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  Hinn's newest faux pas  ( updated June 2001)

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Hinn had once put himself beyond any reproach as he stated, 'You cannot win attacking the servants of the Lord, no matter who they are or what they've done] ...if the anointing ever comes upon a man, don't touch that man, even if he turns away from God, and serves the devil] Don't touch him. You are in deep, serious danger.” He then changed his mind and said, “At one time I felt that my teachings could not be challenged... I don't feel that way anymore.” If this is true than anyone is given permission to do so. So with his permission let's do just that.  

It is now the year 2001  and many of the prophecies Hinn spoke in the late 80' through the 90's proved to not come to pass. "The Lord also tells me to tell you in mid 90's -- about '94 or '95, no later than that -- God will destroy the homosexual community of
America . . . He will destroy it with fire."
"The Spirit of God tells me -- an earthquake will hit the east coast of America and destroy much in the 90's.""The Spirit tells me -- Fidel Castro will die in the 90's. . . Holy Spirit just said to me, it'll be worse than any death you can imagine." (From the Alnor report) 

Hinn once said Preachers who live in big houses and drive big cars ought to examine their calling.(9/93) but he now has a 6 million dollar home and can no longer say it. 

In the HBO special (April 15,2001) they showed Hinn prophesying financial disasters having in mind Y2K on the horizon. “And only those who have been giving to God’s work will be spared.” Hinn then appeals to the crowd to “increase your faith (which translates in their giving) increase your seed and store up for the future, so that when these tragedies  hit on earth  you will be spared.” He then sends out the ushers with the envelopes after giving he instructs them to put their hands on the envelope and pray that nothing would touch them,  their children, their home or finances.

I ask you did Jesus or the apostles ever do this? Why should we accept this from Hinn? Many people who were not there or did not give certainly did not have the year 2,000 take an ill affect on their lives. But those who were there gave mustering up faith for a gift that will  be enough to protect them.

These should be sufficient to show how on target Hinn is. He is blessed he does not live in Moses' time: He continues to prophecy because the people love it so. As soon as their ears stop tingling from the last one a new one comes ringing. 

Hinn even declares “He’ll heal if the preacher is preaching heresy… I’ve seen people healed in Church’s when the preacher is preaching heresy ” (This is your day 9/12/2000). This is a subtle mirrored statement if I ever heard one. Does God now endorse falsehood with power?

Recently in Dubai Hinn was speaking to the audience and participants in Arabic as most of the people spoke the language who attended his crusade and appears were Muslim.

After a woman says she is healed Hinn replies rejoicing “I don’t know what faith she’s are, I am not  going to ask her. It doesn’t really matter because the important thing is God has healed her, that’s all that matters.”(Nov.14, 2000 this is your day) The woman walked off the stage without Hinn making sure she knows who Jesus is.

What kind of minister would say such a thing? Would the apostles say this? Would Jesus? This reveals the false gospel of Hinn. How can he justify someone being healed physically and then dying spiritually. Would you rather see this person be in hell whole or sick in the body but saved for eternity to be in heaven. It does matter to God and it should to those who love him. It bothers me immensely to hear such a loose statement broadcasted.

In some Arabic countries it is against the law to speak the gospel and ask for people to convert under penalty of death. From what I understand you cannot preach the gospel in Dubai which may explain his general statement that God healed her. What I can say is if you can’t speak the gospel, why go and have a crusade? And if you can speak it why allow such an opportunity to pass by?  But this is the gospel he is preaching and his followers protect him in it. They say he’s leading millions to know Christ. Even if he did give the gospel at times and many are getting saved where will they be a year or two down the line. Will they become disciples like the Lord said? Will they start reading his books and listening to his tapes? Even Billy Graham who has had more success in crusades than anyone else states that percentage wise very few are there continuing a year or two later. It’s a matter of discipleship not decisions. And discipleship means teaching and being involved. Something much of the Church is not doing these days.

Do His disciples in America know right from wrong? They do not seem to care, because they don’t stand up for the correct and accurate word of the bible, or the truth. They endorse his liberalism and defend anything he does as if he is Jesus himself, overlooking the damage done because some good has seemingly occurred.  With statements like "He’ll heal if the preacher is preaching heresy… I’ve seen people healed in Church’s when the preacher is preaching heresy.” (This is Your Day 9/12/2000) Really, where in the bible did this occur? So now people even of other religions can heal and it can be God's power. Would Jesus say its ok to misrepresent me to the sheep, just keep healing that's what really counts!

The deception is so smooth that only a discerning spirit filled believer would spot it. It takes a mature believer to know the difference between truth declared with any sign following and just a sign. The immature run quickly and call foul and repeat what they have heard saying ‘don’t touch God’s anointed.’ This they often do without even knowing where this scripture is or what it is actually about. They prove their immaturity by doing this. They threaten those who have tested Hinn by God’s word and found his teaching wanting. Don’t blaspheme the Holy Spirit is used so liberally against those who are like the ones Paul commended.

Hinn has stated, “a man was raised from the dead on the platform. That’s a FACT people! We have it on video” (10/23/92) Later in an interview he was asked “ Do you literally believe that someone has been resurrected on the program? “When IMPACT asked Hinn's television producer, Jeff Pittman, for a copy of that video, they were told Hinn misspoke, and the cameras weren't rolling at the time. This is why Hinn guardedly responded, “Oh, John, I would not limit God. Ah, God can raise the dead, absolutely. I have not seen it. In that one case we did hear about it.” (Impact News). No video, no witnesses, not even himself. Even though it happened on the platform during their crusade, they only heard of it. I would not limit God either but are we to take for granted all these stories of healings and resurrections?

Benny Hinn: And I'm preaching to a great crowd that I saw. I saw an angel of the Lord in that dream. Now, I won't say any more about that because I don't feel at liberty what that angel was doing, not on television. I'll share that maybe later on some other programs if God permits me. But now as I'm done preaching I walk into what looked like the temple of God. I'm in the throne room. I see God's throne, I see the seats of the elders, but its empty. God was not in there. (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Is God ever missing from His throne? To be on the throne means He is ruling. Did He ever on a vacation? How can this dream be of God.  

Psalms 47:8 God reigns over the nations; God is seated on his holy throne.

Hinn has had more dreams and visions than all the people in the bible put together. He has taught more false teaching and prophecies than all the heretics in the early church together. That’s right and there is enough information on this for anyone who really loves God and his word to discover.

Hinn: Lord triple the anointing next year, triple the anointing next year. I have news for you, he’s going to answer that prayer. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I know what I’m praying. You’ll see it, you’re gonna see it’. Remember what he said to me years ago, the more they attack you the more I’ll anoint you, and now he’s told me to pray 3 times the anointing 3 times the anointing. That’s what I’m believing for…. (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Instead of a double portion Hinn now speaks of a triple scoop with sprinkles of error from start to finish. When will it end at the  Quadruple? No-- he keeps pushing the envelope because few who follow him have the sense to say “wait a minute this isn’t right.”

Not a week goes by that one can find sufficient departures from Scripture on his program and crusades. Consider he asked the body of Christ to ask forgiveness from Tammy Faye he was interviewing on his program. She was part of the Praise the Lord fiasco with her husband Jim baker  was deceived by his success where the name of Christ was dragged through the dirt unlike at any other time in history. She never said she was sorry for what they did to God or the body (taking so much money and squandering it)  but we are to apologize to her. how strange to think this is a good representation of our Lord.

Does not one limit God when they do not speak the truth? I guess this doesn’t matter anymore to anyone. As long as power is present people will come, people will follow. The show must go on…



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