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What is really going on  in the church ?

My thoughts on the new revivalism that has entrenched itself on the Church

Benny Hinn was the first to breathe on people for them to receive the spirit. He then used jacket waving. He then waved his hands while blowing in the microphone. Now he only has to say "touch" and they go down. like fermented wine Things certainly can improve with age .

It was Benny Hinn who inaugurated Rodney Browne into ministry at one of his meetings in the early 90's from there he went to Hagin and then Copeland's church, then TBN and the rest is history.
Browne says this much Chaos must be from the holy ghost. This is clearly double-talk . The Holy Ghost of the bible does not create chaos he turns chaos into order. Browne describes the spirit he calls holy as a force like electricity running out of his fingers bouncing off and deflecting to others. Is this describing the holy ghost of the scripture or a power that is running amuck in their services. He's got everyone under his spell of laughter thinking that anything that goes on at these meetings even if they are clearly unbiblical is of the holy Ghost. This is the new order of another spirit not the Holy Spirit of God. He states : " I'd rather be in a church where the devil and the flesh are manifesting than in a church where nothing is happening because people are too afraid to manifest anything... and if a devil manifests, don’t worry about that either. Rejoice because at least something is happening." One could write several volumes chronicling the errors in the above statement. A revival of the Spirit does not manifest the flesh. God says clearly that if one walks in the Spirit, that he will not fulfill the desires of the flesh. (Gal. 5:1 6). These are contrary to each other. The works of the flesh will never compliment the workings of the Spirit. If the devil and the flesh are manifesting in a meeting, I would hope that it was an exorcism and the devil would be leaving rather than staying and participating! Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil, not to put him on display.

John Arnott of the Toronto Vineyard says we should be open minded like the Bereans. this is hardly what occurs. Their open-mindedness was to search the scriptures not open for experiences.

The Vineyard has taken this to the extreme that when they hold their hands above peoples heads palms are down and they are motioning as if pumping something into the person at the same time saying more lord more; fill, come lord, bathe. This is called soaking prayer. Others hold their hands toward them praying as if they are feeding them more power. Others scoop their hands toward themselves saying give me more of the Spirit. Some hold fingers at the top of the head others at the bottom of there back. Transference of the Holy Spirit from one person to another. People pointed to fall unable to move for hours. Some experience deliriums partial paralysis, some stagger inebriated from their soaking. There is a loss of some or all of the senses.
People go dumb, blank out have no recall what they were talking about or who they are. (this is found on the videos). But they feel good! So its from God.

Wimber had stated, there's nothing in scripture to support these kind of phenomena...So I feel no obligation to try to explain it...Its just people responding to God.' But what if it is not, (of which myself and others are convinced is the case) How many people become hurt by a stand by attitude. Are you standing by watching this occur in your Church.

Designated drivers are used for those who are too drunk in the spirit to get home. We now have what the world has but in the spirit, drunkenness.

One article I had read mentioned the possibility of God using this as a travesty and utter abandonment to show the state of much of the Church. like a comedy of religious satire, one laughs to cover their tears. but is God laughing?

Several years back Phil Donahue on his program interviewed various people involved in the Toronto revival. One was Guy Chevreau who had written a book on it. What one heard in the interview was that this was God because of their experience,. what was sadly lacking was Scripture. When Mr. Donahue questioned one of the woman featured in the film clips about her antics, She also described the experience as holding an electric wire. Her response was that in everything will be the flesh. This is the common response (more like an excuse) which I find loaded with fault. Now we can blame the Holy Spirit for our uncontrollable behavior. The bible says if one yields to the spirit they are not in the flesh (Gal.5) So what spirit has a mixture? The Reverend from England said his Church is being filled up for no other reason than people coming for an experience. So they are not coming to hear the word of God. Wonderful isn't it!

At one point in the program a woman from the audience stood up in response to what she was hearing. saying she was not impressed by any of this, she is impressed by god in an oak tree and doesn't bother with God in any Church, synagogue or mosque. She respects life in all people and this is the religion we should practice taking care of the worlds given to us... No one said a word of correction, there was no boldness exhibited for Jesus. Where is the new anointing they claim they have? I thought that's what the baptism of the spirit is about. There was no witness, no standing for the word of truth. No bold witness than there is no Spirit of God. Whatever spirit is operating it certainly is not lifting up the true Jesus to the world. Its a party spirit; a god reduced to feelings and experience.

The truth is god will start a new revival by outpouring his spirit on the faithful teachers of his word. Its is the clarion call of the gospel which brings revival. the standard of Christ held up as the blazing light in a world of darkness.

In another interview of Toronto by Inside Edition, a woman was asked if she could stop laughing. She said yes but why would she want to. At the end of the interview another woman was on the floor laughing said "it was if someone told a dirty joke." She just may be right. Right afterwards they showed Paul McKenna a hypnotist who gave people auto suggestions and showed how people can be open relaxing their minds and made to do just about anything. Then following that was the worship of Elvis a new cult of spirituality formed around him by intense admirers and devotees who considered him a god. (even having his picture on the cross) I found the sequence of the clips to be quite astute by the reporters. Sometimes the world shows more discernment than the Church. It is a dirty joke and its on the Church!

This has now become tradition these techniques and experiences, in these holy ghost meetings are foreign to the scripture. They are found practiced in eastern religions and the new age movement. This is a pantheistic view of the spirit as a force that permeates the air around us. In the new age therapies this is done to balance energies to bring health to the body. Scripturally prayer is unto God and we can expect to wait not see immediate results that are displayed by power. Can one point their finger as one walks away and hit them with the holy ghost by surprise? Now they can!

Some claim the enemy is copying the church. That these are counterfeits of the real thing. But the enemy doers not make only counterfeits he invents new spiritual practices. What is the real of the counterfeit of the ouji board or astrology or astral travel. You would be hard pressed to find its counterpart in the scripture as practiced in the church. Yes Paul did go to heaven which he did not know if it was bodily or not. but this is not a normal experience where some or even everyone can go there!

There are numerous cures to stress or psychosomatic sicknesses. Primal screaming has had many testimonies, laughter therapy releases stress. Many say they have had an experience where there was contention in their life and marriage and it is now gone. Stress can be overcome by numerous ways. Maybe the oppression of the enemy is lifted and they feel peace but this can also mean a further deception having one attribute their deliverance to a non biblical practice.

Can a unbeliever be slain in the spirit lay on the floor have an experience and rise up a Christian without ever hearing the gospel. Rodney Brown, and Benny Hinn thinks so. Problem is that those from the secular press attended and were slain and rose up as unconverted as before they went down.

The  power that is expressed in his manifestations are completely outside biblical guidelines. Roaring and barking are linked to Babylonian religious festivals Jer.51:37-40 not to God. Years before in a crusade in brazil barking and roaring occurred which was labeled demonic. No one entertained the thought it was a manifestation from the spirit, not so anymore!

Jerry Steingard a vineyard pastor who is part of the Canadian outbreak spoke in faith today a Canadian magazine. The enemy can counterfeit any of the signs and wonders but the enemy can't counterfeit and would not want to counterfeit the fruit. Satan has no desire to see people love Jesus more or witness to people more. While this has some points of truth. Satan would be pleased to lead unsuspecting and undiscerning people to false ideas of Jesus and how he operates. Where is their proof of authenticity? The only thing that distinguishes true healings and supernatural encounters is right doctrine. They don't use it.

People travel to get the anointing to Toronto to Pensacola. This doesn't sound like an outpouring of the Holy Spirit unless one believes it is exclusive to those promoting certain peculiar doctrines.  Those who receive the impartation are encouraged to keep it going or it will die.  If this was true revival no man could hinder it.  This has become a localized "revival" passed on from person to person by touch.   And for the time being it will probably operate this way until much of the church has been opened to this new model of ministry. I have no doubt that one day it will be a normal type of practice if hasn't become that already.  The church has rolled out the carpet so that this new teaching can just walk in and make experience seekers comfortable to lie down.

We now are being lead by men to enter the spiritual realm and experience the supernatural to learn the deeper things of God.  Gnosticism teaches experience brings knowledge.   The word is preached towards the experience. Doctrine is no longer the glue that binds but like the new age counterpart experiential knowledge.

We need to think theologically and doctrinally, not just with the heart. Ask yourself do their teachings have the Christian distinctive or is it a conglomeration of many other beliefs.

THE CHURCH IS DETERIORATING FROM WITHIN. The pillar and ground for the truth has now become a experimental lab for the supernatural.  Satan's plan for the church is that we look so silly and foolish, being paralyzed, laughing and squirming on the floor that even the bizarre cults that teach false doctrine will look acceptable.

Did you ever see cows go into a stampede. It begins with a single cow getting ornery and he goes off the cliff and the rest follow. No matter how hard a cow hand tries to keep them from going they have to ride it out. sheep are no different they follow others sheep.

Where there is an absence of discernment heresy thrives. If we had any discernment instead of laughing with him we would have laughed Rodney Browne out of the church. Not anymore!

Where is this so called river leading that they are asking you to jump into? I suspect to the big ocean where all the belief systems converge. A one world spirituality based on experience... its mystical, its Gnostic and its influence is growing.

Its a  revival called Mystery Babylon... and it will one day be operated by the false Christ and the false prophet. But then who believes this anymore?



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