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A Healer of Nations?

Benny Hinn and 2 Chronicles 7:14

During  his Nov. 9, 10, 2004 This is your Day telecast Benny Hinn told his audience he must pay 1.7 million dollars every 5 days to pay for his ministry bills. This does not include his crusades which he needs another 7 million dollars raised from November to March.

One wonders how anyone can keep a ministry going with such expenditures. Why does it cost this much? We need to remember his faithful followers are the ones supporting his ministry even after his buying a 5 million dollar house. Hinn insists that he is responsible, that every dollar goes to God's work

The Fifth Estate (Canadian News) recently did a TV program on Hinn's financial expenditures.  Roddy Allan, a forensic accountant, was asked to review the ministry's expense and travel records.

  • Room 210 in the Lanesborough London one day chauffeur services are $2,153 .19 telephone $ 360. (7/31/03). 
  • The Lanesborough Hotel is a prestigious Hotel, next to Buckingham Palace is frequented by celebrities such as Madonna and Micheal Jackson.
  • Tips given to staff at Lanesborough Hotel in London after a one day stay, $1,700 went to the bellman's and doorman etc.
  • Tips given to the staff at the Savoia Hotel in Milan, Italy  to check out was over $300 in tips.(7/29/03). Front desk $1800 (gratuities).
  • Aug, 11, 2003 $5000 US dollars cash given to Pastor Benny Hinn (PBH), no details for the reason (called petty cash).

Is it any wonder with a lavish lifestyle for Hinn and his entourage,  it would be this expensive. This is how they live everywhere they go. This is what people's hard earned money goes to. I think this is disgusting, but his followers think its wonderful, that he deserves it because he is their anointed healer. Also,  Roddy Allan also found Hinn gave a gift  to a 'homeless woman with a baby' for the mount of  $20 US (St. Petersburg 7/26/03). At least we know he does not keep it all for himself. http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/main_miracles.html

We know when Hinn traveled to Hawaii he stayed in rooms costing in the thousands of dollars per night. So this is no surprise to us.

Lets take a step back 2 weeks. On October 25, 2004, it was special program announcing the new direction for Benny Hinn's ministries. Hinn stated, “Our international schedules has gotten heavier and more busy” in fact there is 9 crusades planned for next year now, we start with India in Philippines February we got to Singapore march… Japan in may, Ireland in June then we got o England in July then I go to brazil and to another place, on and on and on….

We’ve been having monthly crusades in the US for 15 years. But the lord has begun to do something fresh with me ever since India... the lord began to show me that I’m to go overseas more and do just a little be less here at home. We’ve been having 12 crusades we are going to cut them down to 7 crusade next year. Because I just can’t really do as many internationals as I want and be here every single month Brock “but you won’t forget America Hinn “never” I’m saying it here to day to all of you we will not forget America. never, never, never.

The world is starving look 96% of all preachers are preaching to 6% of the worlds population…. Are in America. The world nearly 6 billion people on earth today and there are hardly any preachers out there. So its time that we make a change. 2 men really on this globe are having mass healing meetings … my friend Rienhard Bonnke and myself. I pray the Lord will raise more in the coming days that will take the healing ministry around the world.

Hinn said “I’m 52 years old and I want to spend the next 20-30 years doing more overseas. So this morning I woke lord what do I do, do I Increase the number next year, please talk to me then he just , suddenly, I, I, last night John Woosten had mentioned some letter from Nigeria but I didn’t really realize what it was all about. Gentlemen will please come here, these two men came from Nigeria and this morning they surprised me when they told me uh something I did not know, but first of all I did know about the letter, this letter was sent from the president of Nigeria these men brought me this letter. 

Dear beloved Dr. Benny Hinn special invitation by the president of the federal Republic of Nigeria …

This is to especially invite you on behalf of Mr. President to be a guest at the state house for prayer sessions and morning devotional the presidential villi in Abunja and uh of course did not read this until this morning in fact I read it for the first time on the platform. Now you are telling me that your president brought you wanting me to give you an answer. Yessir we bring greetings in the mighty name of the lord Jesus Christ from God’s headquarters, Nigeria the headquarters of the old world. Where God lives where God is doing wonderful things. Our nation Nigeria has undergone.

We have a president who is God fearing and God loving and has decided by the power of God according to 2 Chronicles chapter 7 v.14 we met with Mr. President Olusegun Obasanjo is the chairman of the African union he had never done this for any minister of the gospel he has decided he has approved that you must come to Nigeria and pray a healing anointing prayer over the entire constituency of Nigeria. Hinn says, “my god!

Not only that Mr. president has promised adequate security when the lord spoke to us we were in month only in Jerusalem when we were praying the lord said you will call me to Nigeria.

 Hinn asks, “He said I was coming” 

Representative: “he told us that’s why we came, the Lord told us … Hinn making a point, “the lord told you in Jerusalem I was coming” 

Hinn makes this seem spiritual, as if the lord speaking in the Holy Land makes this even more special.

Hinn’s website comments on this invitation “God is already doing a mighty work in Nigeria. Many of the country’s leaders are followers of Jesus Christ. They believe God has called Benny Hinn to minister in Nigeria to bring the message of salvation and miracles to help heal that precious country. A presidential invitation of this magnitude, however, has never been issued before.

The representative, “Now you must come to Nigeria and pray a healing, anointing prayer over the entire constituency of Nigeria.”

The representative, “That you were coming I had no idea how this was going to come, we went to the president Obasanjo and he said yes this is the will of God and he authenticated you coming to Nigeria. This is not any kind of invitation this is a presidential invitation.

One of the representatives quotes 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

They quote 2 Chronicles 7:14 and disobey it by summoning Hinn to pray for their land to be healed and not repent as the Scripture asks. Hinn needs to repent. Something is very wrong, if God told them this like they claim.

The representative tells the audience Everyday more than 30 million people watch you on television, I watch you 4 times everyday in my own network. (there are about 130 million in Nigeria that's one forth the population of this country watching him everyday. This should give you a insight on how influential Hinn is around the world, not just here in America) 

Not to miss the compliment Hinn repeats “30 million watch me everyday?” The representative says over one 4th of Nigeria population watch you on TBN… “And they are very hungry for the grace of God upon your life.” And the lord is that the anointing he has placed on your life now is a anointing for the healing of the nations. Hinn comments “dear God. Y’know I got to tell you this morning I promise you before heaven I prayed this prayer lord talk to me today I’ve got to know your voice and I did not know you gentleman were here and you came up and said what you said this morning and that was something that shook me and now your saying more … the newspapers reported this Hinn says wait, wait, before I said yes your newspapers saying I was coming “ 

The representative says, they know you cannot say no to God you can never say no to God. Hinn says “I cannot say no to God” 

The representative (yes). Hinn then proclaims, “I’ve got news for you Jesus gave me an order today exactly at 6 pm tonight he said go to Nigeriaone of the two representatives breaks out in pandemonium screaming hallelujah, glory over and over again about 20 times, and the crowd goes wild.


In 1999, Nigeria returned to civilian rule after sixteen years of military rule. More than 25 million people are infected by HIV in the subsaharian Africa. Nigeria has nearly 3.5 million people who have AIDS or HIV, with as many as 200,000 current HIV/AIDS.

 There are armed muggings, assaults, burglary, kidnappings and extortion, often involving violence. Car-jackings, roadblock robberies, and armed break-ins are common in many parts of Nigeria. Visitors to Nigeria have been victims of armed robbery on the road from Murtala Mohammed International Airport during daylight and at nighttime hours. No wonder these men promised Hinn protection while he was there.

Ever get a letter about a rich converted Muslim man looking to donate money to a Christian ministry? 90% of these are from Nigeria which seems to have an abundance of scam artists and thieves.

Who is this president Hinn has been invited by? 1995 Obasanjor was tried for plotting coup against military leader General Sani Abacha and sentenced to life in prison. Later his sentenced was diminished to 15 years after pressure from friends abroad (included South Africa's Nelson Mandela, former US President Jimmy Carter and former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt.)

He was Released from prison in 1998 after Abacha's death and immediately returned to politics, deciding to run for president after coming out of jail. His critics saw him as a pawn of the military elite - previous military rulers visited Obasanjo as he was considering running, and supported his campaign. His supporters consider him to be independent-minded. The now president Obasanjo in 1998 claimed to have “found God” while in prison, which gave him the strength to run for the country again. He was reported to have said that his mission was to restore Nigeria and defeat separatism. It is reported that most senior officials and office-holders are Moslem (including Nigeria's Vice-President, Alhaji Akitu Abubakar), the party draws most of its support from the predominantly Christian southern states. In fact there is a syncretism of Islam and Christianity and animistic religions especially through famous healers such as the famous TB Joshua located in Lagos, Nigeria.

 What about Hinn being summoned to heal their land?

Rev. 22:1-2 “And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the middle of its street, and on either side of the river, was the tree of life, which bore twelve fruits, each tree yielding its fruit every month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”

There is no healing for the nations like this UNTIL the Messiah comes and judges them, it will not happen from any man, least of all Benny Hinn. But this is what happens when people watch his program each and day, day in and out they are convinced he is this powerful. And they solicit him because they think he has this power from God to do the impossible.

 Every newspaper already carried the story of Hinn visiting Nigeria before Hinn knew about. Hinn made a good issue of this being done, at one point Hinn pauses the representative speaking and says “Jesus I obey I absolutely obey master” and gives a salute. Quite touching.

The representative goes on to say “And the lord that spoke everyone who sows seed towards your coming to Nigeria will experience and unprecedented breakthrough.”  Hinn as true showman milks the statement for all its worth has the representative repeat it again asking “ “the lord said while you where praying that what now?” The representative “That everyone who will sow a seed for you to come to Nigeria.” Hinn breaks in again, “everyone who sows seeds for me to come to your country will do what? Will experience unprecedented breakthrough? Hinn “will experience breakthrough?” “Yessir, supernatural breakthrough”

Hinn is then told that there will be 6 million in attendance. Hinn promises to come to Nigeria.

Judy Jacobs ends the show singing hear the sound of the nations, who will go for us…” the kingdom is coming to you we speak to strongholds be broken, powers of darkness you have to flee” “

Jacobs crescendos her song in a militant forceful fashion “we speak to nations the kingdom is coming, be free The kingdom of God of coming be free in Jesus name

She then tells the people to pick a nation and in very forceful militant speech with an intense stare “begin to speak to that nation and declare the kingdom of God is coming near to you, be free from fear, be free from depression be free satanic powers, and principalities and dominions we pull you down in Jesus name, be open be open we speak to nations…I see it , I prophesy its coming to the nations…. We speak, we declare, be free china be free Africa be free Iraq be free Philippines be free America….

This is word faith kingdom dominionism and it is lifting up none other then Benny Hinn who has accepted the Nigerian call to be the healer of the Nigerian nation. The implication Hinn the man with the power will vanquish every foe. And I believe this will only be the beginning...

On Hinn’s website they comment “Thanks to Benny Hinn Ministries partners, April 2005 promises to be a watershed crusade that can begin to change the history of an entire country and continent.” 

Yes, this is becoming a very interesting development as he has indeed changed America by having the churches be undiscerning, chase after power and accept  new and false revelations and he will do the same for other Christians elsewhere. His supporters can be thanked as well for this.

Ezekiel writes this promise to those who follow the false prophets, “And they shall bear their iniquity;  the punishment of the prophet shall be the same as the punishment of the one who inquired”(Ezekiel14:10). 

This something to consider now that so many in other nations are involved.

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