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  Directory on LDS Mormonism

This Directory lists articles on the LDS Church, Called Mormonism

For more information on Mormonism and its history from those who once practiced the religion go to Utah Lighthouse Ministry  >


Basics of Mormonism- A Condensed overview of their teachings.


Angel idol on temple loses his Trumpet

When men become god[s]

Is There One God or MANY?

The Beckism of Mormonism

Marriage in heaven

p1 The white horse prophecy

p2  Mormonism, America, and the White Horse Prophecy

The Hidden family Values of the Mormon religion- What does the Mormon church actually believe on marriage.

One spring Day in the early 1800's

p1 Which god[s] do Mormons worship- is Adam the Father of Jesus Christ and all mankind?

p2 The First Man who Became a god-The restored gospel of Mormonism

p3 Our Father (and mother and children) in heaven- the family Unit- The eternal family of gods and spirits

Why the Mormon Church is NOT the TRUE church Jesus Christ started  

Contradictions in Mormonism- How does the book of Mormon stand up today to its original copy

Luciferís Fall in Heaven, Mans Exaltation on Earth (pt.2)- Are we and Jesus the brother of Lucifer ? The Jesus of  Mormonism or the Jesus of the Bible.

Moroni, Other Sheep, and Two Sticks add up to Zero- Mormonism's proof of being another Testament of Christ.

Interview with a Mormon representative - Kent Dunford agreed to appear on the Let Us Reason program for our questions on Mormonism.

Mormons use TV media to promote Christians Holy Book

 Adding to the Bible- Joseph Smiths additions to the KJV.

Mormons use TV media to promote their religion

Which version of the vision should Mormons believe? A look at all the confusing elements and stories of of Joseph Smith's vision as told by himself and the prophets of the church.

 Mormonism's Teaching on Pre-existence  (pt.1)-Looking at the gods plan of salvation; from  intelligence to being birthed as pre-existent spirits in heaven to becoming man to progression of Godhood .

Polygamy revisitedA Biblical study on polygamy from the Bible compared to the Mormon's perspective.

 I bear you MY testimony- What is true testimony of God's saving grace to be his child and the differences in Mormonism.

You said What when?- LDS tries to change their position on the blacks being curse.

What's in a name?- The necessity of the correct name of the Mormon Church. 

Are you living the Celestial law? - Are Mormons achieving what they are teaching?

Making sense out of nonsense- The straw man argument of praying to receive and answer on the Book of Mormon.

How the Book of Mormon was Translated

RLDS -Reformed church- The teachings of the Reformed Church of  Latter Day Saints 

Can I get a Witness for the book of Mormon?-What happened to the Witnesses? While they say Christianity was in apostasy, they too have an apostasy.

History of the Mormon Church- The timeline of their history

Why do you say the things you do?

What do they actually mean when they say- How do we interpret what they teach?

In the Beginning MAN- Which came first man or God?

The virgin birth ?-What do Mormons mean by Mary is a virgin?

We're Christians too- Mormons now wanted to be accepted as Christians where before they mocked them!

Polygamy a Revelation from God ?-Where do these teachings come from and who changes their mind?

Baptizing live people for dead people to be saved-Can Mormons save people who are dead  by being baptized in their place?

How was the Book of Mormon translated? -By the power of God? The Urim and Thummim we are told. Not really.

What Ye think of the Scriptures-Their book of Mormon, is it a compliment or  competitor to the bible? What do Mormons think of the bible , really?

Why do you say the things you do?- Who attacked which Church first?

Its in Black and White-The new revelation given for the blacks to have the priesthood.

Adams test- Did Adam fail or succeed by eating the forbidden fruit?

The Confusion of Mormonism- The current state they were and are in.

Image and Likeness of God or man?- Whose image is man made in and what does it mean? Are we physically like God?


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