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An Imaginary Middle East Peace Process (Part 2) Stories of Glory or where's the beef?

Let's look at Benny Hinn's April 26, 2004 This Is Your Day telecast, and Andrew White's account of forty three [43] trailer loads of meat, thousands and thousands of tons of meat delivered by a stranger:

The Meat Delivery  

Benny Hinn: “It's amazing how the Lord has placed this man, ladies and gentlemen, in such a position in Iraq and Jerusalem, where they all love him and trust him. And here he is, a man of God, filled with the Holy Spirit. That's really what amazes me, how God has placed you right in the center of that whole situation there to use you.”

Andrew White: “And I think sometimes, um, I'm amazed by it as well; how God has opened these doors, and God has placed us right in the heart of”

Hinn: [interrupts] “What did they tell you? What did they ask you about the Lord, I mean?”

White: “The people in Iraq?”

Hinn: “Yes, and those you work with.”

White: “Well, uh, they, the thing which really opened their eyes is when we see answers to prayer, and we expect it. Everyday we expect one miracle. I pray with my team that we'll have a miracle each day. One day the, some of the Ayatollahs and the Islamic leaders came to us and said, 'It's Id, do you got any meat for us?' [the two Islamic festivals are called “Id” or ‘Id-al-Fitr, and ‘Id al-Adha].

Hinn: “They called you a Ayatollah?” [an Ayatollah is a high-ranking Shiite religious authority]

White: “Eh, they, I went to the Ayatol, they call me 'Abun,' which means 'father.' Nobody else calls me that apart from them in Middle east. 'Abun-Abun, can you bring us some meat for Id?' for the Islamic festival. I said, 'We don't really have any money. We'd love to bring you some meat. That night I decided we'd pray, quickly, that if God wants us to provide some meat we'll get some meat. The next morning at breakfast somebody walks in--a big American guy, bigger than me--and says, 'Hey father, you're helping the Iraqi people?' I said, 'We're trying to.' He said, 'You want some meat?' I said, 'What do you mean, do you want some meat?' He goes, 'Some meat!' He's quite aggressive! So I said, 'How much meat have you got?' He says, 'forty-three [43] trailer loads--thousands and thousands of tons of meat!' I said, 'Is it Hallal?' [He said] 'Yes! All Halal.'“

Hinn: “Halal means?'

White: “Halal means acceptable for Muslims [also, Lawful]. So, suddenly we found ourselves with forty-three [43] trailer loads; thousands and thousands of tons of meat.”

What is the festival of Id? There are several Muslim festivals with Id mentioned but this is the only one I could find where meat is mentioned, Id-ul-Zuha (Bakr-Id). This Muslim Festival of sacrifice is a three-day celebration from the10th to the 12th day in July. It is when Allah commanded Hazrat Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son Ismail (Ishmael not Isaac) on Mount Mina near Mecca. Ibrahim, unable to see himself kill his son, blindfolded himself and carried out the pronouncement of God. When he took off the blindfold, a lamb lay slaughtered on the altar and his son stood there unharmed. The legend ascertains that all God requires of man is a surrender of his will and self. Like Ibrahim, who willingly surrenders his beloved son to God, a true follower of Islam is expected to sacrifice something that is dear to him. 

The meat of the sacrificed animal is divided into three portions, one for the poor, one for friends and relatives, and one for the family. The sacrificial meat is then distributed and partaken of after the Id prayers. 

Unanswered Questions

If White's claims are true, here are some legitimate questions that need to be answered:

  • Does the God of the Bible approve of the Islamic Festival of Id?  For God to answer this prayer with miracle as White claims apparently endorses the Muslim festival which Ishmael was the son to be sacrifice. http://wrc.lingnet.org/islamh.htm 
  •  Where did the “thousands and thousands of tons of meat” come from? The U.S.? Europe?
  •  How and to whom was it disbursed? There are certain arrangements, strict guidelines and laws governing the distribution of meat. The red tape is tremendous. Indeed, the paperwork alone would be a supply clerk's worst nightmare.
  • Who authorized ”forty three trailer loads--thousands and thousands of tons of meat” to be given to Andrew White? This is a tremendous amount of meat to deliver to one man who, apparently, did not request it in the first place.
  • What company (or companies) prepared the meat “Halal” for the Festival of Id”?
  •  Did Andrew White sign any paperwork or release forms for the meat? If so, is he willing to provide the paperwork to validate his claim?
  • Unless the meat was freeze-dried, how is it possible to keep “thousands and thousands of tons of meat” frozen or under constant temperature to avoid spoiling after it was delivered?
  • Where is the news coverage on this story? This would be one of the largest distributions of meat in modern times, especially in a time of war. Certainly, a massive meat distribution of this size would make headlines around the world. You don’t just pull up to someone and ask if he would take 43 trailer loads. Especially Saddam's Palace in Bahgdad when a war is going on.
  • With the exception of a similar story on World Vision is efforts in 2002, there appears to be nothing about White's story in the news or on the internet.

If  White's account of the “forty three trailer loads” filled with “thousands and thousands of tons of meat” is true, it would be a logistical nightmare! A convoy of 43 trailers would stretch for miles in the desert, and would be a giant neon sign for terrorist bombings and hijacking. A  convoy of this size would require military protection--from all sides--front and rear, to assure its safe delivery.  

Thus, in spite of the unanswered questions, White wants Benny Hinn's followers and supporters to believe that “a big American guy” strolled in one day and handed over ”forty three trailer loads,” amounting to “thousands and thousands of ton of meat”  that no one ordered at the drop of a hat--as if it is no big deal(?).


World Vision's '43 truckloads' and '10 tonnes' of food

The only story on the web like this is from February 7, 2002 World Vision Aid Reaches New Heights by Steve Matthews - Northern Afghanistan

According to Steve Matthews' February 7, 2002 article, ”World Vision Reaches New Heights” (click here  for full story), “ A team of commodities and health officers is set to begin one of the most difficult food distributions in World Vision's history. After three weeks of assessing the needs of hungry people high in the mountains of Northern Afghanistan, 433 tonnes of WSB (Wheat-Soy-Blend), sugar, and vegetable oil will be trucked from Herat to Qal'eh-Ye-Now in Badghis province near the border of Turkmenistan.”

As Matthews' quotes Senior Relief Administrator, Al Dwyer, it is obvious the distribution is rought with danger and difficulty around every curve:

“There are many variables such as the weather, road conditions, and availability of trucks and drivers willing to travel on roads that are often impassable in winter.” The worst case scenario would be a major snowstorm cutting off or stranding the convoy on the Suvzac Pass. It's a one-lane dirt road with sheer rock cliffs going up and down. It is the only land route to 360,000 people in the distribution area.”

According to the article, “Forty-three truckloads, each carrying 10 tonnes, will bring the food, donated by UNICEF and WFP. The plan calls for the shipment to be stored for one day in the World Vision warehouse next to the Qal'eh-Ye-Now airstrip, which is unsafe due to its former occupation by the Taliban militia. The runway and nearby barracks are littered with ordnances left behind when the position was bombed and deserted.”

Do the Math: the difference between “433” hundred and “thousands”

Steve Matthews' article states that it took “forty-three truckloads, each carrying ten tonnes,” to transport “433 tonnes” of commodities to the “hungry people high in the mountains of Northern Afghanistan.” But during the April 26 This Is Your Day telecast, Andrew White told Benny Hinn that “thousands and thousands of tons of meat” were transported by “forty three” trailers(?).

43 seems to be the magic number. The WFP and FAO pledged 43,000 tons of food assistance to Iraq on or before 1997. http://www.officeoftheamericas.org/docs/1997/971003_fao_iraq.html

World Vision gave a total of 43,000 tons of food in West Africa, not Iraq: Since January, World Vision has distributed 1,021 metric tons of food to 88,000 people, working in partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP), the Mauritanian government, and three other NGOs (Acord, Lutheran World Federation and Oxfam). Together, they are providing a total of 43,000 tons of food, of which World Vision was granted 13,500 tons. The rations include cereals, beans, oil, wheat-soya blend, and sugar. http://www.holisticdevelopment.org/wvi/africa_food_crisis/west_africa%20_food_crisis.htm

Could it be that they are trying to find some biblical precedent? The Ark supposedly could carry approximately 43,000 tons: http://www.sandtonbiblechurch.org.za/studies/lfj/lfg8.ht

What makes this even more interesting is that in a related story, White implies that an angel delivered the meat

Mahesh Chavda has also had White speak, this is why Suzanne Hinn Had Benny contact him www.glorybarn.com/video_1.asp#Canon%20Andrew%20White 

The problem is the different stories. Surprised, I’m not. As far as I’m concerned this and many others who have appeared on Hinn’s program bring his guests credibility into question and Hinn's discernment which we all know is  less than 0. It is curious that this story by White and Chavda is not repeated anywhere in any news at this point. This would be a BIG news story if it were true. You would have heard it on the news.

Canon Andrew White and the “tons of meat” story. Source for below: www.watchofthelord.com/articles/article_43000ton_god.asp

He has been a blessing to those Iraqi orphans and has been trying to get supplies for them and for others. He found out that through the relief agencies, people from overseas have sent lots of pasta and rice, but there was no meat. They had not eaten meat for awhile, so Sunday night he prayed, “Lord, my orphans and all these people here in Baghdad have had no meat. I really pray Lord that you will help us in this need.” The next day he went down to breakfast in this hotel. He was wearing his collar, and a very tall man walked up to him and said, “How is it going, Reverend?” And he said, “Things are okay.” “Are you helping the people?” He said, “We are trying to.” The tall man kind of stood up; he was one of the tallest men Andrew had seen. He said, “By the way, can you use some meat?” Andrew said, “Can we use some meat? Yeah, we can.” He said, “Alright. I've got some meat for you.” Andrew said, “How much?” He said, “I can supply you with 43,000 tons of meat.” This whole gift was worth millions of dollars. I believe this was one of those prophetic signals; something “pinged” in my spirit. You may be praying, “Lord, I need a few pounds of meat to make a good stew.” I felt God was saying, “I'm bigger than you guys ever figured out.” … this is my God who is supplying all my needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. My God is a 43,000 ton God. With his relief agency friends they are supplying big trucks with the drivers in them to go and distribute this meat all across Baghdad and Iraq. He said, “I prayed Sunday night and Monday morning there is this tall man.” I think that tall man wearing a US Army uniform is possibly the one that turned up when Zacharias was praying in Luke 1, or maybe one of his close friends is running around the Middle East doing these strange things."

There are some obvious conflicts in the two stories. White does not ask if it is hallal as he did on Hinn's program. There is an obvious big difference in “thousands of tons of meat” than thousands and thousands of pounds of meat. There is no place to put 43,000 tons of meat. 43 trailer loads of meat, which would be thousands of pounds, that would be tremendous, but 43,000 tons? There is a big difference in hundreds of tons than thousands of tons. This is unlikely to be a mistake, since he was the one receiving it and would be the one distributing it. He should know.

43,000 tons is 92 million pounds of meat. Who is donating millions of dollars of meat? To get an idea of how humongous this is, it is near Aircraft carrier size.

In a City of 50,000, 30 tons of meat (of all kinds) are consumed for the whole year.  A 4X6 palette  2,000 lbs per - there are 10-15 palettes on a truck on a 18 wheeler.  If it were10 tons per truck, with 43 trucks, it would still only be 430 tons, not 43,000 tons. What are we to make of this? Can we trust someone with something as important as a  peace process with stories like this 

There is NOTHING to be found on this spectacular story of White's in the news, newspapers or the Internet. In fact the only references to 43,000 tons are these. But White has in this story that this man was an angel - he assumes is the same one in Luke 1(or a close friend). Well he must have had quite a few angel friends to drive the other 42 trucks that pulled up at Saddam's palace that morning. 

Continuing with the interview White tells Hinn near the end of the program “Well, I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis [MS]. So, life isn't always easy.”

Hinn: “You travel the world like this?”

White: “Constantly.”

Hinn: “How much pain do you experience at times?”

White: “Well, it's really quite considerable, and I have very serious problems with my balance. But, um, I'm always am able to do what God wants me to do.”

Hinn then asks everyone to join in prayer for White to be healed. Apparently, White left the same way he came in.

Well now we know the kind of meat you will get from Benny Hinn's telecast. Again I ask the question, Can we trust someone in a peace process that has stories like this? Can we trust a host who has people like this on all the time. Miracle stories pour forth and are never checked out. This is how the TV Evangelists solicit funds and support from their audience, presenting tremendous unsupported claims to boost their importance.  Hinn is very skilled at this and knows exactly how to use a person to give credence to his own ministry and woo the audience. Whether Hinn is using White to advance his own importance, or White is using Hinn to promote his ministry and importance is inconsequential. As far as the grandiose statements that were made,  [43] forty-three trucks could not sufficiently carry the amount of "meat" in Whites account. This is one too heavy a story. 


 * Acknowledgements: Dennis Rhodes who pointed out the connections with Andrew White; Bud Press for compiling the transcript and additional research and Sandy Simpson for his research on research this project. 



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