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The Perfect healing crusade?

The second night Jan.11, 2002 

As we talked with people outside about Hinn’s failed prophecies and wild unbiblical teachings we consistently heard the same excuse, it’s all mistakes. Well I haven’t heard Benny apologize for these “so called mistakes” so how would people know that he’s made these as mistakes? He’s never admitted to them as such.

Benny has said the Holy Spirit, God, Jesus all told him certain revelations and he prophesied in the Lord’s name which turned out wrong. Prophecies that are false in the name of the Lord are not mistakes. The only mistake that is being made is by his followers who say these are mistakes. If Hinn says it is “the” spirit that is speaking it is not just his being wrong, this would clearly be spiritism, but since this is being attributed to the Holy Spirit then God is wrong. Or one can choose Hinn as being wrong. There is no option but to assess that this is an evil spirit speaking because of Hinn’s own admission it didn’t come from himself. They want to protect a man’s reputation instead of the Lords. Never mind that he uses the Lords name in vain by saying he said this or prophesied that. This is overlooked because of their association or friendship. The followers of Hinn have now become like the Jehovah’s Witnesses who say they only made mistakes. So now there is no false prophesy! Only mistaken prophets.

In the same breath they accuse those who have anything to say and prove by Scripture that Hinn is a false teacher and prophet by these things as blaspheming the Holy Spirit. The fact is when one speaks for God in this manner as Hinn has over and over by saying he is getting a revelation by the Holy Spirit, God, Jesus, and prophesying in his name and it is found false has much more to do with impertinence than anyone challenging what he said. This becomes a very sad situation as we try to reach people with the eternal truth found in God’s Word.

My friend had a conversation with a woman who was on staff traveling with Hinn in his crusades. He asked if she knew Hinn said Jesus was going to appear on stage with him and she said it already happened, I’ve seen him. Her asked what does he look like she responded he was walking down the Aisle at one of his past meetings He asked what did he look like, she responded we only saw his garments not his face. In fact she said his garment was like an ancient robe not in a suit and tie. This is how deluded some people can be following him. Here we have testimony that Jesus physically was seen in Hinn’s meetings, but it just wasn’t caught on film. Oh well, maybe the next time he drops in they can catch it.

It is my observation that the focus on “the presence” at these meetings is taking people away from Biblical teaching and having them look for an experience. Nowhere in the New Testament do we find people gathering around for God’s presence to come down and do miracles and wonders. When the Spirit came it was always unexpected. This practice cannot find its roots in the Biblical teaching of the apostles. Now this does not mean we don’t pray for healings and for God’s hand to rescue but to congregate for this is just not the teaching we find in the epistles written to the church.

Hinn showed on his program Jan.30 all the work he is doing with children, orphans around the world. It was a well presented tour of the children in different countries receiving Christmas presents. So how can one find fault with this? Well I’m not; what I do find fault with is what he doesn’t tell the public or his supporters. The fact that he stayed at the Kahala Mandarin in the presidential suite that costs $3,700-$5,000 a night hotel here on Oahu. How many people have ever stayed even one night in a hotel this expensive? I have heard from someone who lives on Maui that when Hinn goes to Maui and speaks at First Assembly headed by Pastor Morrocco he stays at the Grand Wailea in the $10,000 suite. Of course this does not shock those who give since they have already been convinced that Christians, especially leaders deserve the best. But try justifying this rationale with the apostles who knew the Lord when he was on earth, this luxury was not practiced by them, in fact they called it worldliness and went out of their way so they would not even look like this. It does not matter whether one thinks he deserves it or not, but it is a matter of using God’s money prudently. Staying for a number of days in a suite that usually millionaires rent, is not a good sign of being a good steward of God’s money.

Many people who are not well to get angry at this, because they gave their hard earned money to this man. Some of them are poor, and widows. So it is not just what he does for the children but how he lives his life from city to city.

In the crusade the announcer said the cliché “a dollar a day keeps the devil away”, and the people believe it, emptying there pockets when signaled. His donation envelopes monthly partnership starts at $50 and the special outreach starts from $10,000 down to $250 over the next 30 days. For those who come to be healed they do not want to give less than the lowest amount listed or they would feel guilty, they really believe they will be healed so they give the suggested donation.

Hinn spoke of his wife’s father being sick and dying yet there was no relief to come from Hinn who is able to pronounce on his partners they are healed by faith. It is the same reason why Hinn won’t go visit to heal Billy Graham or anyone else that is sick and needs healing. He operates only in an atmosphere of willing Christians congregated for miracles. The atmosphere of expectation is thick, as the people are there to “experience” what they believe is the spirit. No one comes to particularly hear Hinn teach, but to participate hopefully by getting slain or watching something they may not see at there own church.

“ The lord spoke to me clearly that this march begins our harvest time.” ... starting march this year harvest will begin for the church… he gave me specific months where the blessings will begin to flow, this is the time to sow as never before so when harvest comes you don’t miss it.” I think you precious saints are ready to give if you say Amen!…Harvest time is around the corner this is the most exciting time in church history. We are going to see the greatest harvest in world history. So as you give tonight expect the supernatural intervention of almighty God to come upon your life.”

“Pray over the envelope, be specific with God, have a specific prayer for your harvest. If your looking for paying off your house or paying off your car or whatever you’re looking for ask God today, God is a God of specifics. Nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific. Be specific with the lord”

Paul Crouch who was present announce a new channel the church channel to bring more people on TV.

He said, we wonder sometimes Benny will tell you the same thing, we don’t understand why everyone isn’t healed, I wish I knew. I wish God would just heal everybody”… He seemed sincerely hoping this would happen, “and he will tonight and I believe that day is coming I really know it is, I know God revealed that to dear Benny but timing is very important. Quoting Kathryn Khulmann “I don’t know why everyone is not healed but she says I do know one thing there is a perfect time for God’ healing for you, because he will pick the time to bring the most glory to him.” And that always has stuck with me and made a lot of sense. Dear Kathryn is in heaven but there’s no question that mantle and that anointing has fallen on our dear brother Benny Hinn.”

Yes timing is important, and so is the Scripture that tells us that day will be when the resurrection occurs and our mortality is shed for an immortal body, prior to this event it only dreams.

Crouched mentioned someone has prayed and asked for their miracle and it hasn’t come, I want to tell you something there is a time for everyone. And he gives his miracle story of TBN in its beginnings paying off their station when they had only a few minutes left. Someone came in with the money needed just before the deadline. The amount that was once a lot would be only airfare and accommodations for them today. But I fail to see the correlation of someone bringing in the money and an organic healing that someone is desperate for, that means life and death.

The second night of the Crusade was a repeat performance on the altar call. They lifted their hands and then Hinn asked them to come forward. The song “lamb of God I come” plays softly ala Billy Graham as people responded to Hinn’s call to give your life to Jesus. I watched as those who were his partners and those who were praising the Lord wearing Christian church shirts flocked to the altar. Several were right in front of me and I was astounded that as Christians they wanted to get saved “again.” Yes there must have been a few that were not Christian (?) but the majority were his followers coming forward, good fruit, no, to use this as the harvest coming in is fraudulent.

I have come to the conclusion they either wanted to say they were saved at Benny Hinn’s crusade or they wanted to come forward hoping for an experience, or the third choice, they do not understand the gospel. You choose what is.

There was no message pertaining to explaining the gospel although his death and burial was mentioned, but it is faith without repentance.

Hinn repeated similar to the night before, “Greater than any physical miracle is salvation” if you have the slightest doubt… or question about salvation do not play games with it. If you ever question it its because you never had it. True salvation gives you assurance, if you want that assurance. Lift your hand up high. He then asked them to stand and asked them to walk down the aisle.

He mentioned after they came forward that they are sinners but did not explain what sin was or the offence to God that it is but he did ask them to be sorry for it. I guess this is as close as he is going to get. Certainly the crusade was not gospel centered but miracle and experiential centered as advertised, it isn’t a surprise that the majority of the people are Christians who go to it. They don’t go to hear teaching but have an experience.

Its my opinion and I think there is biblical precedent for this that it is incidental that a false teacher gives the gospel and sees some response. The gospel may be right in word but the meanings behind the words are totally different. People are making excuses by saying at least he gave the gospel. Therefore we should support a proven false teacher and (or) prophet. The Bible does not give us this option to tolerate a man who has said so many false things that contradicts any truth that he may occasionally give. Speaking the gospel does not validate the rest of the false teachings Hinn has taught.

We should not mistake coming forward as a validation for any ministry that teaches falsely right afterwards.

God’s glorious gospel is being used as a means to an end.

Lam.3 nor grieve the children of men God does not grieve you willingly… its not his will that we live a life of sickness…it is his will to heal. That one question has kept people from receiving from heaven for hundreds of years. He is the same yesterday today and forever. If God healed 2,000 years ago and Romans 2 says he is not a respecter of persons if God healed 2,000 years ago then he will heal today.

Hinn asks them to pray with all their might for healing. Why do this if all you need is a little faith and it is so easy to be healed? He later asks them to confess I’ve been healed with the same faith that saves them. Repeating what he did the first night.

“Mk.5:25 he did not day to her my gift has not made you whole your faith has made you whole. You must believe that God almighty wants you well… it is God’s will to heal. “Say it”, they repeat it “say it again. It is impossible for you and I to receive from heaven until we believe it is his will.”

Has them repeat “tonight I’ve been healed. It is God’s will to heal.”

Hinn says “faith is a must for a miracle” But this is not so, as Jesus healed numerous people without having faith Lk.17:11-19 Jesus healed all 10 lepers but only one obeyed, showing that he was the only one to possess true saving faith. In Jn.11 Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. Certainly Lazarus had no faith; he was dead, neither did anyone else believe it would happen. It was done so they could believe. In Jn.18:10 When Peter cut of the ear of Malchus Jesus healed him without any faith present. These are only a few incidents that show what Hinn’s saying is not correct. True supernatural healings do not always require faith they are granted by God’s mercy and the providence of God.

How many people need healing Hinn asked; 99% of the hands went up. There is something wrong with a church that is totally sick yet believes in guaranteed healing as part of the gospel promise. Especially when he said two years prior “In fact your health will spring up overnight your strength will come overnight.” Why are they still sick, did they not receive the promise? But this is what they came for-healing. But what is even more perplexing is that many of the same people from the night before came again and they still needed healing…

Hinn teaches that one can lose there healing which is convenient for his followers. This is an unbiblical teaching despite that some seem to stretch the Scripture to fit it. When Jesus healed the 9 lepers and only one came back to him he did not take the healing away from the others.

So the feeling they had that made them think they are healed, it eventually fades away and then they think it was the healing itself, because of their faith.

I don’t want to belittle any tragedy but I think we need to evaluate this statement. “I had to ask myself some hard questions when my father died of cancer. I’m facing the same hard questions today with my father in law. I’ve been asked why, I don’t have the answers, all I know is the word says its is his will to heal. If the word says it I believe no matter what I see around me.” If it is so easy and one needs only a little amount of faith why does it become so hard? Hinn needs to take a long hard look again despite what he thinks the Bible is saying because its not as he sees it, the healing ministry is blinding him to the truth. God does not always heal because we have faith, God is the healer and faith is not the button we push to get our promise filled. God will do what he wants with us and we cannot always understand it, but we can be assured he does not love us less if we are not healed, but even more. Amos 4:13 “For behold, he who forms mountains, and creates the wind, who declares to man what his thought is, and makes the morning darkness, who treads the high places of the earth-- the LORD God of hosts is His name.” Rom. 11:33 “Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out!” 

Maybe Hinn needs to reaccess what the word actually says, that God does indeed heal, but it is His prerogative to do what he wants with his people.

Hinn continued to tell them what they will feel as an auto-suggestion. He has them repeat over an over out loud what they are to believe, these type of group dynamics I have seen in new age meetings and have been Christianized in many workshops.

It is his will to heal, say “ they repeat it “say it again” they repeat it. It is his will say it” , they repeat it “say it again” they repeat it “say it again they repeat it. “Its his will to heal me say it” they repeat it say it again” they repeat it then he has them point to themselves and say its his will to heal me” they repeat  “I will be healed” they repeat it.” “God has promised me” they repeat it “that he will heal me” they repeat it, “I’m included”, they repeat it.

“It is his will. Some of us say it and never believe it. Because we believe God will heal someone else, yet the word of God is clear it is his will to heal. Say it. Get it in your spirit say it again.” Hinn continued to have them repeat this over and over. Dozens of times he asked the audience throughout the meeting “it is his will” “God has promised me that he will heal me” “Its paid for” “Say now” “God cannot lie, say it again” “say its time for me” “say its my time for my miracle, its tonight”

“There is nothing impossible with God. Say with God”, they repeat it.

He had them repeat over and over again and like lambs to the slaughter. Taking Scriptures out of context and making repetitious chants is not the way the apostles taught the Bible. Hinn's repetition of “say after me” is like children playing Simon says, and if you don’t repeat it right you miss your healing.Why would one need to have people repeat so many times to convince them of this if the healing comes from God?

If he was selling sour milk the people would buy it. He gives numerous scriptures that speak of healing to prove they are to be healed. Did Jesus say repeat after me to be healed.

Hinn read numerous scriptures about healing in the Bible as Paul perceiving the man had faith while the soft music plays in the background. “Faith is must for a miracle” “We need to get if out of our prayer.”

“Jesus said your faith makes you whole” “I am the God that healeth thee” Ex.23:25; Deut.7 I will lay sickness on your enemies not you.

God has promised you and I health to our old age nobody ought to die sick nobody ought to die with sickness, God does not kill his children he takes them home”

Hinn continued to repeat numerous scriptures some ripped out of context to prove healing is for us. Deliver him from going to the pit in Job because he looked for a ransom became deliverance from sickness and disease. He quoted Ps.30:2 and said “you can’t expect God to heal you until you cry for healing” “you’ll never get healed if you ask somebody to pray for me, pray for me, no, no you’ve got to pray yourself.”

So he explains we have to pray for ourselves, “Lord I have cried out to thee, thou has healed me, say me” they repeat me. “Say it again” they repeat it.

Shortly after this Hinn speaks on borrowed faith and gives an example of someone else praying as the centurion asked for the servant in Mt.8 and God healed him. “The servant did not ask, the centurion asked for the servant that’s what you call borrowed faith.” “God will heal you if you pray for you and God will heal you if you pray for someone else, God will heal that someone else if you pray for them.” Thus contradicting what he previously said; did anyone notice? I don’t think so.

Hinn continued to “But I have seen in some cases, if someone else prays you into your health, if someone else believe for you and you don’t believe for yourself, it is possible for you can lose your healing.” “Because your healing is dependent upon someone else’s faith, not yours” This is load nonsense. It is God who heals, not someone else’s faith. No one ever lost there healing from Jesus like this, and it is a good excuse for Hinn to get out of the hyped up healings he presents for the night. He can lay fault to another persons faith for there healing, and not the recipients

He goes on to explain this unbiblical concept of healing “I always wondered why do we see people healed who don’t even believe, because someone else believed for them. But in such cases they walk off the platform and they lose it often, because their faith gives it and their faith keeps it. But if someone else’s faith gives it then their own faith cannot keep it, understand, so it is important that you believe or yourself.”

No! This doesn’t even make sense in its own structure he has set up. Certainly this is not explaining anything of Biblical healing. First he said you lose healing because your healing is dependent upon someone else’s faith, not yours. Then he says they can lose it because their faith gives it and their faith can’t keep it. This is too convoluted to even try to explain. Again did the Centurions servant lose his healing? Hinn’s followers can.

The whole teaching of God always heals is busted in one Scripture, where Paul had a thorn in the flesh in 2 Corinthians 12:9-10. It was in his FLESH, it was a PHYSICAL infirmity and Jesus said NO for his healing. It doesn’t matter why it was there, or who caused it to be there, God said NO for Paul to be healed. So to answer the question, does God want heal everybody? Obviously not, as Paul was not healed but healed others.

Who said no? Jesus said no, therefore Benny Hinn's teaching on this is WRONG!

“Jesus said you’ve gotta love yourself, love your neighbor as you love yourself, if you don’t love yourself you cannot love nobody else. Say amen”, they repeat amen. “Some of them had little faith, so little that you wonder if it was even there. You don’t need great faith just little faith in a mighty God”

So then it makes sense that those who are not healed do not have any faith at all. And this is what I saw in those who were in wheel chairs that left the same way they went in the first night and the second, devastation. This is destructive because this kind of teaching was NEVER taught by the apostles.

“Step out in faith in Jesus name its paid for say it”, they repeat it “say it again”, they repeat it.

“ God gives us the faith as we hear his word, and that’s why I’m preaching, I’m preaching for one reason, to build your faith, because if I don’t preach it some of you won’t accept it.” God wants to heal you and a sick person needs to hear it over and over and over again…” So people can't accept the word of God without Hinn saying it? Hmm.

Hinn had them repeat “not tomorrow tonight “ they repeat tonight. “Jesus said the spirit of the Lord is now upon me (for Jesus) now, now to deliver, now to heal, now to set the captives free, he didn’t say tomorrow, now” “say now”, the repeat it “say now, they repeat it lift your hands say now” they repeat it again. This affirmation has been used in other ways to convince people of whatever product one wants to buy. This is not how the apostles taught Scripture. The only difference is that Jesus actually produced what he said and did, but he certainly did not employ new age affirmations techniques, having them repeat it over and over to convince them its true.

“God cannot lie, say it, they repeat it, “say it again” they repeat it, one more time “let him ask in faith nothing wavering 1 John chapter 5 this is the confidence we have in him if we ask anything according to his will he will hear us and once we know he’ll hear us we know he’ll do it. It’s his will to heal because its all through his word he heals. Not only saves but heals Like I said to you last night It takes as much faith to be healed as it does to be saved, simple.”

“say its time”, they repeat, “for me” they repeat it “its time for me “, they repeat it “say this is my time”, they repeat it “for my miracle”, they repeat it, “its tonight” they repeat it.

While Hinn says, “don’t look for the healing look for the healer.” Hinn led people to do the very opposite in practice by pointing to healing and not having faith for healing but repeating words over and over again for their healing.

“many of you are sitting here with all kinds of bad reports all kinds of bad news from the doctor maybe even your pastor told you its all in your mind, tonight its time to lay it aside” “your doctor is only a man… say my doctor” they repeat it , “is only a man” they repeat it, say it again”, they repeat it. “Say my pastor” they repeat it “is only a man” they repeat it, “he is weak” they repeat it, “like me”, they repeat it, “my doctor” they repeat it, “is weak”, they repeat it “like me” they repeat it, “But God said”, they repeat it, “said”, they repeat it, God” they repeat it, almighty” they repeat it, “said”, they repeat it , “I’m healed” they repeat it “I will believe it”, they repeat it , “Not my doctor” they repeat it, “Not my pastor” they repeat it”, I believe God”, they repeat it, “Lift your hands and say Father I believe” Hinn then breaks out into singing all things are possible.

What kind of technique is this? Try and think this through. Its not Bible teaching, its__________ (hint: it consists of 12 letters starts with a- b- ends with a- g. You can count how many times he asks them to repeat his words and I have not recorded the whole service, but only a portion. This is done to make people comply with what he are saying, along with his suggestions of what they will feel.

The music comes in now as its time “Jesus is looking for people to heal….”The music plays softly hallelujah as Hinn carries the people through in an almost hypnotic tone with his speaking.

“Lift your hands and receive your miracle from heaven”

I can see how people get into this when they are desperate for help and no doctor can give this hope to them.

Hinn rebuked the spirit of infirmity. Unfortunately it didn’t go for everyone. He called out blindness, diabetes, glaucoma, circulation troubles, angina, diabetes …all said being healed.

“Many of you feel a tremendous anointing on you like fire.” Many of you feel a tremendous, tremendous anointing, tremendous anointing on your body.” He keeps repeating over and over “I give you praise for the anointing I give you praise” The bells start to go off with the music as the mood deepens. He tells everyone to “lift your hands to pray, mighty things are happening” “lift your hands quickly”

He builds to a feverish pitch repeating necks, hands … lift your hands and pray in the holy ghost quickly

Lower back, skin condition, leukemia, witchcraft is being broken…HIV all being healed. Left eye, “many of you feel like fire going through you as I’m speaking” I give you praise, this is repeated with a few rebukes of disease in between.

He then tells those who the Lord is healing to line up at the platform. He then tells them to pray with all their might and announces another neck injury being healed, a brain tumor, lower back etc.… “a lot of miracles happening right now” Heart, cancer, he says someone on a wheelchair is healed “get up out of that wheelchair and release you faith”

He tells them to line up because “Jesus said to go tell, go tell”.

Someone’s crooked spine was healed “you just felt a tremendous warmth go through that area there”..asthma, skin condition (he sees a child with a skin) It would seem everyone who came was healed as he pronounced hundreds of healings. Actually there was just about no disease left that he did not pronounce.

He tells them to “pray strong in the Holy Ghost” “pray strong in the Holy spirit quickly” as if the moment will pass them by, he calls people who are working for him to come to him “you I said come here, you can’t work with me and not sense this” He says touch several times and they go down as he raises his hands towards them. The crowd oohs! He then orders” somebody pick them up, get busy.”

He then has people parade their testimonies on the stage. He asks everyone to join hands and he slays them down. At one point Hinn gets everyone very quiet then screams touch in the microphone loud enough to give someone a heart attack “Touch!” Deep into this anointing now, he singing “Jesus is passing by, I can tell you he’s passing by.”

Hinn then whispers “I tell you everyone can be healed right now.” At one point Hinn ran off the stage and started slapping his hands on peoples ears in the first row and violently pushing them over saying “fire on you.” “lift your hands and ask him anything you want, right now” ANYTHING! What is the worst error one can make? Saying something as if God said it, when in fact he has not.

He then brought up in front of the stage the Japanese and the Koreans who came to visit and then has fire go on them by repeating “fire” about a dozen times --- they all went down like a rockslide. He barks at someone “get out of my way my friend” to get to more people. “lift your hands and pray in the Holy Ghost quick” People are astonished at what power is seen in the service as you hear there reaction in the seats.

He then brings them on the stage to sing in their own languages how great thou art. As they all are slain on top of each other he pointed to the camera and stated “a few years ago they were enemies now they are united in the spirit praying for you.” Hinn is a master at manipulating situations at his meetings, he speaks as if these few people are representing the whole of Christianity in each nation and now there is peace.

He then goes back into quietness and asks the lord to release his power…

“Every pastor and pastors wife will be full of the glory of the Lord, full of the glory of the Lord, full of the glory of the Lord, in Jesus name. Some of them have just been hit by holy laughter.. right on the floor” and they are bustin’ out laughing hard. And says this is happening in Honolulu Hawaii. He offers those watching by TV to have the same thing “in your home, this is called holy laughter”, mentioning Khulmann saw the same thing in her meetings.

He asks the choir to join hands then starts throwing the power around to the choir, they start laughing. Hinn says “we may see more and more of this at our crusades this year” he offers it to people everywhere, laughter begins breaking out everywhere

He asks for the people to be taken up from the floor to make room for the kids. Then he asks all the children to come up and get the anointing, thousands go forward puts fire on them and they were slain just like the adults, he slays them all and gives them the fire on them. He prays for the “joy of the lord to flood the building.” He shouts “Touch in Jesus name” Hinn is even surprised that there is such power being manifested “uhyiyi” he says, and they sing there is a mighty river. He then brought certain children on stage to receive. Hinn promises to come back and have a whole service for them and teach them about the anointing.

By the time he was done it looked like a defeated battlefield, everyone was on the floor at one time or another.

Hinn ended the service by announcing Maureen Sullivan (who has the health program on LeSea broadcasting) and Joy Dawson to meet him in the back. This is what Hinn wants to expose the children to and this is what Joy Dawson and others in YWAM are agreeing to. You can watch his program this next week starting Feb.4 for a big surprise.

Hinn is a walking contradiction as he said on his TV program “The presence of the Lord does not stir self it stills self, the presence of God doesn’t stir you it quiets you.” (This is your Day Jan. 29, 2002) One only had to be at this crusade to see its not like this at all, so what could be operating?

So what are we to say about the show they have come to experience; its all about participation, this is why they love it. Or maybe there is a different view. Why is it some can feel felt spiritually violated and abused and others say they were so blessed. Because they don’t know their Bible. How you listen can make all the difference. It help’s you obey the correct commandments and helps you discern what is false. How we listen shows how intent we are in studying what we hear that will influence us to live our lives. I have transcribed what is said clearly showing it is not Bible practices but a mans. Just because it works to a certain degree does not mean it's from God.

This might have been the way Kathryn Khulmann did her healing crusades and it might be the genre of our time but it is NOT the way Jesus or the apostles did it? Did they repeat key words constantly, did they have to convince people like this for their healings. They did not produce mayhem in their services. So if it was not the biblical model what is it? What is happening is nothing short of apostasy disguised as power from on high. The apostles never said such teachings or conducted themselves in this manner.

Hinn's crusade was more like the childrens game Simon sez and everyone had to repeat what he did or you were out. It was more than silly, it was dangerous.

Concluding remarks

Many are unable to admit to themselves they are deceived. Yes it is hard, especially when everything looks so well placed on the outside; you have given your time and money. However there is a way out. Read your Bible more carefully

As the ad after his program states- Benny Hinn’s next miracle crusade will be at______ . Think about it, His name on the miracle crusade; did the apostles advertise their miracles by their names, did Jesus? Yes it certainly is Benny Hinn’s Miracle crusade, not God’s.

So it really comes down to this. You can follow Benny Hinn or Jesus, but not both. Hinn is easy to follow but Jesus is hard, you can’t follow both because they are two completely different ways to practice Christianity. The choice is yours.




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