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Healing, Harvest, Glory, Jezebel, and Elijah

The first night of Benny Hinn’s Miracle Crusade in Hawaii Jan.10, 2002

Before we went inside to the Crusade a number of us were handing out pamphlets to the people outside. These contained Scripture on it along with Hinn’s previous false statements and prophecies.  Talking to people we heard over and over they believe every word that proceeds out of his mouth to be correct, at least at the time. That he made some mistakes but they are willing to overlook these. But there were others who were genuinely interested and took the tracks and there a number of good conversations took place.  

Hardly anyone had brought Bibles with them, which is indicative of believing whatever he says as true and accurate.

In many who came we saw the attitude of determination as well as desperation. [To read more on this] http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/hinn1-10-02.html 

Hinn has remodeled his crusades in such a way that they go down smooth from start to finish. As he shares and gets the audience to be comfortable before he launches into an well rehearsed polished program (with about 100 crusades a year) that will keep them glued to the action on the stage and keep them coming back for more. There is nothing like it in Christianity or any other religion.  

Hinn made his entrance on stage in a white suit right on que-- while they are playing the song “how great thou art.” Hmm.

He brought along his usual cliché “The Lord spoke to me clearly “starting  March of this year we are going to begin a season of such refreshing and breakthroughs, I’m telling you march of this year is the start” “ I believe were going to see more and more of throughout the year, the presence of God filled the house, this is what God’s people want, its God’s presence.”

“The glory of God in the old covenant came in such manner, it is written that Moses could not enter into the tabernacle when God’s glory began to fall” “the same happened in the temple... when the glory of God filled the temple the priests could not enter, the day is coming we are going to see that happen, when God’s presence will be so rich that the people will not be able to get through the doors of churches. Get ready saints its about to happen.”

And people cheered? What does this mean? Think about it, maybe you won’t get in! This makes no Biblical sense, except to exaggerate a fact from an Old Testament motif. Hinn states that God’s glory will fill the house. Nowhere in the New Testament does it ever say that before Jesus returns God’s glory is going to fill the house like it did in the Old Testament. We are already the temple of the Lord, individually and together. However this does lay groundwork for ear tickling sermons. 

The only glory mentioned for the believer here on earth in the New Testament is giving glory to God and glory in tribulations.

Then there is the glory when Jesus comes for the saints. Rom.8:18 refers to the future glory in the resurrection (9:23 see 1 Cor.15:40-43; 2 Cor. 3:8; Col 1:27; 1 Pt.5:1) Christ in you, the hope of glory. Hope is something that has not yet appeared (Col.3:4, 2 Thess.2:14).

Comparing the glory of the law and Moses countenance that faded away Paul writes, “will the ministry of the Spirit not be more glorious?” (2 Cor.3:7) Notice the ministry, not the Spirit himself as in relation to what Hinn and others state as either a visible or overwhelming glory manifesting in the church prior to Jesus' coming. 2 Cor.3:18 tells us this glory is in us waiting to be revealed and the time will be the rapture/resurrection. The New Testament tells us the gospel is the glory of Christ to mankind 2 Cor.4:4 There is no visible glory in between now and before Christ comes back Mt.24:30, there is no glory appearing physically like in the Old Testament and the temple.

Hinn (on his program with Fushia Pickett end of Jan.2002), as well as others are saying his glory is coming on us and out from the vessel, not just upon the church, which is heresy of the Latter Rain teaching. The soon and coming King is ignored as the power that will fill the church is presented as the answer to all our problems. This becomes a real concern as we come closer to this event and Jesus coming back is not in the forefront, but traded in for promises of power in and through us today. Yet Hinn states “we are this close from the greatest manifestation of the glory of God in church history.”

Hinn’s offer is “Because God longs to visit his people way more than they long to visit him.” I thought we as Christians have God within us. This is not good enough, as Hinn is constantly referring to a special visitation as if God is not here and needs to come to us.

He says, “Gods presence and glory are one.” “When we talk about God’s glory were not talking about some mist or some feeling, were talking about God himself.” “God is going to visit you, I’m telling you prophetically.” Get ready. Hinn is saying this will be greater than what we have.

“Its time we begin to seek the Lord till we find him, now that doesn’t mean he’s lost God is not lost we are lost, he has found us.” Hinn says to seek the Lord is to seek his presence. Here again the new covenant states we have the Lord always with us, I will never leave you nor forsake you.

He asked the people to turn to 2 Chron.20 which he never got to.

The fact is two years before he gave the same type of promises in the shadow of Y2K “what he did with Israel in Goshen he's about to do with you, you will not lose one hair on your head you will not lose one child … you'll not lose anything. In fact your health will spring up overnight your strength will come overnight ... under the anointing Miss Khulman said the day will come when the anointing of God will so increase upon his church that ever sick believer will be healed by the power of almighty God. There will not be one sick Christian!” This promise was repeated again.

“It’s going to hit every church in the world. One glorious service. One. Let it be this Sunday...And something else is going to happen that Sunday (note: he is predicting what day it will occur). But it never happened before in the history of the church. Not only will miracles happen. Not only will the glory of God invade, but something happened four thousand years ago to Israel symbolically that must happen to the church through the Holy Spirit” (Benny Hinn at the Honolulu Blaisdell Arena Jan.21 1999)

This man has built a ministry on empty promises saying similar things over and over again for years and I believe 20 years from now if the Lord tarries, or apart from the appearance of the antichrist, he will still be saying the same things. And the people who are in the shadows today will still follow him wherever he goes, even if its in the complete dark.

A new season is coming the Lord “told me this march we are going to the beginning of a new season.”

“Lately the lord has been speaking to me in dreams, some powerful dreams I have had lately.” His new revelation of the future is from a dream both he and his wife had on the Jezebel spirit. He’s been saying this on his program since the beginning of 2002 and has had various guests who teach on the jeebel spirit to back this up. “I was in a crusade just like this one this is about two months ago now maybe a little longer, I was in the dream and saw myself on a platform just like this and I was singing oh lord my God… as I’m leading the great crowd in how great thou art, I notice a lady standing three feet from me on the platform, this woman was heavy set dark black hair and white how shall I say it, she was going about doing her own thing she was mocking the worship, she was mocking God’s people she was mocking me, she was doing her own things, going about doing crazy things on the platform. I waited for an usher or someone to stop her, nobody did, I notice the preachers that sat just like these men are on the platform, they were all worshipping the Lord nobody seemed to pay attention to her, I…And now I realized nobody could see her except me and the Holy Spirit spoke ands said rebuke her. And I did I rebuked I said in the name of Jesus and when I did she vanished into thin air. Suddenly the most amazing things started to happen, I was transported from off the platform and I stood in front of the front row” … (each section of the building was split with same amount of people in three sections.) “The front section sang oh lord my God, and on the word wonder the entire section fell under the power of God with violence, and they fell as one body”… “The whole section fell as one man and when they hit there chairs they began to vibrate with violence. If you ever saw our program where I pray for our kids and they start to shake with violence on the platform multiply that with about 5 times.” He then is transported to the second section and said sang it again “on the word wonder, I believe God is about to do wonders in the churches.” They fell just like the first section with violence except “heavy rain began to fall on them like and outpour of rain, heavy, heavy downpour.” The 3rd section same thing repeated except “now fire, liquid fire began falling on them, then I woke up” I knew it was from the Lord. (the same day)

“So That evening I took my wife to the mall on the way back I shared my dream with her, all day long I have been wondering who that woman was on the platform, why nobody could see, why she could go about doing her own thing and mocking me mocking the worship mocking all of us. My wife tells me as I shared my dream with her, she said Benny “I had the same dream. God gave my wife a few days before he ever gave me the dream he gave the same dream, God usually speaks to woman first I don’t know why”… and she said “the lord showed me who the woman was…that is the spirit of Jezebel, and the lord said to her in her dream” the spirit of Jezebel must be dealt with before the glory visits his people.” Ladies and Gentlemen I’m telling you Jezebel is being dealt with right now.”

Like James Taylor’s song I’ve seen fire I’ve seen rain; except Hinn has Latter Rain implications all through it.

Hinn states the spirit of Jezebel is control, intimidation. As we go further we will understand that everything Hinn speaks on has much to do with himself.

What Hinn is actually doing is immunizing his followers; have them stand against anyone who would have something to say about him and his ministry. Since Hinn presents himself as spirit led, the control and manipulation would be from those who challenge his supporters of being open, and following the spirit as he recommends. What he is actually doing is separating them from the arena of logic and reason so they cannot be challenged to think otherwise. This has already taken place with many of them as they either make excuses or ignore his false prophecies and false statements from the Bible. Hinn’s declaration that Jezebel must be dealt with before the glory comes gives an ominous slant to this whole teaching.

“Maybe pastors you are finding her in your churches, it is time we bind her” “time rebuke her” Get ready God is going to show you Jezebel has got to be moved out, and he will show you where that spirit is in your life.”

One thing that Hinn and his prophet friends Frangipane and John Paul Jackson who are teaching on the Jezebel spirit on his program have neglected. This Jezebel spirit is in the corrupt church Thyatira. She also called herself a prophetess.

Well there is much to be considered in this Bible passage that finds (the Spirit?) Jezebel in the church. The name given to her expressed her character and influence. The biblical Jezebel was the wife of Ahab; a woman who had of vast influence over her husband, an influence used for evil. She was an idolater who introduced her husband and others to idolatry, false worship. She was extremely persuasive, ambitious and unscrupulous in the way she employed her designs to her husband and others.

Contrary to their interpretations, it is a church that is run by women, who thinks they are prophetic. The false prophets who persuade the people into apostasy are women. They go after other Gods committing spiritual adultery. Thyatira was a church that was active in faith and love, but embraced an adulteress, resigning completely in her power, as they failed to remove the false prophetess control.

Who does this really sound like? Hinn previously said Ruth Heflin a prophetess told him Jesus was going to appear on stage at his meetings; Hinn then prophesied Jesus was going to appear on stage at his meetings and in churches (go hear for article). The time passed and it became another false prophecy in a long line of them.

But there is more, Jesus goes further by saying they have the depths of Satan, but they must overcome. It was the Gnostics that called their doctrine the depths of God, (called the depths of Bythos-God), which contained arcane secrets and mysteries of divine wisdom. Christ calls them the depths of Satan. Gnosticism claimed to have a superior knowledge by experience from the spirit, a direct knowing above the Word of God. This is what Hinn’s ministry is all about, dreams visions to direct the church and give promises that are outside the Scriptures.

And she (Thyatira) will be come sick, v.22 states those who commit adultery with her will be found in the great tribulation and v.23 all her children will die (her offspring and memory will be destroyed.) They are rewarded for their works, (judgments were to come upon those advocating these errors.) On the 2nd night of the crusade Hinn asked for people who need healing to raise their hands up, 99% of the hands went up.

In his dream only Benny sees this woman on the stage next to him, no one else there can see her. But then he tells everyone to find her, something “they are unable see or know is there!” Hinn rebukes her, but then he contradicts this by saying “its time that we bind her and we rebuke her” So it turns into “we” have to break the spirit of Jezebel in the church and their lives. (He had John Paul Jackson on his show teaching people how to identify this spirit in their lives in mid January). “Remember it takes revelation to see her.” Hinn is teaching them to seek after this spirit in their lives to identify her instead of walking by the Holy Spirit having fellowship with the Lord. He is teaching people a completely different way to live their Christianity.

Rev.2 “I’m the one who reveals what’s in the heart and there he revealed to then they to were fighting that same spirit.” So he is saying this Jezebel spirit is in their heart. Did anyone catch this, hardly as they caught up in the moment. Is God revealing this? Does God tell us to chase her down? Is her power broken? The Bible says only those who repent of their association with the prophetess are spared.

Hinn repeated what Francis Frangipane said on his program the week before, “Where we find the spirit of Jezebel you will find the spirit of Elijah.” “Get ready the spirit of Elijah is about to visit your life-- that anointing is coming your way.”

Does the spirit of Elijah visit people? Was the Elijah to come as a spirit? I thought Elijah was a person? Maybe Hinn’s spirit of Elijah is connected to the double portion anointing that this Elijahthe prophet gave Hinn when he personally appeared in his room? (from the 1997 Blaisedell crusade) Maybe there is a better explanation.

Both Elijah and Jezebel are made into spirits. Not surprising, as Jesus becomes a presence to be sought after instead of learning and applying his word. When the New Testament speak of God’s presence it is in heaven until Christ comes back -Acts 3:19;Luke 1:19; Heb. 9:24; Jude 1:24- his presence accompanies his person)

I don’t find any Bible teaching on the prophet (Elijah) spirit destroying the false prophetess (Jezebel) spirit in the church! The Bible does teach about a false prophet and a antichrist that comes before the second coming of Christ even two witnesses in the tribulation found in the book of Revelation. Just as Jesus had said John the Baptist came in the spirit (the ministry) of Elijah, the false prophet, which could be a false Elijah, comes first. (note: It was first William Branham who worked signs and wonders that thought of himself Elijah, Hinn endorses Branham). This false prophet will point to and confirm the antichrist. This false prophet will be confirmed by great signs and wonders, and calling fire down from heaven. As he, “performed great signs, so that he even makes fire come down from heaven on earth in the sight of men” (Revelation 13:13). Considering that Hinn is calling fire on you” and seeing fire fall falling is not unlike fire be called down from heaven in his crusades. Could this actually happen someday? The Bible says it will. What this fire is the Scripture does not specifically describe, what we do know from Scripture is that fire accompanied God as his glory. So if this is a counterfeit false prophet and Christ it would make sense it would be a counterfeit glory coming down.

Hinn has promised people that Jesus Christ is going to show up in his crusades. What if a man in a white robe showed up at Hinn’s crusades and along with the so- called miracles and fire falls from heaven? What would be the affect on his followers? Those who lean on experience and base their teachings from signs and wonders instead of the word of God would certainly be deceived? But we are not unarmed as Christ already warned us that “false Christ’s and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive if possible even the elect. (Mt. 24:24)

Who is practicing the control?

During speaking Hinn stopped and barked at one of the catchers to pick someone up and he also scolded the band for not playing- saying he’s not paying them to sit there and look. He said, I demand perfection for my king, as he pounded the pulpit. His explanation was that he was in the anointing being carried. Hinn’s presents the concept that we can’t miss the moment when this anointing is there; so they must act quickly.

The sound system was extremely loud that you could barely speak or hear the person next to you. The music constantly goes along with the mood Hinn is presenting. At the zenith, the moment when healing is presented as happening under the anointing, faint gongs go off within the musical background. At one point a baby cried and Hinn asked for silence because “somebody can miss that healing because of that child” “this is the moment people will receive or lose it.” Hinn’s concept of the anointing is a short window of opportunity that can be passed by.

“when I ask you to praise him something happens in the heavenlies when you praise him, demons are bound when you praise him, they enemies are confused… when you praise him.” Lift your hands praise him for the victory” everyone obeys Hinn by speaking out…

“This is the time to prepare with sowing seed, I’m gonna tell you again harvest time will begin in march” Say it” they repeat “harvest begins in march” Hinn says so many are hearing the same thing from God.

“God will do nothing till he speak to his prophets” Meaning he will tell the people what god is going to do.

“We are coming into a tremendous season of incredible blessings this is why Pat Robertson has been praying and causing many in God’s house to join in prayer…”

Again he says its time to sow, “With an outpouring comes blessings, and don’t miss this one, you may have missed other outpourings don’t miss this one.” What outpourings? He’s been saying this for years. Hinn has manipulated the people into thinking this one to come is extra special.

He said lately the Lord spoke to him he began to do something new with his wife, “Were calling in the harvest saints... the lord said to me call it in, call in the harvest, don’t just sow and say than you Jesus, begin to call in what your believing for, out loud and confessing it, don’t just think it, its time to audibly call in the harvest.” “Has God promised you a harvest, then call it in” Hinn’s word faith teachings never left, they only subsided for a while, seed faith, speaking things into existence are all very much part of his teching.

“Numbers 14:28 says as I have heard it in my ears so will I do it unto you God says. God says when I hear you say it will do it for you.” “Numbers 14:28 its in the word of God, God says these words he spoke to the children of Israel when he said listen, listen say unto them as truly as I live saith the Lord as he has spoken in my ears so will I do to you.”

He is using this Scripture for the harvest. Now lets actually go to the Scripture to see what he is referring to. Num. 14:26-32 “Then the LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying, “How long shall I bear with this evil congregation who murmur against Me? I have heard the complaints which the children of Israel murmur against Me. 28”Say to them, 'As I live,' says the LORD, 'just as you have spoken in My hearing, so I will do to you: The carcasses of you who have complained against Me shall fall in this wilderness, all of you who were numbered, according to your entire number, from twenty years old and above.

'Except for Caleb the son of Jephunneh and Joshua the son of Nun, you shall by no means enter the land which I swore I would make you dwell in. 'But your little ones, whom you said would be victims, I will bring in, and they shall know the land which you have despised.' But as for you, your carcasses shall fall in this wilderness.”

This should not need any explanation to anyone who reads scripture in context of the thought written. This is not a good thing-- it is a punishment, not a blessing! They will not see the promises but will die and their children who did not participate in the rebellion will inherit the land.

“My wife and I lay our hands on the seed when we send our seed out, when we give.”

I’m not going to miss it, lift your hands and say the same “ everyone repeats, “I’m not going to miss it, say it again” “You must keep sowing, because one seed will trigger the harvest… because the scripture says you don’t know which seed will do it for you, so you have to sow in faith expecting harvest time to be yours.” Harvest time will come whether your ready for it or not but if you are you’ll receive, if your not he’ll pass by you until next season” “so this time its important, don’t miss it, say “I will not” they repeat “I will not”, then he has the people lift their hands to agree not miss it. He makes it sound so crucial that they must do this. I find this called manipulation.

“We going to see salvations as we never before in history,” “your going to see governments topple in some parts of the world for the cause of the cross” your going to see Muslim governments in Iran topple, Saudi Arabia topple, Iraq topple so the gospel… can get to those people over there.” Here again Hinn makes unrealistic promises. Not unlike Copeland who said in Hawaii that almost a billion muslims will convert.

“The moisture of the spirit is present this is time, this is the moment.” “Give as you never given before.” That’s a sure way to take an offering it has all the elements of success, harvest just a few months away, God is going to do what you ask him, salvations are about to become unprecedented, the time is now.

Hinn talks about the enemy wanting to make Jesus “just one of the prophets, no he is not one, he is the one, he is the only one” he then speaks of Jesus saying he is the way the truth and the life, “there is only one truth, only one word of God, the only word of God, this is the word of the living God there is no other word, there is no other truth, Jesus declared all others are thieves and liars, everybody else is a liar, there is only one that who truth his name is Jesus.”

I’m happy to see that Hinn gave enough focus on Jesus somewhere in the service being the way the truth and the life. He said if he is not your savior your in great danger. “Tonight many of you have come seeking as physical healing, I have news for you, you can be physically healed and still go to hell, but if your life is healed your heart is healed, heaven is guaranteed.” The greatest miracle is not physical .. greatest miracle is spiritual… greatest miracle the new birth experience” There was enough said for someone to come to Christ. And so he asked the people to make a commitment and come forward, Hinn was able to solicit there coming forward by saying, “If you have the slightest question about your salvation its because you’ve never been saved, those who are saved never question, those who know Jesus never doubt it for salvation is sure.” This is sure way to get the people out of their seat to the front.

Hinn used those who came forward as proof of the harvest. Those who watch from TV it seems like “fruit.” However watching from above I have a different story to tell. Many who were worshipping having Christian T-shirts all raised their hands to be saved and then the majority of these came forward. Many were his partners that were on the floor of the hall. So the majority are not new commitments but its look great for TV, which is what it was all used for.

Healing time

“ Say it with me “its the same lord that heals, the same lord that saves” once again he has them repeat it, then again. “And now say after me “it takes as much faith”, they repeat, it takes as much faith, Hinn says, “to get healed”, they repeat to get healed. Hinn says, “as it takes to get saved”, they repeat, as it takes to get saved” “say it again”, they repeat, “it takes as much faith to get healed as it does to get saved.” Hinn then asks if they saw how many got saved tonight, “God imparted the faith they needed for salvation, God wants to impart now faith for healing, its just as easy to get healed as it is to get saved, say that,” they repeat it, Hinn says “say it again”, and he asks for them to say it a third time.

“So we must begin to say to ourselves and we must begin to believe that healing is just as easy as salvation because we have been programmed to believe different.” It doesn’t sound that easy to me; Hinn did not take the time to have them repeat these mantras for salvation, why is he doing this for healing?

Yet he states, “No its just as easy because it takes just as much faith, God has given to every man the measure of faith whether for salvation or healing” “People who were saved here tonight believed Jesus is savior… you were saved remember how easy it was, you believed Jesus saves, its time you believe Jesus heals.” Hinn sets up straw man arguments by stating, “nobody ever preaches and says Jesus will save you tomorrow… well you can come down the aisle but maybe it won’t happen just believe and don’t give up. Everybody says its going to happen now.” “Jesus saves now…if Jesus saves NOW HE HEALS NOW.”

Jesus he heals and Jesus saves always now, when? The audience repeats “Now”, when? “Now”

“If it is the same faith you ought to get healed, healing is just as easy as salvation”

What Hinn proposes is very dangerous, here’s why. If someone who was sick went forward and committed their life and now believes they are saved and then hears this message on healing. They again believe just as they did for salvation but are not healed, the obvious conclusion would be they are not saved either. Remember Hinn is saying the same faith will heal, its just as easy, and Jesus will definitely heal.

“You see a church that preaches salvation they get saved every Sunday, if they do not preach healing nobody gets it, if they preach prosperity they’ll all believing for prosperity so they all get it” whatever they preach the people live, for faith cometh by what? Audience responds, “Hearing” Hinn, “well you got to hear about healing a little more.”

Let me pose simple question, can someone be saved if a specific salvation message is not preached? Of course they can. In the same way someone can be healed in church without a specific message on healing being preached.

Hinn has them repeat these mantras after him throughout the whole service “Healing is for today, say it”, they repeat it, Healing is for today, “say its mine”, they repeat its mine, “lift your hands and say its mine”, they repeat its mine, “say it again”, they repeat its mine. “Say it”, mine “say Jesus” they repeat Jesus “died’ they rep died, “for me” they repeat for me “me- me-me” they repeat me- me-me.

“Say I” they repeat I, “receive”-- receive-” the benefits”, the benefits-”that’s yours”, “that’s why he says with his stripes we are healed, he didn’t say with his stripes he’s healed or she’s healed but not me, no we are healed.” He says this and they repeat, “we are healed”, “Say me”-- they repeat, Me.

Repetition is a good way to convince people what you want them to believe, especially when it is not connected to any Biblical context.

Hinn went as far as to state for those who doubt “He’s going to heal him because he’s spiritual, I don’t have enough faith so I’m gonna die, I have news for you, you will not die just believe and you’ll live, if you can believe for salvation you can believe for healing now.” “If action brings salvation action brings healing” “the people that get saved do something to get it, so the people that get healed do something to get IT.”

Hinn explains “The reason I have you talk back to me is because I want everybody here to get healed, so when you talk to me you’ll hear yourself and when you, you hear yourself then you’ll listen. So God said I am the God that healeth thee, say it,” they repeat, I am the God that healeth thee. “If God said I am the God that healeth thee the thee is you.”

Hinn says, “since he gave us a promise we should never question him, for God cannot lie” this is true however man can distort God’s words to mean something they were not intended to mean.

“Hear this when faith is present God is just as obligated to heal as he is to save you.” “God has promised to do it”

“Ps.89 listen to this v.34 my covenant will I not break nor the thing that has gone out of my lips.” This is not the covenant God made to heal, this is about God’s promise to David about his seed established forever Ps.89:4 (2 Sam 7:14.)

Hinn has made some huge statements with absolute obligation. So what happens to those who do not receive the healing? Think about the crushed lives. To put some humanity in this picture I watched the invalids, the handicapped in the wheelchairs roll out just as they came in. It was heartbreaking to listen to these emphatic declarations and see people leave thinking they did not have the right kind or no kind of faith.

Hinn has offered something God never said he would deliver.

When you get healed “2,000 years ago he shed his blood, that’s for salvation, but this body was broken, that’s for healing. The blood was not shed for your healing and the body was not broken for your salvation.” “The blood is for salvation, say it”, they repeat The blood is for salvation, “when the body was broken it was not broken for your salvation it was broken for your healing, so say after me the body”, they repeat the body “was broken”, they repeat was broken, “for my healing” they repeat for my healing, “and the blood” they repeat and the blood, “was shed,” they repeat was shed, “for my salvation”, they repeat for my salvation.” “So if you accept salvation your only accepting half the job, your only accepting half the job, you have to receive the full benefit.”

Hinn is making a dichotomy that is not there in Scripture. Col.1:20: “We have been reconciled to God “ through the blood of His cross…yet He has now reconciled you in His fleshly body through death”

Heb.10:4-10: “For it is not possible that the blood of bulls and goats could take away sins. Therefore, when He came into the world, He said: “Sacrifice and offering You did not desire, But a body You have prepared for Me. Heb.10:10: “By that will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.”

1 Cor.11:24-26 Jesus in the Passover service said to “Take, eat; this is My body which is broken for you; “This cup is the new covenant in My blood. This do, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me.” For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death till He comes.” It is one unit; nowhere does the Bible separate the body and the blood in such a manner. The Bible concentrates more on the blood for the atonement of sins but does not separate it from the body the blood flowed from.

I Peter 3:18, He writes “ For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God, being “Put to death in the flesh, but quickened (made alive). Jesus’ body was sacrificed and his blood flowed, he was one person. Hinn’s theological separation is not there. Hinn who quotes Peter - by whose stripes you were healed, if he would read just before this “who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree” (1 Pet. 2:24). Hinn later sang, “Jesus is passing by touch the hem of his garment and his blood had made me whole” Here Hinn contradicted what he taught previously, that the blood is for sin not healing. Oh well, I don’t think anyone noticed.

“You do not have to walk out of here sick… he saves he heals.” Hinn quotes numerous Scriptures to prove healing is a promise throughout the Bible Ex.15:26, 23 :25; Num.21:8; Ps.30:2; Ps.103:3; Isa. 53:4-5; “what must we do 1 Jn.5:14 “for this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything according to his will he heareth us. It is his will to heal because Scripture after Scripture tells me that. God repeats it over and over I’m your healer.”

If Hinn really believed this he should be visiting his wife’s father who is very sick and would certainly appreciate these results.

The problem is these scriptures are mostly ripped from their context. There are promises contained in the Old Testament covenant for the nation of Israel; and they were conditional. Hinn used Mt.8:13 as general promise to all “as thou has believe so be it unto thee.” Certainly scriptures can apply to us today; what is missing here is an important aspect for correct Bible teaching and interpretation. First Jesus was physically in front of the person who asked him. It is for this reason he healed people like this, he was offering them to accept him as the messiah in his first coming. There is different from the healing Jesus Hinn presents.

Hinn went on to use faith scriptures, the necessity of faith and seeking the person of Christ, saying healing is a person, we have to diligently seek him, which are all correct except for the absolute slant every scripture that mentions healing means we can always being healed.

We must act our faith, there must be action. He taught explicitly on acting on your faith first before you receive your healing. “I believe when people begin to move their legs in this stadium tonight” “When he sees your action he’ll say be thou healed” He asks them to move their legs - but what of those who are paralyzed who can’t move their legs. It appears to me that you don’t move legs first to get your healing, but healing must come first to move your legs!

He then calls out all the diseases saying they are healed, hips, cancer, backs, eyes, diabetes, aids etc. that there is an anointing for cancer here…He tells them they feel fire, warmth, electricity and shivering on their bodies and assures them that’s the power of God going through them. So any type of feeling is then attributed to God. One girl on the stage said she has cervical cancer and Hinn asked her “what happened tonight?” she responded as a matter of fact, “Well I feel I was healed by the Lord, I don’t have cancer now.” Hinn pronounced her healed without any medical examination. Isn’t this a medical diagnosis that only a qualified physician can give? How can he know by her word? Certainly others who were not examined that felt any one of the descriptions Hinn gave, went home convinced they were healed. How dangerous is this to send people home without their understanding the fact that they may not healed. This would be life threatening for those who stop taking medicine and do not continue with a doctor’s therapy.

Hinn tells the people to pray quickly as everything has come to a feverish pitch in his meeting, he says “The anointing is carried by worship remember that” as the music and the singing continues on and off in the background. Does this mean there is no anointing if there is no worship with music? To Hinn it certainly does, as he states without the atmosphere he cannot heal. “Just lift your hands and ask him for anything you want right now.” The moment they were waiting for has come “His presence is getting stronger.” This is not how the apostles conducted their meetings. This is not how healing services should be conducted today either.

The most disappointing portion of the evening was Joy Dawson’s open endorsement for Hinn. A few days before she was on TV with Hinn standing in the middle with her on one side and Mike Murdock on the other as they were promoting the crusade (Murdock spoke on Friday morning warming them up for the $1,000 seed).

Hinn said in the crusade “Joy Dawson who is with YWAM stand up Joy dear, give her a big God bless you…he asked Joy to join him on the platform. Joy I’m glad by the way you’re here” (she flew over with him) speaking on the Anhaiem youth meeting “that was an awesome payer meeting we had” Joy responds “it was the most powerful prayer meeting I would say, as powerful; as any public prayer meeting I have ever been in.”

Hinn says, “We’ve had youth services now you know many of the people that come to our crusades by thousands as you’ll see them here tomorrow, finally I felt from the Lord to begin holding youth meetings just for the young people” “first youth service we had 20,000 kids showed up.”

Hinn states, “and now were going to have another youth service and I’m preparing something for the kids…I’m going to prepare studies that they can take home with them on the power of God.” Joy talks about the kids calling out to God

He called the kids young Jeremiahs and John’s and young Peter’s. That’s a great way to flatter them and make them think they are prophets, of course he can say anything he wants to promote his services without any challenges. Joy says there prayers were over and over again saying “we will not let you go, we will not let you go we will (Hinn interrupts they were telling God that), we will die to see this thing they were so desperate to see the outpouring of God’s spirit.”

Then he said “Well Joy, precious people I want you all to know I’m going to come back to Honolulu and hold a youth service, glory, I will announce it to you, …You know why I’m doing it because I believe our kids are the future and thy, will carry the glory of God to the next generation.” Think about what he is saying, especially how he defines God’s glory, so it is not the gospel they will learn to carry, but will do what he is doing. Imagine training the children to do what Benny does. This was too much to sit through and accept, that children will now be included in these gatherings. 

Clearly Dawson is advocating their youth to be involved with the rest of the churches here in this youth service, as they were in Anaheim. The week after on Hinn’s “This is your Day” the program was shot in Hawaii with Joy Dawson on the big Island and showed clips of the YWAM base there, clearly associating them as part of this youth outreach. Joy Dawson has been on Hinn’s program on and off for years supporting his ministry and anointing. This recent openness only solidifies what has been established years before.

Consider that Hinn has already said, that when he is under the influence of his anointing” My children are afraid of me under the anointing.” That he becomes a different person and that in his dream he saw violence escalate.

Parents this is something to seriously consider. Do you want to send you children to services such as these? 

Don’t be burned by Benny and let you kids pass through the fire (anointing). (more on this fire anointing in the 2nd part that will make your heart break.)



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