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I was healed at a miracle crusade

There are those who claim Benny Hinn must be of God because people are getting healed at his crusades. Now I want you to take notice of something,  the evidence that is almost always cited for the validity of Hinn's ministry is that there are individuals claiming they were divinely healed at his crusades. Rarely do I ever hear a person say well Benny must be of God because his teachings are so biblical.  Its usually people with Benny Hinn and there feelings concerning him, that they draw there conclusions from and not the Bible. So the question we face is what of those people who testify they've been healed at these crusades; well I'm of the opinion that there are people that have been healed at Benny Hinn crusades in the same way there have been people healed in hospital rooms, in there cars, in there living room, at work etc. God doesn't stop healing believers simply because their at a Benny Hinn crusade, nor does He stop healing if they do not attend. The problem arises though when people begin attributing the healing to Benny Hinn's gifting and ministry. But remember by God healing someone at these crusades doesn't mean he's validating Benny Hinn's ministry. Consider this, because God is sovereign He heals whomever, whenever or however He chooses, God doesn't only heal individuals who give him the credit for it. Even when Israel was steeped in idolatry and didn't acknowledge the true God, He provided for them. "When Israel was a youth I loved him and out of Egypt I called my son." The more He called them, the more they went from Him, they kept sacrificing and burning incense to idols yet God says,  "I  taught Ephraim to walk I taking them in my arms but they did not know that I healed them."  Hosea 11:1-11. God can grace someone at any time for his purpose with or without faith.   The 10 lepers were healed by Jesus but only one acknowledged Jesus as his source and thanked him. Yes Jesus healed and He also said not to tell anyone, He asked the leper to verify this healing by going to the priest first (Mt.8) according to the law. People who think it is unscriptural to verify a healing are completely wrong, this was Jesusí advice, have a witness.  Those who think by scripture are not fooled by bragging testimonies, and the constant parading people as trophies to gain support.

  When Israel was thirsty Moses was disobedient and struck the rock twice. Despite his disobedience God supplied refreshing water for Israel.  Having said this we see the mercy of God for his people.  However God wants his people to discern and often times he will test them by a miracle to see whom they really love and follow.

When looking at the gathering of expectation. If one takes the atmosphere away and the soft music and the manipulation of a rock concert, the over expectations of the people (expect your miracle), the prefab orchestration of the testimonies and the conductor, what's left?  The message-- which isn’t much in substance for people to hang onto. So what are they really coming for? I hear over and over again that people come from all over the world to be there so God can heal them. Is God concerned over the location?   Is He telling people to visit a man. Where is the true trust in the Lord to heal? Where is the faith when someone says "I knew if I got to you God would heal me!"

With all the grandiose claims many say "show me the beef." Why not calm the critics and do just that. Why not calm the critics and win them to your side by providing the proofs. Because its mostly psychosomatic. No where do we see physical organic diseases healed as the apostles did. Many ask for the proof to validate a healing. To me this does not conclude that what occurred is from the Lord. And I think it is wrong to go this route. Even if there have been people healed in the audience its not from Hinn's hands. Whose to say it wouldn't have occurred if they stayed home if all one needs is faith. But its not just faith but the atmosphere that makes it exciting as well as manipulative. Everyone is there to either get healed or see a healing.

Many who have a relief of pain go up and testify they are healed because the pain is gone. This does not mean you they are healed. Many doctors can testify about different atmospheres and it making it conducive for relaxation. You see most pain and illness is caused by stress. Once this is relieved one feels good again. For example the practice of yoga and meditation give many relief from stress. That's why it is called stress relaxation techniques. Certainly no Christian would claim that God healed them by this method!

Those who testify say they felt a warmth "the presence" as electricity. So they know they were touched by God. If you believe this you just checked in on the Titanic.

Hinn has stated in the past that faith comes from hearing the word not yesterdays word but today's. This is a mixture of true and falsehood. There are many who are our greatest examples of faith that had to go on what God said yesterday. This was his direction for them they did not hear from each day. Real faith trusts in what is given before, even when he is silent.

Jesus never said I'm sending you the miracle working Spirit but called him the comforter, the one who would take his place. Neither does he tell us to focus on the Spirit but focus on him and the Spirit will do his will.

The biblical picture is that the gifts are operational in the local Church body. Only the apostles had had the ability going from Church to Church to do what we see claimed today by certain individuals. Instead those from outside roll into town to do what the local body should be doing, exercising spiritual gifts. And they take the local Churches monies which should be going to their own community for their ministry. God has ordained the local body to do the ministry to the people they know.  If one is sick they are to go to the elders of the Church and be anointed with oil. We can pray too. We are all praying to the same God and he has no favorites. Did you ever notice 10,000 prayer letters piled up in front of him and he asks God to answer every prayer request for healing, anointing the letters even with oil. This is plain superstition, orchestrated for TV.   We are to pray specifically for our needs not a general prayer for everyone at once when there are serious personal needs. This not the way the body of Christ is to function looking to certain men as their mediators to heaven. We shouldn't be depending on these so called special ministers, sending our requests to them having their single prayer for all to be relieved.

What I have found is that those who speak about power all the time (miracles and healings) don't really have it. Those who have it don't have to speak about it all the time. There is no showboating in the Scriptures. There is no ministry centering on healing, but teaching the word correctly and God if and when he so wills, will have the power to follow it.

God’s way is not by the engineering of men, but God Himself is working, by His Spirit,  His timing and in His way. It will not be in a manner of miracle crusades from town to town like a rock concert tour. Until we learn this lesson we will continue to seek the power by huge gatherings as the man with the golden touch comes rolling into town.

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