
Archbishop of Canterbury praises version for 'extraordinary power'
June 24, 2004
http://worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=39114                           More on the New Bible Translation

 If White is a representative of the Archbishop of Canterbury and part of the many programs they promote and attends these meetings, we can assume he is in unity with their position. 

What makes this relative is that on December 31, 1989, Benny Hinn delivered a series of prophecies--in the name of the Lord--one of which was:

"The Lord also tells me to tell you, In the mid-90's--about '94 or '95--no later than that, God will destroy the homosexual community of America (applause). But He will not destroy it with what many minds have thought Him to be. He will destroy it with fire. And many will turn and be saved, and many will rebel and be destroyed" (audio-tape on file). Complete 1989 prophecy.

Of course, the above prophecy is but one of many that failed, yet now Hinn is associated with a man whose ministry is tied with those who intend on reconciling homosexuals into the church without repentance.  

Who is Canon Andrew White?  

Canon Andrew White has ties with numerous organizations; one is the Knights Templar, which were one of the three major orders of medieval Christian knights active in Palestine during the Crusades. The Knights Templar was established to protect Christian pilgrims to the city of Jerusalem after the First Crusade (1095-1099). They later became a powerful political and military force within Palestine and Europe. (Encarta Encyclopedia).

There are enough stories circulating on the Knights Templar that may be true. I’m not going to get into all the claims things of these groups and their secret functions and goals. Much can be said on the Knights Templar and their history. But all these issues may divert us from the main issue that is taking place, or at least moving forward as a prospect,  it all makes for some interesting possibilities.

Canon  Andrew White of the British Anglican Church is a special envoy to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. His key job is at the International Center of Reconciliation. He is in the middle of a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. He is a Residentiary Canon and Director of the International Centre for Reconciliation (ICR) at Coventry Cathedral.

White is a “regular visitor to Jerusalem and Baghdad, working closely with religious and political leaders. Early in 2003, he published a book entitled, Iraq: People of Hope, Land of Despair. His primary area of academic expertise is in the role of Israel in Christian theology, and in the relationship between religion and violent conflict.”

Canon Andrew White has been awarded two major awards for his inter-faith work in the Middle East. White has accepted an award from a Knights Templar group. http://www.coventrycathedral.org.uk 

Foreign Office Minister, Baroness Symons, presented the Annual Sternberg Interfaith Award to Canon Andrew White, 11 November 2003. The award recognises those who have made an outstanding contribution in the field of interfaith relations. http://www.britainonline.org.pk/highcomm/downloads/11nova.pdf

To Whites credit, he helped orchestrate two historic meetings between Sunni, Shi’ia and Christian leaders in Iraq, getting them to issue a joint statement condemning violence and destruction and calling on Iraqis to respect the traditions of all major religions. http://www.kingmere.f9.co.uk/Chip/ph.html

 We will see that White's interfaith relationships are more than just having a cease fire for peace. There is a recognition of three religions as equal for the middle east peace process to work.

(note: my comments will be in blue)

Continuing on Hinn's program (4/26/04) Andrew White says, “Well, I was, uh, I was talking to, uh, a Pastor Maher [Pastor Maher Abdul Mageed] about, uh, coming over to see you, and he said, “we all watch Pastor Benny on satellite television, because satellite television was banned under Saddam...And suddenly now everybody has satellite television. They all watch you, and they all want you to come to Baghdad.”

Hinn asks White, “Will you take me there?”

White states, “I will take you there, and they told me there'll be thousands of people coming.”

Hinn continues, saying, “Now this all started in a, with a most amazing letter I got from this man [Andrew White]. You send me a letter inviting me to be a part of the Alexandria Process. Now, our people would love to know what that is, first. But, what you said to me about that dear man. Uh, what's his name again?”

White: “Yasser Arafat.”

Hinn: [laughs] “Besides Yasser Arafat.”

White: “Sheikh Tamimi.”

Hinn: “Sheikh Tamimi. Now, who is Sheikh Tamimi?”

White: “Well, Sheikh Tamimi is the Alexandria processess--the religious Track of the Middle East peace processess--which really came about when the Israeli government came to me soon after the establishment. Uh, the second, in spite, said, 'Look, one of the reasons why the Mid-East Process has failed is it's too secular.' And the Sheikh Tamimi is the leader, the Supreme, the super-judge of the Sharia Court, the Islamic courts of Palestine.

We need to pause here and look at what is being said. White is promoting Tamimi as a leader for the peace process when, in fact, Tamimi's peace is conditional. Tamimi may be friendly to White, but is he a friend to America or Israel? Is he a friend to the peace process?  He has been quite outspoken on a number of things.  He reportedly walked out on the peace process with the Pope. Tamimi was personally appointed by Yasser Arafat, he has been arrested more than once in Israel. for (Tamimi quotes)

Later on during the telecast, after Hinn asks about having a crusade in Iraq and if White can help, White makes an outrageous statement:

White: “Absolutely. No problem.”

Hinn: “You know all of them?”

White: “Know all of them? I knew all of the bad guys before; I know the good guys as well. When the pack of cards came out [“Iraqi 'Most Wanted' Playing Cards”], I looked through to see how many of them I knew. Twenty-two I knew of them well. Eight of them I've had dinner with in the last year.”

Hinn shows a total lack of discernment saying,  “It's amazing how the Lord has placed this man, ladies and gentlemen, in such a position in Iraq and Jerusalem, where they all love him and trust him. And here he is, a man of God, filled with the Holy Spirit. That's really what amazes me, how God has placed you right in the center of that whole situation there to use you.”

What is going on here? Is this really part of the peace process to be friendly to these people who are inciting war?   How would the American government view affiliation with these people? Of friendship. Are these good people whom this man associates with?  Indeed, White may be boasting, but if he is telling the truth this is a serious issue.   Imagine the same being said of the Nazis' during World War II.

Continuing, White shares with Hinn a discussion he had with Tamimi: “And I was with him one day and he was complaining that I hadn't mentioned him on the God Channel. So I said, 'What you doing watching the God Channel?' He said that, 'We watch it everyday to watch Benny Hinn.' I said, 'You, the Supreme Islamic Judge, the top Islamic Cleric of Palestine, watch Benny Hinn?' 'Yeah. Everyday.' And, uh, then he starts telling me what the program was like. He said, 'Benny Hinn stretches his hands out. He prays for people and they fall down.

Interesting. They are impressed by Hinn's power they see over the TV. Yet White does not convey anything said about Hinn's message.

Hinn says, ‘even though I've heard this before, I'm still amazed. And, really I am.” Then White says “I'll take you to him next week.”

At this point Hinn asks “Uh, the Alexandria Process. It's a group of religious leaders.”

White: “It's religious leaders working with the political leaders. So, we're working with every aspect of the Quartet. The Quartet is the international body responsible for the peace process. That's the Americans, United Nations. European Union and, um.” [pauses and looks directly at Hinn]

Hinn: “And?” White: “The Russians.”

Hinn: “And now they want me on that, like you told me?”

White: “The people who want your involvement are the religious leaders, themselves, from Israel and Palestine.”

Hinn is implying what he already knows as he previously spoke to White on the phone. White is saying that Hinn is an important part if the peace process. The question is why?

Hinn: “Tell our partners what that dear man”

White: [interrupts] “The other old, the old man in Ramallah?”

Hinn: “No. No. The man you just mentioned.”

White: “Tamimi?”

Hinn: “Yeah. What did he say to you?”

White: “Well, Tamimi said, 'We need Pastor Benny Hinn.' And I was sitting down with him one day around Yasser Arafat's table, and he said to President Arafat, he said, 'Raese, we need Benny Hinn.' He [Tamimi] said to me, 'Arafat raised his eyebrows and said, 'He's one of our boys.'” (Whites actions  need to be seen when saying this)

read what Yassar Arafat is really about you will be shocked.

One of OUR boys? Think about it? Benedictus Toufik Hinn, (known today as Benny Hinn) is an Arab raised in Palestine, in Jaffa. White quotes Yassar Arafat saying Hinn is “one of our boys”? What kind of message does this convey? They seem to feel Hinn is on their side. These men are not just regular people. They are the leaders. White is talking to Arafat, who sits idly by while terrorists connected to his Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and others kill innocent Jews each week perpetuating terrorism. Furthermore, Arafat thinks Jesus was an Arab and sympathizes with their cause as freedom fighter.

Picture of Andrew White sitting at the table with Arafat  10/3/2002

Speaking about a fulfilled prophecy of having a service in Jerusalem, on the next days telecast 4/27/04 

White: Well, I’ll tell you how this came about, before I even knew you a man called Reishak came to me who also is a friend of Yassar Arafat, and Yassar Arafat had sent him to me, And he had sung for you at a crusade Hinn: yes in ParisWhite: And he came to me and said I want to do a huge event, which will be a means of reconciliation. It will be in Sultans quar in Jerusalem (pronunciation is questionable) and I want Benny Hinn to be the coordinator of it, and you’re the man to make it happen (4/27/04 telecast: This is Your Day).

Here are some quotes of Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat:

 “You understand that we plan to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian State....I have no use for Jews; (Private speech entitled “ The Impending Total Collapse of Israel”, Stockholm, Sweden, January 30, 1996)

“The oath is firm to continue this difficult Jihad (holy war), this long Jihad, in the path of martyrs, the path of sacrifices” (Eulogy to a Palestinian official, June 15 1995)

Yasser Arafat instructed his men to “kill a [Jewish] settler every day” and asked them to “shoot at settlers everywhere.” by Ben Caspit, Ma'ariv newspaper, July 11, 2001)

“Allah shall make the Moslem rule over the Jew, we will blow them up in Hadera, we will blow them up in Tel-Aviv and in Netanya in the righteousness of Allah against this riff-raff (Official PA Television Sermon, Friday, August 3, 2001)

Arafat (In Arabic) “I’m ready to sacrifice 70 martyrs to kill each Israeli” (official Palestinian Radio)

“I am not looking for Hamas or for Islamic Jihad or any other parties, because we respect all these parties and there is a union between all of us” (Guardian Unlimited, June 30 2001)

Does this sound like a man of peace?  Is this someone to be friendly with?

Has the U.S. Government questioned Canon White on these friendly relationships with terrorists. What kind of person knows this many of this type of people? Furthermore, how is it possible for Benny Hinn--a man who claims to be a prophet of God and who receives daily visits from Jesus Christ--be amused by all this, even impressed?

Continuing with the April 26 telecast:

  Hinn: [laughs] “So now, what did, what did that man say? Why do they want me on there?”

White: “The reason they want you is because they realize that you probably influence more Christians across the globe than anybody else. And, uh, they know that in order to bring about change, we've got to have the representatives of the biggest churches.”

What a good reason, because he’s popular and has power and influence. This shows how bankrupt these men are in their ability to make peace. They want Benny because he can influence the Christian church. In fact this is made clear by the statement the next day (4/27/04) during the This is Your Day telecast:

Hinn: He (Andrew White) is a “Man of God, Filled with the Holy Spirit” and my wife Suzanne got after him” 

White: she found me…” 

Hinn : “Now tell the people what happened my dear. 

Suzanne: “Well, A very good friend of ours pastor Mahesh Chavda had given me a letter from canon Andrew White” 

Hinn: “(interrupts) and you wanted me to read it....”  There is this invitation from this precious man and you mention in it the statement in it by the...  

White: (interrupts) “from Sheikh Tamimi the chief Justice of the Sharia courts in Palestine one of the top Islamic leaders of Palestine if not the top leader, who it turned out I was talking to and said I watch Benny Hinn everyday.  

Hinn: “and he said to this dear man that he wants me on this committee which is a group of religious leaders really trying to bring peace. And then I said to Andrew what will I do if I join, when I met him of course, and what did you say to me?   

White: I said to, really as the one of the foremost Christian leaders of the world today you could play a very strategic role in not only healing some of the wrongs that the church has done to Israelis and Palestinians but also being a link between what goes on Israel and Palestine what goes on in the US.” 

Hinn: “Y’know what is really amazing I have got to tell you this, a few years ago a gentleman gave me a prophecy, and he said that God would open the door and what we are hearing now…and I said, oh honestly, I thought he was well; whatever, now this is all happening, that’s why it says to test prophecy. But a part of the prophecy said that I would end up holding a big service in Jerusalem …” 4/ 27/04 telecast

Is this how to test prophecy? No! (see Deuteronomy 13) This is how Hinn trains his followers to discern, by not discerning Biblically.

Continuing with the April 26 telecastHinn: “Now, let me ask you something else. Do you believe there will be peace in the Middle East?” White: “I'm not sure.” Hinn: “So why are you there?” White: “I'm there because God tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. And if He tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, surely He means we must work for it. He doesn't tell us to pray for anything which we're not supposed to work towards.”

White's idea of working toward this peace means a peace process between the three religions. Do these men read and understand their Bibles? There is a false peace coming by a false Messiah?  That is the work of men. The real peace to Israel and the world comes when Jesus arrives the 2nd time. The church had better know the difference. 

White explains: “We need people like you to be able to be a liaison between the people there and the people here. You see, I mentioned this 'Quartet.' In reality, three parts of it are irrelevant. The only thing that really matters is what America thinks, and how we relate to the U.S. administration. So these are all the various areas that you--we would like you to help us with.”

Hinn: asks for the people to “ please pray for me as I go with Andrew, uh, and, that God will speak to me clearly, because I do believe with all of my heart that God almighty will answer the prayer of His people; because the Scripture says God answers prayer.”

Hinn is concluding that if there is a peace process that it was from God because of our prayers. In essence he is endorsing the false peace that will tale place in Israel before Christ comes back.

White: “Exactly. And I think for so long the church has taken one side or the other, and has actually been a cause of division. And I think the church needs to repent about that. It's what it needs, to repent, about how it has treated the people of Israel. It needs to repent about how it has perceived the Palestinian people. And it needs to repent of how it's been a cause of division. Sadly, the church has not been a unified force within Israel and Palestine. And we need to pray that it will be transformed so that it can actually bring healing and wholeness.”

Is the church the cause of division by supporting Israel? (That's whom the church has been supporting not the Palestinians). White is making the church guilty for not giving equal support to the Palestinians. (God says in Gen12 it is Israel He supports not those who come against her. Despite her wrong doing God is still in covenant with them;  Jer. 12:10-17; Zech.12:8). 

Who Needs to repent? The Church or the Palestinians? We are not talking about Christian Palestinians but Palestinians who are enemies of Israel and not willingly seeking a cease fire, whose children are trained to kill indiscriminately for the wrong reasons. As much as we all want to see peace and the senseless killing stop, what does this peace process mean that these men are talking about? Arafat had a chance at co-existence with Israel but chose not to. They instead went to war and are intending on removing anyone who is not Palestinian. 

These men involved in the Peace process are not just speaking about political peace but religious peace as well. As White said, the Alexandria Process is religious leaders working with the political leaders. Biblically, we all know that real peace will not be a reality until Jesus Christ comes back and rules from Jerusalem.

During the 4/27/04 telecast Hinn asks White to repeat what he said during the 4/26/04 telecast, for his precious partners that may have missed the program.   

White: “Well, I’m involved in the middle East my key job is being director at the international center for reconciliation based on Coventry cathedral. As you mention I also act as the archbishop of Canterbury’s representative for what is called the Alexanderian process, which is the religious track of the peace process. It’s the only bit of the peace process between Israel and Palestine which is left. So I’m working intimately with all of the religious Islamic, Jewish, Christian leaders, as well as the political leaders from Yassar Arafat to Ariel Sharon probably the only person that is kind of friends with both of them.

Hinn’s presentation of White is indeed suspect. It appears he know this man's involvement. It is for this very reason White is invited as a guest on his program. Obviously, Hinn discussed what he is being asked about Tamimi beforehand. 

Later on another program White mentions that when he was entering Saddam’s palace he clearly heard God speak Babylon has fallen Babylon has fallen. White implies that Revelation 14 is fulfilled (This is Your Day program Aug. 16, 2004). You can believe this if you want but I certainly so not think that was God speaking this. Interestingly the next verse speaks about the mark of the beast. The implication  of  this statement and the Alexandrian process is that all three religions can be united together, which according to the Bible is the earmark of Mystery Babylon.

What is the Alexandrian Peace Process?

The Alexandrian process is the religious track of the peace process that White is involved with. He represents The Archbishop of Canterbury as well as other associations in this endeavor.

The First Alexandria Declaration of the Religious Leaders of the Holy Land  Alexandria, January 21, 2002

The first Middle East Interfaith Summit with the participation of the leaders of the three monotheistic faiths, held in Alexandria, Egypt, issued the following statement:

“In the name of God who is Almighty, Merciful and Compassionate, we, who have gathered as religious leaders from the Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities, pray for true peace in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, and declare our commitment to ending the violence and bloodshed that denies the right of life and dignity.”

Consider these points of the accord: 

1. The Holy Land is holy to all three of our faiths. Therefore, followers of the divine religions must respect its sanctity, and bloodshed must not be allowed to pollute it. The sanctity and integrity of the holy places must be preserved, and freedom of religious worship must be ensured for all.

3. We call on the political leaders of both peoples to work for a just, secure and durable solution in the spirit of the words of the Almighty and the Prophets.

The Reconciliation they are trying to make is a peace to satisfy all religious parties and all people. This accord calls them all divine religions. If one reads the prophets they will understand they do not agree with this man made peace effort to reconcile all religious parties to share the Holy Land. 

While we all want the violence to stop and see peace, a compromise of this magnitude is not going to bring the peace that God wants. Yet the intention is to bring the Middle East into a false interfaith peace that the Bible warns against. White's affiliation with other religions and his association with the Archbishop of Canterbury whose compromise on the gay issue inside the church is also disturbing. And yet Hinn is flattered to be a part of the Alexandria Process!

This is on White's site about his trip to DUBAI where he met Hinn.


“The visit consisted of only three meetings the first was with Benny Hinn. The American Palestinian TV evangelist. Benny had phoned me whilst in the US last week stating that he wanted to meet me soon.”

“We met at his hotel for breakfast on Thursday morning. He explained that he had heard much about our work and wanted to support it. He has also said that he will come to Israel with us ASAP. Both the Israelis and Palestinians are very keen that he should come on board with the Alexandria Process. Being a Palestinian who loves Israel and also the Palestinians his views were very similar to our own. He has requested that I go on his TV programme in the near future.”

In 1998, White was installed as Director of International Ministry for the Diocese and Cathedral of Coventry. He heads up Coventry’s international ministry of reconciliation, this includes conflict resolution and the Community of the Cross of Nails, with centers in over 50 countries.

Canon Andrew White is the senior minister at Coventry Cathedral in the U.K . http://www.coventrycathedral.org.uk/co.html The “Community of the Cross of Nails” is an extension of Coventry Cathedrals international ministry. The Cathedral is part of the Anglican Diocese of Canterbury.

http://christchurchcincinnati.org/newweb1/articles_sermons/dean/what_reconciliation_ministry-looks_like.htm Sermon quote by US Pres. of Community of cross of nails- Rev. James A Diamond.

“The Community of the Cross of Nails in the United States focuses on domestic reconciliation. The board of CCN-USA has selected three priorities for the next triennium: racial reconciliation, inter-faith reconciliation, and the reconciliation necessary around sexual orientation. The scope of these three areas of domestic reconciliation allow for individuals and congregations to participate in the national committees by email as all three groups plan national conferences in the next year and a half.

link to info on the Cross of nails

The question we need to ask is how deep is Hinn’s involvement go with these men and their ministries. Where is this leading the church? Interfaith and Homosexual lifestyle acceptance? What kind of Christian leaders are these? I find it fascinating that Hinn is being asked to be involved with an end time scenario such as the peace process. Time will tell if this will take place or where it will lead to.

 Part 2 continued

(A transcript  of 4/26 telecast a available upon request)



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