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Benny Hinn: A Simple Over-Sight, Perhaps?

'Sometimes, it's the small stuff that makes a big difference'


An Observation by Bud Press

January 31, 2007

 While watching Benny Hinn's January 26, 2007 This Is Your Day telecast (Archive Shows, London, England), I couldn't help but notice the small stuff, which can be easily overlooked during the emotional drama of Hinn's "healing" crusades.

 At 5min-57sec into the telecast, the first person shown to claim a healing was a woman who had suffered from multiple injuries during an auto accident. As the woman stood on-stage with Benny Hinn, she explained that her injuries were to her back, neck, head, and shoulder. Also, the woman said she had suffered from arthritis for the last 14 years, resulting in the loss of use of her shoulder for the past year.

 The woman's husband, who accompanied her on the stage, also suffered from arthritis, and had been under the care of chiropractors.

 Benny Hinn placed his hands on the pair and they fell backwards, into the arms of Hinn's body-catchers, of course.

 At 7min-20sec into the telecast, two women walked onto the stage side-by-side. One woman, in particular, suffered from arthritis in her shoulder, and believed God had healed her. Hinn placed his hands on both of the women, and they fell backwards into the waiting arms of Hinn's body-catchers.

 At 9min-19sec into the telecast, a woman who had suffered from eye problems; "fluttering" and "swelling" of the eyes for five years, came on stage to claim her healing. Hinn walked past the woman and introduced Pastor Zach from Orlando, Florida, then laid hands on the woman and gave praise to Jesus.

 At 10:00 into the telecast, another woman walked on stage to claim a healing for "numbness in her right knee." Again, Hinn's body-catchers caught her falling backwards after Hinn laid hands on her.

 At 10min-12sec into the telecast, Steve Brock announced that the pain a woman was suffering from in her hips had left her during the crusade. As the elderly woman walked towards Hinn, she began lifting her legs and gyrating her waist round-and-around, like a hula dancer. Of course, Hinn laid hands on her too, and she fell backwards into the ever-present arms of the body-catchers.

 At 14min-23sec into the telecast, as the background announcer sings the praises of Benny Hinn and the miracles performed during the service, a woman is seen on stage talking with Hinn. The announcer informs the viewer that the Holy Spirit began giving Benny Hinn "words of knowledge" concerning those who had not yet come on stage to claim their healing.

 At 14min-34sec into the telecast, Pastor Zach escorted a woman across the stage, and informed Benny Hinn that she had experienced problems with her left side and left arm for six months. Hinn walked up to the woman, placed his hands on her ears and said, "You have pressure right here. You have pressure right here. Yeah. From what?" The woman said she didn't know, so Hinn gently pushed her backwards into the, yes, you guessed it, the waiting arms of his body-catchers. Then Hinn said, "You know, that gift is just working now. Let's move quickly, quickly, quickly!"

 "Gift"? What gift? The woman said she didn't know about the "pressure" in her ears. So much for Hinn's word of knowledge. 

At 16min-20sec into the telecast, Hinn talks to a woman with a heart-murmur. She, too, ended up in the vigilant arms of Hinn's body-catchers.

 So, what's your point? you ask. Take a look at this picture of Jesse Duplantis, Benny Hinn, and John Hagee at http://www.jhm.org/current/cufi3852.jpg   Did you notice the eyeglasses resting on Benny Hinn's nose?

 My point is, all of the above-cited individuals who appeared on-stage to claim their healing had at least one thing in common: they wore eyeglasses.

 Isn't it amazing how many of Benny Hinn's followers claim to be "healed" of all-types of diseases, ailments, pains, and disorders (such as AIDS, cancer, arthritis, leg and back problems, diabetes, eye problems, etc.), yet they walk on and off the stage still wearing their eyeglasses? They seem oblivious to the fact that their visual impairment was not healed along with the ailments they claim to be healed of. 

You would think that someone would say, Uh, Benny, what about my eyes? Can I throw my glasses away now?

 People wear eyeglasses for different reasons. Most often, eyeglasses are worn to correct a vision impairment, unless the person is making a fashion statement, that is.

On a personal note, I have worn eyeglasses since the 6th grade. In the early 1990's, I experienced a detached retina in both eyes, and underwent numerous painful treatments and operations to save my eyesight. While my doctors did their best, the result was the total loss of eyesight in one eye (no sympathy please). In fact, if my left eye could talk it would say, Gee, it's dark in here! or Who turned out the lights?!

No fashion statement resting on my nose.

 Nevertheless, if Benny Hinn wasn't a false teacher and false prophet, and if he had the true gift of healing--as demonstrated by the apostles in the New Testament--then I would have attended one of his "healing" crusades a long time ago.

 But, you see, Benny Hinn doesn't have the New Testament gift of healing. This is why people leave his "healing" crusades the same way they came in--sick, dying, in wheelchairs and, wearing their eyeglasses.

So, is the fact that the same people who claim their healings, but leave the crusades wearing their eyeglasses, a simple over-sight on Benny Hinn's part, perhaps? The answer is just as plain as the eyeglasses on Benny Hinn's nose.

 Do we really believe that if people wore eyeglasses 2,000 years ago, they would walk away from Jesus Christ visually impaired?

And large crowds came to Him, bringing with them those who were lame, crippled, blind, mute, and many others, and they laid them down at His feet; and He healed them (Matthew 15:30).

The blind, whose sight was restored by Jesus, walked away with 20/20 vision.

Someone once said, Sometimes, it's the small stuff that makes a big difference. How true that is...

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