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Lava Pits to Avoid in Hawaii

There are a number of churches that people need to know of before they get involved in. Most of these concentrate on naive children in their teens. Hawaii has become a breeding ground for all kinds of cults and aberrant Christian churches. Parents, do you know what your children are getting involved in? Just because they are going to church and you see some change does not mean all is well.

This is not an extensive review but only to make you aware of what churches here in Hawaii there is concern with.

Lets start off with the oldest yet largest, Word of Life Christian center, pastor Art Supulveda. Who has introduced Hawaii to such famous men as Kenneth Copeland, Fred Price, (both his mentors) Creflo Dollar, Rodney Browne, and Marilyn Hickey, etc. so there should be no doubt what they stand for. They are by far the most successful word of faith churches in Hawaii. They espouse the word faith teachings of Jesus going to hell (as Hagin and Copeland teach). Where Jesus was sin on the cross and was tortured in the underworld only to be the first born again man. They believe in positive confessions bring possession. They also promote lawful tithing, that if you don’t give you will not have God’s blessing. Prosperity is a large part of their teaching so you are expected to give to be blessed.  Manipulation can take place and many of the stories we have heard are not good. People have a hard time leaving these type of churches and many things are spoken against them if they do. As of 2009 they are hosting the false apostle Ed Silvoso's Harvest Evangelism -Transformation. their ad reads- Imagine  a state where churches work together in social spiritual change, educational and economic empowerment - the goal eliminate poverty; but it will cost couples $1000 to learn. (Sounds like the governments social agenda more than Christ's commission). They are also implement G-12 the cultic discipleship course which is supposed to make every believer a leader (modeled supposedly after the apostles).  Saints beware.

The River church- Dr. Nick van Rensburg, was raised in Johannesburg, South Africa where his parents attended the Apostolic Faith Mission (ministry established by John G. Lake) He has also been a member of the International Convention of Faith Ministries since 1990. The van Rensburgs Supervised Teen Challenge Maui, Hawaii and Directed Teen Challenge Oahu, were pastoral staff at Word of Life Christian Center, Honolulu, Hawaii. Drs. Nick and Esther were speakers at many of the "Catch His Fire, Carry His Flame" Conferences held at Word of Life Christian Center and extensively preached at many churches in the Hawaiian Islands and also lectured at Leadership Bible Institute, Hawaii.

He worked as Associate Pastors for The River at Tampa Bay with Drs. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne of Revival Ministries International (the so called evangelist that introduced the impartation anointing where people fell on the ground laughing). You can see Browne's ways and mannerisms being mimicked.

Their statement of faith is orthodox except for the typical Pentecostal view of a separate baptism of the spirit that comes after salvation (Biblically it comes as salvation and there are subsequent fillings). They believe that a believer is redeemed from the curse of the law, which means there is no poverty, sickness and death.” This is an interesting  statement considering he is associated with Rodney Howard Browne whose daughter was sick for years and died.

Also in their statement of faith both Old and New Testament are the inspired Word of God and the final authority for all Christian faith and life. If this is their position how do they validate a non-biblical practice that brings and non-biblical experience (slain and the fire anointing). On one program he says “in the name of Jesus I anoint these hands, I loose the fire of God on these hands.” As if he can transfer the Holy Spirit to another (clearly Latter Rain teaching). The teaching on Jesus is not just simple but shallow. He stands there and repeats the name “Jesus” over and over again (as if he is invoking him) and then says “the power of God,. and the person goes down or shakes. This is all part of Rodney Browne's repertoire. On their TV program they are slaying children 12-16 years old and from what I have seen it is very concerning what is taking place. “As I touch you the very electricity of God is released” (Olelo program March 2005). 

They are also linked with the Healing rooms in Hawaii that was started by a vision of John Lake. Also they are linked to global ministries of Christian Harfouche who is associated with Rodney Browne. Both claim to be in the forefront of the Latter Rain revival.

This brings me to another Church that was begun by impartation here,  “the Ark” located in Kaneohe. They call themselves a prototype church that ushers in different aspects of his Spirit. In an interview conducted by Richard Vera on the local TBN program, Pastor Richard Stewart of the Ark says, “He is doing something they have never seen before” “We actually have fun in church our children from the time, before they can speak English actually the children in our church are speaking in tongues.” (Vera says that’s so powerful). “Before they can even talk they are speaking in tongues they’re getting slain in the spirit they’re getting, they’re going into trances and yet there’s laughter there’s excitement there’s joy, people love to come to prayer, the prayer room is just packed.” Stewart quotes another person agreeing with him saying its like this: When we have children and we just want to see them laugh so we just tickle them a little bit, I think that’s what God sometimes does to us, sometimes he just want to see us laugh and he enjoys just ticklin’ us an playing with us” (Interviewed by Richard Vera Jan.31, 2002 TBN in Hawaii).

What an explanation for aberrant spiritual behavior. Imagine a child supposedly has a spiritual language that can’t talk a known language like English. What I want to know is how they understood the gospel to be saved in the first place if they can’t speak English. Going into trances is equally concerning besides the unbiblical practice of being slain in the spirit.

Drs. Russell and Mari Stewart are the Senior Pastors of The Ark Christian Center, they state their greatest desire is to train up a generation of miracle workers utilizing the curriculum of Drs. Christian and Robin Harfouche.

Their claim healings of blindness, deafness, epilepsy, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, aids, hepatitis, cancer, mental illness, and cerebral palsy are just some of the miracles they have witnessed God accomplish by their hands. Using Mark 16:17-18 for their confession.

 Miracle claims from these ministries are no different than the more famous ones and quite subjective depending who is telling the story. I wonder if they drink anything deadly, it will positively not harm them, as they claim Mark 16.


Superior Living- Pastors Pastors Kelsey and Druscilla Lewis Pacific Revival Center.

Their website says “He has anointed and qualified us to preach the good news, to bind up and heal the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to physical and spiritual captives, and to open the prison doors and eyes of those who are bound. Isaiah 61:1.

“He has sent us to comfort all who mourn, to give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified. Isaiah 61:2,3

Interesting how they change the Scripture that was fulfilled by Christ  to us.

They teach their congregation to discover Biblical principles for living a superior life. This includes word faith teaching of confession for possession with a host of prophets and prophetesses.

I could find only this belief statement on their website. This is spoken on their TV program

Our Confession

IT'S MY TIME                                                                                 IT'S MY TIME FOR SALVATION
No weapon can stop me
No weapon can prosper
I'm superior to the forces of darkness
It's my appointed time
It's my set time

The way it is confessed that gives emphasis to the words. I think this pretty much sums up their position as word faith decreeing which would include spiritual warfare and many of the new trends etc.

While these churches may not be wrong in all their teaching some of it is, and is unhealthy. Know what a church is about before you attend. ask for a statement of faith that is thorough and ask what they into, such as books and what their services are like.

King's Cathedral (on Maui and on Oahu in Aina Haina) Pastor Marocco is involved in various unhealthy movements. He brings in apostles an prophets under Peter Wagner, such as Chuck Pierce (Wagner did the Forward to his spiritual warfare book). Marocco is a supporter of Benny Hinn, he believes in being drunk in the spirit, slain in the spirit and of course typical of many Pentecostals today, speaking in tongues with out any interpretation. I have seen Marocco in action at Red Hill Assembly and it was very disturbing. along with all these aberrant practices come many others. Again one needs to ask questions before they begin attending any church because the discernment level in these churches is very low.

Kings Cathedral on Maui hosted a prophetic conference in late august and early September of ’07 whose guests were affiliate with Peter Wagner's false prophetic apostolic group. Jim Lafoon, Emanuel Cannistraci, Tom and Jane Hamon (Son of Bill Hamon) Chuck Pierce. In it they had a call out room where each person who attended the full conference would be prophesied over.


Hope chapel of Kaneohe ( a foursquare church)- Pastor Ralph Moore has promoted a mixture of both good and bad. In the churches earlier years they had done a good work. Lately we are informed of their promotion of Purpose Driven  programs.  He had good to say of Peter Wagner who head up the new apostolic reformation a  group of false prophets and apostles that re trying to maker inroads into the churches. What is most concerning is Moore's teaching on evolution. This puts him into the category of a progressive creationist who believe the 7 days are not literal days but long ages and that man is millions of years old (as Hugh Ross promotes). Caution is advised.


 other churches will be added as time allows


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