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The new007.gif (4068 bytes)  Anointing

The modern anointing can come in various sizes and shapes today. It has become a Charismatic tradition to say this or that is anointed. People, music, tapes and envelopes are equally anointed. This is a word that has absolutely no meaning anymore, even less than its “new power”. The bible does not say such things in the NT. It states we have the anointing. He, the person of the Holy Spirit who is God, lives inside the Believer and we now become a living temple because of his presence. The whole Church is anointed by the same anointing.

Mr. Rodney H. Browne who was one of the instigators of the new anointing specifically in laughter begins his book with the major scriptures on the anointing: Luke 4:14-19  Jesus preaching ) Isa.61, 1 Jn. 2 :20, 27 the anointing of believers.). We need to Remember it was Hinn that inaugurated Browne into ministry through his own meetings that started the snowball rolling that has become an avalanche today.

How did these men receive their anointing?

Browne, hungry for God points to his experience of July of 1979 where fire was felt from his head to his toes. “ Suddenly the fire of God fell on me. It started on my head and went right down to my feet. His power burned in my body and stayed like that for three whole days.”  On the 4th day he no longer was enjoying this “ anointing” and thought he was going to die, being tortured from this fire and asked for it to be lifted. From that time forward his ministry and message had changed.

Like Browne Benny Hinn states: “ When I was a little boy, I saw the Lord in this dream. It was really so real, it was really a vision because when - when He appeared to me my body became electric just like electricity, went through me and when I awoke, that electricity was still on my body” (Benny Hinn, This Is Your Day, June 11, 1997).

It has been said birds of the same feather flock together. In this case the electric current flows through the same conduits out to those who want to get soaked by it.

The Charismatic Anointing is electrical

Rodney Browne “We find that that day he was anointed that’s when he stepped into the fullness of his ministry right after that the first miracle the wedding of Cana in Galilee. Turned the water into wine right then come the temptation, the devil didn't come to get him before he was anointed when your not anointed the devils not worried about you cause you already why should he worry about you. When you get the anointing of God you become the worst nightmare to the devil.” (audio tape)

But what of Herod trying to kill him when he was young with all the 2 year olds slaughtered? Remember Mr. Browne said you had to be anointed first, for the enemy to want to kill you.  Jesus was the Christ (anointed one) when he was born Lk.2:1. If, when he was born he was not anointed, then he is not the Christ. This is new age teaching, He was not anointed at his baptism. He always was the anointed. Remember Rodney Browne et.al. are preaching a new Pentecost. This means if we don't go with this new anointing the Devils got us. So then if we (who do not have the “anointing”) are looked upon as children of the Devil we are an enemy of Christ, which must be eliminated.

Browne teaches that if the  anointing is present, something supernatural will happen. His description of this anointing is most revealing: “ It is tangible. It can be felt. Just as electricity is tangible, so is the anointing.” (The anointing R. H Brown,  pp. 3-4).

In one of his meetings in The Carpenter's Home church, Browne describes this anointing as being electricity: “Not only is it tangible but transferable. You can communicate it you can give it away. You can store it up and you can give it away. The anointing of God as wonderful as it is, is electricity. Electricity can either bless you or it can burn you. Electricity can either bring heat to your homes lights, you can play some of your electrical equipment in your home, or if can blow your house right off of it's foundation.”' Another quote-- “100,000 volts going into a suburb will bring great blessing. 100,000 volts going into a  person will bring great destruction.”

Clearly his view on God's Spirit (Who is a person ) is not Biblical, but is cultic.  The Holy Spirit is not electricity, but Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not an electric power source nor is He irrational or out of control, squirting from fingers and bouncing off of walls as Browne describes.  Nowhere can this be seen in the Scriptures. If the Holy Spirit is electricity” then the electric companies become the spiritual centers of the world since they are the ones who send it to our homes of which we, in turn, pay good money for their service.  (Not unlike the followers of this anointing that, too, pay good money for its service). If the anointing is electricity then He ('it') is not God the Holy Spirit, the other option is that God himself is an electric force. That is basically the position of the New Age movement that god is a God of energy, power- forces.

Where does he find this idea of the anointing = electricity. Browne is associated with the Rhema Word Faith College. He was associate pastor at Ray McCauleys church in S. Africa   which is steeped in Kenneth Hagin's teachings whom Kenneth Copeland also studied from. So, we shouldn't be surprised that Copeland too, holds this view.  “ Faith is a force just like electricity or gravity.” (Kenneth Copeland on TBN interview with Paul and Jan Crouch, Feb. 5, 1986)

On the Larry King Show Benny Hinn described the anointing as “ Now here we are, human beings you know, made out of dust and God will touch the body with His power. It’s just like touching electricity, you know. It could throw you.  It could also kill you if there’s too much of it.” Hinn also admitted that  “ I grew up in the Catholic schools, so I was religious, but really not a Christian like I am now. Then while asleep my body filled up with like electricity, just like somebody plugged me into a socket  and I froze. I just couldn’t, I, I could not move. And then appeared the Lord. [He] Smiled at me, did not say a word. He was wearing a white robe.”

Here Hinn describes the anointing coming upon him when he was young before he became a Christian.

“ . . . the anointing increases. He gives you a little and watches you.  Then He gives you more.” (Benny Hinn, The Anointing, p.81 1992). This makes the Holy Spirit a force that comes in increments. The Bible says instead that He is a person who cannot be subdivided up.

Carol Wimber wife of the late John Wimber founder of the Vineyard Church describes what she interpreted as a visitation from God.  “ I got up and started stepping over bodies and putting my hand next to them. I could feel the power, like heat or electricity, radiating off their bodies” (Counterfeit Revival, p.200 Hank Hanegraaff)   “To John it was spiritual power came from his hands like electricity.” (Ibid.p.204) .

Unfortunately neither feelings nor experience can be a test for truth, especially in an atmosphere that resembles more of a laboratory experiment than a normal Church service with the authentic gifts operating.

Benny Hinn describes an experience before he was a Christian at 11 years old, “suddenly my little body was caught up in an incredible sensation that can only be described as “electric.” It felt as if someone had plugged me into a wired socket. There was a numbness that felt like needles-a million of them- rushing through my body. “(Good morning Holy Spirit, p.22)

“I don’t understand why sometimes the anointing comes that mighty and strong. All I know is it’s been absolutely incredible. It’s been incredible. I have never known the anointing, gentlemen, like I saw it that meeting, especially during that period in that service on Friday night when literally every part of my body was electrocuted with God’s [power]. “ (November 1998 airing of his This Is Your Day show)

“I knew He was with me, but I became so accustomed to Him that I did not feel the electricity of those special times. “

“But other people felt it. Many times when my friends came to see me, they began weeping because of the presence of the Holy Spirit. “(Good morning Holy Spirit, p.41)

“I am convinced there is a point in your relationship with the Spirit when the anointing becomes so heavy on you-His presence so close to you-that you can look up and see a vision of God. That's how real He can become. “ (Ibid. p.119).

And so this is why Hinn has such incredible visions and visitations-- he is so close to God.

Rodney H. Browne described the anointing this way: “ It is tangible. It can be felt. Just as electricity is tangible, so is the anointing.” Not only is it tangible but transferable. You can communicate it you can give it away. You can store it up and you can give it away.  The anointing of God as wonderful as it is, is electricity.” 

Browne describes the anointing as our cloak or clothing.  He states Adam was originally clothed in Eden, before he fell, in the shekinah glory of God.    When he fell, he was then naked.  As we can see, Browne is taking this literally.

He then goes on to state that, through the new covenant, Jesus restored us back to what Adam lost.  He quotes 2 Cor. 4:7 and deduces that this treasure is in earthen vessels. This is convoluted reasoning for if we are restored to what Adam lost, (assuming that what he says is correct), then we could see God's glory physically.  Considering that he has already defined the anointing as electricity, we become walking dynamos. When Adam fell, he didn't lose electricity (the anointing). He lost his innocence his-- fellowship with God-- and severed his relationship from inside him not from outside.   His spirit became dead to God.

The anointing on the life and ministry of Jesus.  After citing Luke 4:18 about the Spirit of the Lord on Jesus, Browne explains the biggest flaw in his personal theology: “ Nothing Jesus did was because He was Jesus the Son of God.” The Bible says that He laid aside His royal robes of deity-and when He walked the earth, He did so as a prophet under the Abrahamic Covenant.” This type of teaching is nowhere to be found in scripture. If Jesus left his deity in heaven then who came from heaven to earth? This also means the Holy Spirit was more powerful than Jesus (who is God the Son). They are all God. So is one more powerful than another? Jesus never put aside His deity, however he did add humanity to His deity.  Jesus gave up His independent use of His power to be a servant coming in the likeness of man. He never surrendered His nature.  But it is necessary to teach this view if you are going to convince people you have the same power and authority that Christ does.

This is exactly what Rod Parsley Pastor of World Harvest Church does. Finding the place in the Bible which describes the inauguration of Jesus' ministry he began to read, “ The spirit of the Lord is upon me” I dare you to say I’m anointed!   I’m anointed, I’m anointed.  Its not just Him that's anointed, You're anointed! You're, Your anointed, You're anointed …” inference is that the anointing is upon us as it is Jesus. ….(From T.D Jakes the Potters House telecast shown on Lesea  TV Network June 12, 1998).

Benny Hinn has also led the people at his crusades to chant over and over      “ We are anointed, we are anointed!” as a boast to the Devil. Yes, Christians have the anointing inside them, but not like Benny Hinn teaches.

In The Anointing, p.22, Rodney Browne states that any Believer can operate in any of the nine gifts of the Spirit.  This is patently false because in I Cor. 12 we are told that everyone has certain gifts and that God has placed each one in a specific part of the body. He distributes these giftings as He wills.  No one person functions as the whole body with all the gifts. We are interdependent on each other. No one is a complete body unto himself. But this particular teaching is used to promote the teaching of the new anointing.

Parsley states, “ Even now my own wife will say I can tell the moment the anointing comes upon you and you literally transform into another human being, but that’s what the anointing does. (Aug. 24, 1999 This is your day, TBN )

Hinn says “ when I'm alone I'm just like you just talked about, cause that's not us. When I see myself on TV, I think “did I just do that? I'm sure you go through the same thing,”  Parsley says “ when the anointing comes many times for me its as if I can stand outside of myself and watch the Holy Spirit use me I say things that are born of the spirit, that didn't come from any mental reasoning at all.  If  I'd of thought about it I 'd have never said it.  It just comes up out of your spirit, and the more we learn to be in touch with that spirit man inside of us the more we are going to be released into that anointing, I believe that with all my heart.”

Parsley's admittance is not advantageous to his position in the least!

When the anointing comes on them they are different, they become loud, moved by a power beyond normalcy.  They are violent and out of control. This is another spirit, not the Holy Spirit because 1 Jn.2 says that He is in us already and they do not act like this all the time so something else is occurring. To bypass the mind is not something God would do. This is different than saying I don't understand something. We don't channel the Holy Spirit.

Many give testimony to an anointing from the “anointed”. The girl with the spirit of divination gave testimony that they (Paul and the others) served the most high God, and to listen to these men.  She was disturbing the meetings until Paul cast the demon out.

The power of the anointing will…

Hinn said, “ under the anointing Miss Khulmann said the day will come when the anointing of God will so increase upon His Church that ever sick Believer will be healed by the power of almighty God. there will not be one sick Christian!… “ ...You say, well can it happen again? The mighty wave of healing will hit the body of Christ and everybody gets healed. You bet it’s going to happen.” ( Benny Hinn Honolulu Blaisdale Crusade Jan.21 1999).

The anointing ad infinitum

For those following the charismatic movements wave there are so many different anointing's”...I've known moments of such anointings, it's really hard even to describe those moments. I've known moments when I've not only felt the presence of God, I've smelled the presence of God. (Benny Hinn in Honolulu - 2-28-97)

The anointing comes in every shape and type today but the majority of them cannot be found in the Scriptures. Lets take a tour at the most popular usage's of the anointing.

A swimming anointing-  “ Ezekiel 47 says clearly that though the waters will go high that you will have to swim in them. There is such a thing as swimming in the anointing. You can no longer walk in it, there is so much of it you have to swim in it. So Jesus, we are ready to go swimming tonight.” (Benny Hinn in Honolulu Blaisdale Crusade - 2/28/97) It was so hot in the Arena that they perspired enough and thought it was the Holy Spirit.

The hurricane anointing- This anointing can blow you away…Hinn says “ The anointing was just as strong as it was in Denver one man Nevell Mcdonald who has a church here was holding onto the pole. Gods power was so strong he could not, he was holding onto a big steel pole on the platform. “ (TBN with Paul and Jan Crouch Sept. 13 1999)

A TV Anointing- Hinn described on the Larry King show how he had a terrible cold and watched himself on the TV. On the TV tape he said, “Stretch your hands!” He thought this is stupid and then “ Suddenly the Lord really spoke to my heart and said, “ The man on television is my anointed servant.” … I went over and put my hands on the screen and yes I got healed. “

Here Hinn is promoting the anointing through his tapes. It's on them (this is an advancement in spiritual technology over the old anointed handkerchiefs .  The question is why didn't he heal himself by prayer?  Instead he depended on a tape of himself.  Is this Biblical teaching or self aggrandizement?  The reasoning behind this is probably that Hinn wants to sell tapes and make people think that God has anointed them as He has His word.  Hinn says God told him the man in the picture tube is His anointed, the taped one not the real one.  Yea right!

A Funtime anointing- “ Believe me that anointing is yours to work that sometimes you can play with it. if your not, but God will take it away from ya.”

Seed Anointing-  ...”as you pray in the Holy Spirit God will anoint that seed your about to sow it is worth and as God anoints the seed he also anoints the ground so it can bring forth a mightier harvest for you and your children, family and bring out of bondage in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah! Hallelujah.  I want you to sow the best seed. People the grounds are wet and moist by the anointing.” ( Honolulu Blaisdale Crusade 1/21/99)

An Explosive anointing- Hinn growls “ The glory!  The glory!” If I don't release it I'll blow up.  If I don't release the anointing I'll blow up I got to release it on somebody.” (TBN with Paul and Jan Crouch Sept.13, 1999 video on Denver crusade)

A fearing the Anointing- “ Do you know saint's under the, please understand this, your looking at me now wearing this sitting wearing this suite… I am not the same man under the anointing that I am now. Paul Crouch “True”I mean I'm, I believe me when I tell I you do not even identify with the Benny Hinn you see on Television. Because it’s a different man. Its not me. My children are afraid of me under the anointing. What they do not know is that I'm afraid of the anointing too.” (laughter) Paul Crouch,  “True, No. true!” I'm not afraid of myself I'm afraid of what the anointing can do to me if I mistreat it.  “(TBN with Paul and Jan Crouch Sept. 13, 1999)

The Rambo Anointing -Rodney Browne says “When you get the anointing of God you become the worst nightmare to the Devil. I tell you God's going to raise up holy Ghost Rambo's in these last days. To boldly go where no mans gone before.” (Rodney is the one teaching where no man has dared to have gone before).

Parsley was an assistant to Lester Sumrall. Sumrall, who died in April 1996, claimed his anointing from Smith Wigglesworth.[ “Back to the Source -- The Truth About Smith Wigglesworth,” The Quarterly Journal, January-March 1995, pg. 1.]

In 1992, Sumrall supposedly passed his “sword of anointing” to Rod Parsley and his wife.[ “The Electric Evangelist,” op. cit., pg. 50.]PFO journal.

Anointed Handkerchiefs- Rod Parsley cuts up prayer clothes to heal by laying hands on them and literally transfers and releases the tangible anointing. This is more like a transferable energy since the anointing is the holy Spirit who is God. Parsley states “ In the early church people saw tangible transfer of the anointing from the apostle Paul to those he laid hands on so then they began to give him handkerchief’s for him.” Nice try, it doesn't say that at all.

A Jubilee Anointing- Parsley says, “ We’ll send that prayer cloth back to you believing God to transfer His Jubilee anointing into your life and mark you for a miracle .”.. I’m going to place them on our prayer altar throughout Dominion 98 Camp Meeting where they will be saturated in the presence of God then sent back to you.” (And With a gift of $15 or more he’ll send you his brand new book the Jubilee Anointing). ( Potters House shown on Lesea June 12 1998)

 Amnesia Anointing-  I’m telling you God is about to move so supernaturally in the anointing of his spirit in these days  that when he delivers you  your not even going to have the remembrance that you got delivered because you won’t have any knowledge that it ever bound you.” 

The Anointing of Increase- Jesse Duplantis says, “ I declare and Decree the anointing of increase” to his congregation (12/121/99).

The uncommon Anointing - Mike Murdock “There is an uncommon anointing even right now on the thousand dollar seed through this ministry.”  “In my experience I believe there is the greatest anointing on a thousand dollar seed right now that there has ever been on  any telethon on any service I’ve ever spoken.” (Lesea Telethon '97)  

Anointed numbers (and a Boaz anointing)- “The reason I’m praying for 70 is that number is a anointing number under Moses, And God said whoever the 70 people are that respect your mantle , that respect your anointing, Moses  every time I bless you I’ll bless them. What I’m asking God to do is every time He blesses mike Murdock he blesses you, every time he gives me a financial idea he gives you one. Every time he silences the Devil for me he’ll silences an enemy for you. Every time God heals my son he heals yours. That’s a Boaz anointing, the anointing you respect is the anointing that grows in your life.”

A Devil Bustin Anointin'- “My flesh is about to blow right out of my body. It tell you the anointing is so glorious satan better not show up tonight or well tear him apart. And I warn the devil tonight. I warn every demon in this arena. You better get out before we kick you out.,, speaking of America “God is about to kick the Devil right out of here.” (Benny Hinn Honolulu Blaisdale Crusade Jan.21 1999)

Fire anointing- The anointing is…Its all over me. “For the fire of my spirit shall burn, shall burn. (Hinn Blasedale Arena 1999)

A Cursing Anointing “ A curse on every man and woman that will stretch his hand against this anointing.” (TBN with Paul and Jan Crouch Sept. 13 1999 video on Denver Crusade).

The energizer bunny anointing-“I want you to get a spirit of prophesy on you that just keeps going.  I call it the “energizer bunny anointing” (John Eckhardt, 5/12/00 National School Of The Prophets, Mobilizing The Prophetic Office)

100 fold Anointing- Benny Hinn speaking, “ I had a prophecy form Rod Parsley, Kenneth Copeland, and a few others had come to be with me just the last few, few weeks and each one of them said, and I , I’m , I’m amazed because I didn’t think it would happen so fast.  They said God is about to lift you to the hundred-fold anointing. Now, the hundred-fold anointing is a 1,000 percent increase. “ (TBN Oct.20, 1999)

The Speaking Anointing- “ . . . The anointing is dependent upon my words. God will not move unless I say it. Why?  Because He has made us coworkers with Him. He set things up that way. “ (Benny Hinn, The Anointing,  Thomas Nelson. 1992. 82).

“I was saying God give me this anointing give me this power to speak those things that come to pass. And that there'd be a witness to what I speak after I have spoken it by miracles following.” (Avanzini's testimony on audio, TBN )

The Mindless Anointing- Jesse Duplantis “The anointing of God was flowing, so I just kept saying, “ Glory to God!  Thank you, Jesus!” . . .I don’t know what happened next, but all of a sudden I was in the Spirit. I didn’t feel or see anything. I was just in that fog, with smoke inside my car. . .My natural mind was not registering anymore in the car.  I was caught up in the Spirit.”

The Special Sickness Anointing- Fredrick Price claims to be anointed to heal “Arthritus, Bursitis, Rhumitism with a 99% cure rate by touch.”

The Corporate Anointing - Debra Jordan “…anointing “without measure”, a corporate anointing which will achieve “the birthing forth of My glorious Church” (Debra Jordan, Zoe Ministries “Written Judgments Vol. 2 Foreword).

Seed anointing- “Get that seed out of you pocket and get it into anointed ground, this is anointed ground, this is Jubilee ground.” (LeSea telethon 97)

100 fold Increase Anointing-  “ For all those calling in pledges during that fund raiser “Brother John” Avanzini promised to speak a special anointing over the pledge slips.” Avanzini states, “I’m usually not allowed to speak about this,” Avanzini tells the TBN audience. “God only tells me at certain times that I can… I’m going to speak the hundred-fold increase in just a few moments” (November, 1990 Praise-a-Thon)

Anointed Trinkets-Marilyn Hickey's- Breastplate, mustard seed, anointed oil, prayer cloths, ropes.etc.

The Anointed Telecast- “There's an anointing on this telecast.” (Steve Munson Sept.29, 1997 on LeSea TV Network)

A Dead Mans Anointing- Hinn has said, “ One of the strangest experiences I had a few years ago [was] visiting Aimee's tomb in California. ... Friday I am gonna go and visit Kathryn Kuhlman's tomb. ... And that grave, uh, where she's buried is closed, they built walls around it. … I felt a terrific anointing when I was there. I actually, hear this,  I trembled when I visited Aimee's tomb. I was shaking all over. God's power came all over me. . .  I believe the anointing has lingered over Aimee's body.”

“ Someone asked me how is it you can feel the anointing around a tomb? I have no idea man, but I sure felt it. Your gonna feel the anointing. ...I’ve heard of people healed when they visited their tomb...”

(If you believe this you might as well send away for a pet rock!)

The Double Portion Anointing- Hinn had a special visitation from Elijah who changed his ministry …' Elijah, the prophet.'  I'd never heard the Lord say that to me. You know, when that happened? That happened days before the anointing on my life doubled.   Literally, the ministry's anointing doubled after that. (Benny Hinn in Honolulu 2/28/97) Maybe this should be called the necromancy anointing.

The prophetic anointing- “prophetic anointing is not just for prophets, it’s for the entire church.” “you need to do what you can to get some prophetic anointing on you” (John Eckhardt, 5/12/00 National School Of The Prophets, Mobilizing The Prophetic Office)

  A multiplication anointing “Saints, we have to preserve that anointing whether its the anointing that’s on Rod... Rod Parsley agrees with Hinn about the anointing as he discussed the new healing center of Hinn's on his program he said. “ God where those anointings will be multiplied Parsley says, I'm seeing this now Benny] ... Multiplied by one another, Smith Wigglesworth's anointing multiplied by Oral Roberts anointing multiplied by Kathryn Kuhlman's anointing multiplied by Benny Hinn's anointing and when the people come there, there faith will be at such a level that that spiritual genealogy which you are preserving will come to bear against their need. ... this is going to be a miracle mountain. “( This is Your Day program, Aug. 24, 1999 TBN )

Multiplied anointings. What kind of brew is this man talking about that we can mix anointings and multiply them together? Even from those who are dead These men have consistently classed themselves with the Mt.7:21 crowd. The Bible speaks of only one anointing not many.

Anointed Songs- Jesse Duplantis states …”the anointing to come through in that song.”

The Saving Anointing- Hinn states “When the anointing comes all your loved one will be saved. All the demons that harass you will be gone.”

pioneering cutting edge anointings-“they are pioneering cutting edge anointings that understand the purposes, plans and counsel of God”He prophecies “the Lord is going to begin to stir a deliverance anointing inside of you” (John Eckhardt, 5/12/00 National School Of The Prophets, Mobilizing The Prophetic Office).

All these things described by the leaders of the new anointing are what the true anointing is not! Benny Hinn has stated “ Mickey mouse has no anointing.” (3/30/99) I think the same can be said for the teachings and statements we have just perused. At least they should be questioned for their Biblical contenet.

Benny Hinn has had his crusade attendees chant for minutes  “ We are anointed!  We are anointed! We are anointed!... “(9/16/96) But do they understand what the anointing actually is? The Different levels of anointing promoted By Hinn, is plain old Gnosticism in disguise.

The Bibles teaches in I Jn. 2:20-21: “But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and you know all things. I have not written to you because you do not know the truth, but because you know it, and that no lie is of the truth.”
Notice it states you the Believer already possesses it, so you don't have to go to someone else to get it. That is, if you received it from the Holy One. To say we need a new anointing is to say we need a new Christ!

This anointing is our seal (Eph.1); being “in Christ” makes us all anointed. This anointing is God himself. To those who teach on “different anointings” the anointing is a power given by the Spirit instead of the biblical definition of being synonymous with the Holy Spirit Himself.  If the anointing is separate then it can be lost, increased, transmitted, etc. When we see the anointing and the Spirit as the same and as a person like the Bible teaches, then these things described and practiced cannot occur.   

I Jn. 2:27:  “But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him.”  Notice it was given, we received it. In other words, it (He) is implanted in us.  It is not found in other things, nor released by other people. The only anointing man can do is with earthly substances such as when Jesus was to be buried in Mk.14.  Mary anointed him with her oil.  Only God can give himself to mankind, this anointing does not come from other men.

2 Cor. 4:6-12:  “For it is God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.  But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.”

                                                         The TRUE anointing Break’s the Joke

Jer. 23:29: “Is not My word like a fire?”  says the LORD, “ and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?”  Essentially the true word of God shatters all the falsehood that one holds in the hearts and minds. But it must be listened to and accepted for it to do its work. God's word is spirit and it is life. It is his word that is anointed.  When one accepts a false view of something found in the Bible, there are only two ways they can go. The first is into a state of deception which allows the Devil to bring one even further away from the truth, then they start to operate under a whole new system of unbiblical principles. The second is condemnation. They try to live a triumphant Christian life but find them self failing over and over. They then think there is something wrong with themselves personally and their spiritual life becomes bankrupt.

Hinn has said, “But there is one thing I cannot do for you. I can't wave a spiritual wand over your head and place an anointing on you. That only comes with a personal, deeply private encounter with the Spirit.” (Good morning Holy Spirit, P.132)

If this is true, why does he do exactly what he says he can't do?   His whole services are about his transferring and placing the anointing on people.   He says “take the anointing”, “ Touch”, “there it is “,if I don't get rid of it I'll blow up.”  

In the early Latter Rain Movement in the book the Pattern Son, Bill Britton writes, As Jesus was the “Firstfruits among many brethren and the PATTERN for many more “ sons “ to come.”  He calls this group the Manchild Company.  They are the anointed ones and have the right to become Christ, the body. These are the ones who have reached a “very high level of anointings” who will bring about the kingdom on earth. This is exactly what these anointed teachers are teaching whether knowing or unknowingly. That we all become messiahs, patterned after Jesus, which is a totally new age concept. Remember only Jesus gives the anointing, He is the only one we should ask or seek.

Karl Strader Pastor of Carpenters Home church speaking after Rodney Browne, “… and I just want everybody here this morning to understand God is doing a new thing in our midst. It's not going to get better by those that are religious if you're thinking better or worse, for those of you that are religious its going to get worse but for those of us that are under the anointing its going to get better.”

For those deceived by the various anointing's running rampant through the Church it just may seem to be getting better. For those of us who want and hold to the ancient anointing (dubbed by the new anointers as the religious ) it will as Strader says, get worse.   For those who follow their own hearts and are deluded by it, the words of the true prophets echo down the corridor of time.
Jeremiah 23:26:  “How long will this be in the heart of the prophets who prophesy lies? Indeed they are prophets of the deceit of their own heart.

Ezekiel 13:2-3: “ Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel who prophesy, and say to those who prophesy out of their own heart, 'Hear the word of the LORD!'“  Thus says the Lord GOD: “Woe to the foolish prophets, who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing!


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