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Hinn endorses visits to Heaven

Recently on this is your Day, Benny Hinn’s guest was Dr. D. G. S. Dhinakaran of " Jesus Calls ministry" in India. He claims to have been to heaven and back numerous times. While in heaven, he claims to have spoken with Jesus, the Father, and apostles Peter, Paul and others.

This all happened after he prayed for one month and then the Lord came and took him to heaven.

Hinn interviewing him on This is Your Day - Dhinakaran referred to 2 Cor.12 about "Paul going to the third heaven and then in that chapter he tells us about the thorn in his flesh and how he prayed three time and so on… whenever I’m heartbroken because of the ministry, problems of the ministry that’s the time the Lord Jesus says come and he takes me to heaven and then he talks to me in person. He calls one of the apostles and make them speak to me concerning my problems. Hinn asks "who have you spoken to?" "Paul and Peter." Hinn, "You have spoken to Paul and Peter? "Yes" Hinn, "In heaven? Dhinakaran- "In heaven." Hinn, "What do they look like?" Dhinakaran- "Well, If you read Mt.15 chpt.5 when the Lord Jesus was on the Mt. of Transfiguration one side Moses appeared on the other Elijah appeared. Elijah was in flesh and blood, Moses only his spirit was there. The spirit of Moses retained the physical quality in which he lived I this world. That’s why Peter could look at both of them and recognize both of them."

Peter was able to recognize both of them because he had some type of spiritual insight, as they had no pictures or carvings of these men. The Bible has nothing said of souls retaining their physical form, so this is extra Biblical revelation and sounds uncannily like Kenneth Copeland’s descriptions.

Dhinakaran -" So even after their, their souls retain the physical form, the very semblance which they had in the physical body. So Paul is "a short man, short and very skinny skin and bones." And one thing very special about Paul is when he came to heaven the lord Jesus remembered how many times he was beaten up , stoned… so he said when he brought Paul, let all the injury the wound marks on his head on his physical body will be retained in his spirit also. So when you look in the spiritual, the soul of Paul in heaven in his body you see the wound marks that he had in his physical body in this world, God loved him so much."

Now we are told that the physical body leaves imprints on the Spirit in the after life in HEAVEN! That doesn’t give people too much hope for a transformed body does it! How is Paul skin and bones if he is in heaven and this is before the resurrection! Not only is this exttra biblical, its non Biblical.

"In heaven there are 3 place as you enter heaven-there are billions and billions of souls up there and you see the lord Jesus Christ there , the throne of Christ and through his supernatural power he makes everyone feel that only that particular individual is next to his throne. Everyone feels that way,  I am the one next to the throne is Christ. And they bask in his glory."

"Then the 2nd heaven they find the people who worked for Jesus , served Jesus in this world (ministers). Who did something for God… distributing tracks, are going to houses and visiting them and telling them about Christ."

"In the third heavens the people who walked with god in this world…people like Enoch Gen.5:25 And Ge.9:6 says Noah walked with God. so the third heaven you see the glory of God illumination, its so great the man in the first heaven would like to be there. That it is so bright and so filled with glory and to see the apostles and on one side the prophets and people like Hudson Taylor … who gave their lives for God. Hinn asks, "You saw all three heavens?" Dhinakaran- "Yes, and the third heaven is wonderful." Hinn relates that "Paul saw things in the third heaven you cannot describe, you would say the same." Dhinakaran "Yes. It is beyond comprehension."

Here he seems to insert India’s Hindu class system into his trip to heaven saying not everyone is in the same place. The Bible states that God saves everyone the same, by grace, and we all share in the same heaven. We are not separated into different heavens (plural). This sounds like The Mormon concept of heaven, not the Bibles. The Bible also tells us that everyone is around his throne both men and angels in the book of Revelation.

Hinn is so impressed he called it awesome, "something we don’t hear every day and most people have difficulty believing that any human being can go to heaven and talk about it." Dhinakaran- "Yes, that is true."

(And Hinn is right,  we shouldn’t be hearing of such false experiences). The apostle Paul was buffeted so he would not become prideful in his revelation. But many today, (if not all) do not have any chastening. This is just another story to add to the numerous others that have non- biblical revelations.

Hinn states, "I must say I have a number of experiences myself that I cannot really explain or talk about, I have no difficulty believing it." (if this goes beyond his necromancy it may explain why he is keeping it quiet).

"Can you tell us how we as Christians can experience this? Or is this just for ministers? Who is this for?" Dhinakaran- "The Bible says that in Rom.2:11 and Acts 10:34 God has no partiality (didn’t he just prove he does but separating the people among three heavens?) And in Jer. 29:30 he says you shall seek me and you shall find me. when you seek after me with all your whole heart. So I think it is for everybody, but as I said # 1.  When your discouraged bokenhearted the Lord comes to take you to heaven to console you, to comfort you. Secondly when your moved with compassion , when your really desperate to help somebody, to pray and pray and feel if only I can talk to God straight face to face then he lifts you up."

This is becoming so incredible to try and make sense out of experiences that occur completely apart from the word of God. Faith is used as our conduit to God, we walk by faith not by sight. We are to have confidence that whatever we ask he hears us, we are able to come boldly before his throne (Heb.10) Now we have Hinn allowing a prophet to tell us we can be whisked away from earth to a personal meeting with Jesus in heaven.

Hinn then asked "What word did God give you for America?" The Lord Jesus told me the next president of the Unites States of America shall be a God fearing person." And there shall be a cleansing process, and he will clean up the whole country."(the audience applauds).

Look at what he is saying. That now we depend on a politician for solving our countries troubles. So we have only two choices (unless you want to count Pat Buchanan as a possibility ) Gore or Bush.

"All the Christian ministries will blossom, all the pressures on them will go (not biblical the bible says we will have tribulation and suffer as long as we are in the world.) " Hinn asks,"That’s the word God gave you for America?" "Yes every year he tells me what is going to happen in the coming year (not even the prophets had this happen) when I was praying in December '99, 31st of December the Lord came and told me many, many things about India and the whole world, and when we came to the US he told me this … many, many times he has said this to me he says, whatever may happen to the US of America whatever be the condition always remember that 200 hundred people that came over in a ship called the mayflower to the US of America seeking freedom to worship me, I will never forget that and will always bless this country."

Lets get this right, no matter what kind of evil we do we will be blessed! God certainly did not do this to Israel, he punished her for her sins. He warns over and over if you leave the Lord you will reap judgment.  But he is saying we will be exempt.

He then had him pray and he asked the lord to bless his family and his ministry and said in his pray "and if he is blessed we are blessed." ( This is your Day, May 4- 5, 2000)

Hinn’s program and ministry has gone where no man has gone before, not the apostles, not even Star Trek. He is setting his followers up for an incredible deception with all this ear tickling. Between Jesus appearing physically and his speaking to dead people and promoting for others to do the same. His teaching that TBN is a channel to heaven and that the dead will be raised as they touch the TV set on TBN,( all this in the last year).  this is becoming a whole new religion. It certainly isn't Christian but more like Spiritism.

Brethren I appeal to you, please, abandon ship before it becomes too late. I can almost see where this is all going, and I’m getting a real bad taste about it.


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