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Matthew 7:9 tells us that if we ask for a piece of bread he will not give us a stone. Luke 11:11-13 adds: "If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him ?

What we must immediately look at is the context. In the first instance Christ is speaking of food sustenance. It first says that he will not give us something unedible or that would inflict pain (such as a scorpion.). He then applies this to our Heavenly Father who gives us the Holy Spirit if we ask Him. What we need to understand is that someone who is sincerely asking does not necessarily relate to truth, especially if you are already involved in error. When one asks for the holy spirit he is going to lead them into truth, that which is written. Not into something that the scripture does not teach or is completely silent about.

In this movement we can liken the prayers to microwave Christianity. They stress on immediate results from prayer. There is no patience involved when it comes to waiting for the Holy Spirit. They assume that when they ask whatever happens is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit because they have asked God. Does this mean that if someone is tempted by something or needs deliverance from a habit that they can expect immediate results and "get zapped"? How about practical issues such as getting a job or filling out a job application ? Is the phone going to immediately ring with an answer ? We can follow this logic to its conclusion and see how absurd it is to assume that God acts in this manner.

If we pray, we must submit to God's timing. This means practicing endurance and patience if need be until we get an answer. It's been said that God is never early but he's also never late. What we see in these meetings is an immediate response from God to show up. If this is the case why did the apostles wait for the Spirit ? Whose in control we or him?

Jesus Himself was faced with this predicament while He was in the wilderness fasting for 40 days and was hungry. Who else came along first but Satan to tempt Him to use His power to feed Himself. So if this can happen to Him, can it not happen to us ? Of course, Jesus recognized that it was the tempter. Can we? He's also known as a deceiver, he comes as a minister of righteousness (2 Cor.11:13-14).

The Vineyard looked for those who would be manifesting and use them as an example for others to follow. So those who knew no better thought this is what they are suppose to do. It is a fact that they taught their leaders how to promote the manifestations and encourage the people to go further in them.

More Lord they cry, more power and the people swoon, shiver and shake. They swoop their hands in front to push in the Spirit. This is nonsense, can you find the apostles doing any of this? They find scriptures with the words  to validate their experience but they neglect the meaning and the context betraying their biblical immaturity.

We test our cars for safety, our children in their education, our electronic equipment for failures but what about spiritual matters. The Bible says to test the Spirits, test the prophets, do you ? No one is going to do it for you , you are to watch over your own soul.

Let me give another illustration. If you were to try to cross the highway during rush hour traffic and you prayed to God that you wouldn't be hit by a car and then you were hit by one, what would you say ? Would you say "God, why did he let this happen ?"

This is exactly what we are being told . They tell us that it must be from God because they prayed to Him and it is occurring inside the Church. However, if one's concept of God is altered or flawed, can we really be confident that it is God who answers ? We need to be aware that the enemy and his powers are more than willing to be there to give us an experience. Satan wants us to encounter his fallen angels and believe that it is God. (2 Cor.11:14). He masquerades himself as the truth. Spiritual experiences can be very powerful and convincing, since there is a dynamic to the experience that reaches into one's spirit. So our standard of measurement must be the Word. We don't interpret the Word by our experiences, but the experiences by the Word. We need to be careful when something immediately happens and not be naive' that it must be from the Lord.

In addition, the Biblical format is that signs and wonders follow the preaching of the Word not preceding it. If everyone gathers together to pray and see signs and wonders, they are already removed from God's established order for church gathering and His presence is obscured. God is interested in truth because He is the author of truth and will not honor falsehood with His presence. Therefore, the source of these wonders must be questioned rather than merely relying on the experience itself.

If someone shakes in church does that mean its spiritual when we see the same in the world, Turret syndrome and other neurological diseases can look very much the same. Violent shaking, glued to the floor, growling and barking are not Christian concepts but the occults.

Its not the fire of God falling but Strange fire. Women on the floor clucking like chickens interpreted as she is laying an egg for Jesus because God is hatching a new thing. According to Arnott crowing and clucking sounds are prophetic, they announce a new day. So does an alarm clock I hope we don't see people ringing next!(ding-a-ling)

He also states barking is prophetic, dogs bark when someone is coming. He asks do you know who is coming? Dogs also bite hopefully we won't see this happening. There is a great deception coming too, or maybe its already arrived!

They claim the church has given birth to Isaac while before we were Sarah, a dried up womb. Now we can laugh. Biblically speaking, next in sequence is Jacob who was a deceiver.

This new anointing is actually stopping the work of evangelism, Christians can't speak or think, it replaces the authority of scripture with experiences and personal subjective revelation. While God can speak today just as he has done in the past, he is not communicating new doctrines.

Consider Satan’s plan for the church. What has transpired over the last few years. He enjoys that everyone is on the floor laughing and writhing . All of their focus is on themselves and how they are experiencing the so called blessing. In the meantime new converts are not trained to be equipped to learn or give rational biblical answers about who Christ is. We have become paralyzed with pleasure. The cults and false religions look more sane and more inviting. If the church continues to fall for this new wave there will be an unprecedented rise in the cults.

The real power of the Spirit was given to the disciple to be bold witnesses testifying of the light of Christ in a dark world. This whole new revival is a self esteem builder, it has no substance only symbolism. Its based on feelings and experiences that are non biblical and will soon run its course. Unfortunately there will always come another ill wind from the dry desert. those who participate will repeat the same pattern, all to their own spiritual destruction. The Church has become a breeding ground for experimentation, in which the local zoo looks tame in comparison.

How do we make sense out of people who had an experience with tears and testimonies believe it is from God. Jesus said if you love me you will keep my commandments, you will continue in my word. We have already been given the way to love him and know how to obey him. The new wave is experiential in that it is man centered, what can I experience to know he loves me, even though he has already said it over and over again "that he died because he love us." Is this faith or mysticism?  Does one come away with a whole new view of Jesus after their experience?  Is it grounded in truth or do they come away with a drastically new outlook of the world and Jesus. Only if one becomes more proficient in the word and efficient in their witnessing and prayer life can we know this was truly a work of God in the church.  Sadly this fails these criteria's.



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