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        The Most Popular Man in the World?

Some may not like what I’m about to say but if you reflect on this you will find it to be true. Benny Hinn is the most popular individual figure in Christiandom next to Jesus Christ (For some it maybe more.)

This Is Your Day is broadcast from his studios in Orange County, Calif., and airs in over 130 countries over several different networks, making it the most widely seen program in the world.

He is the most famous  representative of Christianity the world has ever seen (known worldwide even to heads of state). Yet Hinn continues to be one of the leaders of the apostasy and his TV program is a playground for every aberrant doctrine to be advocated. From mysticism, revelations of personal experience, to dreams and visions that have nothing to do with sound doctrine given to the Church by the apostles.

If less than half of what Hinn claims is true then it is still too much. He has had more experiences than any apostle or prophet (possibly more than all combined.) Hinn has had more dreams and visions than all the people in the Bible put together. Frequent personal visits from Jesus Christ, to his claiming that Jesus was soon to make physical appearance at one of his meetings (he didn’t show up). Elijah, angels and visions of heaven are constantly dropping in, Hinn claims that he made contact with the dead, seeing his mentor Kathryn Kuhlman. “There appeared to me a man. This is recently, I'm not talking about a long time ago. He was about six feet two. Old man. Had a beard.” He asked the Lord who he is “the Lord said, “Elijah, the prophet.”  “I have not just seen angels, I've seen saints. Can I tell you? This may even shock you a little more. The Lord gave me a vision of Kathryn Kuhlman in heaven, sitting with what seemed to be a group of people” (2-28-97 Blaisdell Center Honolulu).

Hinn has taught more false teaching and false prophecies than probably all the heretics in the early church put together. That’s right, and there is enough information on this for anyone who really loves God and his word of TRUTH to discover it. No one should be in the dark on this matter. It’s not about mistakes, it’s about speaking for God, saying he is giving you revelation and speaking falsely in his name. The issues are not to be swept under the rug nor be vacuumed clean by Benny Hinn loyalists.

Despite this, success has been overwhelming. Hinn has the largest evangelical organization in the world with a take of $120 million per year in donations. Yet with all this tremendous amount of money and pressure to be up front he is still NOT a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Responsibility. With this much money coming in you would think they would want things upfront on the table.  But his finances are private, his salary is unknown (though we heard several years ago it was about a million.) Royalties from his books alone are estimated at half a mill a year, but no one can get an exact bead on it.

He draws 500,000 people at the service in the Philippines to million in India as his influence expands worldwide. They all want to see the man with the power that speaks of God.

His followers love the decreeing of power and the promises he gives under his so called anointing. “There is a mighty anointing saints here. Lift your hands and ask for it. ANYTHING YOU WANT, I’m telling you” (This is Your Day June 11th 2004).

What is Hinn saying? That when the spirit shows up at Hinn’s meeting you can get whatever you want. Is this what the apostles taught? No, but it is what Hinn teaches. When the anointing gets to a certain level, watch out, things start to bust out and go quickly.

Famous people from all ministries have appeared with Hinn on his program. Nearly every well- known charismatic and Pentecostal (even some fundamentalists) have give homage to Hinn and his healing abilities, and worldwide ministry. Some more sound than others, but all have given their approval by sitting in the chair fellowshipping with him. Not one that I know of has spoken out about Hinn afterwards. No one has any correction for this man. Why? Is it because of his popularity? Or do they all agree with him.

On TBN Hinn discussing people being resurrected by the program spoke this revealing statement, “the Lord just told me, and I don’t know if this is true or not.” (TBN 10/19/99) Doesn’t KNOW! How could anyone support a ministry when a minister of the gospel says this kind of statement? The fact is Hinn has implied this in many ways with sharing his spirit adventures with his audiences who wait in anticipation for the next revelation and forgets the former one failed, they continue to believe almost every word he says.

Hinn believes “. . . the anointing is dependent upon my words. God will not move unless I say it. Why? because He has made us coworkers with Him. He set things up that way." (Benny Hinn, The Anointing. 1992 p.82.)

Hinns ministry is identified with the passing of the Spirit through his hands and those who receive it go faint, going down on the floor. Even if someone were to find some kind of correlation to being slain in the New Testament (there is not), people did not go down on the ground and get up and go down over and over again as Hinn practices it. This is all entertainment for the masses; it’s for show. And they enjoy it. It’s all about pointing to him as the one who possesses the power of God to pass onto people. Again one is hard pressed to find anything like this in the Old Testament or New Testament. Despite his practices he contradicts himself by writing, “But there is one thing I cannot do for you. I can't wave a spiritual wand over your head and place an anointing on you. That only comes with a personal, deeply private encounter with the Spirit." (Good morning Holy Spirit, p.132)

If this is true, why does he do exactly what he says he can't do? His meetings are about his transferring and placing the anointing (The Holy Spirit) on people. He says, “take the anointing,” “Touch,” “There it is” etc.

Hinn mentions sin at times but does not explain it in detail. It is just enough to sound gospel-like. Certainly his crusades are not gospel centered but miracle centered as advertised, it isn’t a surprise that the majority of the people who go for a miracle are Christians. They don’t go to hear teaching but have an experience with the spirit that shows up. They get more than they bargained for, swept off their feet they believe they have received of God. They come up having a whole new worldview, an unchristian one.

And he promises to deliver telling them as it is taking place “Many of you feel the power like that of fire. Others feel like electricity just rushing through your body. Quickly...Don’t wait for me to call on to you. Many of you begin to get healed even earlier than the service. You begin to feel a mighty fire when we’re holding the service. Some began to feel fire and warmth come on you only in the service. (Benny Hinn Honolulu Blaisdell Jan.21 1999)

He screams “There's power here, people!” indeed there is -- to deceive many. Hinn gets so overwhelmed he must say “My flesh is about to blow right out of my body. It tell you the anointing is so glorious Satan better not show up tonight or well tear him apart. And I warn the devil tonight. I warn every demon in this arena. You better get out before we kick you out” (Benny Hinn Honolulu Blaisdale Jan.21 1999). Hinn growls “the glory the glory” “If I don't release it I'll blow up. If I don't release the anointing I'll blow up I got to release it on somebody” (TBN with Paul and Jan Crouch Sept. 13 1999).

God is speaking to him on 24/7 basis, they are tight, and nothing goes on with out him telling his prophet spokesman for the 21st century what will take place. Unfortunately it is mostly what does not take place.

Toufik Benedictus Hinn considers himself a prophet yet his prophecies don't come to pass. But his followers don’t care -- they love him for his healings. But his healings don’t come to pass, but they love him because he’s sincere. That’s the love they have, no matter what is done, wrong or right they will not budge.

Hinn constantly repeats the same promises of release of bondage to his listeners each year “I’m not preaching tonight, I’m prophesying that in the next few months the heavens will open and a mighty harvest season will begin on you. But you’ve got to get ready for it now (TBN Telethon, 2001, Dec.) It’s “weeks away no more than just a few months away but we’ve got to do it now” He says the same thing ever year but his followers don’t care, they walk by spiritual amnesia.

This no different than his repeating “The angels of heaven are about to appear in visible form. The angels of the Lord are about to invade planet earth and come to your house and literally open the prison doors like they did with Peter” (Benny Hinn Honolulu Blaisdell Jan.21 1999).

We are still waiting. It doesn’t matter they will give their money to him and love him.

Documentations on his false prophecies certainly disqualify him as accurate Bible teacher, not to mention his revelations of 9 in the Godhead each having their own body soul and spirit. (Theres a Christian doctrine for ya!). Statements like the Father looks like Jesus did and host of assumptions and flawed teachings that all go beyond what the Scripture calls sound doctrine. One must choose between the apostles writings and this modern day self proclaimed prophet.

But they come because of the gift of healing. Hinn promises to those who attend “You will be healed tonight!” “everyone in this place can be healed tonight. “I tell you everyone can be healed right now” (Honolulu Blaisdell Arena Jan.10.2002)

No one blinks an eye as all walk out the same way. When Hinn appeared on Larry King Live April 23 1998 He gave credence to Marian shrines at Lourdes and Fatima for healing. Guess he is really Catholic at heart.

This has become Christian Hollywood on Christian TV and no one seems to notice the difference from what the Bible says. Why? Because most do not care about the Bible as much as the man standing on stage with all the power being displayed. The Bible has been reinterpreted by this mediator for God who people wholeheartedly believe is anointed beyond others. He is anointed because of the supposed signs and wonders they see. Not by his teachings. No one comes to hear Hinn’s teachings but to get the anointing to see a miracle to FEEL the power.

Not everyone is awed and spun by these powers. Even the Catholics in Mumbai were warned (2004) not to attend prayer meetings of the US-based preacher Benny Hinn when he visits India. But there is no warning from leaders for evangelicals. A Crusade conducted in Rome late 1996, reported, he so incensed his Pentecostal promoters by his public support of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church that the interpreter refused to interpret his preaching, the musical group refused to perform and later the sponsors signed a declaration of non-association with Benny Hinn, indicating that they would never invite him to Italy again. The Italian Assemblies of God had previously refused to be involved in the Crusade.

That may be in Italy but in America and elsewhere it is on the increase. Several years ago K. Copeland on his program prophecies “The word of the Lord came to me saying, say this to Benny Hinn. You have walked in almost the total fulfillment of your dreams your dreams were not much larger than what you are doing now they just covered more territory. You dreamed of these meetings you dreamed of this anointing you dreamed of all these things coming to pass and have come to pass saith the Lord, but now were about to step off into my dream for you, (clapping) I am going to take you into places I'm going to take you into places that you never heard of before I'm going to bring you into an intensity of the anointing that you have never experienced before and its not for any other reason except for two. One I have a love for people it must take place. Number two I can trust you with my babies, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah” (Copeland and Benny Hinn this is your day Aug 9,1999) (BTW that is God saying through Copeland praise the Lord)

Benny is walking in his dream but it wasn't God’s, now Copeland says it will be God’s. It wasn't God's before and won't be now either! God is not here to fulfill our dreams and goals in life. What does Jude say about dreamers in the last days? This is all such nonsense but people do not know what the Bible means by its words, they only know the words. And when they are re-interpreted by Hinn and his associations they no longer are the truth in the way they were written. Instead what matters more is what Hinn is speaking, or in this case Copeland.

In 1998 two close members in Hinn’s ministry died of heroin overdoses. But most never heard about this. Instead they hear Jan. 1, 1998 The announcer say at the end of the program “The eternal future of millions of souls desperate to experience the power and presence of God is the motivating force behind the Holy Spirits urging for global evangelism.” While he is announcing help for the world look what happened right in front of their noses.

But let’s examine the announcers statement for a moment. How can those who are unsaved be looking for experiencing the power? Christians who follow the Hinn model of ministry, yes, but the unsaved? No! They don’t even know the knowledge of Christ for salvation yet. The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit is there to convict them of sin and draw them to an understanding of Jesus Christ as savior -- who HE actually is. If you are looking for an experience, power in miracles you fall into the category of what Jesus addressed plainly as, “an evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign.” Jesus said no sign left to be given except the sign of Jonah - the resurrection. That is part of the gospel message and it is accepted by faith. When a ministry is advertised as signs and wonders, and this is its focus the preaching and declaration of the gospel message will be diminished. In Hinn’s case it is neglected. In its place is experience the power from his touch.

Why is it the ones that are really sick Hinn's employees will never allow to be seen on stage. People suffering from paralysis, real organic diseases, brain damage. It’s so easy to say what you want in front of the cameras, clip it out later and make a powerful show.

what is even more disturbing is people being put at risk for their health.

In the Dateline program according to one woman, her cancer was gone. Hinn said God told him a demon had caused the cancer, and he cast it out.
Benny Hinn: “The lord is asking me now to ask him to give you a new lung.”
According to pastor Benny, she got that new lung, right there on stage.
Benny Hinn: “That’s why she’s coughing... that’s why she’s coughing.”

Dateline interviewed Hinn.

Bob McKeown: “As far as you know, the ministry has no idea whether your cancer is still there or not.”
Belva Ventura: “No.”

Bob McKeown: “Whether you’re alive or not.”
Belva Ventura: “No. No. They don’t. Otherwise, they would have got hold of me. Nobody did.”
Belva still believed apparently until the end. A month after our visit, she died. The cause, her doctor told us, was cancer.”

NBC's Dateline tried to duplicate the HBO study. At a crusade in Las Vegas they counted 56 miracles. Of those, Hinn eventually provided data “proving” five of them. But four of those people refused to share their medical records with NBC. The remaining one, a woman supposedly cured of Lou Gehrig's Disease, had been misdiagnosed, according to her doctor.

He healed a case of brain cancer on stage. Inside Edition followed up with tests that showed the tumor was still present. Oh that must be the Devil deceiving his followers, or maybe it’s God trying to get them to see the truth. Reality checks are far and in between for those who follow hard after the man with miracles.

He now has a doctor backstage now to counsel those who are healed encouraging them to continue with their medication until the healing has been verified. Something I’m sure Jesus would need for those skeptics out there.

The money is enormous, the prestige is far too unbalanced and the accountability is zilch. Ole Anthony, president of the Christian watchdog organization the Trinity foundation has been involved with this from the beginning “All we want is for Benny Hinn to make good on promises he made to me in 1993.” “He promised he would stop airing fake healings, that he would medically verify all healings, that he would wait six months after the healing before putting it on TV, to make sure it was authentic. He said he would do all these things, and he's done none of them. It would also be nice if he would submit himself to a real theologian for examination. Some of his teachings are off the scale, even bordering on necromancy.”

Because we as the church do not care enough we exercise no preventative measures against people saying what they want and taking no responsibility to heresies spoken openly in the church and around the world. It’s left to the few who care to pick up the pieces after it runs through. Besides using Bible knowledge of the truth we need to exercise some sanctified common sense. People have a choice to stand by the word (in the doctrines delivered) or move with the spirit into new things: revelation, dreams visions. These sound so much better to those not grounded in the word. And they will continue to follow and it will become harder to leave as time passes, as the power gets stronger to deceive.



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