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Hawaii says Aloha to Islam!

On 5/7/2009  The associated press released the headline Hawaii lawmakers vote to celebrate 'Islam Day'

HONOLULU - Hawaii's state Senate has overwhelmingly approved a bill to celebrate "Islam Day," despite the objections of a few lawmakers who said they didn't think the state should honor a religion connected to Sept. 11, 2001.

The resolution to proclaim Sept. 24, 2009, as Islam Day passed the Senate on a 22-3 vote Wednesday. The bill was previously passed by Hawaii's House of Representatives.

The bill recognizes what it calls "the rich religious, scientific, cultural and artistic contributions" that Islam and the Islamic world have made.”Resolution HCR100 declaring Sept. 24 as "Islam Day" has been approved by the state’s house, it passed the senate 22-3 on May 6, with two Republicans and one Democrat in opposition.

At least there were a few lawmakers responding with common sense. Consider the date they picked, the very month we all learned in America about Islam (9/11).

Fox News on May 7 quoted senator Will Espero, a Democrat and supporter of the “Islam Day” measure.
“We are a state of tolerance. We understand that people have different beliefs. We may not all agree on every single item and issue out there, but to say and highlight the negativity of the Islamic people is an insult to the majority" of believers "who are good law-abiding citizens of the world

Law abiding citizens of the world, there are enough instances that show otherwise In England, France and throughout Europe.

This picture is representative of the many protests they have for western society because they want sharia law instead. This takes place in various western countries they live in.



Kudos to Jerry Coffee who recently commented in his column“A few years ago, just before the Iraq war while Saddam Hussein was still neither denying nor confirm­ing, the presence of WMDs in his country, the Hawaii state Legislature --- in the spirit of "make love, not war" — passed the infamous "Aloha to Saddam" resolution. The fact that he has since been tried and hanged by his own people for his heinous war crimes illustrates the absurdity and naivete of that resolution. Those of us who thought our Legislature couldn't embarrass us any worse than that were wrong”(Hawaii Midweek “coffee Break Jerry Coffee)

What does this type of tolerance we see by this legislation mean?   They are ignoring the facts about Islam itself. Every week we hear reports ion the news. Islam has a history of being a religion that has been known for its force. Either the legislatures 1) do not really understand the religion of Islam and want to show tolerance above anything else, 2) they are ignorant  of the facts or 3) they have an agenda. I hope it is number 1 or 2.

Maybe the Hawaii senate is listening to intently to the “Hawaiian” president who said to the Turkish Parliament "our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world - including in my own country." (spoken at the Turkish Parliament April 6, 2009)

Shape our own country? Did Islam help draft our constitution? Did they help free the slaves in our civil war (many Muslims have had and still have slaves, look at what they are doing in Africa). Where was Islam when the United States help fight and end the two World Wars. Did the Islamic faith help in the civil rights movement in the United States? Did they contribute to our education system or medicine. They have contributed nothing to America’s history. What inventions did Islam give to the world to make life better? 0, supposedly that’s what they have given us- the zero; that’s irony.

Where was Islam when we were attacked on Sept 11, 2001. They were cheering at our loss all over the world.

President Obama also said on his tour "one of the great strengths of the United States" is that it does not consider itself "a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values. I think modern Turkey was founded with a similar set of principles."

Every nation is made up of citizens with ideals and values, its called culture. He is speaking of his perspective, not ours.

Politicians that support the pro Islamic president seem to believe nearly everything he says. His softening position on Islam is exactly what Islam wants to see happen in America. It is the first step in preparing us for Sharia law in their Muslim communities and our senate has just rolled out the red carpet for them.

We see the tradition of Christianity being constantly attacked by the political machine of liberals and those on the left. They always cite separation of church and state but I guess this only applies to Christianity. There are no other religions honored like this. This is a culture change by politics without our representation. What do you think would happen if one suggested another religion to be honored in this way? Why are we trying to appease this religion in such a manner. You may live in another state but don’t think that what just happened here in Hawaii will not affect you. You are wrong, policies are borderless. These special day filter into our school system, like in California with Islam week, teaching the students about the religion.

Consider the American Muslim terrorists whose plot was just prevented in NY. They were all converted in prison. The suspects when released lived and worshiped at a local mosque. The administrations policy is to close Guantanamo and bring captured terrorists into our prison population. Do you think there will be no influence on the prison population they will be among? Why are nations, hesitant to take any detainees from Guantanamo? Because they are seen as high security risk.

Federal corrections officials told congressional investigators during the Bush years "that convicted terrorists from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing were put into their prisons' general population, where they radicalized inmates and told them that terrorism was part of Islam."

 “U.S. Bureau of Prison reports have warned for years that our civilian detention facilities are major breeding grounds for Islamic terrorists. (The jihadi virus in our jails, Michelle Malkin -5/22/2009 posted at www.onenewsnow.com ) 

Islam has taken the smarter route for their jihad, they have no longer limited them-self to force, they have a campaign to convince the public of the peacefulness and good intentions of their religion.

Its amazing to me, that a religion that enforces their own Sharia law will cut off peoples hands for theft, do not tolerate gays and demean women to being a lesser human and yet liberal American politicians are willing to roll out the red carpet for this religion to feel at home in America. Have they lost their minds?

Hawaii seems to be on Muslim minds. Recently a 12-year-old boy registered for Iran's presidential election (Sat, May 9 2009) – he had this to say:

“A 12-year-old Iranian boy, Kourosh Mozounihas registered for the upcoming presidential election with a campaign promise: He said he would also negotiate with US President Barack Obama to buy Hawaii Islands and move Israelis there so that Palestinians can live peacefully in their lands.
He also said he would seek to stop the killing of the world's oppressed children, including Gazans, if he elected as president.
According to Iran's Interior Ministry, over one thousand candidates have so far registered for the country's June election      (

That’s how they view us and the world and that is how they view Israel, a sovereign country. Islam is busy all over the world trying to enforce their religion and overthrow governments. Just look at what is taking place in Pakistan with the Taliban. Do you think that will end well? And they are an Islamic country.

Terrorism has most commonly become identified with Islam, there is no refuting this. And there are hundreds of Islamic terrorist organizations throughout the world and yes, some are even here in America. To open up America to this is showing how inane the politicians that in charge are. Politics affect all our lives, especially when they do things like this. And we are to be as uninformed as they are and acquiesce!

On the website www.islamistwatch,-they track terrorist attacks all over the world. Nearly 12,700 terrorist attacks were listed in Nov.08 committed by Muslims since 9/11/01. Now in May it is up to 13,236 (almost 500 more in 6 months, not bad for a religion of peace. You will never see these numbers decrease or stop. But this list is incomplete because only a small percentage of attacks are picked up by international news sources, even those resulting in multiple loss of life. The ones that result in property damage or people fleeing are not counted.

For a real time perspective—



The main battleground is the Palestinians and Israel and they are pulling out all the stops right here in America to fight for them with their slanted campaigning. The misinformation is a steady steam from Islam.

In the Middle East, Israel is the only democracy in the region of 21 Arab states (majority are Muslim). Most Muslims support the Hamas terrorist attacks and deny Israel's right to exist. What do you think they really believe about America? They say we are the great Satan Israel is the little Satan. What do you think will happen if Israel’s influence is lessened in the region, they will be destroyed and we will become the main target.

Islam wants people to believe their aggression is rooted instead in global grievances, a reaction to Israel’s behavior to the Palestinians. In Islam they never take the blame for anything they do wrong but always point to others for it. Yet they cannot give a reasonable answer for the history of their terrorism before Israel became a state.

Ibrahim Hooper is CAIR's national communications director in America. CAIR promotes itself as a Muslim civil rights organization; and many in America had believed it. But according to former chairman and ranking member of the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security, Senator John Kyl, CAIR receives backing and support from the Saudi -Wahhabi establishment. CAIR has been characterized by terrorism expert Steven Emerson as "a radical fundamentalist front group for Hamas." 

Hooper refuses to denounce the terrorist acts of Hamas and Hezb'allah but will openly condemned Israel when Israeli troops killed Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin.

Hamas calls in its charter for the destruction of the state of Israel, a "land that wants peace" and this can be said in America by Muslims but it is not considered hate speech. Arab-Israelis enjoy the same rights Jewish Israelis and have, they even served in the Knesset (their government).  Israel guarantees them freedom of religion, freedom of association and freedom of speech and the press. The Muslim governments are repressive and do not grant any religion the same rights or freedom of speech in Middle Eastern Muslim countries.

Islam is not a passive religion like Buddhism, but is aggressive. There is no denying this in the world we live in today. They are a religion of peace at war with the world? The Taliban are Muslims. The suicide bombers in Israel are Muslim. The majority of terrorists throughout the world are Muslim. But they tell us this has nothing to do with Islam- yet, nearly all the conflicts throughout the world today have to do with Islam. It is a fact that virtually every terrorist points to the Qur’an as their inspiration for their actions, it is their instruction manual (as well as the Hadiths). And we will honor this in America and allow them to spread this peace. They are least tolerant of other religions. This is about as dumb as politicians get. We let the Muslims tell us what Islam is about, when we should be telling them what their religion teaches’ by their own examples and the obvious effect it has on others throughout the world. are there non violent Muslims, of course. There are those who would even personally denounce the violence, but the difference - the world leaders of the religion will not take this position.

In their own words--"Islam wishes to destroy all States and Governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam regardless of the country or the Nation which rules it. The purpose of Islam is to set up a State on the basis of its own ideology and programme, regardless of which Nation assumes the role of the standard bearer of Islam or the rule of which nation is undermined in the process of the establishment of an ideological Islamic State." --Sayeed Abdul A'la Maududi, Jihad in Islam p.9

"Whoever says that Islam is free from terrorism or wants to differentiate between Islam and terrorism is committing Al Juhoud and that is Kufr Akbar – and will take them out of the fold of Islam.

The one who says ‘we should fight against terrorism’, he is fighting against Islam. We know very well that USA meant no one else by the term ‘terrorists’ but Islam and Muslims and the one who wants to avoid terrorism is avoiding Islam." --
Al Muhajiroun (Bakir School of Thought) 6-21-2004

"Islam does not recognise any difference between the kuffar, they are either zhimmi (under the Islamic state) or mu’ahhed (has covenant with a Muslim), or he is harbi and has no sanctity for his life or wealth.

There is no such thing as an ‘innocent’ kafir, innocence is only applicable for the Muslims; do not say ‘innocent’ for the kafir, the most you can say for them is that they are ‘victims’. The Muslim however, is innocent even if he engages to fight and conquer the kafir, because he is fulfilling the shari’ah."--
Al  Muhajiroun, (Bakir School), 6-21-2004

Guess what they call you? Can we see the future? What if you learned America is becoming more Islamic because of its policies. Maybe you don’t think this can happen, but it already is growing. There are those that want to fly the Muslim flag over the Whitehouse, as a sign of victory. Does this mean this is the intention of every Muslim in America, of course not. But it does not exclude that many Muslims would want to see America be Islamic both here and abroad.

On Egypt's Al-Nas TV in January, an imam issued a call for Arabs to boycott Starbucks, which operates a total of 280 coffee shops in nine Arab states, including Egypt.

"We want Starbucks to be shut down throughout the Arab world," declared Higazi. The reason? Well, it has to do with the Starbucks logo. Higazi believes "The girl in the Starbucks logo is Queen Esther," he insisted. "This queen is Queen of the Jews." And the crown she wears? "This is the crown of the Kingdom of Persia. This girl you see is Esther, Queen of the Jews in Persia."

The cleric four-minute polemic can be viewed online on YouTube.  He summarizes the Old Testament story of Esther, a beautiful virgin who is manipulated by her cousin Mordecai to win the heart and hand of the Persian king Ahasuerus (believed to be Xerxes I) without revealing to him that she is a Jew.

He cautioned his viewers not to ransack Starbucks coffee shops or burn them down, but he exhorted everyone to boycott the offending premises.

Satrbucks responded "This is totally inaccurate," say Starbucks management. "This myth has been brought about by the similarity in looks on the cover of a children's book about Esther to the Starbucks logo."

In fact, says the company, the figure in its trademark is taken from a 16th century Norse woodcut.

It is unlikely the coffee-seller's protests will carry much weight, for rumour campaigns against Starbucks have been swirling unchecked through the Arab world for years.

This is what Islam does with their openness and fairness and this is what they will bring to America with our welcoming policy.

Without correct information a deficient assessment results- this produces a lack of clarity in thinking things through. Liberals are often unable to see the consequences of their decisions.  When we have politicians that make decisions without the right information, without common sense it affects our way of life not for the better.

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