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Under my spell, (anointing) under my thumb

What will one see and experience if they attend a Benny Hinn Miracle crusade?

An extravaganza of lights music and a passionate message of experiences. On stage's carpet there is a lighted insignia of his ministries on each end of the stage. The music begins a number of songs are sung that are stirring. People worship together for usually over an hour. Excellent talent is used on piano and violin. Then the song how great thou art is sung, Benny comes out right on cue in a white suit. (looking incredibly like Steve Martin in leap of faith or maybe its vice versa)

The performance is choreographed these are state of the art programs filmed from every conceivable angle. And then edited for TV. Massive amount TV directors and producers to make sure the angles are right and everything goes smooth for the viewing audience at home. And why not, He has copied almost everything off of Kathryn Khulmann, so much for being led of the Spirit. Her speech, her mannerism and the way she ministered. He has no qualms saying this as she was his idol.

The stories start to roll off his mouth about the miracles they are seeing everywhere they go. He is priming the pump. He works up the crowd reading how they react. If positive he will go for it. He is a master of ceremonies. He tells them about where they are going and what the lord is going to do. This is all part of the pitch for more money to pay for their world wide traveling and expansion of their ministry.

In Honolulu he spoke about them being in central America and it started to rain but only on the audience not one drop on them the whole day. Now that truly is a miracle, but would God rain on the people who want to hear his message and keep the messengers dry, or would it be the opposite? Doesn't sound right. Even Steve Brock seemed to be uncomfortable the way he was telling it as well and corrected him about the details, maybe he felt there was some exaggeration.

What Hinn operates through is putting on a show the audience can visually and emotionally participate in. If your a partner of the ministry you get special seating on the floor. This is done so that their enthusiasm will be shown in filming. He ends up preaching to the choir, a captivated audience. The partners are also able to get to the stage and tell about how they were healed. Whether there are true healings or not is not proof of his ministry. Some people have made an issue of seeing doctors reports of healing to validate Hinn's ministry. Others have not been able to prove a thing. This has little consequence when he operates from start to finish in an unbiblical manner.

Buzz words are consistently thrown out such as the musician is anointed the music is anointed etc. Hinn states "I have not felt an anointing like I feel tonight." By the end of the night, nothing that isn’t involved is not anointed. One can only wonder why the word anointed is used so often. Did the apostles ever use this term when they spoke? Did Paul ever say or have another say his ministry or words were anointed? No! So why the current trend to do so? The reason this is done is to convince people of something that apparently is not. If one is truly anointed you don’t have to keep reminding the people you are, if they are spiritually astute they will know this. Paul's proof was the growth in the people who he discipled. There is no discipleship there is barely any correct teaching or practice when one looks carefully.

The highlight is when the people who claimed to be healed line up on the stage to testify of what they felt. Hinn then transfers the anointing to them and blesses them. Showboating is done for just about anything. This is not how Jesus conducted his ministry, he didn’t parade his healings around interviewing the people of what they felt. Neither did he appeal for money to continue his ministry so he can hold the next healing crusade.

Hinn became famous from his ability to blow on people and have them fall over finding the example in John 20:22 when Jesus blew on the apostles And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit."

"Somebody says why do you blow on people Hinn responded, "I don't know" "Now when I lay hands on people they do fall. Why they do fall I don't know." This is exactly how his whole ministry is run, he doesn't know why he does it or why it happens, except to blame it all on the Lord telling him to do it.

The Greek word emphusao (em-foo-sah'-o); from 1722 and phusao (to puff) [compare 5453]; to blow at or on: breathe on. This word used only once by the Septuagint translators in Gen 2:7 where God breathed on Adam and he became a living soul. Just as the original creation was completed by an act of God, so to the new creation was completed by an act from the Head of the new creation, Christ. (compare John 20:22) notice it was Jesus that did this and it is not repeated by ANY apostles. The simple reason is that the holy Spirit comes from Jesus and not man, not even God's chosen men

False religion consistently appeals to supernatural experiences, revelations, visions, visitation’s. this not what we are encouraged to pursue in the NT writings. If you can remember back when you were first saved, you didn’t long after new revelation, and miracles, you were satisfied with what is written. Many of the people that attend need to go back to there first love to be undeceived. This will be Gods way to reverse the deception of following man and be attracted to signs and wonders.

Their is no careful evaluation looking at the scripture in context. People don't stop to think that what makes deception so deceptive is how good it looks and how right it seems when it is not scrutinized. The cults do this by telling their people that its right what they say and everyone else is wrong. They are not to question authority. They do not take adequately into account Satan's ability to counterfeit the things of God. Why would Jesus warn of deception so powerful that even the elect would almost be deceived if it were not so? Matt. 24:24. William Branham who many point to as their inspiration certainly had his problems with miracles. But he gives a rebuke to "today's seekers of miracles" and though he saisd so many things wrong this he said right. "I will say what I have been saying all along in this series. There are two vines with two different kinds of life in them. They will both have manifestations. And the sad part is that as the end approaches, these manifestations of these two spirits are going to be so much alike that ONLY the VERY elect will not be deceived. That is exactly right. So when we see these men with all kinds of claims come to us, - and all they will do is attempt to minister by means of a gift, bypassing the Word, and appealing for vast sums of money " (W. Branham, THE MESSAGE TO THE LAODICEAN AGE p.28)

He also said "Yet they claim their doctrine is Word-based. Go right down the line and come to the Pentecostals. Do they have the Word? Give them the Word test and see. They will sell out the Word for a sensation just about every time. If you can produce a manifestation like oil and blood and tongues and other signs, whether in the Word or not, or whether properly interpreted from the Word, the majority will fall for it." (W. Branham, ibid. p.21)

Does God do miracles today? Yes. Does he use people, and anoint men that have a wrong view of Jesus and the spirit? No. If so we could never test the genuine from the false. It's not by their miracles or gifts that you know them but by their fruit. And fruit comes from a good tree which is linked to doctrine, a bad tree cannot produce good fruit. The core doctrines are what we use to test ones miracles for being genuine.

Jesus said: The Truth will make you FREE (John 8:32) that was the word. Not the miracles or power but truth, his word that he speaks. (take a look at some of Hinn's statements)

Its not the ambience or the Charisma of the speaker or the enthusiasm of the audience that can bring the true affects of new life. What people are searching for is a methodology to bring success like Toronto or Pensacola. No one wants to put in the time and the labor of equipping their  people who will bring revival to their community. Instead revival is centered around the Church assembly with those who already believe. In the new model of revivalism atmosphere is everything. The music, the testimonies, the speaker brings a hush and then the sounds of the crowd roaring as he has them rise up with him. It has become a rock concert atmosphere. Take away all this ambiance and all you would have is the message and I don't think would show up in masses for that alone.

People can only come out of this malaise by correct teaching of the word because they got into it by experience.

Today's gospel is one of signs and wonders to convert the lost. Many claim that if there is no miracles there is no power and the Spirit is not there. There was no miracle performed at Pentecost and if the people asked for it you can be sure Peter would not have complied. Jesus did not produce one because he was asked. It was a clear and powerful presentation of Christ to many who had made up their mind already and rejected him. Yet they were convinced without a miracle. That itself would be considered a miracle by today’s standards. However when the apostles did do miracles it was almost unanimously to unbelievers, rarely to those who possessed faith. Unlike the miracle crusades that pander to the Christians flocking for a power display instead of going to hear the truth

If one looks at the accounts we find the clear presentation of scripture in the book of Acts through the epistles that brings the results that we desire to see. Acts 3:20, 5:42, 9:20,10:42, 17:18,18:5. The focus was Christ using the scripture to verify and then people believed. Not once do we find any mention in the book of Acts of the miracles being preached. The focus is on the work of Christ and until we get back to the ancient gospel instead of miracle crusades and the like, all we will be presenting to those who are perishing is a fake food substance with no nutrients.

We are a celebrity conscious society now, and its influence is felt in Christianity as well. I've said this before and it needs to be said again There’s much too much spiritual guruism in Christianity right now. The relationship seems to be as a devotee to his guru, instead a pure devotion to Christ. They wait for him to impart a word or power to them while the Bible is not consulted. They depend on the man in the pulpit to lead them into their relationship with God. The question comes down to loyalty, WHO DO YOU LOVE? God, his word of truth, or men? Who we love and follow will show whom we are dedicated to. Idols don't have to be made out of hands, they can be living as well.


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