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Prophetic Flirting with disaster

Praise the Lord on TBN (Broadcasted July 19,20, 21, 2012)

Benny Hinn announced by a prophecy that a great disaster is going to strike a US city, I know that city to be Honolulu. A massive Hurricane. Every 20 or so years a hurricane hits the Islands so this is can be an estimated guess.

In response (competition is more accurate) to Mark Chironna speaking of the power coming, Hinn said “may I add, the sign will be Billy Grahams death.”

“The Lord said to me in '89...sorry, yeah, '89. He said when Oral Roberts and Billy Graham go home will be the key—it will be the sign—of the beginning of the greatest revival on earth. Oral is home. Billy is about to go home. And when he does, I am telling the whole church, get ready.”

Another prophecy came by Maurice Sklar Dec.1, 2011

“I am taking Billy Graham home to heaven soon. When you see this, know that My time of grace for the Gentile nations is coming to a close.”? Same subject but seems to be the opposite of Hinn, neither have any merit.

When Billy Graham dies that will be a sign of the greatest revival hitting the US? Why God wait for an evangelist to die for a revival? Graham has had little influence on the American landscape these days, but to anticipate a revival from his death certainly shows what spirit is operating here to tell Mr. Benny this.

Hinn received this information from God in 1989:  link-http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-1ztEiBTXtE#!

What else did Benny Hinn say in 1989:

On December 31, 1989 at Orlando Christian Center

"The Lord also says that, Two of his great giants will die in the mid-90's. They've held the torch of revival for the last forty years, these two. One of them has been to this church, and the other has not. One will die suddenly while asleep. And the other will die of sickness. And as both giants die, which will be in the mid-90's, I will shake this world with a last revival.

"The Lord also tells me to tell you, In the mid-90's--about '94 or '95--no later than that, God will destroy the homosexual community of America (applause). But He will not destroy it with what many minds have thought Him to be. He will destroy it with fire. And many will turn and be saved,”

Oops the opposite has happened.

"God tells me to tell you, There's a new disease that will arise on the scene--unknown to mankind. It will kill many. The Spirit of God tells me to tell you that, There is a demon spirit (my goodness). His name is Apollyon. … He will come from the south--from South America into America itself--and will plague many for living in rebellion. God tells me to tell you that, The drug problem of America will cause many to die with that plague. This new plague will be birthed because of a new drug that will come on the scene in the 90's. It will come from South America.

"Canada will be visited with a mighty revival that will start in the west coast of British Columbia. It will sweep across the west. It will sweep across even Alaska, and will come east. But the great move of God that I have planned for America will not begin on the west coast, but on the east coast. It will break-loose in the next three years and sweep across the west.”

"The Spirit of God tells me, An earthquake will hit the east coast of America and destroy much in the 90's. Not one place will be safe from earthquakes in the 90's.

"The Spirit tells me, Fidel Castro will die in the 90's. (Ooh my.) Some will try to kill him and they will not succeed. But there will come a change in his physical health, and he will not stay in power. And Cuba will be visited of God. I will visit Cuba. Ooh. Ooh. Holy Spirit, do you mean he'll die physically? What do you mean, Holy Spirit? Tell me please. My. Oooh. Holy Spirit just said to me, It could be worse than any death you can imagine. There's some question in my spirit on what kind of death the Lord means. I'm not sure. I see him. Uh. I see Cas, I, I see Castro bent over behind bars. I don't know what that means”

And there is more but this is more than sufficient that his dates and content are all wrong because It was not God.

He was wrong then and he will be wrong again, and he will continually be wrong.

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