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The name Allah for God in the Bible

(CNN recently reported Authorities in Malaysia seizing more than 20,000 Bibles in recent months because they refer to God as "Allah," Christian leaders said Thursday. The Bibles were written in the country's official language, Malay, the word for God is "Allah," as it is in Arabic. Among the confiscated Bibles were from the Bible Society of Malaysia that had imported from Indonesia with about 10,000 others from Gideon’s International.

The difference is that Malaysia's government says the word is exclusive to Islam. They banned its use because they see this as a means of confusion to Muslims that it can draw them to Christianity.

On the other hand this can be confusion to Christians, and have them think Allah is the same God of the Bible. On this point Malaysia's government position that the word Allah is exclusive to Islam is correct.

The Malaysian constitution provides for freedom of religion. However, in the country Islamic courts operate alongside civil ones. Malaysia has had many inter-faith disputes. In those cases, many non-Muslims complain that the civil courts generally cede control to Islamic courts.

Muslims cannot convert to other religions without the permission of the Islamic courts, which rarely approve such requests. The fact that many Muslim parents approve of An honor killing when their own child converts to another religion. Which shows us two things, first- their love for their own flesh and blood is conditional, based on them agreeing with their parents and Islam, two – they have no tolerance for any other opinion on religious matters and would rather see their own flesh die than live when they disagree.

With beliefs like these it should be obvious that Allah is not the God of the Bible who loves people and gives them a choice to obey. Christians should never confuse ourselves with the name of other gods just as they would not allow the belief that Jesus is God to come into their mosques and upset their way of life. This name (along with other gods names of the indigenous nation) have been a concern in the Bible translations fo some time.

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